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by Matt Brogan

Ford Australia will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its iconic Falcon model in June with six limited edition anniversary models.

June 28th will mark 50 years since the first Australian-built Falcon rolled off the production line at Ford Australia’s Broadmeadows plant.

The first Aussie Falcon, the XK series, featured a 2.4-litre six-cylinder engine developing 67kW of power and 187Nm – a class-leading set of figures for the time. The carburettor-fed engine with overhead valves numbering two per cylinder, was mated to a three-speed manual or optional two-speed automatic transmission.

By contrast, the current Falcon, the FG series, boasts a modern 4.0-litre six cylinder engine that pumps out 195kW of power and 391Nm of torque. This double overhead cam unit uses sequential multipoint fuel injection and double the number of valves per cylinder as compared to its early predecessor. The base model FG Falcon is available as standard with a six-speed automatic tranmission.

Falcon, the longest running vehicle name in Australian motoring history, will commemorate its golden anniversary with six limited edition anniversary models that will go on sale in June. Each of the special cars to include unique exterior design elements, exclusive interior finishes and added standard equipment compared to the variant on which they are based.

Production of the special 50th anniversary models will commence in June, with each model featuring unique exterior design elements, exclusive interior finishes and additional standard equipment.

“The Falcon’s long and distinguished heritage is unmatched by any other car in the history of Australian motoring,” said Ford Australia Marketing, Sales & Service Vice President, Beth Donovan.

“50 years of continuity in any industry is a remarkable achievement, but it’s especially rare in a dynamic field like the car industry.”

The Falcon 50th anniversary range will include G Series and XR models, with six individual variants available across both sedan and ute bodystyles:

  • G6E 50th Anniversary
  • G6E Turbo 50th Anniversary
  • Falcon XR6 50th Anniversary sedan
  • Falcon XR6 Turbo 50th Anniversary sedan
  • Falcon XR6 50th Anniversary ute
  • Falcon XR6 Turbo 50th Anniversary ute
  • Falcon XR 50th Anniversary

To differentiate the limited edition models, Falcon XR 50th Anniversary sedan will feature “Medium Stealth” colour accents on its upper and lower grilles, fog lamp bezels, a rear bumper insert and alloy wheels. High series wing mirrors with integrated turn signals and G6 tail lamps are also included.

A new paint colour, known as “Sunburst”, a golden-orange metallic, will also be introduced in conjunction with the release of the Falcon 50th Anniversary range and will be the launch colour for XR 50th Anniversary models.

G Series 50th Anniversary models will be available in two new prestige colours. The new colours, “Havana”, a brown-mocha metallic, and “Edge”, a deep charcoal-grey metallic, will be added to the FG Falcon range in May and August respectively.

As well, special “XR50″ badging, body stripes and a “50th Anniversary” fender feature will appear externally, while on the inside, seats, carpet mats and sill panels are embossed with an XR50 logo. 50th Anniversary badging is also incorporated within the instrument cluster graphics.

Added interior features also include special interior trim on the centre console, Interior Command Centre (ICC), instrument panel and front door spears, along with standard dual-zone climate control and high series sports leather steering wheel.

Features specific to the Falcon XR6 50th Anniversary include new partial leather seat trim and 18-inch XR alloy wheels with the detail accent treatment.

The Falcon XR6 Turbo 50th Anniversary receives new leather-detailed seat trim, premium audio system, reverse sensing system and 19-inch XR alloy wheels with striking, full colour accent treatment.

Ute models also receive many of the same exterior and interior appointments as their sedan counterparts. Falcon XR 50th Anniversary Ute models do however exclude sedan-specific items – the rear bumper insert, high series side mirrors, 50th Anniversary fender feature and G6-spec tail lamps, as well as reverse sensing system on the Turbo model.

G Series 50th Anniversary models feature unique accent colour treatments, with “Light Stealth” touches on the upper and lower grilles, fog lamp bezels, rear bumper insert and alloy wheels.

G Series 50th Anniversary models also include unique features such as new leather detailed seat trim with embroidered “50th Anniversary” logos, 50th Anniversary badge, fender feature, carpet floor mats and door scuff plates, along with special interior trim on the centre console, ICC, instrument panel and front door spears.

Additional equipment extends to standard fitment of a satellite navigation system with Suna Traffic Channel and G Series 19-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels with detailed accent treatment.

Production of XR 50th Anniversary models will commence in June, with G Series 50th Anniversary models to follow in July.

“Recommended pricing for the Falcon 50th Anniversary range will be announced closer to the on sale date, but as with previous limited edition models, customers can expect these special vehicles to come with some equally special pricing that will deliver exceptional value for money,” Ms Donovan said.

  • Tom22

    I’ll have a 5.0L thanks, finally, a choice for the v8 Ford enthusiasts.

  • GT

    I’ll have the 5.0L too!
    So what’s the difference between an XR and the XR6?

  • Valet Dabess

    “sunburst” i don’t like you

    • t

      itll sell though…. how many people got VEs in the horrible metallic terracotta orange colour!!

  • timmy201

    So this must be when the new commodore is coming out? It normally coincides with the release of a falcon model…

    • Byron

      Holden is shutting down it’s factory in July/August to reduce stocks of the current MY10 Commodore & make way for VF, so it should launch around September.

  • The Oracle’s Master!

    Yawn . Both this and the commodore need a complete refresh. Not continued little enhances to lure in buyers. I’m sure even the Ford fans would agree that this model is long in the tooth.

    I think part of the reason buyers have slowly left the Faldore market is they don’t change enough or rather often enough. The vain Aussie consumer wants the world to know his car is the latest offering and facelifts are hard to pick at the Jones’ house.

    • joe5619

      Are you for real? The current Falcon is just 2 years old!! When was the last time ANY overseas model was updated in the first 2 years. Answer: none!!

      Plus, this is not an update, just a limited Ed to celebrate 50th year of Falcons in Australia. Please don’t confuse the 2!!

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        The current falcon is a panel job. Not an all new model.

        • jp

          does the figure 90% mean anything to you

          • Andrew

            Yes not all new, unlike the VE Commodore !

            JP all new means 100% not 90%

          • Joker

            Ah…. from my recollection, the VE was running the same HFV6/Gearbox combination carried over from the VZ… not so all new either.

          • Tryth

            Correct, all caryover drivetrain, ..and the mirrors, and door locks and .. and …. and …..

            By actual component number FG was closer to “all new” than VE.

          • Bent 8 Brigade

            So what are the actual component numbers for both model change-overs FG and VE?

          • Tryth

            Bent Holden Freak, you ain’t got ’nuff fingers ‘n toes to count that high.

          • Andrew M

            The VE used more carry over parts than FG.

        • joe5619

          Can I suggest if you’re going to come onto a public website & be a smart arse you actually look at the facts closer so as don’t look like a goose!!

        • Bent 8 Brigade

          In other words you don’t know ROFL

        • t

          haha panel job

          man u need to go and learn cars before you open your yap.

          you seriously have NO idea.

