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April 2010 Australian Car Industry Figures

1 Toyota 16697
2 Holden 9964
3 Ford 8192
4 Mazda 6805
5 Hyundai 6725
6 Mitsubishi 4805
7 Nissan 4660
8 Subaru 3216
9 Honda 3063
10 Volkswagen 2846
11 Kia 1938
12 Suzuki 1926
13 Mercedes-Benz 1813
14 BMW 1317
15 Audi 1064
16 Jeep 492
17 Peugeot 483
18 Lexus 449
19 Great Wall 428
20 Volvo Car 421
21 Isuzu Ute 381
22 Land Rover 365
23 MINI 245
24 Renault 203
25 Dodge 151
26 Proton 151
27 Fiat 96
28 Jaguar 92
29 Citroen 91
30 Chrysler 71
31 Ssangyong 67
32 Skoda 65
33 Alfa Romeo 61
34 Smart 59
35 Porsche 53
36 Maserati 11
37 Aston Martin 8
38 Bentley 6
39 Ferrari 5
40 Lotus 5
41 Hummer 3
42 Lamborghini 2
43 Rolls-Royce 1
44 Morgan 0
45 Saab 0

Light Car Segment Winners :

  • Hyundai Getz
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Mazda2

Small Car Segment Winners:

  • Mazda3
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Holden Cruze

Medium Car Segment Winners:

  • Toyota Camry
  • Mazda6
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid

Large Car Segment Winners:

  • Holden Commodore
  • Ford Falcon
  • Toyota Aurion

Upper Large Car Segment Winners:

  • Holden Caprice
  • Chrysler 300C
  • Holden Statesman

People Mover Segment Winners:

  • Hyundai iMAX
  • Kia Carnival
  • Toyota Tarago

SUV Compact Segment Winners:

  • Subaru Forester
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Mitsubishi Outlander

SUV Medium Segment Winners:

  • Toyota Prado
  • Holden Captiva
  • Ford Territory

Large Segment Winners:

  • Toyota Landcruiser Wagon
  • Nissan Patrol Wagon

SUV Luxury Segment Winners:

  • Audi Q5
  • BMW X1
  • BMW X5


  • AAA

    Honda cars are way overpriced, especially those models made in Thailand. They are going down hill fast.

    • Camry lover

      Argreed, Toyotas are much better value.

      • Able

        Hondas drive well however, definitely not something Toyota can be associated with!

        • Steve-Poyza

          I reckon Mazda has both of those factors in one. Good dynamics with decently competitive pricing. Obviously it can’t compare with Toyota for pricing though…

      • sammo

        The Yaris doesn’t even have ESP, you call that good value??

        • Tyson

          you’ll find its standard on models this year… so yeah you would call it good value….

          • Camry lover

            Yes, the Yaris represents world-class value and safety.

          • Able

            Sorry I like character when buying a car, that’s why the Yaris’ rivals are somewhat better than it. Eg Fiesta :)

      • Dave

        Toyota’s and safety is a joke. How did they still build hiluxes with drum brakes?

    • Mythfrances

      Honda def has got the quality. If it is a bit cheaper, I will buy one any day.

    • vti07

      The strange thing is that those Honda cars which are made in Thailand for Australian market are Japanese made in NZ. I think this is due to the FTA with Thailand.

      Like it or not, more and more cars are being made in Thailand. eg. New model mazda2 hatch and sedan.

  • sammo

    Wow look at the jump between 16th and 15th, sales nearly double between Audi and Jeep.

    • Able

      More than double

  • sammo

    So much prestige that it can’t even achieve a 5-Star safety rating… 😛

    • Hybridsareslow

      Mate, the hybrid Camry is not a world class luxury vehicle. It is another slow and ugly hybrid that is NO fun to drive and has no “Japanese prestige”. Pull your head in, no one cares about the green vehicle rating.

    • Shak

      Thats like saying i almost survived that crash because the airbags almost deployed.


