Currently one of the oldest vehicle in Ford’s line-up (cosmetically and mechanically), the Ford Territory is certainly getting long in the tooth.

Despite its age, Ford still sells over 800 Territorys per month, indicating a considerable market demand for the SUV.

That’s why we bring news of the next generation Ford Territory. While it won’t undergo radical changes, the new Ford Territory will receive the latest FG series of engines, upgrading its current 190kW engine to the 195kW unit, in addition to the turbocharged Territory receiving the hot 270kW engine from the current FG XR6 Turbo.

The Territory will also be released with a six-speed ZF Sachs automatic transmission as standard.

Ford is expected to release details about the next generation Territory at the Sydney Motor Show in October this year, with the car becoming available for sale early in 2011. Our inside source suggests third party supplier delays have pushed the Territory’s release date through to until at least March, 2011.

Our sources suggest the front end sheet metal will change, including the headlights, bumper and bonnet. The rear end will also alter slightly with rear bumper and rear sheet metal changes.

Our spy photos confirm that third party suppliers have delayed the supply of rear three quarter panels, with this test mule only receiving half of its intended camouflage.

Visible clearly from the photos is an FG style light cluster and revised intake area. The test vehicle pictured is the turbo diesel variant, set to use Land Rover’s outgoing 2.7-litre turbo diesel V6 engine, as exclusively revealed by CarAdvice last year.

Also exclusively revealed by CarAdvice last year was the FG interior, as seen attached to a recently spotted Territory diesel test mule.

CarAdvice will keep you posted with any developments that come to hand. The future is bright for Ford, but the constant delays are a poor sign for the Australian manufacturer.

  • fourl6

    Great to see the FG interior. But are sheet metal changes enough? i was hoping for a whole new terry. I guess so long as it offers a diesel it will sell

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      They can’t afford a whole new one. The volume simply isn’t there to justify it. The nose will see the biggest change.

      • Andrew M

        Who can afford a whole new car every 6 years???

        Cars with much bigger volume of sales cant even justify it.

        But that aside, The Terry doesnt need to be a whole new vehicle.
        The very long awaited diesel will arive, and the asthetics will get a freshen up….and thats about all that was needed.

        It was already dynamiclly superior to its competitors

    • Jack

      Yeah, agree. This is the one bit of news I was waiting for. I think you will find the rear sheet metal changes were not on this mule (see article). Interior looks nice.

      I can’t wait to see how the model range proliferates: XR6 Terry? LPG Terry? Fleet base model? Diesel is certain, Turbo Ghia to remain? Or called a G6E Turbo? ‘Off road’ packs available on the diesel, in much the same way as the 1995 Falcon ‘Outback’ utes?

  • Joe

    Paul, what do you mean when you say”but the constant delays are a poor sign for the Australian manufacturer”?

    When have Ford ever mentioned a firm release date? Surely any release date has been tentative and has been fueled by media speculation by yourselves and others.

    Don’t let your disappointment and frustration give cause to others to continue bagging Ford Australia and other Australian car manufacturers because, as is quite obvious, some in the community will latch onto any reason at all to bag anything Australian and in this climate we don’t need any negative comment that isn’t warranted.

    • Muse

      Well said.

  • Long Live the Load lugger

    I would rather a delay then a recall later down the track, Ford still have nightmares about the AU. Get it right first time.

    • fourl6

      i think you mean ford still have nightmares about terry ball joints… the AU has been one of the most reliable Australian cars.

    • OzeWander

      XK, XD, EA more like it. AU was just hideous and didnt actually have any major issues because the mechanicals were largely carryover from the EL.

    • Andrew M

      As already said, AU was a very reliable car.
      Just because it had awkwrd looks, people seem to think it was unreliable.

      • Minnow

        Yep and the head issues where mostly rectified thanks to the multilayered metal head gasket.


    It’s good to see it’s getting a diesel, but I don’t think it’s enough for it to be revitalised sales wise. It’s ompetitors are much newer and more efficient

  • Baji

    Click my name to see what a possible remake of the territory MAY look like…

    • Road Warrior

      Nice work Baji.

