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  • Ricky

    Resize your photos they are ENORMOUS – 16 megapixels is insane. I agree that the rear looks bland. Shame about the carry-over 1.4L on the base model, and also 14″ wheels.

    • http://caradvice Steven

      In a bad mood today?! The big photos are great – saves you from having to click on them like other sites. As for your other comments – you are talking about the BASE model, which is all about keeping cost to a minimum

      • Ricky

        Big photos are great – I think not?? We’re talking 16 MP here (5000×3000). Your average monitor can display no more than 2 MP – so the photos are 8 times larger than the largest monitor.

        • Gavjon

          Build a bridge Ricky and get a decent computer……….. And it is a base model. Look at Price point mate……It smashes the competition.

          • Bob

            also.. what if I want to Zoom in on the pics to look at detail. Which I often do.

            Big pics are fine by me… because i’m not a cheap ass when it comes to buying my computers.

    • jojo

      Nice car…but the current Ad running on TV is Pathetic.

      • Luke

        Big photos is great, you can zoom in to see the real details.

  • carl

    This definitely will steal some sales from Mazda2 and Yaris, with 7 speed DSG vs rival with only 4speed auto and no tiptronic plus low fuel consumption and the new classy look, I will definitely consider this.

    • Bowan

      No wonder it got car of the year internationally. I’m sold, can’t wait for the GTi, finally a small car blokes can drive without getting crap.

  • Shak

    Simply stunningcar for its price and size. the only thing i dont like about all VW produtcs is their so called convenience turn signal feature. I know you get used to it, but the first time i test drove the new golf i almost crahed because my signal wasnt on in a roundabout. Otherwise brilliant cars.

    • Gene

      It is funny that I feel the exact opposite. I got used the the feature in about 5 secs and hope that my other car has the same. Goes to show that personal preference can vary a great deal.

      • Tim

        I’m with Gene. The feature was first introduced in the ’04 Opel Vectra….oh how I remember Wheels magazine hating that feature. Then I bought a top spec V6 CDXi…and loved it!! It works brilliantly and hope other cars implement it.

    • Stoney!

      I agree I hate it, so I turned it off using the menu found under convenience features in the LCD screen in the centre of your instrument cluster, so I don’t see the problem.


  • Gene

    The air of quality in the Polo is very apparent even from the picture.

    This will absolutely fly out of the showroom. Even fully optioned (circa $30k?) it’s around the same price as, say, a Holden Cruze which even though one size bigger is functional very similar to the Polo (4 adults in comfort, fifth adult stuffed).

    The only blemish is very ordinary looking cloth seats but the Alcantara/Leatherette option fixes it.

    • Deco

      I can guarantee you that the Polo has no where near as much interior room as a Cruze or even a Golf for that matter.

      Just because it can fit 4 adults, doesn’t mean it is as comfortable as cars in the class above.

      • MyGTI (was Maz6)

        I can verify this for certain.
        We own a Golf GTI VI:-) and we test drove a polo comfortline last weekend. Our second car is currently a Hyundai Getz..and we did a comparison of rear leg room after hubby had driven the polo, then he sat in the back of it directly behind the drivers seat which still had his settings.
        Not only does it not compare to the Golf for leg room, it
        doesnt even compare to the Getz. His knees were hitting the front drivers seat, and I dont class him tall at 5’10″
        We put this down to the extra boot space in the polo compared to the Getz,(the payoff being rear leg room), so something for us to consider if someone is sitting in rear seat when hubby is driving.
        The other observation was in the manual gear shift polo he couldnt slide his foot from the clutch to the foot rest (with runners on,the gap was too small), none of this was a problem for me being 5′ 4″ and having smaller feet.
        He would be okay with dress shoes, but mainly wears runners…solution = DSG to fix that one.
        Re: rear leg room..our only solution = I would need to
        drive if we have 2 x people in the back.

        • drew

          omg u cant compare a fetz to a plo we have both the getz is biggest heap around falling to bits polo is classy fast and great to look at drive a getz everyone will think u are broke hence the choise lol

  • Mythfrances

    The exterior looks so-so. The interior looks above average. The transmission is better than most of its rivals. Just need some work on the exterior…then i will consider.

    • Deco

      I agree, not a fan of the rear.

      But this seems to be happening in alot of cars, it’s hard to make rears look exciting when you’ve got Jag XJ’s going around xD.