    Since last months sale is down

    Rank Make No Sold Change from March
    41 Hummer 3 -79%
    42 Lamborghini 2 -67%
    31 Ssangyong 67 -42%
    33 Alfa Romeo 61 -41%
    18 Lexus 449 -38%
    39 Ferrari 5 -38%
    37 Aston Martin 8 -33%
    29 Citroen 91 -32%
    7 Nissan 4660 -29%
    28 Jaguar 92 -28%
    34 Smart 59 -27%
    9 Honda 3063 -26%
    35 Porsche 53 -24%
    19 Great Wall 428 -22%
    26 Proton 151 -20%
    27 Fiat 96 -19%
    32 Skoda 65 -19%
    1 Toyota 16697 -18%
    12 Suzuki 1926 -17%
    2 Holden 9964 -16%
    5 Hyundai 6725 -14%
    6 Mitsubishi 4805 -14%
    8 Subaru 3216 -13%
    14 BMW 1317 -11%
    22 Land Rover 365 -11%
    20 Volvo Car 421 -10%
    4 Mazda 6805 -9%
    15 Audi 1064 -9%
    11 Kia 1938 -8%
    21 Isuzu Ute 381 -8%
    36 Maserati 11 -8%
    10 Volkswagen 2846 -6%
    16 Jeep 492 -5%
    23 MINI 245 -2%
    17 Peugeot 483 0%
    44 Morgan 0 0%
    43 Rolls-Royce 1 0%
    45 Saab 0 0%
    3 Ford 8192 1%
    13 Mercedes-Benz 1813 1%
    30 Chrysler 71 8%
    40 Lotus 5 25%
    24 Renault 203 27%
    25 Dodge 151 41%
    38 Bentley 6 50%

    • ABMPSV

      Front of the car make is ranking by total sale

    • Mythfrances

      When is SAAB gonna sell a car?

      • Radbloke

        When they make one worth buying

  • Ricky

    Absolutely amazing that Mitsubishi can have a 5.9% share of the market. In the USA their share is about 1% or less, I believe, and in Europe they are basically non-existant. There must still be an awful lot of loyal Magna owners out there. Subaru’s popularity is also very surprising, considering they are AWD and we don’t get icy roads here (Subaru are very popular in Canada for this reason). Suzuki’s 2.4% share is also remarkable (in the USA their share is currently 0.1% – almost non-existant).

    • ABMPSV

      Magna is long gone sales are mostly Lancer, 4wd and commercial vehicles.

      • Ricky

        I know the Magna are long gone. What I’m saying is, the only possible reason Mitsubishi could have a 5.9% market share is by people remembering the Magna – i.e. having owned one in the past or knowing someone with one, therefore remaining loyal to the brand.

        • bulldogs

          People remmebering the Mitsubishi Magna will never buy another Mitsubishi..
          Mitsubishi is selling well because of the better quality model. No more Magna or 380,, Lancer and EVO are selling like hotcake.

          • http://Pagini Luv Local

            The last TJ TL TW Magnas were a good car.


            First “wide-body” medium/large sedan
            First Australian-made car with an independent (multi-link) rear suspension setup
            First Australian-made car for export to the USA (competing against Lexus ES300 and Honda Legend)
            First Australian-made car to feature ABS with EBD
            First Australian-made car to feature a tiptronic transmission (4-speed)
            First Australian-made car to feature a 5-speed automatic transmission
            First Australian-made AWD car

    • noj

      We may not get icy roads but it still rains here.

      • jojo

        And tristy bends, poorly sealed roads, gravel tracks, fire trails, rural B roads, etc etc which makes AWD very attractive.

        • Dave

          ‘Very attractive’ for an over active marketing department. 4WD, extra weight and more complicated servicing. 90% of the time you are carring drivetrain that you dont need adding to fuel consumption.

    • Kenny

      Typical ignorant comments! Mitsubishi is selling well in Aus because of the new high quality model line up. Mitsubishi has complete model line-up here (Colt, Lancer, Outlander, Challenger, Pajero, Triton,…). In US only two popular models (Outlander & Lancer), the other models the (Galant, Eclipse & Endeavour) badly needs an update. Mitsubishi has go one of the best SUV line up with 3 models & 4th will be released this year. The Lancer, Outlander, colt & Triton are quite popular in Europe. Mitsubishi is very popular in Eastern Europe & Russia.

