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by George Skentzos

Subaru has unveiled the special edition Japanese domestic market Subaru Legacy 2.5GT tS otherwise known as the Tuned by STI version here in Australia.

Available in both sedan and touring wagon form, the Subaru Legacy 2.5GT tS models boast a raft of performance enhancements sourced from the Subaru Technica International (STI) parts catalogue.

From what we can interpret from the Japanese press release, the STI upgrades are limited to exterior and suspension enhancements with the 2.5-litre flat-four turbo engine left untouched.

The usual Tuned By STI enhancements have been added including new STI 18-inch wheels shod in 225/45 R18 rubber, STI sports muffler and front and rear STI lip spoilers with a roof spoiler for the Touring wagon.

Improvements to the suspension include front and rear STI strut tower braces, inverted type STI struts with matching STI coil springs along with unique STI damper tuning.

Inside the tS models boast unique Alcantara and leather front seats with ten-way adjustment, an STI instrument cluster with 260km/h speedo reading, leather steering wheel and gear knob with contrasting red stitching, decorative highlights with a titanium carbon finish and Alcantara door trim.

Only 600 examples of the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 2.5GT tS and Subaru Legacy B4 2.5GT tS will be available in Japan from November 2010.

Australian availability of the special edition Subaru Liberty Tuned By STI model is yet to be confirmed.

  • yehright

    Still ugly.

  • Shane

    very ordinary

  • ox

    I rekon it looks great, tho wish it looked closer to the original concept they showed a few years back.

  • HAL

    I can’t believe I’m saying this out aloud, but this is actually starting to grow on me. At least in GT guise with the STi wheels and kit.

    • greenroom

      If i were you Hal, I’d get to my doctor and get that growth removed…it does look pretty bad!

  • AJ

    Its still an akward looking car.

    Subaru need to do alot better in the styling department.

    • Baddass

      Awkward is the word. The wagon is too tall, and it’s C-pillar is really odd. It’s such a far cry from the old one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    i think the sedan looks good. just take the chrome off the front grill

  • http://www.formalcars.com.au Tony

    The wheels are about 2″ too small for those big guards. I would wait until the second design revision though, those rear lights are horrible

  • Bob

    Chrome lipstick on a pig…

  • http://Mini Ben Larden

    A shadow of it’s former self!

  • Shak

    Its still not pretty, but looks OK in STi Form. Not great, just OK.

  • Benjamin

    The Back looks at sporty as a Corolla

  • bangle

    So sad ,you see a previous model gt wagon and they look so lithe on the road .

    How can the japs do this , mazda did it in the 90’s ,went from cool to consevative , now they have their mojo back.

    Lets hope subaru quickly fast forward the next incarnation .

    It only appeals to over 50’S.

    • G

      I’m not a fan of the new Subaru styling but I can understand why they have gone conservative. The old one was nicer but I’ve only heard of one person in my age bracket (mid-20s) who actually bought one. They can’t style to the young crowd if they can’t afford to buy them. Let them pander to the over 50s, at least they can afford to buy their cars.

      Flying High’s comment below is a good example of what I’m talking about.

  • Flying High

    I saw an example of the last incarnation of the Liberty Sti sitting on a dealers lot and they were doing everything to get rid of it. 800km on the clock so not even due its first oil change, built in Sat Nav and about $13,5K off the normal drive away price. Just wait patiently if you want one of these and a massive saving will be had when they can’t sell them. Also they will not be available in Blue in Australia.

  • ridley

    Can they do something about those tail lights?

    Why did subaru go Korean and model their cars on the kia cerato?

    • Hung Low

      The Cerato looks better than a standard Impreza or Liberty sedan!

  • http://www.tyrebaydirect.com wheel balancers

    Nice upgrades! But i read it will be limited,isn’t it? The ts models will be distinguished by a front lip and rear spoiler,18″ alloy wheels,a less restrictive muffler and STi badges.It also gets a revised Bilstein suspension, strut tower bars and carbon fiber trimming.

  • TomJ

    Subaru consistently make ugly cars, they occasionally fluke an attractive car (eg the last Liberty GT)but this is Subaru as per norm.

  • Scotty C

    What in the hell has Subaru done with their styling? How can a car design like this go through so many hands and all agree, “Yep, it looks great” What is in their saki?? Kia and Hyundai have obviously sacked all their old designers for talented ones and Subaru has picked them up. Subaru, you used to be such a desirable brand but you’ve lost the plot…

    • go away

      admittedly hyundai is nicer than subaru for styling, but not by much, i30 is boring, i35 is awkward and the i45 only looks good in that ad, in the flesh its another story.

      Kia is doing a much better job for styling though.

      oh yeah, subaru – UGLY, the new ssanyong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1285962287 Declan Collins

    STI division, “How can we charge more for a Liberty?”

    Lowly worker, “Let’s make the tacho read 260km/hr!!!!!”

    STI division, “BRILLIANT!”

    Lol.. Subaru..

    • Shak

      thats probably the logic HSV used. Cram the speedo full of unreachable numbers and then stick some DRL’s on da front. Voila E2.

  • Nick K


    VW is eating Subaru’s lunch and very soon the Koreans will as well. Vale Subaru, it was nice knowing you.

  • http://www.stainlessbanding.co.uk stainless banding

    Here’s some performance goodies for Subaru ts JDM model.It includes a Bilstein suspension,strut tow bars,sport exhaust system and 18-inch multispoke alloy wheels shod in 225/45 R18 rubber.

  • http://caradvice Harry

    Hey the Liberty Wagon GT I got now has the Bilsteins, body kit etc.fitted standard, . and drives wonderfully..!
    So the body image is no longer important, VW R was my hearts choice,
    but this toy is so practical,and fun,
    yes Im over 50!!!!

  • Huddo

    What I think is funny is none of you who make these comments have driven one…

    I put my money where my mouth was and I think the GT is the best value for money, bang for buck medium sized car in the market.

    I have torn the arms off anything that comes my way, that is when my kids aren’t comfortably in the back. – and yes I am only 30…

  • Hung Low

    What have they done to the once very nice looking wagon!
    It looks a bit like that skinny kid with the over-sized helmet!

  • Suherwan

    i love my 2011 legacy wagon gt 2.5 . Drives like a dream. Could keep up with a Porche 911 4S on the high way and its a stock model. No tune up. Whenever you need the power it delivers fast!
    You can dress the car to make it nicer looking later. Dont worry about the looks , the performance is amazing! Tommy Kiara has all the accessories to make it look like a supercar.