Not a bad car. What I do not like is the dash and fuel economy. Otherwise it is a winner.

    • em

      How can you not like the dash? apart from the glare its cool, nd as for fuel economy, what are you doing? I barely ever fuel up.

  • Phil

    Thats a whole lot slower than the AH Astra diesel and uglier to boot. Another backwards step for Holwoo.

    • Phil

      Hmm, maybe I’m thinking of the manual AH.

      • Dan

        The AH Astra diesel manual was steps ahead of the automatic.

    • Digger

      Ugly?????. I reckon the Cruze is one of the best looking cars on the road!!!.
      I’ll buy one for its looks.

      • Mga

        Me too

  • Shak

    I find it odd that this is the first time i have heard of a loud noise on take off in Diesel Cruze’s. My CDX doesnt make much sound on take off. While their is a bit of lag, i have yet to notice too much diesel clatter. The only time it become noticeable for me is while idling at lights without much traffic nearby.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      I agree shak, whilst it is not the quietest small passenger car diesel at idle, it still isn’t anywhere near as bad as the AH Astra was. Every time one of those pulls up beside me at the lights etc (there is one locally where I live) I always expect to see an old Fergy 30 series tractor next to me and not a small hatchback…

    • scott w

      Just picked up my 2010 cd turbo diesel and first impression is i love it cant wait to get back home and drive it some good kms

      • Morgan

        I think the diesel is a great idea in a small car. Everyone always says, you can hear the engine in the car, its too loud blah blah :)… it is a diesel… what do you expect… i love the diesel sound anyway… i am with you guys :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

    This particular variant of the Cruise is just okay in my eyes. I don’t think the fuel consumption is anything to rave about – there are larger European diesel cars that consume far less, like my old man’s 2.0L 308 Touring for instance that’s currently averaging 5.3L/100km in mostly urban driving.

    Also that leather finish, as the reviewer said, isn’t very good – it looks very slippery and plastic-like, is it even real leather? I too would prefer cloth, but you can’t specify that on the CDI can you?

    Apart from those two nitpicks the Cruise diesel would be a nice choice for anybody considering a diesel small car, but like the reviewer I would go for the CD spec and option those great looking chunky 17″ alloys. Also worth considering would be the Golf, 3 and Focus diesels, maybe even the i30 if you’re on a budget. It is a pity that Kia don’t offer the Cerato in a diesel…

    • nickdl

      Agree about the leather, the grey on black looks really Korean. Sat in one the other day and I have to say apart from that I was impressed. Holden have packed a lot of features into the Cruze and theres a fair amount of room in the interior.

  • Whatha

    I own a 5 speed manual AH Astra and a 5 speed manual 1.8l petrol CDX Cruze.
    The power to weight ratio of both cars is very similar and the ADR fuel economy figure is lower in the Cruze. BUT:
    In the real world with the cars driven over the same roads with the same driver the Astra is much more frugal and is faster as well.I do not know why this is but I think Holden/GM may have stuffed up the gearing on the Cruze.

    Holden could have released the Cruze with a knock out blow and released it with the 1.4l Turbo as the 1.8 is a slug and real world fuel economy is not good.

    I really believe if it had a decent motor it could have beaten Corolla and Mazds 3 in the sales race.

    • Frenchie

      AH Astra kerb weight 1373kg, 1910cc 1.9L.
      Cruze kerb weight 1506kg, 1991cc 2.0L.

      Both produce the same power and torque, 110kw and 320Nm.

      The Cruze is heavier!

      • Hugespud

        Remember that the AH astra series started in 2004. Being a newer car, we should have higher expectations of the cruze

      • Goodfa

        I am comparing petrol models.

        2005 AH Astra : 90kw
        2009 JG Cruze : 103kw

        So power to weight is very close.

      • moonbeam

        Astra had a 3 star crash test rating ; Cruze has 5 stars.
        There’s your weight difference.

        And the EC standards have become more stringent since then as well.

