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by George Skentzos

Even though Renault has already released the first official images of its upcoming Laguna replacement – the Renault Latitude – the test mule has still been spotted in the final stages of development.

There is no need to speculate on what lies beneath the camouflage, although with hindsight it provides an interesting twist on the spy photograph formula by revealing the model before we catch a glimpse of the development prototype.

The Renault Latitude is based on the Samsung SM5 which in turn is based on the Renault Laguna platform, with Renault planning to build the new model in Korea alongside the Koleos.

While the engine line-up is yet to be confirmed, our sources speculate it will be similarly equipped to the SM5 with the possibility of a few Euro6-compatible engines from the Mercedes-Benz stable finding their way into the car.

At the very least it is well known that Carlos Ghosn, chairman for Renault-Nissan, wants Renault to expand into the North American market in the long term which could prove to be a much simpler task with some help from the Mercedes-Benz dealer network.

  • Baddass

    So, the camoflaged mule is shown after the official pics have been released. Hmm, perhaps Renault knows something we don’t?

  • yoda

    According to some other websites such as carmagazine.co.uk, the Latitude will not be a replacement for the Laguna in Western Europe but rather a flagship model sitting above the Laguna. Perhaps it will replace the Laguna in Australia??? After all the Laguna barely sells and the Latitude, however bland and un-Renault-like it is, might actually boost sales.

  • JImmy

    The front is pretty much a mix of saab and the holden epica

  • svd

    How much latitude will new owners give Renault when they follow Renault tradition and break down?

    • Steve-Poyza

      Renault has worked very hard on improving their quality and reliability. It seems to have worked because they achieved their goals of the Laguna being ranked among the top 3 in it’s category in Europe.