      • Ricky

        Mitsubishi’s Australian line-up is pathetic and outdated. The Pajero hasn’t been fully redesigned in over 10 years (the update a few years ago was just a rehash). The Grandis people mover hasn’t changed in over 6 years, nor has the Colt – both were introduced in 2004. Don’t get me started on the Express van – it dates back to the early 1980s. Mitsubishi also don’t have a mid-size or large car in this market – so their line-up is far from ‘complete’ as you put it.

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

          Ricky,Mitsubishi does have a medium car in its lineup- the Lancer. Its roughly the same size as the origional Magna. Its styling makes it appear small,until the two are seen side-by-side. It had a big car 3 years ago,but couldn’t get them out the door,so they are six feet under. I do agree on the Express van. But they are a reflection of the market they serve-function over form. Their two best sellers-the Lancer and Triton are smack up to date and will still be fresh in two years. Mitsubishis have a long history of long model cycles.Think Sigma,first Colt,last magna,Express,etc. To me at least,this adds to their appeal.

        • Kenny

          Continuing with your rubbish propaganda. You just listed few of the low volume older models( Express, Grandis & Colt). If Mitsubishi had updated the Colt & the Grandis might even beat Mazda in monthly sales. From What I have heard Mitsubishi is in the process of updating the Colt, from what I have read in 2011 Mitsubishi will update the colt with a new global small car. Your comments about the Pajero indicates complete ignorance about 4WDs. The 2007 Pajero upgrade was a significant upgrade (Engines, interior & exterior were significantly updated). The fact was Pajero platform was very well designed ahead of the time & did not require a complete re-design. The 2007 Pajero upgrade was comparable to the so called Toyota Land cruiser Prado upgrade (Prado upgrade was without any improvements to the diesel engine). Pajero has the best Diesel engines in it’s class of vehicles (most powerful engine, 147kW 450 Nm from a 3.2L engine)
          Why no comments about the other very popular Mitsubishi models (Lancer , Outlander, Triton, Challenger,…)? You are just a winger, comment without real facts.

          • Mr Pee Pee

            Whoa there Kenny. You’re not a touch too sensitive, are you?

          • Kenn

            Mr Pee Pee
            There is nothing sensitive mate!
            This Ricky character may not have been near a new Mitsubishi. It looks like he is talking from the other orifice.

          • Ken

            147kW, 450Nm from 3.2L and that’s something to smile about. Hyundai/KIA have a Diesel that makes 145kW and 436Nm out of 2.2L. I don’t know about you but that’s far more impressive from something that is a full 1.0L smaller.

      • Simon

        Mitsubishi sales are doing much better because they dumped the 380.

  • Andrew M

    Camry Lover,
    The Hybrid camry is saving the planets emissions because its shocking attention to safety is redcuing the amount of living drivers.

    If it kills off drivers, of course there will be less emissions

    • Camry lover

      “shocking attention to safety”

      Andrew M, would you care to elaborate?

      • cfc

        Despite what I said about the passenger seatbelt reminder being unnecessary the other day it is quite pathetic that Toyota can’t spend a few thousand dollars (or however little it is) on putting one in their cars. That and fixing the problem with the steering wheel.

        That’s all it takes for a five star rating but Toyota are too tight to spend anything more than necessary on development.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Especially considering the “V6 Camry” (Aurion) already has the seat belt reminders fitted. Shouldn’t be that hard considering they are the same car under the skin…

      • Dennis

        The Camry has the same safety rating as a Great Wall X240… Great stuff Toyota…

        • Tyson

          I still know what car id prefer to be in in a 6 car pile up… dont kid yourself.

          • cfc

            I agree but you’d think for advertising’s sake as well as improved brand image.

          • LessQQ

            a 5 star Hyundai Getz?

            all safety rating is relative rofl.