      • Alex

        In fact rear looks slightly similar to BMW 1 series which totally sold it for me xD In fact i would dare to say that its the best looking small car in years — it looks really aggressive unlike all those girly looking cars. I do like exterior A LOT.

  • Simon

    I disagree with the pricing sentiments. Sure it’s a goo car with decent spec levels. But to pay their asking price is too much given they are manufactured in Spain and South Africa. This allows VW to manufacture it cheaper yet they pocket the difference rather than pass on the savings. Yes they are here to make money but they would also make a lot of money by selling it in volume at a lower price.

    • Gene

      When the Fords, Mazdas and the Hondas in this price range are made in Thailand, and the Holdens and Koreans are well, made in Korea, I don’t think you can put down Spain or South Africa at all.

      • Gilly

        The build quality from Thailand is excellent and the Koreans are getting there, but the Spanish and S.A have a history of shoddy built cars!
        Navara, Seat from Spain. Golfs, C-class from S.A eeek!!

        This Polo looks the goods in and out, I hope the reliability has progressed from previous models.

        • http://caradvice Steven

          Don’t know where you are getting your so-called history from but BMW and Mercedes as well as several other brands have been manufacturing in SA for decades without quality issues. Seat is a brand that has not been sold here for years and by all accounts has come a long way in terms of quality under VW ownership. I would certainly have one over an Australian built car, re. reliability and quality.

          • Yonny

            Well, that’s not quite true. Both BMW and Merc acknowledged that their South African built cars were not up to their usual standard.

            The Focus is built in SA – and while build quality has improved it is far from being anywhere near as good as Jap built cars.

            I don’t know why they can’t build cars in South Africa to the same standard they do in, say, Thailand, but it’s a fact nontheless.

          • Hung Low

            Have you been in a coma for the last decade Steven?
            Do your research, S.A built cars are crap! VW Jettas and Golfs coming from S.A are very problematic, Mercedes moved a lot of its C-class production back to Germany due to quality issues from the S.A plant.
            Nissan’s most unreliable and badly built models are built in Spain ( D40 Navara and Pathfinder) whilst all other models from Japan and Thailand are very well built.

          • http://caradvice Steven

            Hung Low (to match your IQ?)- do your own geeky need-to-get-a-life research. The Jetta is made in Mexico for a start. I’ve been driving a Golf V (which I’m pretty sure was built in SA) for five years and its NEVER had problem – only time its been in the shop is for its servicing. Although I understand that there have been problems with this model, but those problems have related to the car’s engineering and have been experienced with cars from ALL VW manufacturing plants, not just SA.

        • TK

          Build quality in SA and Spain excellent.Factories in SA has recently been awarded same level of satisfaction as top European factories.
          Still, build quality of a VW products will beat any locally(or korean/thai)produced products hands down.

        • MyGTI (was Maz6)

          Golf mk6 = Germany, not S.A

      • http://Caradvice Alanby

        Mind you, Spain and South Africa does not neccessary mean instant quality finish either… your comments kinda bias don’t you think??!! Allot of European cars are now built in China so what are we going to do then?? Just a thought :)

        • http://caradvice Steven

          Don’t know where Yonny gets her “facts” from… what a load of rubbish BMW, Merc or any manufacturer would ever admit that their SA product are inferior. Obviously stems from her own prejudice against SA. And there is certainly no evidence that automotive products coming out of somewhere such as Thailand, of all places, are of a higher standard

          • Yonny

            Dear Stephanie, happy mother’s day.

          • http://caradvice Steven

            Cheers Girlfriend. Although I just pray that if a kid I was having had your obvious intellectual shortfalls, that they would show up in a scan in time to have it aborted

  • Able

    I didn’t like it until I looked at the specs. That really is good value for money especially with any of the packages optioned. I’d seriously look and compare this to a Fiesta, which was my class fave until now and now I reckon they’re both very good.

    Polo Comfortline 1.6TDI with the Comfort, Sport and Sound packs for me please. And not in that ghastly red or yellow either…oooh but 1.2TSIs have 6-speed manuals…hmmmm

    • Deco

      Fiesta V Polo, Unnamed car mags are you listening?

  • vid_ghost

    i like everything about this car but were it is made! lol

  • riceboy

    liking this very much! can’t wait till they bring out the GTI…

    • Simon

      Does this mean you are becoming a Sauerkrautboy?

    • Andronicus

      When does the GTI come out?