        The auto Astra diesel managed a miserable 8.7 L / 100 km, only 200 Ml better than a petrol model.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          You may want to check you facts moonbeam. The AH Astra scored 4 stars in non-curtain equipped CD trim and the maximum 5 stars in CDX, SRi and Diesel trim. This was in ANCAP testing to the same standard as the Cruze and this info is on their website. The Astra scored 32.54 and the Cruze 35.04 out of a possible 37.

  • 루크

    Rather work a bit more and spend the extra on a Golf diesel comfort.

    • Jimmy

      Hear, hear.

  • Smithy

    Firstly, the Focus should be listed under the “Road Test the Rivals” whether you can link it to an article or not.

    Secondly 6.9 l/100km is quite poor. The MUCH larger Mondeo achieves 5.9 – a whole litre less in a car much more comfortable and luxurious and importantly much better built.

    • Squeek

      Is there a problem with Cruze’s build quality? Can you support this statement with fact?

      • Jabba the Hutt

        I’ll hedge a bet he can’t.

  • Aleks

    9.5L of diesel, what a joke.

  • Jabba the Hutt

    I test drove one of these with the diesel and was largely impressed. Ultimately it was the size of the interior that stopped me buying it. I didn’t notice much if any diesel noise as reported and the ride was very good.

    Ultimately I went for an SUV (the misses won) but had I bought a sedan this would have been short listed. I think there are plenty of knockers that simply base their opinion on the badge. I look forward to reading the review onthe small capacity turbo petrol next year. I feel it could be a winner.

  • Radbloke

    I still can’t for the life of me understand why you would want a sedan this size. A hatch is so much more practical, makes far better use of the vehicles compact size and most of the time looks better too.
    Also, I have to say Nadine, this article reads like it was written by an automaton.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leong.jon Jon Leong

    Diesel, what a joke…

    I would only consider this car if its has the 1.4T.

  • Byron

    Great review. Cruze still looks attractive a year & a bit later. Interior still looks smashing & is one of the most attractive in it’s class. Add the hatch, wagon & 1.4 turbo, & Holden will be 1/2 with Commodore. Go Holden!

    • Nasal Explorer

      Now, that’s what I call one-eyed!

      • D is For Drive

        yes well done Holden, well done on the fitment of those badges, top quality.

  • Ricky

    My i45 2.4L petrol can manage 6.0L on the freeway, and this small deisel only does 5.8L?? And why can’t you get auto climate control on a Cruze??

    • Radster

      Why are you comparing a small-size diesel car to a medium-size petrol car? Different categories altogether.

  • Banicks

    You will see a HSV variant of this soon enough. Walkinshaw are already testing their equipment them. I think once released, it will be fast enough for those complaining about lack of get up.

    Similar to the life of Astra, it will be a hatch, wagon and HSV addition (similar to VXR).

    • The Oracle

      The HSV Cruze will be about as exciting as the Brock Lada was.

  • MK

    What is the target age demographic of this vehicle, 50 and older or 60 and older?

    • G

      It’s Holden die-hards only. Anyone else that would shop around would not buy this.

      • Bob

        This is my first Holden had heaps of european cars before. I dont understand what people want? If want all the power comfort and size waste your money on Falcon or Commodore, Just remember you get what you pay for!!

    • Stoney!

      Must be at least 25 and over caus I really like them. Srems over 2700 other people a month do as well.


      • Eric

        More like 500 private and the rest fleet???


        • Frosty

          Those of you here bagging it because it is a Holden are a disgrace. Truelly, if this had a Toyota badge or a Ford you see the comments change. I know and expect you Holden haters to click me with thumbs down but I don’t care because as far as I am concerned you are not even worth listening to. This car will most likely be either 1 or 2 best seller in Australia in the coming years. Just look at the sales of it as just a sedan! You add a Hatch and wagon with the 1.4ltr Turbo coming soon and see sales fly. You drongos are just jealous unpatriotic fools. Yes it maybe a South Korean car at the moment but next year it will be a Aussie and regardless of what you drongos think about Australian cars it still keeps jobs in Australia. If you mob had your way teir would be no car industry in Australia and a hell a lot more of unemployed bums like yourselves. GROW UP. Support Australian made or end up having everything we have worked hard for go to Overseas interests only.

          • bangel

            Yep aussie , totally made in oz , sure just assembled bits of korean plastic .

