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by John Cadogan


Personal accountability and good judgment could soon hit the skids if Lauren Rosenberg’s US lawsuit is successful.

The LA woman recently consulted Google Maps for directions in an unfamiliar city, via her Blackberry. Google’s directions in Park City, Utah, led her onto a busy highway where a motorist, Patrick Hardwood (apparently not a porn star), who Ms Rosenberg claims was speeding and not paying attention, struck her – only, possibly, not hard enough for the gene pool to benefit.

She is now suing Google and the driver of the car over the crash.

Don’t you reckon she’s at least partly to blame? If Google had told her to walk into a lake, and she’d drowned, whose fault would it be?

Basically, Ms Rosenberg says Google is responsible for putting her on the busy road in the first place. And, when you look at Google Maps’ directions on a full-size computer, the directions carry the following warning: “Use caution – this route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.” It’s not clear if the same (or similar) warning is displayed to users who access the same information via Blackberry.

The lawsuit alleges: “As a direct and proximate cause of Defendant Google’s careless, reckless, and negligent providing of unsafe directions, Plaintiff Lauren Rosenberg was led onto a dangerous highway, and was thereby stricken by a motor vehicle.

Let’s just hope the lawsuit is defeated. Otherwise a tsunami of crackpot claims will ensue. I mean, while I’m all for protecting pedestrians, doesn’t anyone who is an adult bear some responsibility for judging the risk you face when you do something as basic as walk down the street? Isn’t proceeding into a dangerous situation a choice one can elect not to make? Would it be reasonable to sue Google for the burns you suffer if a web page tells you to put your damn head in a furnace?

The elephant in the room here? Who is the real idiot if your Navman or Tom Tom tells you to keep going – and you do, say over a cliff or onto a bridge that a flood has swept away – even though the evidence that the road ends in front of your own eyes is pretty much incontrovertible?

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com Supercujo

    From a friend:
    “I stopped reading after I saw “Park City, Utah”… there’s about a 90% chance she was Mormon so she’s already very close to “Moron” and living in Utah is bound to mess with your head anyway…. besides that what sort of knobhead would walk down a highway anyway – and she was probably walking with traffic instead of against it as you’re meant to do…”

  • Save it for the track

    The old, ‘navigator told me to do it’ type of excuse. Morons alive and well in the world. NOT only in America unfortunately. I’d be interested to know if any action was taken by Police against the driver involved, or if the pedestrian was found to be at fault, or otherwise.

  • Gms

    Check out that surname. Mormon I doubt. Those people have no right to exist. To sue is something these people have in their blood!

    • QBert

      Are you saying the Jewish have no right to exist? That they’re genetically predisposed to litigate? Mate, not only are you a racist, but you’re an idiot as well.

      • Dave

        He isn’t a racist as his comments are directed at Jews. Jewish is a religion not a race, Jewish is not a nationality, it is a religion, therefore his comments cannot be racist. I do not agree with his comments, but you have labled him incorrectly as a racist. I would say he has religion aroused discrimination.

    • Really?

      Hey Dumbass? I’m guess’n U can’t under stand much… So I’ll try to talk hick as best I does. REALLY!!! I was laughing my ass off at the stupid moron that walked across a damn highway because her phone told her to. Of course we all (well most of us) realize there are stupid people out there and laugh at them. You, however, make this broad look like a freaking Brain Surgen!!! Thank you so much for letting us know our donations to the short bus people are paying off!!! You learned how to use a keyboard!

  • Shak

    Dont you just love Yankee intelligence. I swear if i told one of them that bush was black they may just believe them.

  • john

    Morons are worldwide but the US is the home of the frivolous lawsuit. I also hope this suit is shotdown at the start. What a load of bollocks? I doubt this woman walked onto the highway without googles help but at the end of the day no computer can tell you what your own eyes cannot. She would have seen the highway. If you have one braincell that would immediately shout out DANGER if you are a pedestrian. So what does she decide too do? Rather than expend the energy and go back too point A she decides too proceed down the highway and accept the danger she is knowlingly placing herself in. If google had told her there is a road in front of her and there was a cliff instead would she believe her blackberry or her own eyes? From the looks of it she would have walked straight off the cliff because google told her too. Take responsibility for your own actions people!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sirstaunch Andrew Johnson

    I know in our town Google Maps direct traffic the wrong way to go down a oneway St. and the thing is the driver wouldn’t know until he/she goes to follow the route around to discover they can’t go Googles way so they would need to turn.