    Very nice car and good price. Honda Jazz GLi drive away is $23,515 1.2TSI $25,057. I choose th VW. More kW torque just can not compare Jazz 127 at 4800, TSI 175 at 1550.
    Fuel economy is better in city Hazz 8.2, TSI 7.2. In my book it is a WINNER!! I will go today and check it out.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Not wrong if you didn’t need the extra interior space the Jazz offers. VW sure are kicking a few goals.

      • vid_ghost

        same price for a mazda 3 dude

        • ABMPSV

          Cheapest Mazda 3 drive away is $26,950 I just asked last week.

          • Raser

            Errrrrrm a man Mazda 3 Neo IS $20,990 driveaway???

            Now updated and 6 airbags and other extra kit inc.

    • Ricky

      Rubbish. Honda Jazz is $17,490 drive away according to their website. Mazda3 is $22,990 drive-away.

      • ABMPSV

        Not the automatic and only 2 airbags. Auto with 6 airbags is $23,487. Source: Honda Australia

    • drew

      hi i just ordered the polo tsi comfortline with dsg test drove the new jazz i have 2006 jazz and drove the fiesta zetec and mazda 2 . drove the polo couldnt believe how much better this thing drove was blown away by the power of the little motor and great dsg box was a real fun ride . inside u cant compare either classy. u cant argue with the fuel consumption either beats them all. i ordered the comfort pack and sport pack all up on road was 26.500 from tweedheads vw. if u like the polo test drive it u will love it

  • Devil’s Advocate

    The VAG sure know how to screw together a good quality interior. Nothing in this price point comes close to the interior fit and finish quality of the Polo.

    Of course the steel rimmed version with such “tiny wheels” fitted with 70 profile tyres is going to provide a smoother ride than the versions equipped with 55 series rubber, provided the suspension tune is the same, as the larger side-wall assists with bump absorption. I worked out the difference in diameter between the steel and alloy fitted tyres was around 1cm. A better indication of the suspension tuning WRT ride is how well it rides on the larger rims with the lower profile rubber. Just as the reverse could be said WRT handling! Otherwise a nice teaser to what looks like a great little car. Can’t wait to see an more in depth review! :-)

  • KM

    VW have done it again…

    • Alex

      Not really. Previous Polos were rather “faceless” in terms of exterior, girly at best, thats the first Polo that doesnt look too small or too cheap or too girly.
      (interior quality was always good ofc)

  • Toyota Guru

    Have VW gone slightly backwards with the 77 TSI engine? A coil pack with plug leads?!? Their other TSI engines run individual coils over each plug. Must be a bit of cost-cutting.

    Anyways, VW will definitely set the benchmark for this size car.

  • Joe

    A nice little car, but the word “Boring” comes to mind. The styling is very generic VW which is not neccessarily a bad thing but I can’t see it appealing to the younger under 25′s brigade. I’m sure the oldies will go for it.

    The interior is also very bland when compared to the current crop of similar sized Renaults, Peugeots, Fiesta’s etc.

    I think this new Polo is too similar to the current Golf and will definitely steal sales from it, especially as the size is not that much smaller.

    • Polofan

      I don’t know there you get boring from. I had a look at the weekend and just love it! Not boring at all.

  • Joe

    The more I look at it the more I think that the Fiesta Zetec 5 door manual looks a more convincing package than the Polo 77 Comfortline manual.

    Similar price $20,990 for the Fiesta vs $20,350 for the Polo(with comfort pack). Fiesta with 88kw/152nm vs Polo with 77kw/175nm and both with all of the 5 star safety etc. 16 in alloys on Fiesta vs 15in on the Polo, voice controls in the Fiesta and funkier styling, Polo requires Premium fuel while Fiesta doesn’t and Fiesta is built in Germany whilst the Polo isn’t.

    And bye the way the Polo 77 with Turbocharged engine(albeit only 1.2 litre), can it be driven by “P” platers? If not a big chunk of it’s potential market evaporates right there.

    • Damian

      You can’t even begin to compare the Fiesta with the Polo.

      The Polo 77 has a 6-speed manual, as opposed to 5-speed on the Fiesta. The Polo 77 uses the latest direct injection/turbo-charged technology to reduce displacement, hence fuel consumption, whilst at the same time, providing more power and driveability. The Fiesta is using a dinosaur 1.6L N/A. Until Ford introduces Ecoboost into the Fiesta range, they are heavily out-gunned by VW.

      The only good thing about the Fiesta Zetec is that it looks very sporty – something that cannot be said for the Polo without the optional sports pack.

