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by Garreth Miers

Sydney police are proud to announce they will be the first to receive the latest in DNA Technology to help lead the fight against crime.

Though this isn’t the DNA you might think. What we are talking about is the DNA Technology fitted to the Alfa Romeo MiTo, the latest car to be joining the Sydney Police Force.

The unique Italian styling of the MiTo is certainly attracting its fair share of attention on the road, which according to police help them connect with communities in a strategic effort to build stronger relationships.

When it comes to visibility, the MiTo has proven to be an exceptional car, attracting attention and interest like no other car, with its primary role as providing a talking point from which we can discuss road safety.” – Chief Superintendent Bradley Shepherd, said.

While the Mito is unique, this is not the first time we have seen an oddball car being used by the Australian Police. In previous years we have seen the likes of the HSV GTO, Fiat 500, Lotus Exige, Chrysler 300C and Alfa Romeo GT Couple all wearing the Blue and Whites checks.

This is the second Alfa Romeo to be used as a Police car and the Italian manufacturer is proud to be able to offer this level of assistance to NSW Police.

We see this as practical and highly cost effective way that we can play our role in a safer community for everyone. Our cars assist the Police in making contact with a wide range of people so they can discuss and offer help with road safety and crime prevention, as well as providing the practical assistance of transport. We believe that this is a very positive role that we can play in the community.”- Andrei Zaitzev

The Term DNA is derived from the latest in Car Control technology used in the Alfa Romeo Mito, allowing drivers to choose from 3 Traction and Stability Control Programs; Dynamic, Normal and All-weather or simply DNA.

Dynamic mode allows owners to experience the most sport focused drive from their Mito, providing better cornering feedback though less assisted steering, more engine power and a relaxed stability control setting. Normal Mode, designed for the commute to work provides drivers with lighter steering and a less aggressive engine tune for improved fuel economy. The final setting is All-weather mode which is designed for poor weather conditions, (heavy rain, snow, mud etc) giving drivers the full assistance from all driver aids to ensure a safe journey.

Perhaps one day Australian police will even get a Lamborghini? Maybe then, every k over may not be such a killer?

  • Hjalle

    Personally I find their reasons for buying a MiTo kind of funny, for example how they say the car is going to provide a good point to talk about road safety…

    • Aaron

      You sound a little niaive, this, and other promotional cars are NOT active service vehicles. They are loaned by the cars companies for “community promotions” by the police.
      The police get something to attract the kiddies at the shopping centres, and the cars companies get cheap publicity, win – win.

    • Jack

      I detest the Rose Bay police, all i’ve seen them do is text or talk on the phone whilst driving and pull over P-Platers who didn’t realise they’re parents car was a turbo, that aside – isn’t it a conflict of interest for the Rose Bay Police to receive free vehicles from manufacturers?

      • Andrew M

        Ok what did you do??
        They have upset you havent they??

        • Jack

          I have never been booked by them, I just know them to be sticklers for road rules I have constantly seen them break and their hypocrisy frustrates me. Additionally, I don’t see why police should be allowed to accept gifts from car manufacturers.

          • Andrew M

            Its not a gift as such.

            And anyway, if it means Alfa foots the bill for a promo car rather than my tax dollars, I dont see a prob

  • Vibe

    “Perhaps one day Australian police will even get a Lamborghini? Maybe then, every k over may not be such a killer?”

    Every K over would be a thriller!

  • Shak

    Is it part of the Leichardt Police force? because they are usually the ones who like to show off rather than catch crooks.

  • Valet Dabess

    i thought cops were suppose to have reasonablly fast cars cause how are they suppose to keep up in a persuit…

  • adam cool

    test drove a mito the other day…
    that car is supa quick. returning the car to the dealer sucked. can’ wait to own one.

  • freddo

    This thing will spend more time in the workshop beig repaired than out on the road…. pos

    • Me

      You sir sound like an idiot.

      • Jack

        Not so, my 147 is like compost, constantly breaking down…

        • Wayne Kerr

          I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure all the revenue raised by the RTA could sustain a state wide fleet of Alfas doing equal time on the road and repair shop.

          • freddo

            Wayne Kerr you are a funny man….its true though…

            And Me- you obviously dont work in the trade….you may however be a salesman?

          • Wayne Kerr

            Hi Freddo, I’m not shifty enough to be a salesman. I’m a mechanical engineering student aiming for a career in vehicle design. Cars would be my first pick, but boats and aircraft are cool too. What’s your profession ?

  • Toxic_Horse

    Well i guess crims could be imobilised by a fit of laughter when they see 2 cops squeezed into this thing.

  • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

    As others have said, it’s not a pursuit car. You’ll notice that there’s no lights on top.

    I’m actually a huge fan of unique police cars from around the world. I wrote a blog with a collection of my favorites if anyone’s interested – http://lukehimself.net/?p=490

  • Dave

    Is there still a touch of ‘Underbelly’ in the NSW Police Force…

  • Johnno

    My current car is an Alfa 156 and my last 3 litre GTV. Best cars I have owned. My next car will probably be another Alfa. Have I had any problems. Sure – 2 months ago my drivers side window switch went on me and squeaky brakes with the GTV. Not bad for 10 years of Alfa ownership.

    • Jack

      I used to defend my 147 to the death too despite all its issue’s, then i rode in the new Golf R on the weekend, I’ll have to wait until i see the new Guillietta but Alfa’s just aren’t worth the trouble in my opinion now

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose senior

    This is spunky looking bit of gear. For an entry level model,it looks quite classy. The 159 is still Alfas most stylish model. I might have a look at one when they filter down to the used market in 2-3 years.

  • Andrew M

    I thought that was Ahn Do wearing the blue there for a minute, that would have fit right in with the comedy theme

  • Elitist

    Aussie police uniforms and car livery are soo fugly…
    This is defacing an Alfa.

  • bychance

    All my Alfa were very reliable and no doubt, are the most fun cars you can drive

  • Freddy

    Fashion police?? :-) Maybe one day we can get Rip Curl to desgin the uniforms too…versace does for the italian polis 😀