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Toyota Australia today confirmed the landmark which has been nearing for the last few months, the company has now sold more than one million Toyota Corollas in Australia.

The Corolla has been in Australia for more than 40 years and Toyota believes its success is due to Australia’s love-affair with the fuel-efficient, reliable four-cylinder car.

Speaking about the milestone, David Buttner, Toyota Australia’s senior executive director of sales and marketing said it’s “…because Corolla has always captured the imagination of the buying public. It’s dependable, affordable and fuel-efficient – core values that bring Corolla drivers back to this popular vehicle, year after year after year.”

First Ever Toyota Corolla

In Australia, Toyota makes 1/5 of its sales from the Corolla, making it the company’s best-selling model.

Fortunately for Toyota, the new 10th generation model shows no signs of slowing down either, after 40 years, Toyota still manages to attract more buyers than ever to the model.

That’s because Toyota has constantly managed to come up with the right concept to stay ahead of the times. I’d like to thank Australian drivers for helping to make Toyota Corolla the world’s most popular car.” Mr Buttner said.

100,000 Corollas have sold in the last 2 and a bit years (July 2005 -> September 2007), in comparison, it took more than eight years for the first 100,000 Corollas to be sold after the car’s introduction in 1967.

2007 Toyota Corolla

Worldwide, over 33 million buyers have chosen the Corolla, making the model the most successful and biggest-selling car of all time.

The table below shows the model’s sales milestones in Australia.























2007 (Sept)

To read more about the current model Toyota Corolla click here.

  • troy

    They need to re release the KE10 qas pictured!!!

    awesome little cars!

  • Reckless1

    I owned one of these once, back in 1977, from memory it was a 1976 model.

    After owning a Fiat 125 prior to this, I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. Compared to the 125 it lacked everything – performance, brakes, handling, comfort, character, soul.

    The car was worse than all my previous cars for all round satisfaction, and my variety of prior vehicles included FC, Fiat 1500, Hillman Minx, EK, Fiat 1100D, EJ, FJ ute, Fiat 124, Fiat 125, Fiat 124S.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Lol must have been bad if it was worse than a Fiat,my mum had several too I am banned from bring the word up in a sentence with copping a glare from Mother…Fiat is a bad word. As for the Corolla my sisters first car was one of the first ohh what fun to drive a no synchro gearbox ……well if you cant find them grind them.

    Interesting that the Rolla celebrates its 40th the same year as the Ford GT. They are great little cars I think, I tried to destroy one for over 12 months it put up with my thrashing,snatching it into second to get the front wheels to squeal ,the thing just kept going on and on …

  • http://ACA Dingo

    Corolla’s… keep on keep’n on !!

    Would have to be the world’s most rugged little machine.

    I guess those sort of sales speak for themselves.

  • Graeme

    Funny how I lusted after the then-new ’72 model as a young person, yet cannot get even vaguely interested in the latest one when I’m supposedly smack-bang in the target demographic. Something’s wrong here, and I suspect it could be that Toyota has become the new General Motors. An underdog freak? Maybe.

  • troy

    my sister has a worked 1500cc KE10 like the white one above!! big wheels, ex rally car motor…

    its a beasty!

  • Chaser

    the numbes speak for themselves is all I can say to anyone who doubts Toyota :) simple.

  • Chaser

    yes edit ‘numbers’ lol

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Built well and Built to Last! Fact is I know people with them and same comments!

  • Paul

    Reckless you are joke… ‘I am not going to buy a Corolla or even consider them because back in the stoneage when the company was very different to what it is now, their car wasnt perfect’. What a joke.

  • Steven A


  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Steven A… mate in all honesty the Corolla is really cute and if you think it is dull you must not clear vison as many many more FUGLY shopping trolley cars around then that!

  • JW

    I contributed to one of those numbers with the newly released Corolla. :p

  • Luke C

    i was one of those million!

  • Reckless1

    Paul, it’s you who is the joke.

    Back in the stone age, we were taught to be discerning, and I exercise my right to choose whatever vehicle I find interesting.

    I just don’t happen to be a lemming or the child of lemmings, and in my view the Corolla has always been boring. Solid, reliable? Yes. Exciting, interesting ? Like you, a definate NO.

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    RECKLESS 1…at least the car has a LONG HISTORY which says it got there because POPULAR. Its not drop dead stunning, but FUGLY it is SURELY NOT and my parents had a ’76 coupe and yes basic (cars WHERE THEN) and it was great. And as for the Fiat… well if they break down well need I say may brother had one and geepers crikey wasnt he cursing his 124CC to fix! Nice as car if it would not have a problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    Reckless yes you have a right to say what you want, Im not denying that…. but I find it laughable that someone rights off a vehicle because ONE TIME 30 YEARS AGO it wasnt quite as good as other vehicles. Although I doubt its just this incident, as you constantly attack Toyota, Id say it has something to do with being a bogan. I digress, alot has changed since then, its apperance now is quite decent and as a package it is arguably unbeatable.

  • Curious

    Yes we had a top of the range ’79. But very basic by today’s standards. Top of the range meant you got a radio/cassette and cloth seats (or better cloth seats?). Reliable up to a point, but dull to drive. Engine failed @ 230,000 km, XD Falcon we had at the same time did 300,000 + km with much less drama, and much harder life.
    I still think today’s Corollas lack soul, compared to the Corollas of old, and unfortunately there are many better buys. Corolla’s will continue to trade strongly on a past reputation however.

  • Dunadan

    I know this is an old post, but I have a 1967 KE10 VIN 1948XX. Is it possible to find out the VIN on the one used in that pic?? I am yet to find an older Roller!!

  • Craig

    I have to agree with Troy, they are awesome little cars. My first car was a 1968 2 door sedan & it was fantastic. Drove it from Melbourne to Bathurst for the race & back for a total cost of about $40.00 in fuel & it never, ever missed a beat! How much for the one in the photo?

  • Adam


    My parents brought our 1988 AE92 Corolla car in 1990 and in its first two years of life it did 150,000km (it was a Sales Reps car).

    My mother then Proceeded to do an average of 12,000km in it for 15 years.

    In 2005 it was parked up outside in the rain for 2 1/2 years only driven twice a year to go on holiday.

    Now in 2007 I took over the car (im the son) and I now drive it everyday doing about 7000km per year.

    It’s not 20 years old, 340,000km on the clock and all it’s had done to it apart from routine maintenance is a head gasket at 250,000km and a Thermostat and Radiator.

    It has not had an easy life. When it was a reps car it hauled a full load of product around 24/7 and we certainly didn’t give it an easy life as our family car.

    I would like to see another Manufacturer who makes one model that continuously year in year out makes cars like this.

    My father a long time Auto Electrician who has worked on Thousands of cars still swears by the Corolla and if it was the right size car for us now we would have 2 of them, but unfortunately we need something a bit bigger.

    Yes everyone that’s 340,000km on the same set of shocks!