      • Joe

        Heavily outgunned you say Damian. I doubt that very much. Fuel economy is virtually on par between the Fiesta 1.6 and the VW 1.2 but the VW needs premium, performance is also on par as well without the need for a turbocharger.

        The only area where the VW out scores the Fiesta is in torque output and delivery and here the Fiesta is well behind. Luckily it has a great little 5 spd manual gearbox that makes swapping cogs a pleasure.

        As I mentioned earlier regarding the “P” plate-Turbocharger issue, my 18 year old son can’t legally drive a Polo 77 which makes the Fiesta Zetec even more attractive to both He and I.

        • Philthy

          Peak power and torque are only half the story. VW tune their turbocharged cars to have a very flat torque curve, which means you’ll have almost all of the torque available across most of the rev range. Makes the car feel grunty regardless of where you are in the rev range.

          • cfc

            Victoria allows low-powered turbocharged cars for P-platers. Not sure about other states though.

        • cfc

          What state are you in Joe?
          In Victoria they allow small turbocharged cars with a low power to weight ratio but I’m not sure if any of the other states are that intelligent yet.

    • drew

      hi first fiesta 2010 is built in thailand now and test drive all of them i did and goit the polo with dsg and comfort pack and sport pack to me no comparison after test drive

    • drew

      polo tsi 2010 world car of the year say no more they are the experts guys and wheels car of the year

  • Fasthonda

    It’s not bad car.It does look like a mini Golf.
    Rumour has it that VW are considering an R version with virtually the same power output as the GTI Golf.

  • Damian

    The Polo 1.6 TDI with DSG, is cheaper than the Fiesta Econetic with a manual tranny. Ford needs to do some HEAVY discounting for the Fiesta Econetic to sell, because the new Polo makes the Fiesta Econetic look even more overpriced. The Polo is better equipped, has DSG (which will probably represent the majority of sales) and is cheaper.

    • Tom

      The Fiesta Econetic is over 20% more fuel efficient, has a larger boot, and looks a hell of a lot less boring than a Polo. Horses for courses.

      • Alex

        If by less boring you mean “more like a spacecraft”, then i do agree.
        If by less boring you mean “more sporty, manly and aggressive” — hell no!

    • Raser

      Whats bizzare is the Eco Fiesta is on waiting list, poor fools buy a std ULP Fiesta and the frugal ULP Fiesta will save you over $5000 right up front

  • http://Caradvice Alanby

    Why is VW’s dashboard always so plain and boring. This body has been around for at least ten years and definitely will not get my money with minor front and rear facelift!!!!!

    • Philthy

      Are you looking at the same pictures as everyone else? This is a completely new platform.

      • http://Caradvice Alanby

        Mate, if you cannot see the similarity between the old Polo Typ 9N3 2005 -2009 to the latest model then I can’t help you. VW decided they would capitalise on the popularity of Golf by applying a similar front / grill and rear.. Obviously it has worked for some :) each to their own!!!

  • zahmad

    You must be joking right? This is a brand new design….and that boring is classy compared to schnitzy…

    • DGS

      Haven’t made my mind up on the over all looks either, but I will say with certainty that while the design is not leading edge or anything, it will not look dated in 10 years either. The old Pug 306 was designed in this maner and still is a good looking machine.

  • Nick K

    This is a benchmark small car… it blows away all other competitors across all key criteria. The only thing that will stop this car cleaning up the opposition is price. Buy it with an optional 6 year warranty and if you still own it after this time, TSI engines and DSG gearboxes should be bulletproof and be reasonable to maintain outside of a VW dealer. Right now, VW is still not up to Toyota levels with reliability… too many reports of failed clutch packs after 60,000 Kms in DSGs and TSI engines blowing up. Still with a long warranty, the one to go for.

    • http://Caradvice Alanby

      Benchmark, hardly and agree VW needs to improve its reliability. Several of my friends have bought Golf and older model Polo and wish they haven’t due the electrical/computer fault with some VW cant explain.. Then there are oil leaks and one had to replace the radiator which cost a fortune (for a car thats only done 40K) .

    • Reckless1

      Where did you invent the clutch plate failures for DSG? Stop spreading lies mate. DSG clutch plates do not fail, never read of a single issue with them on the VW forums worldwide.

      As for Toyota – well, you can buy one if you like stuck accellerators and a company that denies it for as long as possible…….

      • Hung Low

        VW had issued a recall last year for DSG equipped Jettas and Eos! Problem – temperature sensor causes transmission to shift into neutral! Just what you need pulling out of a busy intersection!

