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The latest round of Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) testing has rated selected models of the Ford FG Falcon Ute and the entire BMW X1 range five stars for safety.

The five-star safety rating applies to all current model six- and eight-cylinder Falcon Utes fitted with stability control (ESC), side airbags and a tunnel-mounted transmission lever (ESC and side airbags are standard on XR6 and XR6 Turbo, optional on XL and R6).

Its score of 33.58 points out of a possible 37 is the highest ever recorded by a utility in Australia.

In total, ANCAP awarded 14.62 out of 16 in the offset crash test, where the passenger compartment was in “excellent shape after the test”, and 15.96 out of 16 in the side impact crash test where there was deemed to be a “slight risk of serious chest injury for the driver”.

Two bonus points were awarded for completing the optional pole test, and one for featuring a seat belt reminder.

Ford Australia President and CEO, Marin Burela, said the result was a strong endorsement for the home-grown workhorse.

“The FG Falcon has been judged by ANCAP to be the safety leader amongst locally manufactured vehicles, which further reinforces Ford’s long standing reputation for safety leadership in Australia,” Mr Burela said.

“We design our cars to deliver real-world safety benefits for our customers, but this result serves as a resounding third-party endorsement of the world-class body structure and comprehensive suite of active and passive safety features we have developed for Falcon.”

Also awarded five stars was the BMW X1, with its rating based on Euro NCAP testing conducted overseas.

Featuring six airbags, ABS, ESC and front seat belt reminders as standard, the X1 achieved 14.02 out of 16 in the offset crash test and a perfect 16 in the side impact crash test. Four additional points were awarded for the pole test and seat belt reminders.

  • birdie

    what can I say , she’s built ford tough ,and Its score of 33.58 points out of a possible 37 is the highest ever recorded by a utility in Australia. well done ford ,it’s only fitting since ford AU INVENTED THE UTE

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

      i was talking to an american and they were claiming they made the el camino before we made a ute???

      • Acfsambo

        Yani, the first ute was made in the 30’s when a farmers wife wanted a car to take the pigs to market on a sat and go to church on a sunday.

        • Shak

          Top gear much.

        • Tomas79

          Actually that’s a myth, “tes” called “pick up”s were made by ford in the U.S in the late 20’s!!

      • Mitch

        Ford released the first Ute in 1934, the first ute in America was 1957 – Ford Ranchero

      • Astro

        Sorry Yani your American friend is wrong.

        First Aussie utes went into production in 1934.

        First Gen El Camino was in 1959.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

          i knew he was wrong!

  • RickH

    The first ute was invented by Lewis Bandt at the Product Engineering Centre in Geelong. A farmer requested a car that he could go to church on Sunday in and then take his pigs to market on Monday. So the Yanks cant claim the ute !! Invented in GEELONG by FORD……….

    • birdie

      RIGHT ON

  • Andrew M

    Can anyone refresh me as to what the sedans score is out of interest??

    • Minnow


  • Al Juraj

    Whether Howdi or OiOi can claim bragging rights to the ute is debatable.

    If ute is synonymous to pick-up truck, then the Yanks win. The first ute/pick-up was derived from the Ford Model T, the first production car.

    The modern pick-up is meant to tackle rough terrain, having a separate chassis. Aussies hail the ute as a cargo hauler but with car like performance and handling. For instance, a Falcon ute beats a Hilux pick-up on the streets, but the latter wins off it.

    It’s safe to say Aussies rediscovered the ute at least.