      • My Cars Called T-Rex

        I second that.

        • http://Pagini Luv Local

          Nice indeed Baji ;-)

    • Crummydore

      Not a bad job there… be great if it looked like that.

      It always looked too ‘dumpy’ for me… hence why I purchased an Adventra.


        You purchased an ‘ADVENTURA’ and yet you claim to actually HAVE an opinion on cars? Somethings not right there…

        • WWWA

          I have an Adventra too, whats the problem? It’s a wonderful car! Stacks of equipment, good looks, nicely put together interior, and at least all the body panels line up. Never had one ounce of trouble with, it goes in for a service and that’s all that ever gets done!

          • Crummydore

            Actually my wife and I like it so much that next year when its time to upgrade we may just keep it.

            So to DRAB-VENTRA, don’t knock it till you try it!

          • birdie

            hence why the crapteva took its place

          • Hjalle

            My dad has an adverntra and when his lease ran out he loved it so much he decided to extend his lease…

        • Golfschwein

          Oh well, at least their tailgate isn’t rusting out. I agree with the other poster: they were a better looking car than the Territory, however expedient.

        • OzeWander

          Oh god. Why is it Ford/Holden articles always attract the same lame posts about someone’s purchase choice. Styling is subjective. He’s allowed to buy an Adventra and have still have an opinion about another make. Why crucify him?

        • omgwot

          You idoit, let me geuss your other car is a Lanos cos it looks like a ladybird in red?

      • NotTheStig

        I had a LX6 for 3 years and 120,000kms. Glad I got it and not a Territory. That horrid green interior was bad but I also liked the Adventra exterior look a lot more too. If there was a AWD Sportwagon I would buy one but at present I am in a Swedish Adventra – a Volvo XC70…

        • birdie

          the adventra was just a jacked up station wagon , with not a lot of thought going into the design

          • Golfschwein

            And there’s a market for that: Audi Allroad, Volvo XC70, Skoda Octavia Scout, Renault Scenic etc.

            Are they any worse or different to something that looks like a 4wd, but isn’t, like a rwd Territory?

    • auto

      i certainly hope not

    • mazdaspeed

      Love it :)

    • Golfschwein

      I’m only being picky when I say that the roof’s peeling off at the top of the A-pillar, Baji. It’s modern and realistic with great proportions. I wish I knew how to do these, having spent my childhood doing line drawings in profile of ‘future vehicles’. :)

    • Andrew M

      Good work Baji,
      Now if only you could Solve Ford Aus’s marketing problems with that computer hand of yours.

      Oh and it looks like you got a bit lost at the rear qtr lines

    • Jack

      That was awesome! Can you do an FG coupe?

      • Baji

        This is nowhere near close to being finished, but take a look anyway.

        FG coupe based on my interpretation – click on my name.

        • Shak

          Are you going to change the Fiesta headlights to a more FG based solution.

          • Baji

            I’ve changed them back.. only put those other headlights there just to see what it’d look like.

            Almost there…. but it just seems like theres something wrong with it. just doesn’t look right for some reason.

          • Andrew M

            Can you do a Territory Dual cab ute??

        • Baddass

          That’s a really good job Baji, congrats. BTW did you use the new Kia Optima (or your coupe rendering) for the base of your Falcon coupe? I noticed the tail lights and C-pillar were similar.

          • Baji

            Andrew, i’ve done a rough one, but the territory is really aging and i dont think it looks that spectacular. And besides, i think that a territory dual cab, as good as it might be will be pointless, as they’ve already got a capable dual cab, the Ranger.

          • Andrew M

            Can you do it in YOUR facelifted version???

            I think a Terry dual cab would be good.
            Sure the ranger is capable, but its nowhere as good to drive as a Terry.