        • The Oracle

          Tell me Clueless Aussie, what exactly, in your infinite wisdom, defines a new design versus a facelift or panel job? Please give some examples of each with an explanation of your conclusions.

    • Goferit

      A complete refresh?
      The FG is a complete new body compared with the BA / BF !

      As Joe said, when was the last time any overseas models had an update in the first 2 years? none. For example, BMW X5, looks very much the same since its realise in what, 2000? except for the minor tweaks you speak of.

      • The Realist

        The FG looks like it came out of a third rate Lakemba auto shop.

        • Hung Low

          The Realist! The FG is too Manly for you!
          Any male with your high levels of Estrogen is better suited to driving a Polo or Golf with frangipanis stickers on the back window!

          • noj

            You need to just come out .

          • Low Water Crossing

            noj – You sound like you talk form previous experience

          • The Realist

            Ford needs to open a McDonalds or KFC in their showrooms.

            Imagine the reduction in emissions!

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            The Falcon is more Liverpool. Which is far from Manly.

    • Fenno

      A new model every year = poor resale.
      these guys (Ford and Holden) update every year and subsequently the previous years
      model are always heavily discount, much to the dismay of those who have just brought the “old” one.
      The “Jones'” who you would want to impress are probably more aware of subtle updates with these cars than the latest offerings from Benz etc just check out the “new” SLK300…

    • The Realist

      Aussies also want their taxes to pay for schools and hospitals, not 100% American owned companies that will never be able to stand on their own two feet…

      • Jack

        Hahahahahaha! And Thais, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans pay for currency manipulation to make their products cheaper! And French and Germans and Italians pay for the subsidising of their industries. And Czechs and South Africans pay to attract car companies to manufacture in their countries! And Americans pay for tarrif walls, and my my my do they pay for bailouts!


        I laugh at your feeble comment!

        • The Realist

          Remember, the smiling Asian international student working at BP contributes more to our country than any overpaid and unproductive individual in our car industry. Embarassing really.

  • timmy201

    yeah, after having VT,X,Y,Z spaced from 97 to 07
    and only ve 06 to 10

    • Adrian

      timmy201 says:
      April 29, 2010 at 1:25 pm
      yeah, after having VT,X,Y,Z spaced from 97 to 07
      and only ve 06 to 10

      … 11, 12, 13 …..VE mk2, mk3? mk4?
      Will VF ever happen?

      I must have seen VE11’s on the road, it’s just that they look so similar I haven’t been able to pick them.

  • The Associate

    I’m a die hard Ford Fan through and through, but none of these excite me at all! A milestone such as this and they are pulling out the colour and badge specials.
    I hope it looks better in the metal.

    Let’s hope the G6E Turbo edition comes packed with 310kW!!

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      An honest Ford fan too. Kudos to you. The 50th anniversary deserved much more than a quick spruce which is what it amounts to.

      • jp

        there are a number of underlying factors with this….. in the current economic climate accountants would be havin a massive say in spending atm.

        You cant forget they are only just rolling out coyote and all the diesel work on territory and lpg.

        Cant winge that that isn’t happen quick enough, then expect them to dedicate more resources to this. This would apply to any company in any industry

        • Wayne Kerr

          I think it would be reasonable for Ford to release the 50th anniversary turbo models with say 5% more power (284kw) just to be symbolic. It can be done with simple a flash tune, it’s just a minor software tweak.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            If ever antone needed to see just how ridiculously desperate the Ford brigade are there is no better evidence than right above. You lot are pathetic. I 100% agreed with the comment above and yet look at the difference in the voting. I am seriously laughing so hard I have a stitch. Proof that the ford brigade are all still in school. When you grow up you “may” also wake up.

    • JML

      From July ALL Falcons will also have Bluetooth and iPod integration as standard equipment and in petrol models the 5-speed auto wil be ditched for the ZF 6 Speed as standard or optional as appropriate.

      • The Associate

        HOORAY!! So 50th Special Edition of them!!!!! Come on 50 years of Falcon and Bluetooth, you gotta be kidding me!!!

        • t

          go back 2o years and look at the 30 year anniversary models….

          ill take one of these PLEASE!! haha

          never fret people COYOTE IS NEAR!

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Timed perfectly to soaring fuel prices. I doubt the Coyote will be a “howling” success. You lot have me in stitches. Fanclubs are so bogan.

          • Muse

            Oracle’s Master – the Coyote engine will most likely be more efficient than the outgoing boss unit – not that people who buy these cars are too concerned about fuel efficiency…

  • Gibbo

    Not liking the CGI images being used by the manufacturers these days. What happened to real photos? Yes CGI may be cheaper but it just looks tacky.

  • The Oracle

    The colour reminds me of the first Falcon GT back in the 1960s. I see that there is no specific mention of the XR8, but an XR(?) and the XR6, XR6T. What’s the XR?

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      I saw a similar colour in my kid’s nappy a few times.

      • Tryth

        No sorry, you are confusing this with Holden’s “Tiger” – now that was a CR@P colour

      • Me

        @ The Oracle’s Masturbator

        Its no worse than the colour featured on the VT commodore sport models. You know the one.

        • The Oracle

          What are you implying? He’s not my type. The wrong gender for a start.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Who are you trying to convince?

      • The Oracle

        You sure it wasn’t in your pants?

  • SSV

    Oracles master………are you serious? A panel job? If you mean just different panels to a BF you are totally wrong!! The whole body is different for a start. What parts are the same as BF? Even the front suspension and track are different. Even the engine except for the block is all new………you should get your facts right before making incorrect statements.

    • The Oracle

      Believe me, he’s no master.

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        …and there’s another $10. ROFL.

        • The Oracle

          Hello Clueless Aussie, I thought you’d been banned for impersonation. I guess you have served your sentence. I see that you haven’t really changes and are the same old cranky know it all. Still, you’re good for a laugh, but the joke is getting a little tired. How about coming up with a new routine and name? Are you capable of that?

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            The joke is that you haven’t worked out that Clueless is the guy you were talking about and he’s still here and quite definately a different person. Talk about old jokes yet you persist with your “clueless Aussie” dream.

          • The Oracle

            So, let me get this right. You say you are not Clueless Aussie. Yet you both live in Cairns, drive a Navara and Rio, love Hyundais and Kias, have hired Falcons in Adeaide and changed them to Jettas, because you didn’t like it and you both have the same ignorant and abusive style in your blogs. And of course,the strange obsession you both have with the vehicles that make up the rental car fleets in your town.

            What an amazing coincidence that the one redneck village has two hillbillies the same! That’s what you get from marrying your cousin.

            You really should stop telling lies and be honest. You are not as clever as you think you are and judging by the negative votes you get, no-one is deceived by your game.

            The joke was given away when you were banned for impersonating me,when the moderator listed all of your aliases, including “Clueless Aussie”

        • Ben

          Your a twat mate. How is the FG a panel job from the BF? For starters the FG has a longer wheelbase then the BF by 3cm and im fairlt sure it has a shorter nose and rear end and is also wider and lower. Has a completely new front end suspension setup. Hmmm, yeah, that really sounds like a panel job to me……

  • Tim W.