        Clutches theoretically should last longer in a DSG box!
        I think the DSG boxes have proved a lot more reliable than VW engines of late though, with many premature engine failures reported.

  • Joe

    “With industry leading performance, practicality, fuel economy and standard safety features, the all-new 2010 Volkswagen Polo is by far the best European light-car on the market”

    Alborz, getting a little carried away are we? How about we wait for a real roadtest and maybe a comparison with some other competitors before we start with the “Grandiose” statements.

    ” Industry leading performance”,”Praciticality”,”Fuel Economy”,”Standard Safety Features” are you serious? At best this new Polo only matches other European and Japanese entrants in this class and it doesn’t leave them behind in any of these area’s.

    For an all new model it is just playing catch-up isn’t it? I suppose the fact that it’s a VW is all that counts for some.

    • Philthy

      The TSI outperforms its rivals in power, torque, acceleration and economy. (agree the 1.4 is nothing special) All polos have 6 airbags standard compared to the rival’s 2 and standard ESP, so yes, class leading.

      Do some research dude.

    • Alborz Fallah

      It really is a great car, so it’s not far fetched to say it’s the best European light-car, because it is!

      • Raser

        I would put a new generation FIAT Grand Punto up against it, HAVE NO FEAR!

  • Vibe

    Was this at the Sirromet winery by any chance? It looks a lot like it.

  • Raser

    I think the koreans are going to s**t themselves, the Polo is outstanding value.

    If you buy a i30 or i20 over this you have rocks in your head

    • DGS

      If Hyundai can get a 7 speed DSG gearbox into the new 1.6 DI petrol or 1.6 diesel i30 and upcoming i35 that would shift the table well back towards Hyundai.

      • Reckless1

        If Great wall made a better car than Polo and sold it for half the price , if, if, if

  • vti07

    Is this Polo bigger than the old one? If it is, is it similar or bigger than say a Honda Jazz?

    If it is comparable in size, then this may be my next car…

    • vti07

      Increase in dimensions all round. Looks like I’ll be visiting my nearest VW dealer this weekend for a look.

  • filippo

    I had the previous model Polo as a company car for 5 months in 2007. It was a 1.4l petrol manual and was dreadfully underpowered. I’m no rev-head, but this engine had almost no propulsion. It also handled very poorly (in a top-heavy way) when compared to my girlfriend’s Peugeot 206 and a colleague’s Fiesta. I guess from Albortz’s advert/review, these aspects have been improved.

    I quite like the styling, although – as with the new Golf – it’s a little on the safe side. Like most cars it looks much better in 3-door than 5-door, so it’s a shame the 3-door is only available in basic spec with the rubber-band engine. I guess I’ll have to save my excitement for when the GTI version arrives. In terms of it being made in South Africa, I had no problems with the fit and finish of my old Polo, although my brother’s SA-built Golf from 2001 was a complete lemon.

  • vid_ghost

    And thats why i would never buy a SA built car.. my friend 2006 Golf 2.0l has had nothing but issues … dont get me wrong its a great car but just has a great load of problems… buy mazda toyota if you want hassle free driving buy VW if you dont mind taking your car into the workshop for repairs every few months.

    • Stoney!

      ….. but prefer and outstanding car with fantastic drive ability, as per the 118tsi.


      • vid_ghost

        Are you saying Mazda’s dont drive as good as VW’s? i like VW for its upmarket feel and would love to buy a GERMAN built golf in auto if only the starting price wasnt $32k

    • James Cortez

      Agree, VW reliability has not been up top Mazda standard. Go and read Top Gear April 2010 edition page 225. TG survey result “115th out of 152″. It went on to say ” A Fiesta is more fun”. Take that from Clarkson, may and Hammond y’all Vee Dubs Fans

  • atomic

    i really like this car it looks good from the front shame the back is a little bland! but over all its a great car from the sound of if! i would choose the mazda 2 over this though they look even better and go well

  • Neo Utopia

    Good car, not quite as price compeditive as some others but the world has different currencies which dictate this. To win more sales from the pragmatic, reliability-focued buyer; Volkswagen will need bullet-proof reliability like that ofsome other similar cars.

    But for many people who need a well-designed small car which just happens to be voted the World’s best then this would more than do.

