• MrIncredible

    Hell yes!
    Finally these legendary cars are coming down under, a little exy though, but if you can afford it, why the hell not!

  • Jason

    hmmm supercharged 5.4-litre V8, oh man, I want!

    Do the cars get any suspension tweaking for aussie roads? Or are they still using the dinasour system from the states?

  • Liam

    Not sure why this is newsworthy. Mustang motorsport in VIC http://www.mustangmotorsport.com.au/ have had this on offer for a while now as well as a Transformers one off and the mad GT!

    When I moved out here from the US I had trouble comprehending $115,000 for a pony car, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au George

    I’ve seen one around, great looks and sound, fit right in with the rest of the Australian muscle.

  • John Kirkham

    @ Jason

    The ‘stang come’s with horse & cart rear suspended bum.

    It’s the Shelby that’s got a independent sprung backside.

    Now, would I buy either model… hmmm, if I had a really small dick… yeah, probably.

    (Don’t ask me about the length, what about the width ?!)

  • Grumps

    I think owning one would be great but that price is a bit too much me thinks.

  • TuffGuy

    Why would anybody, let alone a Fordophile, pay so much for a piddling 224kw? Even a bog standard Falcon has more. Also there is a ton of other cars to choose from below that price with loads more grunt. I just can’t see the point in paying all that money for a hero pony car only to get smashed off the lights by Toyota Corollas.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    0-100 in 5 seconds…. Which Corolla are you talking about?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Tuff Guy your right its expensive. 300 BHP isnt much but for those that are buying one its not for its performance .I would have the Roush 427R if money was no object.Of course thats only if I had to have a Stang.

  • Graeme

    It might be rare, but a Clubsport R8 drives a million times better. But oh, it’s got too many doors and a proper back seat. And it’s not overpriced by at least double.
    And I’m pretty certain that even the Shelby version comes with Model A rear suspension.

  • Tony M

    Why can’t someone bring back the Bowell Nagari with a 5.4 supercharged V8 etc. etc.

    It should cost a lot less and I believe it looks a lot better.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Graeme I hear what your saying but I guess in the states the Shelby GT 500 is only $41.000 and the GT Coupe $27,000 its only when it gets here it really becomes expensive plus the conversion as well.

    I still cant believe what Ford are telling us is true,after driving the GT version recently and comparing it to the BA GT the Stang felt slower ,I know the auto was flaring but some one explain to me how is a 300 hp 3480 lb car with a diff ratio of 3:55:1 and the same 5 speed tremac that the BA GT mark 1 has can do 0-100 in 5 sec flat and run a quarter in 13.5 ? When the BA has 400 hp weighs around 3600 lbs no idea what the diff ratio is but I am sure its not 3:00:1s plus still manage 0-100 in book time 5.5 with a quarter mile time of 14.1 {depending whos driving it,stock we have got 13.5s less than that with the mods now}

    Maybe Ford US are using a speed power calculator not a real time? Do they break traction at all?

    Oh and the reason Ford still have a live axle rear end on the GT is that it would cost $5000 extra to bring it into the 21st century on top of the base price of $27.000 US.

  • The Axe

    Good on you Graeme….
    So tell us what you really think!
    Would you say the same thing about the back seat of a Monaro/GTO Coupe etc? Guess not.

    The Mustang will be rare and unique even if it is over $100,000.

  • the BigT

    in the usa a brand new mustang gt only costs 32k so y so much to buy over here y is a brand new gt500 only worth 50k but over here in aus they want 200+k for it y that is my question y??????

  • Graeme

    Hey The Axe, if you want to pay a premium for not having a back seat (or back doors) the old Monaro/GTO is still a much more sophisticated and better driving device than the good looking but primitively suspended and totally impractical Mustang.
    It all boils down to how much of an individual you want to be, and how much you want to pay for a car that’s dirt cheap in the USA, but a waste of money in this part of the world.

  • Me.

    The Mustang has to be converted to RHD, that will make it cost more than it is in the US and it seems like no one knows that AUD is not the same as US dollars thats a thing too. the Shelby GT500 is in the same class as a viper and the “Vet” so it will out do any HSV Coupe GTO.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Also you have import tax duties & freight… rarararaa.