    Wish we had the Ute in the states…..FORD here will never learn !

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose senior

    yAAAAWWWWWWNNNN……it still looks like an old taxi that did a U-turn in front of me in about 1992! How about when this model has run its course, Ford moves on from this tedious looking thing and gives us something that really is new?! year after year,they give us the same look,with only moderate changes at best. The FG could barely pass for a minor facelift,yet Ford passed it off as an ‘all-new’ model. Only 3 new fords have excited me since 1979-the XD,the AU ute and the Territory. Its time for a totally new ford sedan with a new name to go with it. If anyone disagrees, check out recent sales charts.They”re going further south than Antarctica…….

    • Long Live the Load lugger

      Time for my rant,
      The same people who said Oh No! what have they done with the AU it’s to radical, say the FG is too much the same, the FG has the rear sub assembly for the suspension and diff, the windscreen wiper stalk, and the same oval interior light behind the sunvisor as a direct carry over from the BF2, I’m guessing that that every pannel (now a one piece press) major floor plan work, complete interior (minus wiper and light) is just a “minor face lift” my goodness we live in a throw away society. Yes I’m a Ford, Holden and Toyota fan because they build them here, for Australian conditions and I hope they continue to in another 50 years. Bravo and lets hope they price it right or give it away as a value added extra.

      • Tryth

        You missed the seat base. Seat base was carried over with all new structure and bolstering and cover design, so according to “The Oracle’s Master!bater” that must mean it’s just the old seat carried over.

        Oh …. and that little illuminated bezel around the ignition switch. Honestly idiots like “The Oracle’s Master!bater” would struggle to actually be able to find more than a handful of carried over bits (most mechanics can’t name too many).

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          Most mechanics wouldn’t care less. To them it is “just another falcon” destined to bring them heaps of income over its lifespan. Doubt that? Ask the mechanics. These things are junk. Hence the decline in sales over the past decade. People are fed up with them.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            The Oracle demands links. Here’s one. Read down the page. Like I said they are junk.


          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Mods please let that other post through. It doesn’t link to other car sites and is related to this discussion I have another link I’d like to post also that is dedicated to owners and the incredible lists of endless faults with this vehicle.

            This isn’t a popularity contest. The Oracle wants proof so please let me provide it.

            If not then maybe people can simply go to the Ford Australia forums and look at the list themselves. Problems with engine oil leaks, coolant leaks, diff issues, transmission issues , clutch noise, wiring problems, the list is endless.

            Plenty of people are quick to jump on others when they mention Korean or Japanese cars and usually from the ford fanboy club. Go do some scratching and you’ll see why I commented on this car’s reliability. Ask any mechanic what brand he is most likely to see in the workshop. They will all tell you the same thing. You are idolising a poorly produced product. So many people will try to convince others in here that the FG is oh so reliable and it isn’t.

            No thanks to Aussie cars. I am not prepared to keep forking out money for what I should have gotten in the first place in the name of being patriotic.

          • Minnow

            Your a dumbass. Im in my early 20’s and the main reason guys/gals my age wont buy a large car is because 1: theyre too big! 2: They still believe they use significantly more fuel than a Corrola/Mazda3/Focus/Cruze 3: They cost too much. To get into a falcon your looking at almost 40k and you get cloth seats and electric windows, where as if you bargain hard you can get a top spec small car with leather, everything an expensive large car has with sports suspension all for about 27k drive away. Its got nothing to do with what you say, its the cost. Im not a big fan of forking out 40k for a base model falcon. Small cars are taking up more of the market because they are cheaper and offer equivalent safety features and luxuries. But Im going to stick with my older falcon because its got everything the new small cars have and its got more power and i save money because i dont repayments.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Here’s a quote from one of the owners. Maybe the parts are more new than I realised (or cared) but when a dealer starts putting the old stuff back in (bf tailshaft) it is ridiculous. Read below.

            i did the same thing first tail shaft at 2500k & then at 8500k,a steeering colum 2 oil leaks 7 water leaks, 2 communication errors & the radio reception is crap around adelade,they put a bf xr 8 tail shaft & spline in mine,but fords did it under warrenty,mine is normally fully loaded with tools, they too thouhgt it was overloaded but still a good 200k under weight with afull tank of fuel & my fat guts in it

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            …and Minnow I think you mean “you’re a dumbass”. Who’s a dummy now?
            FYI… I personally know of two previous owners including one taxi driver that jumped ship because they got sick of “things falling off” their fords. You can buy a Falcon brand new for $33,000 by the way. The biggest growing sector in the past few years has been SUV’s that are typically the same price or dearer so that shatters your price arguement. The most popular hilux model is over $50,000. The most popular Navara is high $40,000s. It isn’t the price because as we all know the Falcon and Commodore represent the best value for money a car will buy in terms of size and equipment. So your arguement is flawed.

            I expected to be graded heavily in here. It happens to anyone that makes any sort of comment against the falcobarge.

          • Acfsambo

            The Oracle’s Master! I have an 04 Falcon station wagon. Ive had it only for about 10 months now, but havn’t had any problems with it. Its been serviced twice since i got it (when i got it and recently wen it hit the 140k km mark b4 a long trip). Nothing has been replaced, nothing fixed, all in working order (though may need new tires soon). The reason why more Falcons and Commodores are in mechanics shops are that there are more of them on the road in Australia then any other car here. Commodore and Falcon have been the most popular or 2nd or 3rd for about the last 40 years, so there are going to be a lot of them on the road.

            Secondly, how many people actually take care of their car properly? How many people check the oil, power steering, break fluid, tire pressure, coolant levels ect.? Most people on this site would, but id say about 80% or more of car owners don’t, and wait for something to break to get something fixed.

            Also regular mechanics don’t tend to get the “prestige cars” as their owners take them to the BMW dealer or Merc dealer or Audi dealer, cause thats were they are told to go when they buy the car.

            Finally, you can go to any car manufacturer forum and find people bitching about that brands cars.

          • Minnow

            Read different studies as to why the locals are suffering in sales. It is because of reduced tariffs making imported cars cheaper, changing preferences and foreign ownership reducing flexibility to take advantage of changing preferences. Compare this to just 12-15years ago small cars where virtually the same price as large cars. And yes large cars are great value for money when compared to equivalent foreign products. In fact the real price has declined. For example a large car now accounts for approximately 36 weeks of the average persons income whereas the previous decade it was closer to a year of income. As a result small cars are now a larger proportion of private sales. The most popular model 4wd utes are mostly purchased by fleets. It has nothing to do with the reliability, it is changing preferences and tastes. Production and sales of large cars have remained constant for the last 8years but the market for new cars has increased past 1million sales up from below 800k annual sales 8 years ago lowering the market proportion of locally manufactured product. Local manufacturers just havn’t been able to take advantage of the growing market. Your argument saying it is the reliability of the product is wrong, it is short sighted and shows you are just using the knowledge you have gathered from a small group of people.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Acfsambo, the Corolla (which I dislike more than the Falcon) sells more than the aforementioned vehicle month in month out and doesn’t frequent the workshops in anywhere near the same numbers.