            The car based products spank the Jap utes on handling, comfort, style and safety just to name a few.
            I would love to see a home grown 4×4 ute. Heck it doesnt even have to be 4×4, AWD would be good, heck it could even be RWD for all I would use it for, I just wouldnt mind a bit more height in my Falcon ute, but be buggered if ill sacrifice any of the above mentioned features

        • Golfschwein

          It’s fascinating to see it come together like this, half-finished or not. Do you pay for the software? One of my favourite sites, carbodydesign dot com, offers tutorial packages on all sorts of things, but they all look frighteningly advanced to me and I’ve shied away.

          I like the coupe already and I hope you show us the finished article.

        • Jack

          Thanks Baji, I liked that pic.

    • ray

      Now THAT would look nice.

    • Stuntcar

      Nice image Baji.
      As soon as it is released I’ll be in the showroom to check it out. I truly hope you are close with your design, it looks great.
      I’ll be taking the diesel too.
      Come on Ford.

  • Tony M

    I’m sure many of the sales of Territorys are RWD. This is the best replacement for the Falcon wagon. When the new diesel and LPG come on line early next year I’m sure there will be an increase in sales. This “wagon” is the only one made in Ausralia that can handle and meets our conditions for the price. We have a couple at work and they drive like cars, they are great.

  • fpgsxr1000

    I think the coyote 5.0L supercharged would be I nice inclusion in the next Territory… Ford, any hope of this happening? After all the falcon and territory are similar underpinnings..

  • dasferg

    Just another half hearted effort by Ford. If they designed their products for export instaed of just the local market then we would get a vastly improved vehicle. Nearly 10 yesrs on and the Tezza still has no diesel and has had only one minor change in its life. Sme goes for Fowlcan, Escape etc.

    • Baji

      I don’t believe its a half-hearted effort. They’re doing what they can with the resources they have. Ford Aus would probably LOVE to export the falcon-based products, but Ford HQ wouldn’t allow of it as it would cannibalize the OTHER similar ford products.

      • OzeWander

        You have to admit, they did drop the ball on the diesel front. Perhaps owning Volvo wasnt enough to satisfy their requirements for a viable option?

      • auto

        good computer skills, what would it look like with a Taurus front?

    • brent

      The Territory is only 6 years old this month since its original release in april 2004.

      By the way Paul Ford arent building another Turbo Petrol Variant, i see you guys wrote a review a few days ago, the 245kw Turbo Territory Ghia stops production in June… Theres no more to be had.

      • Matt

        Or the 245kw Turbo stops in June… replaced by 270kw Turbo when the new Territory launches

    • auto

      and it will only be a hand me down out dated diesel at that.

  • dasferg

    Just another half hearted effort by Ford. If they designed their products for export instead of just the local market then we would get a vastly improved vehicle. Nearly 10 yesrs on and the Tezza still has no diesel (and gets an already replaced one in the future) and has had only one minor change in its life. Same goes for Fowlcan, Escape etc.

    • Me

      Doesn’t stop them from selling for a profit though, does it?

      If consumers really wanted diesel that much, they would all go out and buy a Daewoo Captiva for $10,000 cheaper.

      • Bent 8 Brigade

        Apparently they are judging by recent sales figures

        • topdog

          Yeh because thay think there buying a holden .And its not even as good as the real ford and its suppose to be newer desigh

          • Stoney!

            Is that like when ford customers are buying Mondeo’s, Fiesta’s, Focus’s, Rangers’s, Transits an escapes, they think they are buying a Ford Australia product…. What a stupid stupid comment

          • topdog

            At least there fords.Not dawoes

          • topdog

            And i was only comparing the adventra and territory

          • Me


            No they don’t. People know the are buying a European car when they buy a Mondeo, Focus, etc.

            Because the Holden name badge is exclusively Australian people, unless they are in the know will always think every Holden is Australian. Fact.

      • WWWA

        I’d prefer the captiva, riven a few very nice cars. Might have to update the rock solid adventra soon.

        • Crummydore

          I have given the Captiva a few goes myself, they are not too bad but I think you will miss the width compared to the Adventra.
          Not badly priced though. Note, I have been told by someone who knows the engines like being rebuilt (just something to ponder).