            Lay of the patriotic stuff , its all world cars now .

            The minute its not viable to assemble this car in oz it will be back to korea or china , do you think GM gives a rats about oz jobs

          • Radbloke


            Cool story bro.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Whilst I am not a “Toyota lover” nor “Holden hater”, don’t forget that Toyota builds cars in Australia as well Frosty. Toyota is just as Australian as Ford and GM/Holden considering that Ford and GM/Holden are foreign owned companies as well. All three of them have engineering departments that assist in “world wide engineering input” in country and employ thousands of Australians both from the companies themselves as well as component suppliers etc. As you said in your last sentence “Support Australian made or end up having everything we have worked hard for go to Overseas interests only”. That also means that the “Toyota lovers” you seem to hate so much are supporting Australia just as much as “Holden lovers” like you. All 3 build some of the best value for money larger cars around.

            As a side note, the funny thing is the VE when first released had the lowest amount of Australian made components of any other Australian made car available at the time, Toyotas included. I don’t know how much that has changed now though.

  • Anti Skid

    Cheap plastic interiors are a GM trademark. anyone who says this car is anything beter than very average has NOT driven any of the much better cars in this class. My son who knows nothing about cars was in one of these on the weekend and he couldnt believe how cheap and nasty it felt. As with every Holden model this is at the bottom of its class.

  • Hummer

    For all those complaining, please go and drive one and then comment. Maybe the consumption was high in the test, but in My Cruze my consumption has never been more than a litre over ADR. It is a good handler, good looker, and was good value when bought. For all intensive purposes to most people it is a great car. if you want a really dynamic car, buy the crack happy 3, or the Focus.

    • Shak

      Srrry, thats actually my comment, and for some reason the anti spam word decided to become my username.

  • RLH

    My Cruze has even worse fuel economy than this.8 l\100 is pathetic for a car like this. I find I really have to push it up hills or with more than 2 people in it. The auto shift quality is very poor for a modern car. Materials used in the interior are not up to other cars in this class. Over all its only an average car and nowhere near as good as Holden try to tell you it is. I wont be keeping it much longer. I should have driven others first.

  • Mondeo Zetec

    I’m sorry but I can not see one reason why people would buy any Holden rebadged Daewoo’s (must be one eye’d only, non car enthusiasts), The Cruzewoo looks cheap, Korean designed tail lights, the quality of those leather seats is probably the worst I’ve ever seen and the fuel economy for this size car is a complete buyer rip off, our petrol Mondeo is returning an average 8.2L per 100ks, plus it looks better, has more power, is a hatchback (more room), better quality, better dynamics, interior etc etc, the list goes on and on.

    • Dave S

      you sound one-eyed

      • Mondeo Zetec

        Yep sure, but not just Ford, I do like many car’s, I know a good car when I see one and unfortunately the Cruzewoo is not a good compared to other offerings, the problem is Holden/woos are bought without test driving others. ( so that is what I call one eyed ).

        • Dave S

          People also check out car reviews before buying. Thats why this site is so popular. Almost every review of the cruze rates it favorably and safety features and value usually put it ahead of its competitors.

          Of course, if you are one eyed you can ignore the facts and reports

  • Nelson

    Got to give it to Holden aka GM they have built a nice Korean car here.

    But the New Ford Focus will thrash this in every aspect especially Build quality and the interior looks/quality.

    Not to mention the new ST (XR5 now as XR4) that will blow this Cruze to pieces.
    Holden/GM should create a performance Cruze but anyway I guess they are saving themselves the Humiliation.

    Ford Europe is far better, even Europe’s GM/Opel blows Holden or the American GM to pieces!

    • Joker

      Spot on.

    • Richard

      What are you going on about?

      The NEW Focus is 12-18 months away and will be built in Thailand.

      Not sure why you are bringing the sports models of the Focus into the argument. Currently there isn’t a sports model of the Cruze (and probably never will – much like the corolla and tiida etc)

      • Nelson

        Well the Thai’s know what quality means.
        They build all of our Silicone little gadgets.

        Will be better than South Africa.