            Now go and do that search I referred you to. There is a forum (of falcon owners) full of the same problems with their cars. Remember they are only the ones that report to a forum.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            …and congrats on your falcon ownership. You’re part of a dying breed.

          • t

            we have a BA mk2 in the driveway, 05 model, if i told you it has 90 thou kays on it, youd beleive me.

            its actually got 249 thousand on it. drives beautifully, returns 8L per 100 on the highway. makes the usual ford clunky sounds in the back, but we love it! had it for 2 years, and paid $5000 for it from an auction then.

            my only gripe is the back door opening was designed for frickin midgets, dunno how many times ive smashed the side of my head into the roof getting in!!

            another HUGE difference with BF is its larger rear door opening, thans for listening ford :) in 5-6 years ill have one of them from an auction too!!

        • t

          Whoops bf the same door opening i meant


  • Ben

    Ok great comments people , but just one thing id like to say , stop bagging Ford out!
    i own and BA XR6 MK11, and have had nothing but no problems with it, great car low Kays had it since new and love it. No mechanical problems at all, FGs are the same a great car. And The Oracle’s Master! Get a one tone ute like a ranger 4×4 not a falcon or commodore as everyone knows that light car type utes cant really carry heavy loads , doesnt take a brain surgone to work it out….Utes like Fords like holden are meant for so and go not work.

    • Pablo

      Good call Ben.
      I’ve got an FG XT company car, 2 years old, 90,000 on the clock & I drive it hard.
      No problems – quick, economical, safe car.

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        Ben please tell me you didn’t just say that 4×4 utes can’t carry a load! Don’t even start me on towing capacity.

        • Me

          “everyone knows that light car type utes cant really carry heavy loads”

          You are clearly mentally challenged. That obviously says that LIGHT CAR TYPE UTES (meaning Falcon and Commodore utes) cant carry heavy loads.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            I got distracted by the ” brain surgone” and the “so and go”. Clearly he went and checked the link. Ford promote them as work horses so they deserve the flack they get. The Ford Australia forum refers to the one tonner .The article I extracted from above refers to the one tonner. The guy clearly said he never took it to load max and it chucked a hissy. Again, they are junk.

            Don’t promote a car as a one-tonner if it can’t handle the load and starts spitting diffs.

        • Pablo

          Forgot to mention we have an 05 BA 1 tonne ute at work – 130,000 on the clock.
          Gets a fairly hard time, regularly carries loads such as a pack of 8×4 plywood (1200kg) with no worries.
          Only thing that has been replaced is the driver’s side seat belt.
          I have worked for Boral in the past (Ford’s biggest customer) & haven’t seen any AU, BA, BF Falcons give major problems.
          Look hard enough & you will find someone complaining about every model of car that has ever been sold in Australia.

      • Falcon owner

        I had a BA XR6 – it spent a lot of time in the workshop. Ford then managed to convince me they’d solved the issues in the BF, so I got a BF XR6T. It was a good car, but still had too many issues. I then decided I was going to switch to Holden. I took the SS for a test drive, but it felt cheap inside, and given the number of kilometers I drive, I spend a lot of time inside the vehicle. I went back to Ford and got an FG XR8. Much to my surprise, Ford have resolved just about all of the issues this time around. I have now done 110,000kms and it’s still going strong. There was a few things repaired under warranty, but they were done while the car was in for the scheduled services, so there was no additional impact to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is not another make of sedan on the road that could match this level of reliability. From my experience, it seems to me that Ford got the FG Falcon right.

        • Jack

          I’d agree with your findings based on our Aussie Ford ownership. Nice post. 106,000 km in SY Territory with any extra work being done in regular servicing. Everything works, only things done were brake hoses, water lines to windscreen squirters, and the much maligned ball joints after 100,000 trouble free km. Look forward the the ‘FG’-ised Territory with similar improvements in build quality.

    • http://www.v8supergeek.com Luke

      Lol, I’m still driving the trusty old AU series 1, almost 190k on the clock and had next to no issues with it in 8 years, which is far less than what others I know driving VT’s can say. At the end of the day though, a lot of car troubles people have come down to plain and simple poor maintenance.

  • cfc

    I want to see these new colours in a photo. They all sound good in the description.

    Also I reckon Ford need a new dark blue. The one that Holden use on the VE’s looks great but I just don’t like the Ford one.

  • TOM

    My BMW spends much more time in the shop than my falcon ever did. And Don’t even get me started on my Subaru.

    • The Realist

      You need to take the BMW badge off the Commodore mate…

      • Tomas79

        LOL, Too right!!

        Or maybe it’s a 25 year old bmw…

  • TheMenz

    There seems to be lots of criticism of Falcon (and Commodores) whenever a topic like this is put up. It is like there is a death wish for our local industry.

    I think the 50 year celebration is a testament our local industry for surviving in an ever changing and particularly small market.

    I think the interesting thing about the Falcon, especially since the introduction of the FG, is the massive perception shift for the brand. Where once the streets were flooded with Forte’s, GLI’s and XT’s the base model Falcon is selling so slowly Ford is considering making it a fleet only model and the company has seen a huge volume increase in XR and G6 sales.

    So sure the volume sales have dropped away but Ford appear to be replacing over all sales volume with lower volumes and higher margins. Combine this with there diversification with Territory and I think they have done a pretty good job of keeping themselves relevant.

    With the new 5.0 on the way and updates to the 4.0 Six I hope Ford can continue to find success.

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      3,000 sales a month is NOT success when it is your only locally manufactrued car. I don’t want ford to disappear locally. Just to lift their game. This type of vehicle is outdated. Both Ford and Holden should downsize slighlty to a Torana sized vehicle.

      They can still pack their V8’s in them. People who want large family cars are buying Hiluxes ,Navaras etc for the best of both worlds. Sorry to all you Falcodore fans but these cars put me to sleep nowadays. They are deadset boring.

      Ford made a stupid decision 25 years ago when it scrapped its V8 and handed the entire performance market to Holden. That decision cost them dearly with many of their true fans having no option but to do the unthinkable and switch to Holden. When you do a comparison of which brand sells the most performance cars now it is obvious they have never regained that ground.

      So all these little tweaks like “hey it’s our 50th anniversary” here’s some bluetooth are ridiculous. Their 50th anniversary car should have been a GTHO revival. Barely anyone will take any notice of this latest offering and that is why they fail.

      The HSV latest offering with its aweful front end might not look the best but it is in your face and they are selling well. There are several of them on the road up here already in a smallish population. The Ford product is boring by comparison. Say what you like about HSV but I can lay money that Ford would love their sales at FPV. Their customers deserve better than a stupid paint job (dirty nappy) and a few trinkets. Not good enough ford.

      • Muse

        “Sorry to all you Falcodore fans but these cars put me to sleep” – Why are you apologising? It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

        “Just to lift their game.” – But they are lifting their game. Favourable reviews on the FG (especially compared to the BA/BF), production line currently at capacity, and as TheMenz said, more sales of higher-margin cars (G Series, XR series etc) instead of giving away hose-out specials to fleets for no profit. Ford Aus. are realigning their expectations in this country.

