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Update 15/07/10: New Photos Added – BMW 6 Series Convertible spied at the Nurburgring (rest in the gallery at the bottom):

The current 6 series is not the prettiest car in the BMW range and has often been criticised for its unusual styling. Nonetheless, the model has found a solid market and is now ready for an update.

The next-generation 6 Series, which we suspect will make its official début at the Paris Motorshow later this year, is expected to fit the new BMW family image far better than the outgoing model.

From the front it’s easy to notice a larger implementation of BMW’s twin kidney grilles that we’ve seen on the new X1 and 5 Series.

Although the spy photos don’t show much detail, the rear does appear to still have a familiar look to it.

As for engines, BMWs turbocharged six & eight cylinder powerplants from the 7 Series will no doubt make an appearance but details on the range-topping M6 is currently sketchy.

The more interesting news is the possibility of a four-door BMW 6 Series to take sales away from soon to arrive Audi A7 Sportback and Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Check back soon for more info.

  • Andrew Juma

    Looks lovely. In my opinion, the current 6 series falls in the same category as the CLS and Cayenne; cars so hideous that they become beautiful!

  • ox

    Gets better & better every time as it looses its camo bit by bit & more is revealed …. Auto strip tease!

  • Shak

    Somehow, its so weird it makes you want it more.

  • Jazrod

    That looks stunning… Surely when it’s revealed it will be in the top10 most beautiful cars!

    • Jazrod

      *Of the past decade…*

  • Martin

    I can really see the finer details on the car with these new photos. Looking quite elegant!

  • zahmad

    Why would the engines be from the 7 series? Shouldn’t it be the 5 series with which it shares platforms?

    • Shak

      Because the new engines debuting in the Whole BMW range started in the 7 series and then trickled down to the 5, 6, and eventually 3.

      • zahmad

        Thanks for that Shak ;)

  • Mike Zf

    looks nice, i hope it is beautiful than the original one