  • Goodfa

    The perfect engine for the Cruze would be a direct injected 2.0l petrol with a 6 speed gear box.

  • GM

    Isn’t Focus made in South Africa?.. yes I know the up market ones are German

    • Nelson

      For our market, the normal Ford Focus was built in South Africa don’t know if it still is.
      Ford Focus XR5 (ST) was built in Belgium (some of them) but mainly Germany.

      What I know was that the South Africans had a few issues. Euro versions nothing major compared to SA.

  • Frenchie

    Driven both manual and auto diesels. The manual gave good economy around town 6l/100km and 5.1l/100km on highway. The auto was good on highway 5.5l/100km but city was terrible 9.0l/100km.

    I heard that Holden was fixing this turbo lag in the diesel.

    I have driven the petrol 1.8l auto CDX. I achieved 9.5l/100km city and that was driving it with a heavy foot. Highway I achieved 5.8 l/100km.

    I found the torque in the diesel very surprising.

  • Car Fanatic

    Shak, I’m guessing Nadine has driven alot of diesel cars and is merely noting that the Cruze is louder than most. For instance, the Mazda 6 diesel is relatively quiet compared to it’s rivals

    • Shak

      Fair enough. But i have to disagree on the mazda 6 front. Its engine may be quieter, but my brother bought a new diesel on saturday, and i drove it on tuesday, and let me tell you the tire noise has not improved. The engine is also noisy at idle. I would have liked it as my trade up from the cruze, but i cant deal with the noise.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Coarse chip tyre roar has been a Mazda bug-bear for a while now. The OEM tyres they seem to choose are shocking. We put a set of Toyo Teo Plus on our GG 6 and it made a world of difference. However I find your second comment interesting. In my personal experience our friend’s Cruze diesel has a noticeably louder diesel clatter at idle than my parent’s Mazda diesel. They are still both quieter than our other friend’s Golf diesel though!

  • Richard

    For the price of a Cruze CD diesel you can only get a 1.6L TDI Golf. NOw that has turbo lag. Actually most small diesels have noticeable lag from a standing start.

  • union

    Why anyone would buy a conventional automatic in a diesel and expect it to return good urban fuel consumption is beyond me. A diesel relies on torque and an auto is not an efficient way to transfer torque from a standstill or in acceleration. Buy a manual or a automated manual (aka DSG or Power-shift) if you are unable to shift the gears yourself.

    The Cruze is a cheap car with alot of kit. To compare it to a Golf 1.6L DSG-auto diesel ($29,990+onroad) or Mondeo LX PowerShift-auto diesel ($34,540 +onroad)is a bit of a useless exercise. These are not the same class of vehicle and I would assume not even target the same buyers.

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    No excuse now for sluggish performing diesel. If they bothered to bolt on an EVGT the performance would improve to today’s standard.
    Noisy engine? Diesels have always been noisy. GM Daewoo just wont spend the money on NVH……

  • Anthony

    I think this is better looking than a Corolla sedan,but still not as nice as the TS Astra sedans.

  • Shak

    At the end of the day we can all say what we like about this car, but as the 2500 sales per month show, Holden have a winner on their hands. I dont think fleets play that big of a part, but if anyone can bring up official figures, i will happily shut my trap.

  • Midi

    All i know is that there will be plenty of cheap, used, and poor quality holden cuzes’in the ad’s in a couple of years time. Most of them with electrical issues and transmission problems. Typical of Korean cars. Reminds me of when Hyundai were selling thousands of Excels a month. Where are they all now??? Keeping small mechanic shops in business i guess. thats whats going to happen with the cruze.

  • simxs

    A well equipped, worthy, good value car.

    It is worth pointing out that what the diesel Cruze suffers from is not strictly \’turbo lag\’ but a lack of boost at low revs. It performs strongly and responsively over around 1800rpm, but quite poorly below that.

    On the other hand, \’turbo lag\’ occurs when there is a delay in extra boost in response to additional accelerator pedal input and engines that suffer from it will usually exhibit the problem through most of the rev range. This is rare in turbo engines but was rife in those of the eighties.

