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Updated: 8th April @ 1210 with more on-road images.

Although we’ve spied the upcoming BMW 6 Series Convertible on a number of occasions now, it wasn’t until this morning that our spy photographers snapped these images of the BMW 6 Series Coupe.

Spotted on a small transport trailer, this new BMW 6 Series Coupe prototype displays a different roofline, ‘B’ pillars and larger side and rear glass. Our spy photographers said the lines on the roof are a disguise only and that this model is indeed a traditional hard-top Coupe.

It’s believed the new 6 Series will share the same engine lineup as the current 7 Series, including a diesel-powered option. Rumours say an M6 version will not be offered this time round, instead a dedicated sports car model will be introduced.

A BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo (GT) is also expected. The four door hatch/coupe ready to tackle the new Audi A7.

  • FalconUte?

    Its been de-Bangled…..

    All smooth and now Chris’s work is slowly becoming history, that’s till he takes off with the Chinese

    I love the paint job!!

  • Dale

    I heard that if you stare at these for long enough, you see a 3D image :P

    • Shak

      I think it sort of worked with me.

  • Luxury009

    Looks rather sleek, much better than the current bullfrog-ish look.

  • Frenchie

    My mum and dad had wall paper like that in the 70′s. Look carefully and you see a naked women!!!