            5 stars safety IF you hit the ANCAP barrier, how many of those do u see on actual roads?

            you could hit anything from a tree to an SUV to a semi-trailer, safety rating won’t mean sh!t then.

            slightly dead and extremely dead is still dead =D

  • ricflair

    japenese still killing Koreans, and so they should the Koreans are now overpriced

    • Martin

      Hmm, did you think about the fact that there are three Korean makes versus something like eight different Japanese makes. Korean cars aren’t overpriced. It’s blind brand loyalty that is what makes up new car sales. The Cruze and Corolla are perfect examples.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        nice theory…

        maybe unpopular vehicles are just unappealing

    • topdog

      What about holdens there all korean cars rebaged dont they count,Owe i forgot there aussie cars NOT

  • Ricky

    I love watching all of these pathetic European brands failing. Citroen, for example… have always sold junk and now they can’t even manage 100 sales in a month. Same goes for Alfa, Fiat, Skoda, and Ssangyong (not European, I know, but still rubbish). And keep in mind these figures even include their commercial van sales!! My prediction is that within 5 years AT LEAST one of these car makers will bail from the Aussie market. There’s no way you can sell a little over 50 cars a month and stay in business (the luxury marques manage this because of huge markups on their cars, which the “mainstream” brands cannot do).

  • GoHyundai

    wow hyundai and mazda

  • Tom

    I’m surprised they still sell the outdated saabs in australia I mean come on zero sales…

    • Able

      They have too many owners here to ditch and the new models are on their ways, 9-5 is here in something like 6 months…and I’m not sure about it, but I think they might still be distributed by the GM Premium Brands section here because Spyker’s arent sold here but I might be wrong.

      • Radbloke

        Yeah, Saab owners are funny like that. They seem to be some of the most brand-loyal consumers out there, despite the fact that Saab haven’t produced a decent model in 20 years and they are savagely over priced.

  • jojo

    Tick-Tock….with only 65 cars shifted last month it’s time to start taking bets on their withdrawel from Oz market.

    • Able

      Or do something about the brand, which I know is going on within their headquarters currently. I suggest advertising to them, that might help…

      So with Alfa’s 61 sales they should leave too Jojo? Or is it just another example of your prejudice towards Skoda? For a female, you’re quite the car-geek.

      • jojo

        Looks like “Able” nailed the response for me….agree with the comments and no I’m not being Skoda prejudice but simply objective to the sales figures.

        Alfa’s and Fiats are mismanaged by Ateco and have highly inflated margins compared to their European equivalents…and yes chicks can be car nutters too!! Whose Prejudice now?

    • Tomas79

      United States of tara,
      65 is brilliant for an emerging brand, look at alfa, and how long they been around!!
      I bet Skoda will outlive commodores in this country!!!

      • cfc

        65 brilliant? How about Great Wall with 428? That’s what advertising does for you.

        Alfa doesn’t aim to be a high-volume selling brand like Skoda because you pay a premium for Alfas.

        Skoda have been here for 2 1/2 years now. They are still well behind monthly sales targets and there is no way that they are profitable. At this rate there is no way that they will stay here.

        • Tomas79

          Not another new identity!!
          Great wall is a totally different market!!
          Skoda are far better quality then alfa’s and you don’t know the profit margins on any of them!!

  • Bent 8 Brigade

    Another bang up month for Skoda lol

    • ABMPSV

      You must love Skoda or want one because you always comment on Skoda not Saab which sold none. Still LOL?

  • Valet Dabess

    wow toyota is stepping on everyone like they’re a door mat. i can’t believe they sold that much compared to everyone else.

    • fourl6

      Toyota sales are actually down 18% on last month…. thats a big chunk of 17000 cars…

  • http://ozmpsclub.com ozmpsclub

    Great to see Mazda move back to fourth in front of the fast moving Hyundai brand…
    So much for the smiley faced Mazda 3 wont sell cause of its new look and with the fresh up on the 6 and now the 2 Mazda maybe able to hold off Hyundai as the best seller importer….

  • Heater

    The Ford Territory still manages to amaze. Its basically a 5 year old model and the RWD version still has a 4 speed auto and it is still near the top of the sales for SUV………good to see a car selling on its merits instead of a being cheap and full of gimmics.

