by Matt Brogan

Toyota Camry hybrid has achieved a maximum possible five-star rating on the Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide.

The announcement means Camry Hybrid is the only Australian-built car, and one of just 15 models on the local market, to score a five-star GVG rating.

The Camry Hyrbid model is the third in Toyota’s range to achieve the prestigious rating, with the Toyota Prius Hybrid and Toyota Yaris also scoring a maximum possible five-star rating.

  • Toyota Prius Hybrid – 3.9L/100km & 89g/km CO2
  • Toyota Yaris – 6.0L/100km & 141g/km CO2
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid – 6.0L/100km & 142g/km CO2

The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures make Toyota Camry Hybrid the most fuel-efficient Australian-built car, figures Toyota says will help “motorists to slash fuel bills and reduce environmental impact compared with other similar-sized family cars”.

The Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide is designed to assist new car buyers to more readily identify a car based on its greenhouse and air pollution emissions.

“By choosing a greener vehicle, you can make a real difference,” the Guide says.

The Green Vehicle Guide also includes details on vehicle safety equipment, and shows the Toyota Camry Hybrid to include Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and six airbags. The Toyota Camry Hybrid scored a four-star ANCAP safety rating during recent tests.

  • Andrew M

    Before I start im going to say im not having a go at this particular vehicle, but rather the emphasis on car emissions.

    So with the upcoming EV’s, how will they rate them???? The hybrids with plugin tech or full EV’s would techniclly be placed as zero emission vehicles and therefore the max 5 stars.

    At what point will the energy consumed through the power grid and emissions caused by it begin to be recognised by car manufacturers???

    If the day comes where all vehicles are plug in EV’s we cant just sit and kid ourselves that the world is saved
    Certain fridges, A/C’s and TV’s can no longer be sold due to their excessive power consumption, when will they start including the power use of EV’s and emissions caused in the overall score???

    • vid_ghost

      In the case of power, so long as its generated by AIR, WIND, HYDRO (water) and SUN then its clean driving, its just a shame we use coal at the moment and cause just as much polution. Its still better to burn Coal then it is oil though. :)

      • Andrew M

        It depends how far you want to blame coal for its emissions as to whether its cleaner or not, but yes, its generally accepted coal is cleaner to burn.

        That same theory can be applied to wind and solar though I suppose.

        On another note, EV’s will be no cheaper to fuel which is a shame.

      • Anthraxx66

        … and unless the power to build the wind/solar/hydro equipment is generated by wind/solar/hydro, and unless that equipment… and so on and so on…

        I s’pose the whole point is about reducing emissions and reliance on oil.

      • lazybones

        Car makers cannot not be held responsible for Australia’s dirty energy simple.

        As for energy consumption rating on EV’s a Miev running at 15k PA would consume about 1.5 megawatts per year or about 4KWh per day. My 42″ LCD TV uses about 375 watts (which is good compared to most plasmas). So if I run my TV for 11hrs per day the consumption of energy is about the same.

        • http://Pagini Luv Local

          My plasma uses 350w :-)

        • lazybones

          Thats bloody good for a plasma? what make and size is that?

  • Valet Dabess

    142? what was that article where some cars were trying to get under 130? and the hybrid gets 142, sounds kinda crap to me

    • Mythfrances

      142 CO2 emission for a mid-sized family car is pretty good, considering most other cars in this category have 200+. To give you a better idea,
      Toyota Yaris YR 1.3L —– 141,
      Honda Jazz GLI 1.3L —– 138,
      Hyundai Getz 1.4L —– 145
      VW Polo 1.4L —– 155.
      Mazda Mazda2 1.5L —– 162
      Camry hybrid emits about the same amount of CO2 g/km as a compact car. I think dats pretty good.

      The article u were trying to recall was under the title “Toyota, Fiat, MINI already under Europe’s new CO2 emissions target”. search the article if you want more detail.

  • The Oracle’s Master!

    Hybrid Camry = Yawn. I wonder how green it was to make and how green it will be to dispose of those battery packs. It’s emissions on the road are only part of the story.

    • Mythfrances

      Its not just about being green. The car makers are actually planning ahead before the petrol/diesel become too expensive that noone can afford to run a car. Then people will not buy cars and the car makers cant make money anymore! In the future renewable energy will be cheaper than non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels. So hybrid/electric car is an inevitable trend.

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        I agree. In the future. This car is more about showing off to the world than giving a hoot about the environment though. Toyota are spin doctors first.

      • Andrew M


        EV’s will be no cheaper to fuel, everyone just thinks electricity will be cheaper with out even comparing the actual kwh an EV uses.

        If they arent any cheaper to run now, imagine what will happen with the ever increasing electricity charges.
        Then there will be extra price hike once new infrastructure such as charging stations are instaled.

