Toyota Australia has today launched the new special edition Toyota Camry Touring offering customers more than $2000 extra value.

Based on the Camry Altise, the Touring is available driveaway from $30,990 and boasts 12 additional features, headed by a reversing camera which displays the image on the audio system’s LCD screen.

Adding further luxury inside is dual-zone air conditioning, six-disc CD changer and multi information display, as well as a premium three-spoke steering wheel and special gear-shift knob.

Outside the Touring has a sports theme and features 17in alloy wheels (plus full size alloy spare), Sportivo grille , front fog lamps, sports headlamps, rear lip spoiler, chrome exhaust diffuser and Touring badging on the boot.

Other standard Camry features carried over into the Touring include stability control, six airbags, air conditioner pollen filter and cruise control.

Power remains the same from the 2.4-litre petrol engine at 117kW, as does fuel consumption – 8.9 litres/100km manual and 8.8 litres/100km automatic.

The special edition Toyota Camry Touring is on sale now.

  • Yani Hendriawan

    wow a special gear shift knob. i want one

  • Grammar Nazi

    You would be bonkers to drop an extra 6 grand (plus on-roads) on the hybrid version. This is a lot of metal for the money.

    • James Cortez

      Now, this appears that Toyota realize their prices are too high compare to the competitors. At that driveaway price, it may sway some of the suzuki Kizashi buyers.

    • Toyota Guru

      Sigh… this is an Altise with a body kit and a few things. The Hybrid is based on Ateva spec, and is a FAR better car to drive than any petrol Camry.

      • AAA

        The Hybrid probably saves around $1k per year in fuel. But once it ages, it’s gonna cost lots to maintain coz … more complicated = more things to go wrong … yeah?

        • Toyota Guru

          Might be more complicated, but considering the Prius has been in the Australian market for nearly 10 years now, how many do you see broken down on the side of the road? None I suspect…

  • Joober@work

    Interesting I would have thought the manual would be consuming less fuel.

  • HNC

    Yeah but it is still just a boring Camry.

  • Yianni

    Still a boring Toyota. I drove one for over a week a little while ago and can’t say I was impressed at all. It lacks overall dynamics.

    I wonder when they’ll bring out a new version since it’s been a while.

    • matt

      lol now im all for giving the camry a bash…. but you say it has shit dynamics? what did you take it to a race track? flog it at over 5x the speed limit? i guess not, please get rid of your arm chair review

  • greenroom

    The special edition Toyota Camry Touring is on sale now.

    Good. Sounds like there is only one car on sale and I think Yani has ordered it because it’s got the special gear-shift knob.

    I’ve missed out. I too covet the special gear-shift knob.

  • Dyllip

    Gas Guzzler, ugly…

    • AAA

      Gas Guzzler: No … 8.8L per 100km … what’s that in MPG?

      Ugly: May be yes, may be no … not sure ~

  • Aleks

    so wait, whats the sportivo model got over this now ?

    • greenroom

      i hope its not got the special gear-shift knob.

      • nickdl

        A normal gear-shift knob and a ‘sporty’ bumper tacked on to the existing bumper…

        • greenroom

          ooh.. i could be tempted with a sporty sticker though..

  • The Oracle

    I wonder if Camry Dude has ordered his yet. I’m sure he would be very excited with this and couldn’t keep his hand off the (gear) knob.

    • HNC

      lol…dont forget that premium steering wheel, oh the choices.

    • aurion lover

      Yes the gear knob all shiny and bright , your hand just instinctiverly grasps right onto it , camry lover will love it ,what a bonus ,

      Is this dejavu or was this offer last month the same for the aurion , ah yes the camaurion .

  • AAA

    I’d get the Mazda6 Limited if only it has a reverse camera, trip computer, alloys and USB audio. This Camry has all of these for less than a basic Mazda6 Limited ~

    • nickdl

      Don’t forget the Mazda doesn’t have the special gear knob either…

      • AAA

        The Camry doesn’t have the Zoom Zoom feature ~

  • tim

    Why a/t has lower fuel economy than m/t? I suppose it should be other way around?

    • Mythfrances

      I think in the future all automatics will be more efficient than manuals=) Human has its limit in timing the exact moment to change gears. Computers will be able to do it better.

  • AAA

    Reverse camera, trip computer, alloys, USB audio and 8.8L/100km for less than 30k. I am sold!!! Just gotta tint the windows real dark ~

  • Robert

    I’m gunna buy one. Then wack a super or turbo charger in it. So I can go fully sick.

    • AAA

      A racing Camry!!!!!!! :)

  • Don

    Anyone who buys a camry has lost the will to enjoy life.

  • ox

    Is it just me, I rekon it dosnt look half bad

    • nickdl

      Just remember the LCD screen with the reversing camera is TINY. It looks so cheap and aftermarket.

  • Wayne Kerr

    The biggest complaint I’ve had about my dad’s 4 cylinder Camry is the lack of torque, you really have to rev it.

    How about strapping on a low pressure turbocharger onto the engine. Give it some low end torque and improve the driveability.

    • zahmad

      That would be a big no no to Toyota’s reliability as it will complicate things!