• M

    And there lies the face, front quarter and interior of the new CLS due shortly…

  • Jase

    Utterly gorgeous!

  • Andrew Juma

    If this car comes out looking anything like this, I will begin saving for it post haste. Hell, I might even start a family just to fit them in this car.

  • KM

    Very very nice….

    PS CA – can you please get ride of those video commercials that automatically start playing when a new window opens up, very very annoying!!!!

    • Mitch

      Yeah its horrible, especially when you open multiple tabs at once.

    • Martin

      I just blocked it with AdBlock on Google Chrome. Haha. 😀

    • Crouchy

      Unfortunately this is just the future of internet advertising and unfortunately for you, it is these ads they pay the writers wages and keep the site what it is.. not you..

      Annoying i know but its not that hard to press pause. I mean, you had enough time to complain about it….

    • HJP

      KM, I understood where you coming from and I had same feeling as you. However, CA needs to put ads to support CA operational costs. I am sure you and regular CA visitors do not want to pay subscription fee instead to read car news? I don’t mind the ads but I do mind when CA someday decides to charge us subscription fee. I’d rather have ads on CA website. These days any type of business need to survive. There is no free lunch!

      • KM

        Thats fine but why cant there be an option to play it?

        Its just annoying when 3 to 4 windows are open playing different tunes..

        Either way – CA keep up the good work!!

    • Minnow

      Yeh its annoying, i’ll be listening to music then theres twinkle music going off. Make the default option on those videos the shutup option. If we want to watch the ad we’ll play it.

  • Baddass

    Gosh that’s a great looking car. But just a little question, in Europe they often call station wagons ‘Breaks’, and I’ve seen from many diffrent sources spell Shooting Break as Shooting Brake. Which is correct? My hunch is that a shooting break is so called because hunters would use the longer, sedan-based body to store their guns/dogs. Don’t know if that’s true or not.

    • QBert

      It should be Shooting Brake

  • Able

    Tailohhts are Hyindai i45 but other than that stunning! Make it Merc, just do it. New CLS63/55/whatever it’s gonna be shall be awesome 😉

  • Hjalle

    WOAH! Mercedes dont have a choice! They need to make this car and NEED to make it look like this!

  • Matt

    Wow, this looks great!

    Just get rid of the CR-V grille at the front.

  • Handsome_Al

    Looks good for my funeral business… A perfect car.. It’s been awhile since Merc produce a hearse..

  • Steve-Poyza

    100% beautiful.

  • Valet Dabess

    looks really long

  • davo

    now that’s how to style wagon might sell my house and buy one

    • Wayne Kerr

      If all wagons looked this good, sedans would become redundant.

  • davo

    VW, AUDI the whole VWG should take note whilst they are all good cars I have yet to see a VW, Audi or Skoda wagon the looks as good as their sedan/hatch varients

    • Shak

      Have you laid eyes on an RS4 or RS6?