        • Mythfrances

          I am getting tired of explaining this topic again n again… and for your information, EV is indeed cheaper to run than fossil fuel. Anyway, lets put aside the price, lets just focus on “sustainability”. Non-renewable energy will one day dry out, I believe you understand that. Renewable energy such as sunlight, geothermal, wind, hydro etc is not running out, at least not before our sun engulfs the Earth eventually and everything dies. So just base on this simple fact, wouldnt you agree sooner or later we will rely on electricity thats generated from renewable energy source?

          • Andrew M

            For sure I agree that renewable energy is a good thing, The main point I debate it the cost issues.

            Have you ever compared how much in kwh it costs for an EV to travel 100k’s versus an economical combustion powered vehicle??

            Oh, and for another can of worms, arent batteries made from non-renewable sources more scarce than oil and gas??

          • Mythfrances

            I read one of the Nissan Leaf article on this website or the others. They did the comparison, so at least in term of nissan leaf, its cheaper.

            Batteries are getting recycled too…people dont just throw them away nowaday. The rare materials they use in the batteries will be reused. It used to be so much cheaper to buy more raw materials rather than to recycle the old batteries. but as the technology advances, this process is getting cheaper and cheaper. As for fossil fuel, there is no chance for them to be recycled.

            Anyway, its not just the Japs, but all the European diesel powerhouses are introducing hybrid or electric cars. I think they will give you a better explanation for their moves.

  • Simon

    ……just NOT 5 star safety!

    For a world leader in auto sales, this is appalling!

    • cfc

      Everyone’s been over this last week. It’s just a seatbelt chime for the passenger that stops the 5 stars. That sort of thing isn’t going to save any lives and anyone killed due to not having their seatbelt on deserves it. Wearing a seatbelt is the law, it shouldn’t be up to car companies to stop peoples stupidity.

      • Simon

        So which Toyota’s are 5 star safety compliant pray tell?
        The seat belt chime is fantastic. I have experienced my kids disconnecting their belt whilst I’ve been driving, and yep – my 5 star car told me something was wrong. You think it’s unnecessary, I think it’s glaring oversight by an auto manufacturer that ought to know better.
        Safety is high on my shopping list and until Toyota get more serious about it, they won’t get my dollar.

      • Andrew M

        Its not just a seat belt chime, but also a poorly designed steering column which causes injury to knees.

        Sure these things may not seem like a biggy (until you come un stuck), but Holden got slammed for failing the exact same tests.
        And people thought Holden were slow… least they acted upon the results fairly quickly to fix the issues

      • mmmm

        they have to score 12.5/16 in the front off set test to get five stars.
        The older design of the camry only rates 12.37.
        well off the bench mark set by Renaults, golfs and Lancers all with near perfect scores out of 16.

  • http://Caradvice onepoppa

    I am reading this in France where CO2 emissions are regarded as vitally important – going over 160gm/KM costs you serious money when you first register your car. All those rev-heads who think that this produces wimpy cars ought to get out on the autoroutes where the limit is 130 – and most people drive at that limit. Anyone who thinks that low CO2 figures will kill the car market ought to try finding a park in the streets of Paris.

    • Andrew M

      So why dont they increase charges for excess emissions of the other harmfull chemicals??
      Co2 is only a minor part of the story, and I cant figure out why every one is hell bent on it.

      Oh and Ive seen how they park in Paris, its called bump parking. You wont find a car without a squashed bumper there

  • Not the Toyota PR dept.

    ^^^ Att: Toyota PR dept:
    Why do you feel the need to missrepresent the facts: The camry also lacks knee protection for the driver and the 4 cyl engine suffers from poor offset frontal strength.

  • SSV

    The Ford Fiesta Econetic is more economic than everything else on the market… shouldnt it get an even higher rating than the Camry?

    Also the FG Falcon is 5 star rated even without side airbags…….and ut passes the pole test which any Toyota wont. Toyotas have weak body structure and in my opinion should not get 5 star even with all of the gimmics.

    • Andrew M

      Yeah the Fiesta econetic drinks less fuel and is cheaper to run etc, but it is Diesel, and Diesel isnt as green as unleaded fuel

      • cfc

        It has a lower C02 output of 99g/km, so you’d think it would have a higher GVG rating.

        • Andrew M

          Once again Diesel isnt as green as unleaded.
          Sure diesel puts out less co2, but the overall green rating of a vehicle considers its total emissions, not just one particular gas.

          That is why I bang my head on the desk every time I see emphasis on co2 ratings….because it counts for bugger all.

          Its like power and torque figures. Some people seem to only focus on the “power” figure, when it is the “torque” figue that really holds the meaning behind the total performance

          • cfc

            Fair enough, just wasn’t entirely sure whether GVG was as naive as the rest of the general public.

    • mmmm

      thats ones of the weaknesses of the ancap system.
      ford FAMILY cars can score 5 stars without curtain airbags to protect the children in the back.

  • AccentPlanetDotOrg Reloaded

    Utter Automotive Excrement this car is.

