Update: ANCAP results confirm four-star safety rating.

Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is set to release crash test results of the Toyota Camry Hybrid today with the safety rating expected to be only four out of five stars.

ANCAP chairman Lauchlan McIntosh told Fairfax media in mid-April that he was hoping Toyota would’ve made structural changes to improve the Camry Hybrid’s safety given its significance to the industry.

Hitting back today, Toyota released a statement outlining its disappointment with ANCAP’s testing methodology. Here is the statement in full:

Toyota Australia acknowledges ANCAP as one measure that can help consumers identify cars that are safe.

However, ANCAP does not test the life-saving benefits of features such as vehicle stability control, traction control and anti-skid brakes – all of which are standard on every Camry.

Toyota Australia rejects as a distortion any suggestion that Camry models provide a level of safety that is the same as cars that do not offer such vital life-saving technology or have fewer than Camry’s standard six airbags.

Toyota conducts an extensive range of tests on all its vehicles, providing a level of safety that meets or exceeds safety standards in every country in which they are sold.

The Camry range of vehicles offers a comprehensive package of active and passive safety. Customers can drive these cars with confidence, knowing they have advanced safety features that have been shown to save lives.

Toyota supports the development of long-term policies that enhance vehicle safety through a wide range of measures including the overall integration of vehicles, road infrastructure and driver ability.

The Toyota Hybrid Camry also includes a reversing camera as standard equipment.

The ANCAP result doesn’t seem to do the Toyota Camry Hybrid any justice, rating it the same as the Chinese built Great Wall Motor X240 Sports Utility Vehicle.

ANCAP’s decision to criticise and rate the Hybrid Camry the same as the Chinese built X240 (which lacks many of the basic safety features found in the locally built car) seems somewhat out of character for the organisation.

  • Mad Max

    ANCAP is in my opinion a bit of a joke. They test only one single example of a model and then give the results of the crash. I think we give too much credit to them. In this case I agree with Toyota. Great Wall must be rubbing their hands with glee at this result. Its the best they have had anywhere in the world and is probably better than their own in house results…

    • Minnow

      I think ANCAP and EuroNCAP are an excellent guide. So what if they chose one single example, that stops manufactures putting forward their best model. ANCAP will actually randomly chose a car from any dealership so its a good representative sample. Think of this way. All those safety backups are not important when 2 cars have a head on collision or when the car actually hits a tree. In my opinion those preventative features should be rated separately as everyone knows they perform differently between every car. One measure for crash prevention, and this rating for when you do crash. Almost all cars in the Hybrid Camrys segment and price range have exactly the same safety features so that rules out that variable, which is void toyota’s argument as all cars get scored under the same criteria. If ANCAP had found the car was 5 star Toyota would be Praising ANCAP, but because they didnt, what can Toyota do? Say the test is rubbish.

      • Mad Max

        EuroNcap is run differently, but I can see your point. But I still think Ancap is a of a waste of time. I would have far more respect if than ran multiple tests but I can understand the cost issue. This is the problem the manufacturers have with it as well.

        • tekkyy

          EuroNCAP has moved forward
          ANCAP is no longer comparable

          cost issue…nothing in the scale of things
          I think manufacturers can easily afford to add a rear-end crash test making it 4 tests

          I would love to see the rear-end results of hatchs

        • http://ancap.com.au ancap

          ANCAP and EURONCAP use the same suite of tests. ANCAP even re-publishes some EURONCAP results. It is nonsense to suggest that one is better or different than the other. As for the validity of the testing process. Please read the research by Monash University Accident Research Centre that shows a strong correlation between the performance of ANCAP rated vehicles and the same vehicles in real world crashes. To achieve a 5 star ANCAP rating ANCAP undertakes 3 tests (using 3 new vehicles). The 64 km/h frontal offset test, the 50 km/h side impact test, the 29 km/h side pole test (there are also 40 km/h pedestrian tests with a separate star rating). A vehicle must perform extremely well in all tests in order to achieve a 4 or 5 star result. These are very demanding tests. Please go to http://www.ancap.com.au to read more about the testing process

  • Valet Dabess

    i saw crash test fotage of a swift and i thought it did an ok job yet it’s rated at 4

  • Cupid Stunt

    Toyota winging. If it only gets 4 stars that your count despite other additions that may make it safer. Level plying fields methinks.