  • Mr Brooksy

    Whilst I 100% agree this woman is a moron and a flake, and that I don’t agree with her religion, your comments guys show your arogance judging someone on their alleged religion! It’s like saying, that guy cut me off in his Commodore, and therefore everyone driving a Commodore is a moron, they all need to be shot!

    Back on topic, maybe the judge could rule against her and then throw the book at her, literally!

    Or ask her to reinact the situation on a busier day with fast moving trucks on the highway? Case closed. Coffin closed… Oh wait, those trucks will get dirty! Can’t have that!

    • Dave

      Bazinga, you hit the nail on the head. All Commodore drivers are morons.

  • Wayne Kerr

    Funny thing is that some of these silly lawsuits actually win.

    1. A woman sued a US city because her high heeled shoe got stuck in a drain cover.
    2. A guy sued McDonalds for making him fat.

  • csk

    Google does not equal Goggles

  • John Cadogan

    Did your friend fail comprehension at school? The woman lives in LA. She was visiting Utah. That’s pretty clear in the story. And, I’m surmising, with a name like Rosenberg, she’s highly unlikely to be a Mormon – most likely she’s Jewish. Not that it matters. Fools come in all religious denominations. And your friend is also both a religious and geographic bigot. Some friend…

  • http://pontiac Sick of Muscle Cars

    Maybe she forgot to select 2 options before looking for the address :

    ”Avoid Tolls and Highways”

    Either way Im interested in the court’s reaction!

  • Bezza

    It just gets sillier and sillier.


    two years ago i was on some hwy overpass and the garmin told me “turn left”.now that stuff only works in movies with a happy ending,so after laughing about it for a second,i continued straight down the hwy.end of story.this brain dead bird is trying to sue someone for her own lack of common sense….

  • Yonny

    Yes, surely this was some sort of intelligence test – and she failed. What’s the bet her lawsuit is successful.

  • Gibbo

    Stupid American’s, its never their own fault, always some one elses! People should be held responsible for their own actons. If the judge had any sense the case would be thrown out of court straight away.

    • Dave

      And Australian’s are different? Australian’s are just as dumb and have the same lack of acceptance of responsibility for their own actions.

  • Nath746

    It’s just like the woman who sued winnebago… she turned on the cruise control and walked into the back to make a sandwich. The winnebago then ran off the road and crashed. she won $1,000,000 and a brand new winnebago. the company also had to change all of their new instruction manuals to say not to leave the seat while the cruise control is on

    • Wayne Kerr

      Wonder how she won that. Cruise control does not equate to auto-pilot, I think it should be common sense.

      • f1worldchamp

        This is Americans we’re talking about!

        • Dave

          Could have just as easily happened here in Australia. Australian’s are just as stupid, have the same lack of commonsense, have the same lack of responsibility for their actions and are just as sue happy. Australian’s certainly like to look at themseleves through rose coloured glasses and sledge other countries, it is just a pity that Australian’s are no different to those they sledge.

  • Help_me_Darwin!

    I like the lawsuit text: ‘proximate’ means “next to or near”, So Google’s direct and and yet ‘close to’ cause is a bit of a hash. Also careless, reckless and negligent are all synonyms of each other! What a lot of legalese fluff. Just big words for small people.

    No one can deny that America is a litigation superstore. I remember the woman who microwaved her dog and then sued Sanyo. She won. That’s why there are warnings not to put animals in microwaves anymore. No wonder so many people have no time for Americans. Sad.

  • http://minibayit.net Denis

    Reminds me of that “The Office” moment when Michael followed his sat-nav instructions and drove into a lake.