    Toyota=New Daewoo.

    • cfc

      Why don’t you just use HyundaiSmoke?
      What have you got to hide?

      • HyundaiSmoke


    • (FORD)Found On Rubbish Dumps

      Toyota = New Daewoo? Whatever.


    In Germany after 2011 every CO2 over 120g/km is taxed at 2 Euro per 1g.

  • Camry lover

    Timeless elegance at its finest!

    Well done Toyota. A truly world-class luxury vehicle like this deserves such a ranking. Now large car buyers can be environmentally friendly, with the green Hybrid Camry.

    I actually believe the Hybrid Camry will now become Australia’s best-selling car. It’s terrific value and exudes so much elegance and Japanese prestige.

    I recently purchased one of these Hybrid Camry models, and the upholstery is divine. The velour is so soft and luxurious, matching the Hybrid Camry’s luxury status.

    Thank you again Toyota.

    • AccentPlanetDotOrg Reloaded


      No he didnt say that!!!

      Im losing my breath from laughing.

      • AccentPlanetDotOrg Reloaded

        Toyota screwed up with this Camry, and you know it too, The US the next Gen model will be the Current gen Aurion, LMAO!! You guys will get the ASEAN spec Camry as the Aurion.

      • Camry lover

        Excuse me, I find it very upsetting to have my comments so rudely ridiculed.

        “Im losing my breath from laughing”: well what is there to laugh at? Me stating the truth about the elegance of this truly luxurious automobile?

        Please accept other points of view.

        • tw

          But your your wrong, so no I will not except your point of view

  • Shak

    Simple fact is that Toyota are not the industry leaders they would have us believe they are. While most of the general public understand that Toyota is not at the cutting edge of technology, they buy them because of their image of reliability and good resale. The Fact that such an important car can get a four star saftey rating, even if it is for a trivial reason such as a seatbelt warning, is not accpetable in this day and age. When many parents are teaching their kids to drive in Camry’s and the grandparents are driving around in Camry’s, they should be much safer. C’mon Toyota, you cant live off of the Prius and your name forver, get moving.

    • Camry lover

      Don’t believe the media spin, the Camry is an extremely safe vehicle. They are impeccably built and historical records show Toyotas to be very safe.

      The safety record was one of the reasons why I purchased this new Hybrid Camry. It is a beautiful vehicle to drive and I would recommend it to everyone in need of a large car.

      It is also very quick; just this morning I put my foot down on the gas pedal a little too much, and found myself doing 73 km/h in a 70 km/h zone. I had to give the old brake pedal a workout to rapidly slow down to 65 km/h so not to get (potentially) caught by a speed camera.

      I only mention this incident as driver’s of the new Hybrid Camry need to have adequate experience to handle the performance, as it is quite a significant increase over the regular Camry. The sensitive accelerator pedal is something that requires diligence and care. The inexperienced drivers may find themselves traveling at dangerous speeds like I was today, so like always take care when driving and always adhere to the safe driving practices and laws advocated by government bodies. These laws could very well save one of us fellow Car Advice enthusiasts.

      • Steve-Poyza

        Interesting. You sure are passionate about your new car. And safe driving. I personally think the Camry looks okay but it needs bigger wheels. 19″ maybe? And no offence but the interior looks a little cheap. A least it is well kitted. Personally, I’d prefer something less mainstream.

      • Cameron

        Right CA – it’s time you got serious about screening comments. How the hell was this post permitted on a reputable car site? A self proclaimed “Car lover” that thinks the hybrid Camry is a performance car!
        Shame shame shame, it’s gone to the dogs I tell ya. Clearly the public hasn’t been educated.

      • Golfschwein

        Camry lover, if I could give you 10 pluses to cancel out your 4 minuses, I would. Am I the only one to see you’re having a bit of fun here?

        • Shak

          No i think Camry Lover is dead serious as they are posting these sorts of wierd comments on every post. They also seem to be very passionate about their beloved Whitegoods brand.

          • cfc

            How is 73 in a 70 zone dangerous???

            Oh wait I suppose you are in an unsafe Hybrid Camry!!!

  • kangen

    good job toyota. although the car looks a bit dated now. im wondering how the next gen camry will look like under the new CEO’s direction.

    • Camry lover

      Reports suggest that it is going to be a big step up in design from what is currently being offered. I am looking forward to it.

  • Fenno

    I’m sorry mate but your drivel is funnier than that of the Camry lover.
    Hyundai Accent the genesis of small cars???
    You have been smoking too much of the green my friend.
    But I must accept that there are people out there that think their own cars are the best in the world and thats why I believe that MY RX8 is…!
    Camry lover, those brakes must have been smoking for such an emergent stop (from 73 to 65 – Just be aware that your speedo, like most cars is probably about 6km/h
    optimistic at that speed so you should be safe….well as you can be in a four star car)