by Matt Brogan

GM Holden has today announced Mike Deveraux as its new Chairman and Managing Director.

Mr Devereux succeeds Alan Batey (who has been appointed Vice-President of Sales and Service for Chevrolet in the United States) and comes to GM Holden from his previous position as the President and Managing Director of GM Middle East Operations, based in Dubai.

GM’s President of International Operations, Mr Tim Lee, says Mr Deveraux’s diverse global experience and passion for cars made him ideally suited to the new role.

“Recent leaders such as Mark Reuss and Alan Batey have set a very high benchmark in dedication to the people and products that define the famous Holden brand – and Mike will be no exception,” Mr Lee said.

“Coupled with an absolute passion for cars, Mike brings rare experience across almost every area of the automotive business including manufacturing, product development and senior management roles in GM’s international operations, marketing, sales and aftersales including the then newly formed e-Business group.

“Mike’s most recent outstanding work in the Middle East, which has traditionally been an important export market for Holden, makes him a strong advocate for his new home and the historical brand even before he steps on Australian soil.”

First joining General Motor’s St. Catharines Engine and Foundry Complex in Ontario, Canada in 1984, Mr Devereux went on to work for GM’s Service Parts Operations International group in 1989 working in product development and sales. He followed this role as launch manager for the 2000 Cadillac DeVille and in subsequent director positions in e-Business and the Global Sales, Service and Marketing Organisation.

Mr Deveraux, 44, also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from the GMI Engineering & Management Institute and a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University. He will begin his new position at GM Holden effective immediately.

  • Lazybones

    Not even Wikipedia can keep up with Holdens fast moving directors. I’ll give him 12 months.

  • Valet Dabess

    wow he looks really young

  • Shak

    Mate dont unpack your gear, just rent a storage garage and live in it, you probably wont be here for more than six months.

    • Andrew M

      ha ha yeah,

      They need an Aussie who is here with passion for the aussie division, not some American/Canadian who is here to earn his stripes and to list a few more positions on the CV.

      Look at Marin Bruela…..
      A once humble Geelong Ford worker now in charge showing he actually cares.
      He has already over turned decisions the yanks before him have made.

      History shows that only Aussie bosses of Holden and Ford Aus actually care about their respective divisions, the rest are only here for the stripes and couldnt give a stuff about the company…….Well the Australian part of the company anyway

      • Shak

        I fully agree with you on all pints except one. It is generally true that Aussie bred bosses are usually more in touch, but i dont reckon Reuss was half bad. He’s trying to still help Holden from NA so he is still playing a key role for Holden.

      • The Realist

        Aussies with Harvard MBAs won’t work for Holden, they’d rather work for a true blue chip company.

        Besides, what’s wrong with an American running an American company?

        • Shak


  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman.

    Something tells me it does not matter who sits in the “Chair” they will not be afforded any real power over the direction of the Holden business.
    Good luck Mike….

  • greenroom

    good luck sucker. great education however, congratulations A++ for qualifications and experience.

  • Publicity machine

    The obvious choice to lead Holdens would have been Ferrier Hodgeson. I understand he has vast experiences in Liquidating insolvent companies.

  • gt

    Apprecaite all the patriotic comments but Mike is actually a Scouser (Liverpudlian).

  • Shak

    What car is he in by the way?

  • Dashe Reno

    The worst customer service at Holden Victoria hey Holden have you seeing how many Customer are having problem with captivas this will be the end of you lying to so many people about your Captivas

  • Dashe Reno

    I did file a court proceedings today QLD Court Civil action I’ve contacted ACCC Authorities MP, Department of Infrastructure and Transport I have over 50 your Customer getting together and stopping Holden from selling Captivas you must tell your customers that Captivas have numerous problems and its up to that person to purchase the Captiva Lemon

  • Dashe Reno

    Hoden you have ruined my life all because of selling me Lemon Captiva I have been numerous time to fix the car I can’t do this anymore I want my money back