        • NotTheStig

          Don’t do it…

          I looked at them but for many reasons I just couldn’t like it. Ended up (and very happy with) a Volvo XC70…

        • birdie

          if the adventra was so good why did holden replace it with the craptiva

          • Stoney!

            It didn’t sell drastically well, a niche market really, off road wagons, like the XC70, outback etc.

            But also because the VE commodore came out with little plans to spend even more money, I wish they would make another adventra, I’d love one.


      • Tim

        Was going to buy a Territory 3 years ago but couldn’t live with he fuel cost, so went with the Captiva diesel, what a lemon, can’t wait for the new diesel Tezza. BTW that Ford/Peugeot CRD is easily chipped to 510 Nm :)

  • Valet Dabess

    they could have changed up the exterior a little

    • Me

      It will be getting small styling changes to the rear, but just like the Commodore and Falcon wagons (eg. AU – BA, VT – VY etc) they will be mainly the same.

    • Matt

      Ummm… see that black covering on the front? Guess what is under there?

  • Mal

    I have also got it on strong authority from a Ford insider that there will be no more Pertol Turbos Territories after June 2010. This is because they could not get EURO4 on the big Tezza with the turbo motor. We will only see a diesel Turbo int he lineup, which is a pity as we need to replace our Turbo Ghia this year. I think we will be getting the New Nissan Patrol v8 instead of the Tezza.

    • The Oracle’s Master!

      Not that immensely ugly Patrol that hasn’t been released yet? I’m not a major ford fan but I’d take it with a diesel over the new patrol any day. The new nissan is beyond ugly.

    • Zandit

      and how long has it been since the current Patrol had a face lift, even longer than the Terry, I know there is a new one out next year, but that is even uglier than a Cruiser

  • ScottT

    Ford were never going to have the money to develop an all new Tezza. This will get it throught to 2015 when all new Falc/Taurus or whatever it may be comes on line. Still a good package though, diesel will be a good thing

    • Matt

      Whats the chances well get the Edge or Explorer come 2015?

    • Andrew M

      They dont need a whole new terry.

      Apart from a freshen up and diesel, what else do you suggest??

    • noj

      Spot on they don`t have the money. 2015 will bring in the new Explorer as the Territory replacement and the Taurus as the Falcons.

      • XfantomX

        Not only do they have the money but the Terra will have all new panels and are nothing like the mules you see above. Baji is pretty close…

  • Gary

    I feel escape looks a lot older than territory

  • Mike

    Interesting combination for the interior…. BF door trim and steering wheel with FG centre stack

    Wonder if that’s the final product?

    • Me

      I sure hope not.

      The door trims should match the FGs where the \”spears\” are lined up with the dash to create a flowing look.

      The steering wheel would not be too hard to replace so the new Terry should be getting the FG one aswell.

  • Heater

    Some of you guys are making stupid comments by just looking at a test mule!! It will be changed more than you think……just wait until it comes out rather than make ridiculous remarks bagging the car before it has even been released. Geez…..

    • Cooler

      Whoa Whoa, slow down a bit there buddy.. no need to get all logical and stuff..
      Didn’t you know that the space at the bottom of each article exists expressly for the SOLE purpose of allowing people to post stupid comments and ridiculous remarks?? As you can see for yourself, these guys are doing a TERRIFIC JOB !

      • The Oracle

        LOL. Too right!

  • XR6

    No big suprise the interior and exterior will now look like the Falcon. What pictures aernt going to tell is have any real changes underneath skin been made.

  • G

    I can assure you, that everything you can see and touch in the interior and exterior will be all new for the 2011 Territory… ;)

    • G6E TURBO

      Like an 8 inch touch screen??




    • Zandit

      That extra padding may also be just to hide any new character lines that are in the sheet metal, the current Terry has a slight bonnet bulge too!

    • XfantomX

      Spot on…

  • Tony M

    Note: the Territory has a longer nose, maybe to handle a front intercooler. As an Aussie I am really proud of this car it displays great engineering. Oh for Holden fans, I believe the Monaro was one of the best looking (packaged) 2 doors in the world. It’s just a pitty the GM and Ford in the States are to busy trying to prop up their inferior auto industry and not look for guidance over seas.

