Toyota today announced the launch of the Aurion Touring Special Edition, adding more ammunition against the Holden Commodore and Ford’s aging Falcon.

The models is based on the entry-level Aurion AT-X, but receives 16-inch wheels, a rear spoiler, leather steering wheel and gear lever.

The Touring also benefits from front and rear parking sonars, a six-disc CD changer, Optitron instruments, a multi-information dashboard display including trip computer and dual zone automatic air-conditioning.

The Aurion is powered by the most powerful engine in its class, a 3.5-litre Quad Cam V6 producing 200kW of power at 6200rpm and 336Nm of torque at 4700rpm on regular unleaded petrol. Power output rises to 204kW with premium unleaded fuel.

Power and fuel efficiency go hand in hand with fuel economy of just 9.9 litres of regular unleaded fuel per 100km, making the Aurion the only Australian-made big six to comply with Euro IV emissions.

All Aurion variants come with a six-speed automatic sequential gearbox and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC – ESP).

With 15,072 Aurions sold to August, the car currently owns 16.5 per cent share of the large car market.

The Toyota Aurion Touring SE has a recommended retail price of $34,990.

  • Adam [aka Mada]

    Is Toyota trying to boost aurion sales?
    I like this edition!

  • http://ACA Blinky

    NICE !!

    It is called being competitive.

    The Aurion is a great addition to the Toyota family and i will be seriously contemplating one for my next car.

  • Adam [aka Mada]

    Wasn’t the aurion ahead in feature content anyway…

  • Baji

    I’d agree with blinky. Its toyota trying to be competitive. especially with nissan currently pricing its ST-L maxima to match that of the base aurion. I haven’t read any comparisons between the two, but personally i think the Maxima looks a lot more upmarket than the aurion.

  • Andrew M

    this is now ford and holden giving toyota a scare. i know toyota fans wont like me saying that but its true.

    here is how it is.
    out comes the aurion with a few more features. right so less than 6 months later both ford and holden release special edition models to top up their specs. suddenly the aurion is fading in peoples minds as jammed packed full of features because it was no longer better featured.
    so toyota plays the same game as ford and holden in releasing special models.

  • Me.

    Toyota came outwith a TRD supercharger making people think they now part of the Ford v Holdenwoo just before a new Ford is about to come out thats even better than this Toyota.

  • Toyota Paul

    Lol Andrew.M you really can twist things, I dont think Toyota are scared, their operations unlike Ford and Holden aernt fully depedent on their large car for survival. They want to stay competitive, they are doing this. Aurion is selling very well in the meantime, its about maintaining that.

  • Steven A

    Toyota are in DAMAGE CONTROL with the Recall of Aurion and are desperate to move on with distractions such as this.
    Its a tarted up Camry, one things for sure about the shown photo, the car “is” shinny alright.

  • JW

    Good value indeed. Especially if you try to push a few thousand off, like what is common in a lot of the Aussie sixes.

  • Toyota Paul

    Dunno if it has anything to do with the TRD, the regular Aurion has had no issus at all… I would think this special edition is more in response to the Commodore Lumina than anything else, maybe for the Orion as well, steal some sales before it comes out.

  • JW

    Yes it only affected the TRD Aurion and it wasn’t a recall, it was a precautionary action.

  • Andrew M

    paul you have pretty much contradicted yourself mate.

    i think you just went into automatic defensive mode with your 2nd last comment because your last comment agrees with what i have said.

    toyota have to respond to what holden and ford now offer in the same way holden and ford responded with special editions when the Aurion came out

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice Dingo

    Andrew – the automotive industry is a game of leap frog like any other.

    In favour of the Aurion or not, the new addition to the Toyota family has pushed forward the large car market in it’s own rights.

    The VE brought space and handling whereas the Aurion brought quality, refinement, performance and a new standard specification list.

    In order to remain competitive, the Falcon will have to match each of it’s competitors and then Holden and Toyota will counteract with thier updated models.

    And so the game of leap frog begins.

    As far as i am concerned, Toyota has introduced a competitive car to the market and no-doubt they will continue to offer appetisers inline with all the other manufactuers especially considering how competitive the Australian market has become.

    That said, the days of Holden and Ford domination is well and truely over as they have found themselves having to offer fierce competition just to remain competitive.

  • Toyota Paul

    Andrew.M Id like to know how I contradicted myself, first comment I said they want to stay competitive, second and last comment I said its a response to Lumina… the point combined is that because of the Lumina, to stay competitive with them, they need to provide more value for money. What you said is they are ‘toyota a scare’. Now maybe I interpreted what you meant wrong but a scare would be far more serious then simply offering a few extra features in response to competition… in fact I would predict they would budget for such a requirement, hardly scared!

  • Eng Seng Teh

    I had compared the Holden Lumina SE & Toyota Aurion ATX, and my choice is Holden Lumina, in terms of its very competitive pricing and overall features and values for money.

    Now with the release of Aurion Touring SE, features wise, it is hard to seperate the two, but I still prefer Holden Lumina SE simply for its pricing and value for money.

  • Toyota Paul

    Personally I would be considering long term issues, it might seem in the short run to offer value for money but if its one of the 50% of Holden Commodores which have problems within 5 months of sale, its going to become a headache and far from value for money.

  • Andrew

    This is great news. A brand you can trust, a car built for Australian conditions and now this edition which is the ultimate compromise between luxury and value (No leather seats, so no need for extra maintenance, wear and tear and slipperyness in seating). Even doesn’t have the sporty body kit etc. so you can take it anywhere. Just would be more complete with rear-drive and probably gear ratios closer to that of the Falcon 6-speed.

  • Maurie

    Another front wheel drive crapanese car ! Oh what a ricer Toyota !!!!

  • Richard

    Toyota Aurion SE Touring was the only reason I have come into the large car market. Power, luxury, good looks and reliability all were factors in my ultimate decision, coming from a 1.5L to a big 6. I have owned fords in the past and they are great till something goes wrong, then everything seems to go wrong. Holdens, well, don’t get me started but a horse and cart would last longer on the road without all the wheels bouncing off and the rear diff falling out. Toyota has created something spectacular, and those to blind to see it need to go out and buy some glasses!