  • Joe

    Philthy, just a bit of research for you to digest, if you can? Fiesta CL 3 DR 1.6 5 SPD manual with Safety Pack & Metallic paint @ $17,090. This also includes 88kw, stability control & 5 star safety. Polo Trendlione 3 door manual 1.4 with metallic paint @ 17,190. This also includes stability control, 5 star safety & 63kw.
    Fiesta released Feb 2009, Polo released May 2010. That Polo is really class leading isn’t it?

    I also noticed Alborz, that the only comment that you made about the Polo driving experience, apart from the engine’s and transmission’s, was about “it’s smooth ride and handling characteristics”. Sounds like you are talking about a Corolla or a Hyundai I30 not the “by far the best European light car on the market.

    Compare that statement to the absolutely glowing reports that the Fiesta has had from not only Car Advice but from every single road tester world wide and you just might see why I am not yet convinced about this new Polo, especially when the old one was as plain, boring and stodgy as it was.

    Perhaps we should all wait for a comprehensive roadtest or comparo before we all decide how good the new Polo really is.

    • Alborz Fallah

      Good comment Joe,
      I haven’t really had a chance to explore its driving dynamics all that much the drive program was short.

      More on this when I road test the car soon.

  • Non Stop Cars

    I would rather buy a Fiesta, Yaris, Mazda 2 over this plain /blend Polo for Ride and reliability.
    I think so, everything in Europe higher costs Asia

    • f1worldchamp

      Just like your friend Alanby, maybe you should check where the Fiesta is built before you make your posts.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Only for a short time f1worldchamp before the Fiesta is sourced from the Auto Alliance plant in Thailand if they already haven’t started doing so. I do know that Ford have started manufacturing the Fiesta there since earlier this year. I just don’t know for sure if some of the Australian market cars (non-diesel) are coming from there yet.

  • n00d1e

    I like it but 14″ steelies… are you serious VW. I would insist on a set of those sweet 17′s.

    • Giddy Goanna

      17′s are sweet to look at, but not to ride on.
      14′s offer the best ride quality but are unsightly.
      15 inch alloys in the Comfortline spec are a great compromise. (Acceptable ride and replacement costs, good looks and dynamics)

  • j

    the 1.2 TSI sounds awesome for a tiny car! Same power, more torque, better economy than its natmo competition.

    Shame they’re not doing a 3 door version. In a small car like that, 5 doors just looks proportionately wrong. Why must 3 door = pov pack?

    • Ian K.

      and I am happy to inform you that all 1,2 TSI engines are made in the Czech Republic and shipped to VW and SEAT plants. So you finally get a small bit of Fabia cars down under. (even if packaged in VW-body :-)

    • Giddy Goanna

      Whilst i agree that 3 door cars are generally more aesthetically pleasing, (my current drive is Swift GTi)
      I have tired of the heaviness and inconvenience in tight parking situations. The long reach backward for your seatbelt in a 3 door is noticable as well.
      The Polo 5 door is very cleanly styled, not fussy like some tend to be.

  • Emar

    Well i Love them :)
    Ordered mine on Saturday, be there in 3 months.
    TDI Comfortline with Sports pack and comfort pack SWEEETT!!!

  • Dean

    Another title for VW as car of the year in europe. WEll done looks great and good value too.Competition is far behind.

  • JooberGTi

    Can’t wait for the GTi, could mean upping from my current model GTi with 5 door as an option i heard… Its either that or the Audi A1…

    Interior is miles ahead of the competition, although people can call it bland, the expectation I have on the quality of materials and being very solid makes up more than its design which I rather think is rather good.

    From my experience my GTi interior makes some of teh japanese car makers in larger classes, interiors to shame, particular the Aurion Zr6 I owned previously!

  • Frank

    The 1.2 TSI w/ DSG will be the pick of the bunch and ironically less expensive than the TDI. I drove the 1.6 TDI with DSG over the weekend and the car is absolutely rock solid. As full featured as any VW and it feels far larger inside than it appears. As pointed out in this review, the back seating space is very usable.
    The TDI I drove with DSG has a bit of a turbo lag on start but once in motion, it moves very easily. Handling is spot on. The cabin is dead quiet. Road feel is very good. Visibility is excellent. Very good sound system. Fully adjusable seating including up and down and both front seats have large drawers for stowage – very cleverly designed.

    We drove up a very steep hill and at stop the car held itself and did not roll back one mm. It is features like these that will put the Polo at the top of the ranks. My one fear is this car could catch fire and VW will stuff up production capacity, but I think they might realize they have a serious hit on their hands. Based on what I have heard VW is very pleased with the outcome of the Polo and I do believe they will back it all the way to the showroom.