  • Doclet

    A few months ago looking at new cars, I test drove a Territory and was blown away with how it drove. Much better drive than Captiva and Kluger. In fact the Territory has easily been the best SUV I have driven.

    I ended up with a diesel Skoda which I really like, but if I had to get a SUV, it would be a Territory hands down.

    • john

      Was looking at a secondhand territory before. nice car lots of room and good ground clearance for me, but i read and heard that the front ball joints had problems on the early models. Was this ever fixed and what year was it fixed in?

      • Doclet

        Hi John,

        Yeah that a concern for me as well, they were changed with a new ball-joint design in 2009 with the SYII model. Even if you get the older one though Ford will replae worn ball joints free of charge up to 150,000km

        • Andrew M

          Yeah thats right. All Terry owners were sent a letter a while ago to have their ball joints replaced.

          I’d just check the log book or ask the owner that is selling if this had been done. If you are still unsure Ford will have it on their data base.

          Ford will still change the joints after change of ownership

    • auto

      if the territory is such a good car ,why isn’t there more of them sold? Kluger easily outsell territory.

      • BIRDIE

        well theres a big demand for fridgies, those klunkers are butt ugly

        • auto

          i am sure you would say no to one.

  • Shak

    Keep the Locals running and the Good news coming. But Ford try and do something to that rear, its getting boring.

    • Andrew M

      Come on Shak,
      your reading skills are normally better than that.

      The parts supply problem is with the rear sheetmetal meaning the rear is slated to be changed

      • Shak

        I thought it was with the rear quqrter panels as the article says?

      • Shak

        Read the article it says rear three quarter, and not the rear which i would think was the lights and tailgate.

        • Andrew M

          Yeah fair comment, but when the rear QTR changes that means tail lights in most cases.
          I doubt the design of the actual tailgate will change, its actually a clever design. If new tail lights come, the tailgate will prob just get a slight change around the edges with a new bumper.

          The rumour does say everything to touch is different.
          I think they are going to throw some decent body lines at it all over to bring it into line

    • XfantomX

      You may be pleasantly surprised…

  • Clueless

    Car Advice you are hopeless, there is NO MORE Territory Turbo after June 30. End of Story. Just look at the Ford production schedules. Some people are so lazy and incompetent.

    This Territory was seen outside the Ford Factory in Broadmedows today…. 2 of them followed by a Range Rover…

    There is upgrades to front and rear, which look sensational and does not have XR style front lights. If anything looks like the Kuga…

    No LPG, no V8, no Turbo, just I6 Petrol and V6 Turbo Diesel, 6 speed auto, FG interior

  • Lynchy

    Clueless is spot on, Turbo Territory in any form is gone as of 30 Jun 10, two expensive to test and develop with the new 270 kw motor for such a low volume car, it’s a shame though the current Turbo Ghia is an absolute belter, Fords expects the new diesel to more than fill the gap left by the Turbo variants.

    If the sheet metal changes are borrowing from the Kuga DNA then it should look fantastic.

  • The Realist

    I wouldn’t put it past Ford to release a car that looks like it’s five years old and been to a third rate autoshop.

    Look what they did to the FG – it looks like a Lakembaised version of a BF.

    • BIRDIE

      take your bat & ball and go home

    • Joe

      The Realist. Really!! I think that from here on any of us bloggers should use your comments as our barometer. The more childish,stupid and non-sensical your comments about any Ford article are the better the article about that particular must be.

      • The Realist

        Strange how I only state facts – yet the big mac lovers seem to get upset.

        One day the tax payer tap will be switched off…

        • Andrew M

          Im with you in hoping the taxpayer tap is turned off, only I reckon the vein that feeds those that cant get off their backside and get a job should get closed.

