by George Skentzos

AutoGespot has acquired spy shots of the as yet unreleased 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STi lapping the Nurburgring.

Despite the extensive camouflage, similarities to the WRC Concept can be easily seen.

The front bar and grill as well as the larger hood scoop appear near identical to the concept car, whilst the rear has received a far more extensive redesign.


The rear wing has been dramatically toned down, this is in stark contrast to the number of exhaust outlets which have doubled to a total of four which is sure to unlock the iconic boxer burble.

The STi is said to be powered by a revised version of the 2.5L boxer which is expected to produce around 225kW. However some markets will receive a smaller 2.0L version which maintains the same power figure but lower torque.

Expect handling to dramatically improve over the WRX with extensive suspension upgrades as is customary with all STi models, especially with so much room for improvement in the current generation.


This is Subaru’s final weapon against the Lancer Evolution, all expectations are riding on the STi to determine whether this car belongs with the rally car’s or the hot-hatch’s.

For the rest of the pictures, visit AutoGespot.

  • MrIncredible

    Oh yes, quad exhausts, hell yes!
    This is surely going to have the boxer rumble.
    Please subaru, don’t dumb this one down!

  • YellowFans

    wow..nice buggy looking subaru. It is really cool man.

  • Jamison

    Looking good, I’ve read somewhere before this that the STi will resemble the WRC a lot anyways, so not that surprised.

    But, this the design is growing on me a lot, Now all they need to do is announced that the front and rear side fenders are 40mm wider in each side, and I’ll be all over it like white on rice. it would look so much more aggressive that way, especially with that front and rear bumper.

  • Nige

    Starting to look better now its a bit wider etc. I hope they get rid of those horrid tail lights, they look like something you would buy from eBay

  • DES

    cool, like it alot,more flare to the guards needed so it sits down low on the road. Don’t tame it down, make it more like the concept car.

  • Tez

    Replace that ugly reflective triangle on each side of the rear lights and this car looks at least 200% better from the rear angle. I am convinced Subaru designers have a problem with designing appropriate headlights and rear lights for their cars. They could have saved their company a whole lot of money by not designing that crap in the first place, don’t bother manufacturing it and then causing buyers to have to replace it with a body colored panel. That money could have been used to better the interior, especially the door trims and rear seats. This car will be $60K+, it sure makes me reconsider the VW R32. I am torn between the sound of the boxer 4 and the VW 6, both sound amazing… well the Subi with an aftermarket exhaust. Yet another modification that will be required… if you like the noises a car makes!!!