    When the GTI version comes out, if I were VW I would not fear losing sales of the Golf to the Polo, but this will absolutely kill the Mini Cooper S. That is the segment this car will have appeal to. Far better built than a Fiat 500 or Mini, in my opinion.

    At what appears to be a shade under $32,000, the Polo GTI will run circles around the Mini. The car is so well finished and designed it is light years ahead of the Mini’s plastic dash and cheap-ish interior. The 1.4 133KW GTI turbo/supercharged engine will likely have a power to weight ratio better than the current Golf GTI and certainly better than the Mini. The Polo R will be an absolute mind blower.

    The new Polo is for all intents and purposes the new Golf. This will be the car that brings non VW drivers to VW.

  • Neo Utopia

    I would take the sports package on a White TDI manual-plenty of torque with good fuel efficiency. If only before the GTI arrives that is.

    • JooberGTi

      I would suggest you wait for the GTi before you make your decision :)

      • ABMPSV

        Lates info on GTi
        # Engine: 1.4 litre TSI (twincharged)
        # Power/torque: 132kW/250Nm*
        # Transmission: 7-speed DSG
        # Kerb weight: 1194kg*
        # 0-100km/h: 6.9 seconds
        # Top speed: 229km/h
        # Fuel consumption: 5.9l/100km
        # CO2 emissions: 139g/km
        # Wheels: 7×17” Denver alloys, fitted with 215/40 tyres


    Just checked the Skoda Fabia RS price. Slovakia was 25,700 AUD and Czech Republic 27,917 AUD. Polo GTi should around $30,000.

  • Caroline

    Why do reviewers not mention the on-going cost or the prices for extras which should be standard?

    In WA, we have been quoted the following (Comfortline 1.2 TSi):

    Bluetooth $700-800 (this should be standard)
    Comfort Package $500
    Sports Package $1500
    Audio Package $700-800

    Colours (Metallic/Pearl) $500

    Servicing 1st year $250-300
    2nd year $500-600
    3rd year $250-300

    Delivery – Sept 2010 – December 2010 they do not know

    When you consider these factors alongwith the purchase of vehicle $22600-22700 – you really question whether it is worth getting excited about a car a year before features and pricing are confirmed.

  • ErrNo!

    The baseline model engine is rubbish.

    My lawnmower has more power and performance.

    Should bring in the FOX from Brazil and sell it for low low teens

  • franz chong

    The 1.2 litre version with the 77TSI Comfortline is the best value one of the lot.I went out recently to look at a series 3 Nissan Tiida as I currently am driving a series 1 and looking to trade her in just over a year from now but could not find too many differences except for the new audio system,dashboard,grille and lights plus Cruise Control,ABS and now four airbags.will be out to test both Polo and tiida closer to the time and finances permitting my head says german but the heart says japanese this positive review makes it all the more harder.

  • Lang Chye

    Impressed by a test drive of the 1.2TSi. But the dealer asked us to wait till Oct for one with DSG & Comfort Package. The test car had already developed a rattle from the dash. VW doesn’t seem to have learnt from its previous Golf V experience?

  • Teddy

    I test drove the 1.2 TSI last weekend (in Syd) and only a manual was available. The car I drove had a rattle in the dash – drivers side, and it only had a couple of hundred ks on the clock. VW needs to build cars better, as it would be hard to buy one overs a jap car. Other that that, the car went well, however is there and long term life with a small 1.2 litre engine, not to mention it’s turbo, paricularly if you like to retain your car for a lot of years.

    I also drove the 1.6 TDI (DSG) and this car had near 1000ks on the clock, anbd was not impressed – it was not as good as the 1.2 TSI and would need to chip the engine as you really need more than 66kw (same output as original Polo some years ago) output in the DSG – maybe better in the manual.

    • Lang Chye

      Wow, so early in the life of the new Polo and there are already 2 cases of rattle in the dash and many more of long waiting period. Definitely sounds like Golf V all over again. VW must either be a slow learner or must think that car buyers can be taken for granted. Thanks to websites like Car Advice, individual car buyers’ experiences (+ve or -ve) can readily be shared.

      • MyGTI (was Maz6)

        Err….make that 3 more cases of drivers side dash rattle!
        We have now driven 2 x manual 1.2L Polos from diferent
        dealerships and 1 x DSG 1.2L Polo.

        ALWAYS test drive with radio OFF.
        On all 3 vehicles the rattle was very apparent every time
        we stopped at traffic lights and at idle.