    It all adds up to protect the Australian Car Manufacturers .

  • Andrew M

    hey missile i think the same guy that got 4.9 secs out of a GTS must have driven this aswell he he he

  • Al Juraj

    I always wanted this Mustang but for thrice the U.S. price? Why does the conversion cost more than the car itself? You can probably get the new BMW M3 for the GT500’s asking price, and no prize for guessing which is better among the two.

    Ford OZ should actually organise some sort of an exchange deal with the parent company in America. They get the Orion in LHD and we take the RHD Mustang (at a sensible price). Besides, downunder lacks a Ford sportscar while the stateside RWD Crown Victoria is in dire need of a replacement.

  • Bavarian Missile

    HAHAHAHA, yep either that or they both used the same speed power calculator.

    I knew you have a read of it ,no one else can give me an answer on so far . I would like to have a run with one I bet the GT would nail it . Even the manual cant be that much better than the auto one we drove ! I guess self praise is no recomendation from Ford US on this car.

    Hey read an article on Russell in the latest Motor this arvo they are still saying hes off to Paul Morris ……………..why would he go there?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Your not wrong Al Juraj, but most people that want a muscle car wont buy an M3 ! Even the new V8 one I couldn’t put in the muscle car class and I am a M3 fanatic. Mind you from the guy I spoke to at the unveiling of the BF GT he had just sold his BA GTP cause he was being followed by the police all the time in it,hes a doctor and he thought because of his skin colour they though he must have stole it. He traded it in on a new 46 M3 that set him back $160.000 at the time and said has had no police follow him since, go figure . Was mighty pleased with the M3 and said it would be hard to go back.

    The guy that owned mine originally had a Club Sport Commodore originally traded it in for the M3 then sold M3 for an M5 . The M3 is a little small for most guys I agree but really suits us speed freak females,I find big cars to big to throw around. My opinion though.

  • http://ACA Kevin Dedekin

    You gotta be kidding me !!

    For $115 000 i would option for the new IS-F instead with a 300kw/475nm 8 speed paddle shift tranny anyday of which would include all of the famous Lexus trademarks of flawless CRAFTMANSHIP.

    And for $179 000 pennies, i would opt a little higher and go for the V10 LF-A instead.

    Look… i have nothing against this car but when such big dollars are asked, far superior engineered and CRAFTED machines exist for similar pennies.

  • Chopstar87

    Ok people calm down…the only people who are going to buy a mustang down under are Mustang fans… when it comes to a mustangs it not all about the go… its also about the ‘mustang factor’ the heritage behind the car and every one nows what a mustang is all around the world because its so well known… and the thing with mustangs as What Jeremy Clarkson(Topgear) says… the Base mustang is just a base to build from….
    hey every one this is a base model mustang… so its real rivals are… SS and XR8/XR6… the cost is a major problem because it is a import from the states!!!!

    and if you could get a shelby GT500 for $179,000, it not that bad of deal really, again it has to be shipped over and changed to RHD…. considering that HSV was looking to charge 150,000 plus for the GTS-R which to do 0-100 about 4.5 to 4.7…

    and the shelby does it in about 4secs 0-100… i really wouldnt be complaining that much and also you get the mustang factor… because everyone looks when a Mustang drives pass because every one nows a mustang… so $179,000 not that bad for 373Kw and the mustang factor….

    and everyone would think twice before dragging you at the lights that for shore!!!!

    it may not be the best all round car but the mustangs are build for that, they are built for straight line speed like every other car from USA…. well thats my thoughts about the issue anyway…

  • Jamison

    I’m Australian currently living in the states, and I too was impress with the GT WHEN I was at Australia, thought it was good to see the classic styling rub on the new generation… NOW that I am here.. and have witnessed and driven and evaluated the new Mustangs..

