• fxh555

    Looks like a hatch Darth Vader would use to take down to the shops! Looks and sounds great. Well done Ford!

  • vti07

    Doesn’t seem fast enough 0 – 100 for the amount of kw it has? Expecting more like sub 5 second times.

    • Reckless1

      Not with FWD and no LSD.

      • Bob

        Unless you actually know what you’re talking about and realise it has a Quaife LSD…

    • daan

      Its doesnt matter how much power you have if you cant put it to the ground. FWD and 260KW is just an overpowered wheelbarrow.

  • Nelson

    Vti07 Who cares about the 0-100? Mate these cars are about the performance in the curves and capacity to attack them. It’s not a drag racer you do have other cars for that purpose.
    Even if she is not that quick from 0-100 she is very quick from 60-110 where it really count’s in the real world.

    Me want one!!!

  • Jazrod

    I’m really going to miss the sound of that 5cylinder…

  • Lazybones

    Cruze lovers take note this is how to do an RS version.

  • matt_b

    I hope FPV is taking notes… :-)

  • MeestaNob!

    It would be a ridiculous purchase… but I think I would upgrade my XR5 to this if it were available here. Money really no object.

    LOOK AT IT. Mmmmm.

  • Depends

    What an intense drive! It sticks to those corners!

  • Hung Low

    Love the Matt Black paint, sound of the engine and midrange thrust!
    This will be worth big $$ one day!

  • Wayne Kerr

    Front wheel drive on such a car with such a powerful engine is a crime against all laws of automotive engineering.

    • Bob

      A crime that Ford have not only pulled off, but are flaunting to the automotive world and the naysayers with one very large and proud upright middle digit!!!

    • Nelson

      Crime is what Ford Australia is doing to us. by not selling the RS OR RS500!
      Even Mexico gets the RS and other south American country’s.

      But I have came to a conclusion why, its all related to the cost of production, especially when they have to build them Right hand steering!

      Lets pressure Ford Oz to bring the RS or the government to change driving to the right (left hand steering)!

  • toxic_horse

    I want one, i love the colour.

    • David

      I wouldn’t expect anything different from a Ford owner, but you do know that Black is not actually a colour don’t you?

      • Shak

        I dont own a ford and i still want one. And Black is a shade much like white.

      • Handsome Al

        Anything I can see is a colour.. Otherwise it is transparent.. Transparent has no colour.. Black or white is colour..

  • Tony M

    V8′s watch out.

  • QwkEddie

    Although I believe that this car should’ve been awd,it’s a great send off for this MK2 version.The car should slay anything that the overrated VAG “hot” hatches have to offer.
    The Golf R would be faster from 0-100km/h due to it’s awd but after 100km/h…well, the RS would blow it into the weeds infact,I believe that it would give that “hairdressers” car,the Audi TT RS a scare.

    • noj

      Haha the TTRS your joking right, so on that it would be faster than a Porsche Cayman S? The trouble with this car is that there is no use having all that power if you can`t put it to the ground. It would suffer from severe torque steer and its like alot of cars they look good on paper. BTW Ford can only dream of becoming VAG.

      • PG

        you need to read up on revoknuckle suspension…

        • toxic_horse

          please drive it before making sweeping statements.

        • noj

          I have and the thing still has Torque steer not as bad as the previous Focus RS but its still there.

        • Shak

          Its a differential not part of the suspension. The suspension has nothing to do with controlling torque steer.

      • QwkEddie

        I compared the TTRS because it has the same power and torque figures as the Focus RS 500.I mentioned the word scare,I didn’t say the Focus would be faster. I am very well aware of the differences between the cars but a comparision would be interesting.
        If Ford are indeed dreaming of becoming VAG(especially VW) well… then they have set a dissapointing goal for themselves Ha!

        • noj

          Haha take a look at Fords line up and then look at VAG`s, there is no comparison. VAG wins hands down.

          • os

            Let’s not forget where the Golf got it’s IRS from…..;)

            As much as I love VAG, (I drive a golf) the Focus is a pretty impressive small car.

          • My Cars Called T-Rex

            And whats the bet VAG copy revoknuckle and calls it somthing else.

  • Andrew M

    Ok back the truck up….

    Is this thing covered in vinyl, not paint???

    What a nightmare to fix a stone chip…….

  • Martin

    Who in their right mind would want that much power going through the front wheels…

    • Steven

      Go and read some reviews. It’s a similar system as the Renault Megane R.26.

      You would be amazed at how well these cars handle their power through the front wheels.

      • Martin

        I’m not saying it can’t handle it well. Just personally, I think that kind of power would be put to far better use in AWD or RWD.

        • Nelson

          RWD would never work for a car that small, unless u like donuts!
          I do agree with the AWD but at the end of the day FWD are great for Tarmac rally.
          By the means that’s what makes it fun for me!

  • Shak

    If Ford offers this exact car in this exact colour, i will switch brand loyalty right now. this car is no hot hatch, its not even a super hatch. Its the king of Hyper Hatches. I dont care if it cant get its power down, it looks breathtaking and if it can use even 50% of that torque, then it will be magnificent.

  • Shak

    (“Australian RS fans should not be too disappointed though. Ford’s global technical chief, Derrick Kuzak, says the next-generation Focus RS will be a global car as part of the company’s One Ford program, meaning there is a strong chance it will head Down Under.”)

    • Nelson

      Yes it might.

      But it’s this 5 cylinder engine that we will miss out!

  • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

    Awesome car. I agree that AWD would be nice, but that paint, seats and overall look are to die for. One of the best looking hatches I’ve seen to date.

  • nick

    If only all Focus interiors looked like that.

    • Martin

      Totally agree! It looks fantastic.

      Shock horror! I actually like something from Ford. :D

      Front bumper doesn’t quite tickle my fancy, or the FWD thing. But otherwise I quite like this as a whole.

  • t-rex

    sorry,it will not keep up with my wrx sedan(current model)in the twistys

    • John

      Your joking if you think this wont be able to keep up.

      the focus will destroy a WRX.
      wouldnt even take much for an XR5 to keep up.

      • Nelson

        Yep FWD very strong in tarmac rally!

  • Bob

    You’re right T-Rex. It wouldn’t come close to keeping up. It’d be screaming on in front and gaining with every corner.

    The STI would be a much better comparison. Would be very interesting.

    • Nelson

      Finally some that understands that FWD are for the twists!