        Ford, Holden and Toyota are under no illusion that people aren’t buying these types of cars anymore. But it’s hard for small-scale local manufacturers to up and change their model range overnight. Holden are trying their luck with locally-produced Cruze, but they’re still going to find it difficult to bring local production numbers up to what they were 15 years ago – particularly in the small car market, considering there are many more cars in this sector to compete with.

        At the end of the day, we’re only a small country. We’ll be lucky to still be producing cars in this country in the next 10-20 years, and the big three know it. If the locals had unlimited budgets to throw around then I expect they’d be producing the best cars in the world. But they do the best with what they’ve got.

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          No offense but I have little faith in our local auto writers to be unbiased. I have read publications such as wheels for the past 30 years and have witnessed the constant see-sawing between the two brands. It is obvious that when Holden releases a new car it sudddenly sits on top of the pile and then when Ford releases a mid life makeover suddenly the commodore is rubbish. And Vice-versa.

          Not surprising as these two vehicles have a cult following so it will sell the magazine. The other factor is that these publications have made it their life’s dream to be influencing the outcome of the next vehicle. Fortunately websites such as this have reduced the stranglehold that Wheels Magazine once had on the auto scene here.

          Are these vehicles really worthy of “car of the Year” ahead of the likes of Merc, BMW , VW and the list goes on and on? I say no they are not but a cheque book is a powerful persuader. The commodore and falcon aren’t bad cars. However they simply do not comapre to many other brands. particulalry in reliability. You can try and gloss it over all you like through some misguided loyalty but the reality is they still have too many problems. This is played out each year in the customer satisfaction surveys.

      • TheMenz

        Oracle’s Master

        I think you raise a good point about 1. Ford cancellation of the V8 and 2. That as an industry all the Aussie manufacturers have failed to innovate. But is given the nature of the Australian market innovation realistically that easy for either Ford or Holden.

        Both of these companies are at the mercy of slow moving American corporations who often have I think forgotten that Australia even exists.. To my mind the attempts by both Ford and Holden to innovate given the circumstances has been worthy of praise, vehicles like Territory would never have existed with Ford Australia’s determination to broaden its product base.

        I would love to see Australian engineering lead to a Torana sized vehicle perhaps using a modified version of the Falcon or Commodore platform, but unless either manufacturer can get the OK of Detroit how do they do it.

        I think it is also worth noting that just like in the 80’s the attraction to small and large cars is cyclical and based predominantly on the price of fuel.

        So big cars will almost certainly have their day in the sun again. Who knows when, that may dependent on the engine and or fuel technology.

        Whats is for certain is as it stand these cars have survived locally with limited production numbers for 50 years or more. The quality is world class which is especially good considering the limited production and development costs involved are almost unparalleled in the industry.

        I think Australia should be rightfully proud of these cars, and I think they represent now more then ever a world class product that is well suited to the market for which they are made.

        As for the production numbers. Sure 3000 units a month is small pickings but imagine if Ford had have allowed Ford Aus for example to export Falcon to the middle east. Or to the US, central and South America as an alternate product to the the Crown Victoria. All speculation but I think the numbers would be somewhat different.

        I am not a Falcodore lover, I love cars and I think there is something uniquely special about these cars and having traveled the world I know many American and European who wish they could have access to them.

        So while the flavor of the month might be a Golf GTi or 3 series BMW, remember these cars are all the product of the nurturing and ultimate support of the products by there native markets.

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          I agree with several of your points except the size one. This downsizing has slowly been happening since the ’50’s when the big chevs and plymouths ruled the land. Then in the 60’s the American cars started getting smaller and dare I say “more efficient” . The Falcon and Holden Premier were sized down reincarnations of those cars.

          The big difference between 30 years ago and now is not price. The arguement above about there being much cheaper options is rot. There always has been. The biggest change is that the cars were all reasonably crude back then with little to differentiate but size. The Holden and Ford were horridly uneconomical but fuel was cheap so no-one really cared. Then the opposition stepped into the 80’s with much better wuality cars but they were comparitively expensive. The Aussie dollar was weak so you could buy a Commodore for the starting price of a 626.

          The 90′ arrived, the Japs product got even better and our dollar soared. Suddenly the off shore product was a lot cheaper. Toyota ramped up local camry manufacturing and through clever marketing they started eating into the sales of the Large Locals with a cheaper product. Not a better one. But the damage was done. people started talking to their neighbours about the 626 and accords in their driveways and how reliable they were. So the trend began. Large car sales plummeted and the ydid so long before the fuel crisis.

          Now fuel is tipped to go back to $2.00 a litre within 12 months. I hope Holden and Ford have a strategy becasue they will need it. Granted the Ford is more modrenised than I gave credit for but sadly it is no longer what people want. Sales prove that better than any arguement in here.

          The final factor is that small cars are no longer. They comfortably take 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 kids and ride much better than they once did. So the need for a big car diminished to where we are now. Personally I think Ford and Holden are not listening to what the public wants. You only need to look at the sales charts and the top 10 models to see the yare on the wrong track. Unless their massively arrogant parent companies let them breath into the international market (they have the skill) then they will ultimately choke to death.

          • Jack

            “The big difference between 30 years ago and now is not price. ” OK, let’s go there…

            1971 Average Australian Wage, Approx 10.500*
            HQ Kingswood Vacationer (the ‘nice family’ model) $3235
            Kingswood as a percentage of wage: 30.8%

            1996 Average Australian Wage $30,077
            VS Commodore Equipe (the ‘nice family’ model) $29,870
            Commodore as a percentage of wage: 99.3%

            2002-3 Average Australian Wage $32,697
            VY Commodore Equipe (the ‘nice, family’ model) $33,990
            Commodore as a percentage of wage: 103%

            2009 Average Australian Wage $40,775
            VE Commodore Omega $42,390, (but there were many good deals in GFC 2009)
            Commodore as a percentage of wage: 103.9%

            OK, analysis. Aussie family cars’ list prices now keep pace with, or slightly exceed the Average Australian yearly wage. BUT, in 1971, under protectionism, Aussie content requirements and with very few imports, a family car was 1/3 of the relative price!!! That’s why nearly 500,000 HQ’s were sold!?

            SOOOOOO…hypothesis: If a Commodore or Falcon were 1/3 of the average wage, a rrp of $14,130, then I predict they would sell 500,000 in 4 years. To achieve this pricing, I believe subsidising would be needed.

            * From undergraduate research a teacher in WA got 7.5K pa and the Director of Education 14K, so 7K may be more realistic. Of course it could be lower, but even $6500 per year would be 2 Kingswoods! It’s hard comparing pears with nashi pears in the data, but I want you to get the overall picture…

            source: http://www.abcdiamond.com/australia/australian-median-wage/
            1971 wage data from authors’ research done in 1994
            HQ Price from unique cars and parts
            Commodore prices from carpoint

          • Jack

            Just quickly, that prediction of 500,000 in 4 years is waaaay conservative: that was achieved by Holden on a population of 13,067,265. Now with over 22 million, I reckon nearly a million sales over the 4 years is the go for Falcon and Commodore in this scenario. Each!