        Mentioned this to both dealerships, but all we got was
        a blank look back as if to say we havent heard this before. We also noticed a whirring noise coming from
        under the bonnet, particularly when slowlt turning the
        steering wheel.
        Salesman lifted the bonnet while engine was running and it was then louder. His explanation was its to do with the electric steering on polos.
        The second car was not as noticeable, but still there,
        so VW rattles still need addressing.
        Radio\’s on during test drives can cover a multitude of sins…

  • Teddy

    I meant to mention that here is a wait for one of the Polo vehicles. I can not understand why VW plays these games, as the original Polo some years ago, you also had to wait to get you hands one.

  • tuning

    I meant to mention that here is a wait for one of the Polo vehicles. I can not understand why VW plays these games, as the original Polo some years ago, you also had to wait to get you hands one.

  • Pete

    How about all you nay-sayers out there actually go out and drive the vehicle and then give your opinion instead of sitting back and comparing it to its older model variants.

    I come from a background of selling BMW’s so I know good and bad cars. I have driven this car (the 66kw tdi Comfortline) a couple of times now and I can tell you that it won ‘International Car of the Year’ for good reason.

    It is not the best car in the world by any means but it is a great, all round package. I have compared it to its competitors and I believe the Polo wins hands down. Yes it may be a little pricey but in my opinion it is well worth it.

    And for those of you who value the opinion of the Top Gear team over the experts who judged the International Car of the Year awards, good luck to you in your future endeavors as I am sure you are going to need it!!!

  • TG

    I see a lot of comments here knocking SA build quality. Can I just say that I driven 2 BMWs built in SA and I’ve never had issues , and I also know that many toyota’s built in SA are fine. I think the problem with VW and Merc are that they are inherently unreliable makes no matter where they are built. I’m willing to bet that a Toyota built in SA will be more reliable than a VW built in Germany.

  • Audi car parts

    The model is nice but I don’t agree with the pricing plans. It should be much more cheaper then the actual price. This car is designed for middle class people but the rates are not accordingly

    • Alex

      It cost totally on par with its rivals — being Mazda2, Honda Jazz and Ford Fiesta. At least in our country it does.

  • Sean

    How about POLO 2009 PACIFIC 1.9TDI? who can know that? same diesel engine with 2010 model or not/and 5speed manual gearbox? I have no idea.

  • James

    Whats the diffrence between this and a VW Golf, anyone know?

  • James

    Looks exactly like the Golf GTI, By The Way!

  • Quentin Robbins

    Bought a new Polo with DSG in June 2010 Took it back the next day with Gearbox problems Was assured that it would be fixed at the First Service
    NOT SO! Problem with brakes?? Problem with Temperature Sensor??
    DSG Mechatronics Unit fixed?? DSG finally replaced after 14 Months YES
    14 Months VW Australia is in a State of Denial The SILENCE has been
    ABSOLUTELY DEAFENING The dealer at Liverpool said I was not welcome at his yard as I upset too many of his staff If the Bloody Blue Polo had been fixed PROPERLY, I wouldn’t have had to complain, would I Sunshine?? Don’t
    have any dealings with this Bunch of Cowboys….PLEEASE!!

  • uspa polo

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  • Gerard

    I recently drove the 1.4 63kw version with DSG. Not very impressed, it was very slow to move from a standstill, and hunted through the gears on hills. Steering was so so, nice ride and very quiet except when working the engine, which needed to be worked to move with any pace at all. Interior had nice materials but very drab colouring, too teutonic for my likeing. All in all a disappointment, Wheels could not have driven this version in making the Polo its 2010 COTY. To me it lacked agility and any excitement factor. I didn’t drive a TSI version which would undoubtedly be better, but against the 1.4Polo DSG I would rate the 1.4 Kia Rio auto as a better drive, and the 1.4 Ford Fiesta auto as a considerably better drive. I always like to try the lowest spec cars in a range, as they often disclose aspects that the motoring journalists don’t disclose, and usually are the biggest selling versions, although I would doubt the Polo 1.4 would be a big seller on the basis of my drive.

Volkswagen Polo Specs

Car Details
6R MY11
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
230Nm @  1750rpm
Max. Power
66kW @  4200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
4.6L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1000  Unbrake:530
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
195/55 R15
Rear Tyres
195/55 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
15 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Hill Holder, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Engine & Transmission
Electronic Differential Lock
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Premium Sound System
Metallic Paint, Sports pack
Leather Upholstery
Comfort Pack
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin