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by Matt Brogan

The new Renault Samsung SM5, which CarAdvice spy photographers caught testing in Australia last week, is enjoying strong sales in its home market of Korea since going on sale there in January last year.

Designed in Seoul and manufactured at the firm’s Busan plant in South Korea, the SM5 sold 60,960 units in Korea for 2009.

On the day the SM5 was released (January 18, 2009), a record 2012 orders were taken for the SM5 which is currently available with a choice of four- and six-cylinder engines. A diesel model will be made available at a later date. The SM5 uses the Renault-Nissan alliance Xtronic CVT transmission.

The new SM5 measures 4890mm (L) x 1830mm (W) x 1490mm (H) and offers such features as tri-zone climate control with air ionizer and fragrance diffuser, a massaging driver’s seat, Bose premium audio system, Bluetooth connectivity and adaptive, directional bi-Xenon headlamps.

Renault Australia’s Managing Director, Mr Rudi Koenig, told CarAdvice that although Renault does test its future cars in Australia from time to time, they are not always models planned to be launched here, and that at this stage there has been no announcement made regarding the sale of the SM5 in Australia.

  • G

    Not a bad looking car, except for the old fashioned fake wood.

  • qqq

    looks about as interesting as an impreza… sure it will be well loved by the aus public…. pity

    • Innova

      Err.. I think Australian buyers would not buy any large sedan except Falcon & Commodore.

      • GoHyundai


        • InfinitiUniverse


  • Calabria

    This, like Dacia, is another model that could very well save Renault in Oz!

    Load it up with goodies, slap a Renualt badge on it, and sell it for $19,990 driveaway.

    We DON’T need another $30-something orphan sedan here in Oz.

    • Steve-Poyza

      This is worth way more than $19,990. Its packed full of gadgets and features that would usually only be found in cars of a much higher price. I reckon around $35,000 for the base.

  • Jake03

    They should try selling this in Japan….


  • Steve-Poyza

    Its amazing how little work they put into differentiating the SM5’s interior from the Laguna’s. It is almost identical! Just a few different colours here and there. Funny because the exterior looks almost nothing like the Laguna. I reckon if Renault put their badge on this car and brought it here it’d sell a lot better than their cars, it seems that Australians takes to this styling better. Maybe even bring the SM3 here instead of the Fluence.

  • Shak

    Would be a worthy competitor for the local large car establishment, because it would show them a thing or two about interiors and equipment levels.

  • Matt

    Is it just me or is there a lot of i45 and Lexus in the rear end?

    It’s really a shame how car companies just copy each other here and there, very few have interesting and unique designs.

  • jinsei

    The SM5 lags far behind the competition in engine performance. It’s 2.0 petrol produces only 105kw while the equivalent 2.0 in the all new Sonata (i45 here Down Under)puts out 123kw.

    Also, its CVT significantly curtails power delivery from the already underpowered engine. A South Korean review has measured the actual power engaged on the front wheels(since it is FWD) to be only 79kw, which means 26kw lost in power delivery. This is on par with that of the Kia Cerato, a small car that runs on 1.6 petrol.

    So this is one decent looking car that has been failed by a poor engine and transmission. The previous gen model at least had a better transmission sourced from Nissan.

  • ADAM