  • SSV

    THe Menz…….exactly right. FG XT sales are virtually nothing. The higher up models make more money for Ford so less overall slaes may actually mean more profit……..very clever. Holden on the other hand seem keen to prop up their numbers but they sell so many fleet priced cars they make no money. did you also know that Holden cheat on their sales numbers anyway? They count cars shipped to dealers as sales even if they sit around in the yards unsold…….typical Holden false figures just like their fuel economy and power figures!!

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      This is misguided tripe. The commodore makes money. The biggest margins are made on the V8 model and sales are healthy. The commodore is profitable for holden. Their issues at the moment have everything to do with a deal going south to export to the USA and zero to do with local margins.

      Can you please provide me with a link to their dodgy power figures? I’d like to read it.

      • The Oracle

        “Can you please provide me with a link to their dodgy power figures? I’d like to read it.”

        Clueless Aussie, I have an idea for you. Why don’t you just Google it?

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          Clueless Oracle go do it yourself!

          • The Oracle

            Why? You are the one that asked the question. Do you need help?

    • Shak

      Mate the FCAI and ADR do all the counting and testing for all manufacturers who sell cars in Australia, and every manufacturer is subject to the same scrutiny. No one manufacturer can quote false or misguided figures without conspequences. If the FCAI charts say that more SS-V’s were sold than Omega’s then that is that. If the chrats say that Hyundai beat Ford and Mazda, then that is what happened. They are gvernment mandated tests and resukts, so if you dont trust the government then dont quote their figures, because that is the only way you can find your figures.

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        Apparently Holden can quote fidged figures. Just ask SSV, and the Oracle supports his tripe. It must really annoy the ford fan boys that Hyundai have nudged them further down the list. Especially as they all seem to resent the Korean car companies. With a string of new models from the Korean company you can expect this trend to continue.

        • The Oracle

          \”Apparently Holden can quote fidged figures. Just ask SSV, and the Oracle supports his tripe.\”

          Clueless Aussie, you are misrepresenting me. I never said I supported the comment. I was just offering you a suggestion to research it for yourself. Gee, this is the response I get for trying to help you!
          Though, I found it amusing, that with your previous form for fabricating comments and trying to present them as facts, that you would be so hypocritical as to demand references from someone, when you have never done so yourself. (Except for the ones you write yourself)
          I don\’t know whether they are false power figures or not. I would assume that without any evidence to the contrary, the power figures stated are accurate. Though the real world figures for the SIDI fuel economy are nowhere near the ADR figures, so you could reasonably say that they have been fudged.

          • Shak

            So the Government just always decides to fudge Holden fuel economy figures? Like i said, if these tests were conducted by Holden then they probably would have bee fudged, but they are Government accredited tests that every manufacturer has to undergo.

          • The Oracle

            No Shak, what I am saying is that the ADR fuel figures, particularly for the 3.0L SIDI have never been achieved in real world driving conditions. Maybe fudging is not the best term, but the ADR consumption is not a reflection of the true figure, yet plenty of other cars get the figures. Perhaps the drivers tend to flog the 3.0L SIDI engine to make up for the decrease in performance and lower torque. The Ford 4.0L and the 3.6L SIDI are much closer to the ADR.

          • Tim

            Shak, sorry but it’s time to correct you missunderstanding.
            All fuel consumtion figures quoted by manufacturers are based on laboratory tests, cunducted by the manufacturers themselves to the Australian Standard.
            In this regard, Holden are quite expert at manipulating the test parameters to achieve the best results for their advertising, with little regard to real world figures, and any “flak” that may occur because of the huge differences.
            Other manufacturers, whilst also expert at achieving the best result, tend to provide results more closely aligned to what the consumer might achieve.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            You blatantly said Holden are fudging the figures. You’re certainly no Oracle. They are conducted on rollers so vehicle mass becomes irrelevent for issues such as hillclimbing .wind resistance and vehicle mass. The Commodore’s torque in the real world or rather lack of is part of why it suddenly jumps. Vehicle mass becomes too big an issue.

            Personally I couldn’t give a rats about Commodore’s real world consumption as I will NEVER own another one.

            Oh and I provided several links as requested by you and they all went to “post is awaiting moderation” as it isn’t allowed here. So you say what you need to in order to amuse yourself.

  • noj

    Your spot on Oracle`s Master Falcons and Commodores are average. I love the way the blind faithful think by giving you negative votes think that no one will see your comments. To be honest the comments you can`t see are the first you look at, just to see whats said.

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      Cheers. All those negative votes are all they have. Let’s be honest, both Ford and GM have been pretty mediocre across their products recently. The new Fiesta may be ok but $25 k for the econetic? Dream on, which is why I don’t see many of them. Same with the Mondeo. Horridly overpriced. At least the Cruze is selling in decent numbers and isn’t a half bad car. I’d own one with the diesel option. Personally I reckon the best car Ford do in any numbers here in Australia is their Ranger and even then it is still dearer than the equivelent Mazda BT50. Why?

      Yep it must frustrate the hell out of the fanboy club that they are sliding down the list. They will use tripe such as “the other cars are cheaper” as an excuse. If this was the case there’d be half a million “great wall” vehicles on our roads. The motoring public deserve some credit. They are buying Hyundais because they are good cars. Well priced, reliable and enjoyable enough to drive.

      I got marked down for saying Holden and Ford need to downsize. Let’s see where they sit in a few years from now. I bet Holden are seriously considering the Torana right now. In todays market it makes much more sense than the Commodore or falcon.

      The penalties in emissions under increasingly tightening standards out of California will make it happen. Or they will fold as a local industry. It really is as simple as that. If petrol goes to where it is forecast to go beyond $2.00 a ltr within the next 12 months these cars will slide even further. Mass = expense with cars.

      • Shak

        As many insiders to the industry have said, its ot really the size of the car, as large cars still have a major prescence in Australia, its more weight. Thats why Holden committed that after the intro of E85, they would start work on weight reduction. People still want torque laden, large RWD cars that can carry the family, and their luggage and have a bit of fun on the weekends. Aussies will always want Large cars. We just need to trim the fat.

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          You are only talking about the commodore. It is a porker, but that doesn’t factor into most people’s buying habits. If uit did, the Falcon would be outselling it on that logic. The trend has been away from large cars, not heavy ones. Holden know the Commodore is heavy and that has affected the efficiency part of it’s engines.

          But the Falcon? Weight has not slowed its sales. Perception of being a fuel guzzler has, coupled with a belief that it is not well put together. I have owned both (before I snapped out of it) and they are horrid around town. My VU series 2 ute was however more economical than my mate’s XR6 at the time. We did alot of real world driving going camping etc to come to that conclusion. Great on the highway but dreaful around the city.