  • Reckless1

    I’d rather buy the GW240 – it’s a 4 star car too, but half the price of the Camry…….

    • Reckless1

      having said that, though, I’m about as likely to buy either as I am to live to 150….

  • rentakeyboard

    A five star fridge?

    • Shak

      I still reckon my dishawsher is quicker and safer than this.

      • vid_ghost

        watch “Toyota Camry head on crash test into Yaris” on you tube! You wont think your dish washer is safer then!

  • vid_ghost

    I would rather be in this car on a head on crash then a Yaris, Mazda2, Jazz, and all the other 4 star rated small cars in the market… If you just watch the Youtube US head on crash tests you will see what i mean! the small cars are death traps in a head on and the large cars come out way ahead, the fact is that the bigger the car the better off you are in a head on crash with another car.

    • tekkyy

      true, but only for cars of similar age (strength)

      youtube has a video of a modern small Peugeot hatch against an old large Volvo wagon

      or, think of a bigger fat guy colliding with a smaller trainer

      also, if the shape of the bonnet of your large sedan just begs to be mounted (not mentioning any models) than you won’t do well against a even compact SUV

  • Sumodog

    This rating is a joke. Hybrid Camry has potentially life-saving curtain airbags as standard for its rear passengers, while the five-star Ford Falcon doesn’t have them on most of its models and the five-star Ford Fiesta doesn’t have them on any of its models. The Great Wall X240 has just two airbags and lacks stability control, which can prevent a skid.
    Judge for yourself.

  • Reality

    “ANCAP’s decision to criticise and rate the Hybrid Camry the same as the Chinese built X240 (which lacks many of the basic safety features found in the locally built car) seems somewhat out of character for the organisation.”

    Maybe ANCAP thinks that going after Toyota will give ANCAP more publicity and raise their position in the public’s eyes. Never mind the inconsistency in their approach.

  • Valboy

    “Toyota conducts… extensive tests… on all its vehicles …meets or exceeds safety standards in every country … sold.
    … offers a comprehensive package of active and passive safety. Customers can drive these cars with confidence…”
    How can they come out with these statements??
    What about the latest model Toyota-Lexus 460 stability control, so unsorted as to have it slapped with a “don’t buy” from US safety authorities?
    Doubts exist over Toyota Prado for the same reason AND all Toyotas safety in general. Toyota drivers have died due to Toyota’s dubious engineering.
    Nobody’s forgotten their recent and disastrous 10million-plus-vehicle-recall, for a variety of reasons in US and around the world.
    Massive doubts remain over Toyota’s reputation and business model.

    • Joober@Work

      Yeah i’m a bit appalled by that comment, given the recent worldwide recall problems.
      If they have blinded confidence to say as it is like that, it shows they have no humility/no sorry whatsoever.

  • SSV

    How the hell could one of those Chinese death traps get a 4 star rating? Anyone who puts themselves or their family in one of those Chinese cars is an idiot. Why do you think they are so cheap? Its a disgrace on our Government to even let them into this country.

    • Reckless1

      So you’ve never been in an early Toyota, obviously. FJ Holdens were better than early Toyotas by a long way.

      4 star is 4 star, whether it’s slapped together by the Toyota Marketing Company, or the GW newcomer.

      The GW also looks far better than any of Toyota’s current models. Ugly is in at the big T, and so is dangerous.

  • Susan Notaro

    My concern is on rear impact due to the battery pack….how safe is it. Does anyone have any info on this issue? I heard from someone today that it is extremely serious (if you are rear ended ) to the passengers in the rear.