  • svd

    Interesting to note that the country of manufacture results show Japan 1st, Korea 2nd and Thailand 3rd for vehicle sales in Australia.

  • Simon

    Anyone notice Suzuki? I’m not sure how they are traveling compared to previous months but it’s good to see them moving a lot of vehicles.

    • Who?

      interesting to note that they sold 32 Kizashi’s in the month too

      • Shak

        The Kizashi is not yet sold in Australia.

  • Dave

    I am still curious how the 4 cylinder camry is medium and the 6 (aurion) is a large car?

    • krzystoff

      agreed — the Camry and Aurion are fitted out very differently, but structurally and mechanically they are almost identical except for engine size. I think they should group their two figures for a fairer comparison.
      also, I suspect the Cruze : Commodore may be in a similar situation — ie. the Cruze is just a budget-tweaked Commodore, if so they should be grouped together under one sales figure, as I see it.

  • LessQQ

    also with airbags, they deploy on the first collision, once they’ve deployed, they don’t deploy again.

    so 6 car collision, if your car is subject to multiple hits, airbags won’t save you at all.

  • http://Pagini Luv Local

    The top twenty models in the country for April 2010
    •Holden Commodore: 3165 sales (plus Commodore ute sales of 812) total: 3977 sales
    •Ford Falcon: 2763 sales (plus 794 Falcon ute sales) total: 3557 sales
    •Toyota HiLux: 2148 sales 4X4 (plus 1271 sales of 4X2) total: 3419 sales
    •Mazda3: 3079 sales
    •Toyota Corolla: 2829 sales
    •Holden Cruze: 2514 sales
    •Hyundai i30: 2483 sales
    •Hyundai Getz: 2192 sales
    •Mitsubishi Lancer: 1912 sales
    •Toyota Camry: 1434 sales (plus 396 Hybrid sales) total: 1830 sales
    •Toyota Yaris: 1799 sales
    •Toyota Prado: 1488 sales
    •Nissan Navara: 1327 sales 4X4 (plus 131 sales 4X2) total: 1458 sales
    •VW Golf: 1314 sales
    •Subaru Forester: 1116 sales
    •Mazda2: 1115 sales
    •Holden Captiva: 1095 sales
    •Ford Territory: 1085 sales
    •Ford Focus: 1025 sales
    •Toyota Aurion: 1024 sales

    • Smithy

      There’s a glaring “missing in action” from the list.

      Where the heck has the Kluger dissapeared to? Have buyers finally woken up to the poor dynamics of them?
      Prado is going to dominate this segment for a while, with all the Landbarge (sorry, Cruiser) downsizing but not willing to go the softroader path.

  • http://Pagini Luv Local

    April Top 20

    •Holden Commodore: 3165 sales (plus Commodore ute sales of 812) total: 3977 sales
    •Ford Falcon: 2763 sales (plus 794 Falcon ute sales) total: 3557 sales
    •Toyota HiLux: 2148 sales 4X4 (plus 1271 sales of 4X2) total: 3419 sales
    •Mazda3: 3079 sales
    •Toyota Corolla: 2829 sales
    •Holden Cruze: 2514 sales
    •Hyundai i30: 2483 sales
    •Hyundai Getz: 2192 sales
    •Mitsubishi Lancer: 1912 sales
    •Toyota Camry: 1434 sales (plus 396 Hybrid sales) total: 1830 sales
    •Toyota Yaris: 1799 sales
    •Toyota Prado: 1488 sales
    •Nissan Navara: 1327 sales 4X4 (plus 131 sales 4X2) total: 1458 sales
    •VW Golf: 1314 sales
    •Subaru Forester: 1116 sales
    •Mazda2: 1115 sales
    •Holden Captiva: 1095 sales
    •Ford Territory: 1085 sales
    •Ford Focus: 1025 sales
    •Toyota Aurion: 1024 sales

  • ahhhhh

    LOL Chrysler 300c these are POS. except for SRT-8 that thing is bomb..

    How about Lexus GS, E class, A6. 5 series in that category