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by Matt Brogan

According to the latest sales figures*, the Toyota Corolla is the world’s best-selling car, with 908,661 new Corolla’s finding a home in 2009.

The figures see the popular small car selling 16.3 per cent more sedan and hatch models (or 127,500 units) than its nearest competitor.

Adding to that tally, China will from 2012 also produce Corolla. The newly announced plant capable of building 100,000 units annually.

The Toyota Corolla nameplate has been around for 44 years, with the model seeing nine full model changes. Corolla is manufactured in 16 countries across the globe and sold in more than 140.

Locally, Australia produced Corolla from 1968 to 1999, and although the model is now fully imported, cumulative sales here now top 1.1 million.

Australia was the first export market for the Corolla, the first example shipped here in November 1966, just one month after being launched in its home market.

The original Toyota Corolla (as pictured above) featured a 1.1-litre four-cylinder engine and was available in two-door coupe body style only.

Other Toyota brands among 2009’s top-ten sellers list include the Toyota Camry (ranked 6th with 679,117 units) and the Toyota Yaris (ranked 10th with 466,267 units)

*Economic forecaster IHS Global Insight compiled the sales figures for 2009, which were published by Forbes magazine.

  • Kangen

    not much of an enthusiast’s type of car but its realibility, low cost service, quality and somewhat simplicity (means white good in car enthusiast’s dictionary) attracted a lot of buyers.

    • Andrew

      Simplicity can also be a car enthauiast’s dream. Easier to work on, perhaps lighter, more reliable. This may sound a little silly but also better fuel economy as it means you need to stop less at fuel stations and can keep driving! (if its got a good sized tank). The previous generation Corolla I believe weighed around 1000kg and originally had the same power as the new one. I haven’t driven one for quite a long time (since I learned to drive in fact) but I imagine they’d go quite well for their type indeed. Dont forget about the Sportivo also, 8000rpm redline, 6 speed, 141kw. If only we could get that Blade Master here, the one with the Aurion engine and 4WD, it would at least silence those who criticise Corolla, may even reverse its reputation a little.

    • Mythfrances

      The best solution to a problem is with the simplest method.

  • vid_ghost

    Its an A to B car thats does the job with little issues… but for 2010 there’s allot more options out there that do the same plus with added extra’s and features.

    What the worlds second therd and forth best selling cars is what i really wanna know! :)

    • Joober@work

      Would love to know to, but my guess is that the golf would be up there…

  • Marc

    If only they made them a bit more exciting.

  • KD

    Top Ten

    1. Toyota Corolla 908,661
    2. Ford Focus 781,139
    3. Ford Fiesta 724,502
    4. Volkswagen Golf 705,276
    5. Honda Civic 686,000
    6. Toyota Camry 679,117
    7. Honda Accord 586,584
    8. Peugeot 207 536,090
    9. Volkswagen Polo 467,067
    10. Toyota Yaris 466,267

    • Long Live the Load lugger

      Does Toyota claim the “Auris” UK / Europe name plate for the vehicle in it’s stats?

    • AAA

      This list is wrong. The Mazda 3 is the best selling small car ~ :)

      • Smithy

        Mate, you need to get on the same page …..


        So Corolla is No.1 but Ford has No. 2 & 3.

        Anyone now the numbers for the F150 in the States?

        • Ricky

          Not sure how the F-150 is doing these days, but as recently as 5 years ago (2005) it was selling over 900,000 per year.

    • Doing This for a Projet

      what website did you find this info from KD?????

  • Jabba the Hut

    Someone else can have mine thanks. Meanwhile check the panel gap around the bonnet and the poor fit above the headlights.

    I’ve often noticed the Camry’s boots are out of alignment too. If I was buying in this segment the Corolla would be dead last. I’d be looking at the Mazda 3 , i30 , Cerato, Focus or even the Golf (reliability issues and all) before this thing. I actually get fatigue looking at it.

  • Heater

    Focus second and Fiesta third…….well done Ford. I would buy one of the 2 Fords before even considering a bland boring car from the re-call kings at Toyota. I have rented a Corolla recently and it was very average to say the least.

  • Cismok

    Not that correct, Corolla has been built in North China since 2001, but mainly sold in local market in China. The annual production volume is around 200,000 there. In the South, the Toyota JV produces Camry has a capacity of 480,000 P.A.similarly to all other makes, they are currently sold only in local market.

  • OutBack Wanderers

    On Wed.13/7/11 wheel alighment $69.00

    Fri. 15/7/11 $169.00 for 250,000 service

    3 timing belts,3 batteries,plus tyres for 12 yo car, works for us,up to 200,000 service every 10,000 after 200,000 every 5,000.

    Todays trip from Coffs Hrbr to Taree,16 kilometres per ltr

    Better than some of the newer cars today

    thats 6.25lt/100klms

    Everything still original,including brake pads,still good for another 5,000 according to Taree Mechanical