  • doli

    the worst car ever, its better to get second hand epica than this, this car is cheap, noisy, poor quality, very hard leather seats, what sort of a car is a car where you need to buy pillows to sit on, its better to get a second hand nine thousand dollar BFII Falcon or a BA Fairmont Ghia 5.4L 220kW/470Nm V8 than this!

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    Disappointed to find out the ‘Australian Built’ Cruise will only have 25% of parts sourced from Australian suppliers.

  • plough

    Have had the Cruze CDX diesel fro 4 months and done 10,000 kms.
    The car is worse than a lada and is a potential death trap with the A pillar being so large one cant see pedestrians.

    Also the high beam blue indicator light is low on the dash so cant see if high beam is on, couple that with taking a full second to be able to dip the lights after pulling the dip switch makes it dangerous.

    Also the dash reflects onto the windscreen rectified by using a cloth dash cover.

    Turbo lag is also dangerous come to a round about or on ramp and put you foot down , well nothing happens for a good 2 seconds while the big truck is running up into your rear end.

    The plastics used are very soft and scratch easy like around the ignition switch.
    Overall this has been a very bad experience for me and put me off holden it must be made in Russia keas and Hyundais seem to be far better.

  • plough

    Have to say though the cruze handles very well. Rented a Focus sedan in California for a week and the car suffered from plenty of lean on the corners and lack of grip in the sierra mountains on highway I80 going over to Rino in Navada.
    It was a basic model which did not have low profile tires
    THe cdx cruze I have handles like a sports car in comparison stays level in the corners and the diesel has plenty of torque going up long switch back hills. Braking is also very good and progressive its a pleasure to drive in that situation unlike around town due to the turbo lag, and other safety issues mentioned above.

  • jack fisher

    Also i had big hopes with this car, my first trip into holden world, turbo lag is so bad my wife wont drive the car (says its dangerous). Difficulties going up a steep driveway into my house, just no low power. Check out the torn hood lining almost right across the back just tucked away under a dark back windscreen tint. Look hard i believe most have this. Cant complain about the diesel fuel consumption and power on highway drives great for a little car

  • hatpantsshirt

    i took the CDX for a test drive the other day and i must say it handles alot like my 911 torbo, sits alittle highter, i thing the guys at holden have realy steped up a gear( 4th to 5th if ya no what i men)

  • Eric Gray

    I road tested the Cruze CD auto 1.8 recently and was disappointed with the transmission kicking down and flaring on flat roads and on slight inclines with light accelerator pedal pressure and in the hills it was even worse and disconcerting.

    While it’s difficult to tell after such a short drive, you can see that the transmission is juggling the requirements of an economical driving style with those of performance. Some might say the car has a “mind” of its own.

    The engineers have still not got it right with the 1.8 auto remapping on the series II

  • http://www.nil.com.au me

    well quite frankly anyone who hates the Cruze would’nt know a good car if it hit them in the B#@.OR are simply jealous because they can not have one. They are great, I love my Series II JH cruze. To you other rat bags out your heart out

  • Nicole

    I am thinking of buying the Holden Cruze CDX 2011 in the 1.8L manual, in normal petrol not diesel. What are people’s thoughts about it? This will be my first manual car and also first brand new car! I am a little worried about the lag everyone keeps talking about thought, I have not test driven a car yet but is it something I should be worried about?

    • drama queen

      The New 2011 1.8 is much better and for an extra $1000 you can get the 1.4T and thats the best motor out of all of them

  • Mga

    I’m planning on getting a Sri V hatch white in colour. I have been very impressed with the car on the Internet and I hope I like it when I test drive it. Has anyone got one? I’m leaning towards a manual.

  • plough

    We are still getting terrible fuel economy out of the diesel automatic cruze around 8.5litres per 100km driving in mix of urban and rural, and driveing slowly also tire wear is excessive guess that heavy diesel engine is too heavy for the front end.
    Nice looking car but next time will be a petrol car and unlikely a holden

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$7,920 - $9,000
Dealer Retail
$9,340 - $11,110
Dealer Trade
$6,300 - $7,200
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
176Nm @  3800rpm
Max. Power
104kW @  6200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:695
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/60 R16
Rear Tyres
205/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
On the cross member LHS
Country of Origin