          I have no problem whatso ever if my tax dollars are used in a manner that creates jobs which inturn adds back into the tax dollar bank account rather than supporting the “free riders”

          Supporting industry is the least bit of concern when we look at what needs to change in this world economiclly

    • Hung Low

      A realistic comment from a Tiara wearing Golf driver!

    • Tomas79

      WEll said!!
      Funny how the ford cheer girls start to cry start to cry straignt away…

      How about thinking ahead, and making the territory looking more like the ford taurus!!

      • Fonzi

        Surely YOU mean SKODA TOMAS79?? Every second word out of your mouth is SKODA.. must be having an off day or something, so ill let that one go. Btw, do you still have a job or did they shut down the last remaining SKODA showroom already? lol

    • t

      at least its not designed by an 80s volvos ruler like VE, at least fg is sleek and sexy.

      and look at VE’s grille…. its halfway up the front of the thing, first thing the yanks did when they got their hands on one was put the grille where it should be.

      fg has not dated like VE has either, holden started designing VE too long before its release, dated from day dot!

  • Joe

    The Realist. Really!! I think that from here on in all of us bloggers should use your comments as a barometer. The more childish,stupid and nonsensical your comments about any Ford article are, the better the article relating to that particluar Ford must be.

  • Nick K

    The Terry needs a liquid injected LPG version with a conformable tank… No packaging compromises and low running costs.

  • t

    so, if the turbo six (270kw) isnt being used as it fails the new euro tests, will there be no xr6t as well?

    same engine?

    id say terry turbo 270kw will be available, cant see them stopping the xr6t. wonder when the new variant of the 4.0 will be available, the upgraded DI model?

    • Lynchy

      T, the 270kw XR6T motor has already been complianced, unfortunately they can’t just drop that in the Territory, the intercooler is of the top mount variety so they would have to spend a fare amount of cash to develop a 270K kw version in that configuration and for the amount they sell it’s just not worth the outlay. Also there is no Direct Injection motor coming, new gas injection coming for Falcon but won’t be available on Territory which is a shame.

      Reality Check, the 2.7 TD will still be a massive step forward for Territory, Land Rover is still using it as their base model engine, so it’s got a couple more years left in it, the 3.0 TD would be fantastic, once Land Rover stop making the 2.7 TD the 3.0 TD might find it’s way in to the Territory, at this stage though it would cost Ford Australia a huge premium over the 2.7 as it’s still fairly new but jeez it’s a belter.

  • Reality Check

    So they’re getting a “new” diesel for 2011, that’s be the ageing 2.7 litre that Land rover have thoroughy modernised with their substantial upgrade to the 180KW 600nm version. The old unit is only good for circa 140KW and 440nm which simply won’t cut the mustard now, and certainly not next year.

    Why can’t Territory have the latest 180KW 600nm unit so it can really shine ?

    • Phil C.

      Because the price premium for the 3.0TTD would be far too much. The 2.7TTD still outshines the current competitors anyway. From an engineering standpoint, it’s also rumoured that the 3.0TTD height (intake runners etc) is too much.

      FG Falcon has the ZF 6spd auto across the board as of last week, so MY11 Territory will be no different.

  • Hendrik

    I thought the Territory and the Falcon would receive the 3.5l V6 diesel?

  • Steve

    Old, outdated and dead in the overseas market!

  • Sarah

    i’ve had the pleasure of 2 turbo ghia terry’s and would be very sad for the turbo to go, hopefully the 270kw FG turbo will be a reality, i cant have another Terry with lower power and torque, would have to go BMW X5 but would rather be faithful to an Aussie built Terry whilst maintaining power/torque, although agree fuel usage is a bit on the high side, but thats the price one pays for such a great SUV, anything else but the Germans pale into insignificance…

  • Lizette

    Bought a territory! Loved the look and room and drive but am extremely disappointed with the suspension. Had it back to dealer numerous time and they have replaced the rear suspension twice and front once Problem started at only 30000km. Not a city driver but not hard driving either!! I couldn’t be more disappointed. Don’t think hubby will let me try another one next year when we upgrade :(

  • Dan Bowers

    my dad owns a secret ford territory because he is a boss it is awesome