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China’s Great Wall Motor Co will take another step closer to European invasion next week when it unveils the Great Wall Tengyi C30 at the 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The all-new sedan has been specifically designed to meet European emissions and safety standards with the view to sell it in European and domestic markets.

The Tengyi C30 is similar in size to Toyota’s Yaris sedan with a 2610mm wheelbase, 510 litre boot and weighing 1136kg.

It will be powered by a 77kW/138Nm 1.5-litre all-aluminium VVT engine and CVT, and also features ABS, EBD, dual airbags, anti-theft system, leather seats and a sunroof.

Daniel Cotterill from Great Wall’s Australian distributor Ateco Automotive said the car was not currently on the horizon for a local launch but admitted he was going to Beijing next week to take a look at the Show.

He confirmed that Great Wall’s plans to release a small car in Australia by the end of 2010 were still on track.

The 2010 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition runs from April 25 to May 2 at the China International Exhibition Centre, with prices and specific sales markets for the Tengyi C30 to be revealed closer to its release.

Four other Bulgarian-assembled Great Wall vehicles will join the European line-up in 2011: the Florid and Coolbear sedans, the Hover 5 SUV and the Wingle ute.

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  • Reckless1


    The front of thet red thing is ghastly.

    Might be a better buy than Proton and Yaris, though.

    And a worse buy than almost anything else.

  • Dave

    The front of the red car is a little unusual. But I think it is cool, much like a roaring tiger.^_^

  • Lazybones

    Looks like the bastard love child of a Seat/Lincoln!!

  • Jeremy

    The white boring looking one could do well in Australia if they price it right (like the Proton S16), but that red one could find a niche market with Wolverine wannabes on a budget…

  • Valet Dabess

    the grill on the red one is a little too extreme, tone it down a little and i’d buy it

  • Chris

    European safety standards with just dual airbags?

  • gary

    use your brain power, it won’t be a surprise a chinese brand can build a yaris with lower cost, it is not rocket sciense.

    • eclipse

      i am afraid you were wrong at this point
      the chinese rocket got even more market share than its cars in global market

  • riceboy

    like the korean and japanese auto makers, give them 10-20 years to get their act together and then i might start considerting their products…

  • Stevo the Devo

    Eagerly awaiting ANCAP results.

    • Lazybones

      It might score some stars if they crash test it into jelly rather than concrete

  • Gary

    Didn’t know yaris sedan actually has a boot around 500 litres.

  • ChairmanMao

    You missed THE most important issue.

    WTF is the price in Euros or USD?

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman.

    Every car manufacturer wants to get a strong foot hold into the Chinese market due to the fact they are the biggest consumer of cars globally.
    This in turn gives Chinese car manufactures a bargaining tool to expand into markets that normally would not consider their brands.

    • Frenchie

      10.5 million cars last year which just under half are local chinese brands, the rest are joint ventures. Only 4% of their vehicles are exported overseas.

  • Shak

    Those figures for a car are a very good indicator of whats to come. Boot bigger than a commodore, leather as standard, and it don’t look that bad either. And judging by how many of those GWM SUV’s i’m seeing it shows private buyers will tend to shop around and the wallet holds the final vote.

  • gary

    more importantly to most people here, this will push the brands we prefer to lower price and refine their products and packages.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman.

      Unfortunately we don’t buy enough new cars in Australia. We wont see any real competition until the popular brands conceder them as a threat.
      For example the Koreans are taking a large chunk of most markets. But you don’t see Toyota offering huge discounts.

      • Reckless1

        That’s because they are so darned obstinate about everything. Even when cars are shooting off at a rapid rate they deny it….a trend set by Mitsubishi some years ago.

        But Toyota won’t reduce prices – they don’t have to, since matching the Toyota build will see the Korean prices increase to the same level enyway. They’ve already done that with most of the newer models.

        $45-50 for a Sorento – same price range as a Tiguan.

        • david

          Yep! and id get the Sorento

          • Reckless1

            I wouldn’t :)

        • Hung Low

          Except the Tiguan would fit into the boot of the Sorrento!
          Both overpriced imo!

  • Mike

    I would buy second hand before buying Chinese

    • rocket_v6

      i would rather buy a new chinese car than a second hand…had horrible experience with the second hand dealers

  • boris

    i love it bring them here so i can buy a fleet of them……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………NOT.

  • PocketMissile

    Absolutely Crap..

    • ptwhite2003

      …you probably should explain your opinion a little or people won’t take you seriously.

  • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

    I think its great value. I wouldn’t buy one personally, but for someone whos just concerned with getting from A to B but wants something new and well-built, Chinese cars will have a huge appeal. And leather seats, sunroof, fog lamps, side mirrors with indicators – these are all features usually only found in the premium models available in Australia!

    • nick

      Well-built? You obviously haven’t read any of the GWM reviews on their SUVs.

      • david

        Its the interior thats not up on par id say…Not bad first model here!
        Bodywise, its tight and well put together.

    • Reckless1

      Have you seen Chinese Leather? Same quality as Chinese Rolex watches.

  • Baddass

    You can see GWM clearly played it safe with the design of the silver car. So inoffensive it’s boring.

  • toxic_horse

    You need a big grill because that monster 77 Kw 1.5 needs serious airflow…

    Seriously though, that grill looks ok but the number plate in the middle of it makes it look crap. I also think it would be better without the silver trim.

  • Fernando

    I wouldn’t consider buying Chinese cars until their reliability is proven. Even if they are cheaper than Japanese or Koreans by thousands bucks now it is meaningless if I have to pay thousands to fix it. Also resale value will drop if their durability has bad reputation. I think economically it’s too risky to put my big money on unproven product. Cars are way more expensive than other Chinese products such as cloths or shoes that I feel comfortable to buy.

  • david

    I rather like the Red one…Different and agressive

  • Les

    The Red one’s Lights are straight off a Kia Cerato

  • GoHyundai

    their site says “A 3 Year/ 100,000km warranty and a 24 hour roadside assistance program gives you that extra peace of mind that you would expect for tough work vehicles like these.
    The Great Ute of China is sure to provide Australian owners with an experience that can be summed up in one word……..Great.”

    only a 3 year warranty…VS hyundai/kia’s 5 year/unlimited km warranty…

    • Shak

      KIA/Hyundai dont offer a work ute that is going to be tortured everyday