          • http://Pagini Luv Local

            Large car sales are been hit hardest by the SUV market, not small cars.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Read my posts further back and you’ll see I have said the same thing. There are plentty in here trying to claim that it is because small cars are cheaper but that doesn’t stop 4,000 $50 grand Hiluxes selling each month.

            Also check the resale on a 50 grand falcon after 3 years. The Hilux will murder it.

  • Trent

    I don’t normally post in these sorts of things… but damn there are some serious manipulations of facts going on in order for ppl to get their points across…

    for starters… i keep seeing it mentioned that falcons sales figures are sliding… yet.. they are very consistent from the figures i last saw.. and they are building at capacity.. and there are fairly long waiting times for cars from i’ve read around the place too…

    too much focus is being put on sales figures… i’m sure Ford prefer to sell 3000 cars a month making a profit of $5000 on each.. as apposed to holden selling 4000 cars and making $1000 profit on each.. (obviously these numbers are made up to prove a point) there can’t be much doubt that ford are selling more high end cars as apposed to holdens… i see Omega’s everywhere.. and i don’t think i’ve ever seen an XT on the road

    both these companies are facing a serious lack of funds for development.. and both are doing pretty well considering.. if we don’t support out local product… how can we expect to keep manufacturing and design here in oz…

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      Plenty of XT’s up here. With Europcar hire stickers on them. Most of the Commodores are SS’s and the Omegas typically have dealer labels on them so they aren’t hire cars yet I keep reading that all of the commodores are going to fleets which is rubbish.

      Interesting regarding you comment about sales sliding and it being made up when you them admitted to making up the comment about how much Holden are making per vehicle. You simply have no idea what their profit margins are and I am sure that if they are making less per vehicle than ford it will be more than offset by their engine export program. I also keep hearing how impressive the Ford engine is so why aren’t the rest of the world interested?

      I’ve seen Falcon’s sales swing by as much as a thousand vehicles a month at times over the past year. They are down much more than the commodore is compared to 10 years ago. I recall a time when Falcon lead the market. Now it is being outsold by Corolla.

    • Trent

      most hire cars i see are toyota’s.. i’ve tried requesting fords when i’ve hired cars in the last year or so.. and can never get one.. the only time i have seen a falcon in a hire car yard.. they were XR6’s… hire cars are only a small part of fleet purchases.. i hardly see any SS’s.. but come to think of it.. i do see a lot of SV6’s aswell as omega’s..

      i never said the sliding sales figures were made up.. i just said from what i’ve seen.. they sit around the 3,500 mark.. which is the maximum ford can actually produce per month.. give or take a few hundred

      i haven’t seen falcon sales swing by 1000 from month to month…

      you are still focusing too much on sales figures.. the fact is.. ford can not sell anymore falcons.. coz they can not make any more… the are running at capacity.. holden are running at half capacity.. and will be reducing that even more before the facelift model change

      falcon hasn’t lead the market for something like a decade and a half.. thats old news.. if ford were selling less than they could make.. then yes.. i think there would be an issue..

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        We flew from here (Cairns) to Adelaide last September and our hire car despite wanting an Aurion was an XT falcon. We promptly disposed of it in Melbourne due to a vibration in the drivetrain and were given a Jetta which left the Falcon for dead including boot space. Our Suitcases had to be jammed into the Ford but the Jetta took them easily. They retail for the same price yet the Jetta was optioned a lot higher, gave us over 1000’ks per tank and had a much better ride and wasn’t much tighter in the back seat for our daughter though the seats were far better.

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          Rather than simply mark down because you are downies that follow a crap model (aka Bogans) why not add something worthwhile like what part of that if indeed all of it you disagree with.

          I challenge any “impartial” motorist to test the two back to back and see where they stand afterwards. I’ll hedge a bet the morons that voted me down have never driven the VW Jetta or the Ford. Just a bunch of kids that can’t offer anything worthwhile except “the poster on my wall says Ford is best so it must be true”.

          • http://Pagini Luv Local


            Pull your head The Oracle’s Master or is that get off your high horse.

            Just because someone shows allegiance to the local industry and is proud of the local product, does not make them a bogan. But if Bogan is a term used to describe an Australian whom is proud of identity and European history, so be it.

            Now I have spent a lot of time in both a Passat(1999 & 2004 models) and a Jetta. Nothing but trouble with auto’s on the passat’s, build quality on the Jetta was average and VW have yet to provide a car with a decent air con system. They do have their faults, so get your head out of the sand.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            The reliability of the VW’s has been noted here numerous times but then so has that of the Falcon. The Jetta we crop was flawless and that carried right through to fit and finish. The falcon we gave back for a car with 50,000 k’s on it felt like it was on its last legs.

            I can refer you to a Ford Forum full of complaints about transissions if you wish. The aircon (split climate) in our Jetta was fine.

      • The Oracle’s Master!

        I’ll ring my dealer on Tuesday to see what sort of waiting list there is on the Falcon. I’ll bet I can get one off the floor. They are not at capacity at all. That’s crap. They were selling 6,000 a month at one stage. According to your capacity claim that is 2,500 they were plucking from thin air .

        • Clueless

          Hey Turkey, you are right and wrong. Correct Ford have produced in excess of 8K vehicle per month. The actual capacity at the moment based on manning levels is 270 cars/ day with overtime being worked 1 or 2 Saturdays a month. The line and FoA has been balanced to suit market requirements. The most number of cars produced on a single shift is 547. The FoA manufacturg plant fully manned up single shift capacity is 120K annum, but businesses need to be right sized and balanced for market conditions. There are also other issues like paint shop, casting plant, stamping plant and engine assembly capacity restraints.
          For the record XT Falcons, make up 4% of sales with XR6 at 43%. As you live in Cairns there was a significant rental fleet sale up there last year.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Yes, I have seen some XR6 hire cars up here. Thanks for reminding me. The ywould have screwed Ford’s margins right down too to do the deal. Notice you have said yourself that it is manning levels is the issue. Manning levels are determined by demand. Even with your 547 cars a day, that’s 2735 cars in a standard week or roughly 11,000 a month. So stop telling me they are not selling them because they are building at capacity. Turkeys.

          • The Oracle’s Master!

            Probably worth mentioning Ford’s butchering of the XR6’s price to a $33990 drive away for the general public as a factor in those figures. Why on earth would you buy an XT. For the record our hire car in Adelaide was indeed and XT.

            If Ford are doing XR6’s driveaway for 34k imagine what they are selling them to fleets for? Margin cut anyone?

        • Trent

          When you do call up.. make sure you add some extra options.. so they actually have to build it.. otherwise of course you can just go get one off the showroom floor…

          when were they selling 6,000 a month.. that would have been a long time ago.. don’t forget they also build the territory in the same factory…

          as has been stated.. with the current staff levels.. they are running at capacity… of course they could put on extra shifts… and that would increase capacity.. but the fact they are starting saturday work.. seems to suggest that they are building at capacity.. and need extra shifts to increase production.. rather than just increase the line rate and reduce quality

          • Trent

            I could be wrong here.. but i’m pretty sure the price of the XR6 was $36990..

            i would however be interested to know if there is a statistic to show a break down of fleet/private sales of manufacturers… i have seen ppl say that holden and toyota sell lots of fleet.. and fords sell privately… but i’d like to know of any factual data of this..

