Italy’s Fiat is reported to be building a four-door version of the Fiat 500 small car for North America and Europe. The Fiat 500 which is currently only available as a two-door will be available in a four-door variant in Europe by the end of 2011.

Little else is known about the project expect that the four-door model of the Fiat 500 is code-named L0. It’s likely to be in the small minivan category in Europe given it has a hatch in the rear and a high roof.

Reports say the Fiat 500 four-door will be built at the manufacturer’s Mirafiori plant in Turin and be based on a longer and wider platform than the two-door model.

March saw Fiat sell 32 Fiat 500s in Australia, making a total of 88 sold from beginning of the year til end of March.

CarAdvice has contacted Fiat Australia regarding the 500 four-door variant and its Australian availability in the future. Article will be updated once we hear back.

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  • cfc

    Looks a bit strange, and that’s being kind. Half the reason people buy the 500 is its cute looks. This looks half 500, half Panda.

  • Shak

    I guess they will need a car with more doors and cupholders and wheels and stuff in general to please the NA market, because as they say you can never have too much of anything, so why not go bigger.

  • Able

    Still stupid they only sell the 500/500C in Aus, the 500 Abarth, Punto Evo and Punto Abarth better be here soon! I remember seeing a Stilo Abarth in NZ and being amazed at how cool it was and how Fiats weren’t sold here, 5 years later and they still have no lineup :(

  • Ricky

    Fiat will soon be history in Australia. They have discontinued the Ritmo and Punto, due to abysmal sales. The 500 is not selling well either, and a car company can’t survive on just 1 car in it’s line-up.

  • Handsome_Al

    Simply horrendous… anyway who cares about Fiat in Australia…

  • Baddass

    Hmm, it kinda works since the original 500 had a little wagon version too, so if it’s appropriately titled it could make more sense. Now I know they won’t be in the same market together, but in essence, doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the Panda?

  • Mythfrances

    I would buy a Honda Jazz with that money, i think its cheaper too.

    Fiat is never serious about Australian market anyway. Just let them leave if they dont intend to bring us better cars.

  • Matt

    Doesn’t this render the Panda a little useless?

  • jojo

    Fiat sold 118 cars in Oz during March. If the Ritmo & Punto are no longer available and only 32 Fiat 500 were sold then where did the rest of the sales come from?

  • http://Fiat George

    4 door is very Fuggly