    Trust me… they are “cheap” here, around 20~25K USD and you see heaps of used ones for 15K…. and apart from the high power V8 engine, which sadly is its only positive points… its an okay engine at best… its not worth the money they are going to sell it at Australia…. seriously.. its a mass produce vehicle here, with very common parts with everyday high production ford vehicles….

    they are good at the price they sell them here, I mean 20K average for a V8 weekend burnout… but for the price they will sell it there… move along I say… buy a used M3 or a Porsche Cayman…. which are completely on a different page from this car… actually make that a different library.

    It actually makes me laugh now thinking about that red Mustang I always see when i go to work back there… he thought he was king of the road… I would love totell the driver now that a lot of “P” plater equivalents and even mothers drive Mustangs here…… the novelty is out the window.

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Looks hideously American as too old hat, angular and not 2007 style. Still if nostalgia cuts in… looks nice a tad?

  • Al Juraj

    I like Mustangs, especially this new one, but I’m not paying a bloody hefty premium for it. Likewise, I Corollas, but a price like 50K isn’t something I’d be shelling out, even if I have such an amount.

    Mustangs in the US look great and provide the best bang-for-buck, but it doesn’t have the dynamics that justify its exotic car price after being shipped here and converted. For instance, you only get live axle rear suspension, as well as SOHC engines for the V6 and GT. The Falcons here have a brilliant control blade independent rear suspension and DOHC engines. The Mustang V6 engine is pretty much the one found in the previous Falcon, and the 3-valve V8 won’t outrun an XR6 Turbo. And other than the GT500, you don’t get 6-speed manual.

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    New Mustang, so retro, fantastic looks, even though I know what people mean about it not good.

    The big question is now, will the first one I will see one of these Mustang be in the US or here?

  • Bavarian Missile

    Your off to the States Me?

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Yes but not soon, I want to see a new 2004- Ford Mustang, I’ve seen the Cobra Mustang that Ford imported (recent discovery for me) a few years ago, but this is so retro!!

  • Toyota Paul

    I cant find one good looking aspect of this car… outside it looks very American….inside it looks very American…. the only saving grace is whats under the bonnet, but they couldnt have put it in a more ugly looking package.

  • Bavarian Missile

    It is Retro but a disappointment to drive,trust me!

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    Paul, it’s all about passion and classic car buffs like my self like to see the Pony car raw on. Don’t you understand how popular the old style 60s Mustangs are? That’s why Ford brought in a retro car.

  • Bavarian Missile

    NAAAA not ugly ..I wouldn’t go that far! No where as good as Australians Fords but very Retro and I wish,wish ,wish Ford Ozz could afford to do something similar! But with Boss 302/320 and our drivetrain and suspension.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey guess what car has just been picked for the new up coming
    Knightrider movie with the HOFF, the Shelby GT500KR as the new K.I.T.T. Cool!

  • Andrew M


    just as long as he doesnt use his own music in the movie ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    when i saw the clip to the “jump in my car” remake he did i nearly laughed the entire way through it

  • Bavarian Missile

    He did a version of JUMP IN MY CAR?????? Who sung the original version? Guys a goose……..but Ill go to see the special affects. Much better than original piece of crap ,didn’t go! Do you remember the original version.

    Hey did you check the results on V8 SUPERCAR site,guy on the forums said that some one had put Skaifee in the number 200 car…..?what the! Then had him in a Ford!Scary!!!!!!!

  • Me.

    Where did this person get his/her info from.

  • Andrew M

    yeah frosty topping the times AGAIN.

    gee thats one guy looking forward to next year

    he shore did do a version of “jump in my car”. when i was walking past the tellie and it came on i froze and stood there with my jaw dropped. it is so dalky. he uses the nightrider car in it too.
    its so dalky its almost like he is trying to take the piss out of himself

  • Bavarian Missile

    ill be back Me off to eat tea!

  • Bavarian Missile


  • Oz.

    I saw the first current model Mustang today at the Australia Day rally in the Redlands, but it was just a Saleen not a GT or a shelby.

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    I want one, but im going to wait till i can grab a second hand one from a tradesman that is going bust and only pay $50 large

  • dave

    I maybe old style,but without the pony on the front,to me it just does not look like a mustang!