          • The Oracle

            Trent, don’t expect this buffoon to offer any data to support his statements. He has a strange habit of fabricating imflammatory posts and then making excuses about why he can’t provide evidence or he just ignores the question and let loose with the abuse.

            He has some issues of self worth that need attention.

          • Trent

            i wasn’t aiming that comment at anyone in particular.. i was more just curious where the figures come from..

            he isn’t the first person i’ve seen quote such figures.. so they can’t be made up… they must get them from somewhere.. i was just wondering where

  • The Realist

    “G6 tail lamps are also included”

    I didn’t realise anyone would want the Lakemba look…

  • Splatcat

    Oracles Master: Maybe people would give constructive feedback to you regarding your comments, if you weren’t a total douche! I would rather be called a bogan for supporting the local manufacturers as opposed to being like you. So what, you drive a VW or BMW or Merc, it doesn’t make you European or give you that “European refinement”, it just makes you a wannabe. I will keep supporting the local industry and help keep Aussies employed, you can continue to be a brand snob because you think it makes your ass sit higher off the ground than everyone elses.

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      Brand snob? Our second car is a Kia Rio and my main drive is a D40 Navara. Read things properly. It was a hire car Downy.

      I’d love our local industry to do well but that doesn’t mean I should accept mediocrity which is what is on the table at the moment. I also have quite and interest in what the Koreans are building at the moment so again “badge snob”? Wake up.

      Oh and I have never been a Merc fan. Ever.

    • The Realist

      “I will keep supporting the local industry and help keep Aussies employed, you can continue to be a brand snob because you think it makes your ass sit higher off the ground than everyone elses.”

      You’re a fool then, just like all the Big Mac eaters out there. You pay for a local car that is overpriced, and your taxes then subsidise this inefficient industry even further. Perhaps you should ask why the Fords aren’t $15K cheaper? Also why do Ford’s $80K cars miss on features and quality available in cars half the price, who are also subject to import duties?

      Aussie really like to take the sh## that fed to them, and just accept mediocrity. Why don’t people here actually demand and expect the best? We just take what’s dished out. Service industries are a prime example. Stay at the Langham in Melbourne and then in Hong Kong, and be amazed at the difference in service and quality levels. In automotive manufacturing it should be the same.

      • Trent

        what is it that $80k Fords miss out on that are features in cars half the price?

        please… feel free to give some examples…

        • The Oracle’s Master!

          ..the ability to retain its value, reliablity, prestige.

          • Trent

            this is a serious question… every car has reliability problems.. from what i’ve seen.. the FG is one of the better made falcons..

            as for prestige.. what sorta car has prestige for a price of $40k?

            facts are that the HSV’s and FPV’s can do much the same thing as cars twice their price.. and those cars have the luxury of having a world wide market.. which means a deeper purse for R&D … we do have a world class product.. on a 3rd world budget..

            back to the original question.. what does these $40k cars have that the $80k Ford doesn’t?

        • The Realist

          A few include the absence of xenon headlights, LED tail lights, proper satellite navigation system…

          • Trent

            what cars in the price range of $40k have those things?

            and what is a proper sat nav system?

            head lights i agree with… LED tail lights are just wank factor really.. but would still like to see them on the Fords

  • The Oracle’s Master!

    Nice post Realist.

    • The Realist

      Seems the KFC aficionados don’t agree…

  • Realcars

    THe Realist and Oracles Master are a couple of wankers. Don’t get me started on Thomas69.LOL

    Falcons are renowned for their longetivity as can be attested to by the thousands of high mileage examples on our roads. Ask any Falcon owner and they’ll tell you that 200,000klms on a Falcon is just run in.

    Can’t remember when I last seen a cab in Sydney that wasn’t a Falcon. A few cabbies tried Toyotas for a while but they couldn’t go the distance Falcons do!!!


    • The Oracle’s Master!

      Holden have publicly stated they don’t want their cars in taxi fleets as it cheapens the brand. Virtually every taxi up here is a Toyota by the way . 200,000 just run in? Who’s a wanker now.

      I have asked Falcon owners and the shed loads of them for sale in car yards that are a year old is testiment to what their owners thought of them.


      Apparently that ain’t many people anymore. They have enjoyed the single biggest fall from grace in Australian motoring history. No wonder you lot get so upset. The rest of Australia doesn’t agree with your misguided loyalty.

      • Trent

        there is a reason why most Taxi’s used to be falcons… and thats cos the lastest..

        Holden may not want their cars in taxi fleets.. but they will still flog them off to any other fleet that will have them.. it is the holden faithful that have the misguided loyalty.. their faith in an “Australian” product… you could slap a holden badge on a piece of dog poo.. and the Australian public would lap it up..

        • nick

          Why is it that the only excuse Holden people have for not getting a Falcon is that they’re cabs. It’s just a pathetic excuse because the Falcon is better in just about every way than the Commodore.

    • Tomas79

      I think you are confusing reliability with cheap to repair!! My brother has constant issues with his falcon, i dont think there ever was a period, when he didn’t have something naggling part, requiring replacment or a fix…

  • Reality Check

    Ford should bring back the colour blueprint for their 50th Anniversary as every dealer i’ve spoken too loved the coliur and they just walked off the lot as every customer seemed to love it as well.

    Here’s another good idea for their 50th, build a Falcon with proper supportive seat cushion bolsters, not those saggy soft excuse for seat bolsters they currently stitch together. I really enjoy a belting in my FG F6 but where’s the seat support ?? FPV need to have a long hard look at the seats in any HSV and their seat bolster supports.

    • Ben

      As much as I hate to say this, I do agree, HSV do make better seats then FPV and Ford. But ford has had this problem for a while now. I hope with the next FG falcon they will put some more “race style support”in there seats. But cant wait for the new 5ltr, specially in the supercharged form. Think the XR50th model will be the XR8, something truely special to remember the falcon, and not just a stripe and badge job.

  • pete

    2010 and Ford still can’t hide ugly tailgate hinges on utes and split and have exhausts both sides (you backyarders) 50th anniversary and where is the special edition extra high performance GT. something with balls like the good old GTHO (which i had two of) then you’d sell shitloads.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000009683002 Peter Busch

    Still can’t hide ugly 1950s ute hinges (backyarders)is there a 50th anniversary model thats got balls like the old GTHOs. Something with big exhausts, low, big wheels and real grunt (a HSV killer) i’m still waiting

  • Rollatwo

    the 50th turbo should have had all the aftermarkrt stuff that was for sale after all it was an annaversary modle ford could have done a better job and i know its not a f6 but it should have had more power output that the f6  like i said its a annaversary modle suppose to be somthing special

  • Rheferen

    ron ford falcon 50 th anversey ,2010  ,  9.5 liters per 100 klm ,a great car to drive ,good fuel compustion and plenty of power , and the best 6 speed gear box a great car