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by Matt Brogan

It seems from this morning’s spy photos that Porsche is busy testing its next-generation 911 GT2 at Germany’s Nürburgring.

Based on the 911 Turbo, the lightweight, track-focused GT2 will feature the same 3.8-litre turbocharged flat-six engine, albeit with slightly more power, thanks to direct injection. Rumours place new the GT2’s output at 410kW. The added power should see 0-100km/h times slightly better than the current model’s 3.7 seconds.

To keep weight to  minimum, the GT2 is not expected to be all-wheel drive and will be mated exclusively to a six-speed manual gearbox.

With an all-new Porsche 911 in the pipeline, the GT2’s updates will be relatively minor. New bumpers, revised aerodynamics and an altered exhaust outlet design among the visible changes.

The new Porsche 911 GT2 is expected in dealerships late next year as a 2012 model.

  • Tom22

    Has the GT2 ever been AWD?

    • Radbloke

      Never. I was wondering why they mentioned AWD.

      • Freddy

        “the GT2 is NOT expected to be all-wheel drive”

        You guys must be too excited!! :-)

        looking forward to it, thanks CA

        • Freddy

          The 911 Turbo is AWD and the GT2 is RWD, people often get the two confused.

  • Nobody

    Another VW Beetle look alike!!!!yak …

  • Gambler88

    what’s the purpose of this car? i thought porsches had a track-focused 911 in the gt3 rs already. can anyone explain the difference between the two?

    • Freddy

      The purpose of this car is to go really really REALLY fast.

  • Valet Dabess

    man, a lot of super cars are now above the 400 kw mark, that’s awesome