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The Nissan Tiida hasn’t been a best seller for Nissan, having had such a strong brand association with the Nissan Pulsar, the Nissan Tiida has never been able to properly carry the weight of its predecessor. Feburary saw only 536 Tiidas sold. Nonetheless that may all change thanks to the new 2010 Nissan Tiida Series 3.

It’s been four years since the Nissan Tiida arrived in Australia and with the Series 3 upgrade buyers get a whole bunch of new features. Most importantly the Tiida ST grade will now feature standard curtain airbags and the higher-spec Tiida Ti model gets 16-inch alloy wheels, standard leather trim and climate control standard. Those after a Tiida Ti hatch will be delighted with their new sunroof as standard.

There has been no changes to the drivetrain with the Nissan Tiida making use of a 1.8-litre engine with 93kW @ 5,200 RPM and 174Nm of torque @ 4,800 RPM.

“Now, despite the increase in standard equipment, pricing is at least $1000 less than the previous model, further enhancing the outstanding value proposition with Japanese design and engineering in this very competitive market,” said Dan Thompson, CEO of Nissan Australia.

With 42,000 Nissan Tiida’s sold to date, the new 2010 (MY2010) Nissan Tiida had to look a little different so the range also gets an updated interior and exterior. Most obvious is the new front and rear bumpers. The new Nissan Tiida is now 45mm longer on hatch models and by 30mm on sedan variants. The hatch gains a new taillight design with the indicator now moved to the centre of the cluster. The Tiida Ti models come with new body-coloured side sills.

Additionally all Ti models come standard with 16-inch alloy wheels, (195/55R16 tyres) and the lower spec ST Tiida sits on 15-inch steel wheels.

From the inside the addition of leather upholstery and steering wheel on Nissan Tiida Ti Series 3 Sedan and Hatch models as standard is a bonus, so is climate control and an updated stereo system now capable of taking MP3 compatible CDs and also MP3 Player Input.

Additional minor details include an updated meter cluster (with fuel economy readout) and new metallic-look on Tiida Ti dashboards. The Tiida ST models come with the addition of curtain airbags, cruise control, power windows, standard steering wheel audio controls.

Nissan Tiida Pricing


  • Tiida ST -$17,990 ($1000 less than the previous ST model)
  • Tiida ST auto -$20,240 ($1000 less than the previous ST model)
  • Tiida Ti – $21,990 ($2000 less than the now deleted Q model)
  • Tiida Ti auto – $24,240 ($2000 less than the now deleted Q model)


  • Tiida ST – $17,990 ($1000 less than the previous ST model)
  • Tiida ST auto – $20,240 ($1000 less than the previous ST model)
  • Tiida Ti auto – $23,240 ($3000 less than the previous Ti model)

The Nissan Tiida has always been a car that has touched both the light car segment and the small car segment, sitting somewhere in the middle and hence proving excellent value for those not looking for either type of car.

Nissan says the Tiida will compete well with the light car segment given its level of standard equipement and also its relatively larger size. According to the Japanese giant the Tiida is designed to sit between the Nissan Micra and Nissan DUALIS when it comes to size, specification and pricing.

“The best news of all is that despite this marked increase in standard equipment, Nissan has been able to reduce Tiida prices across the range, doubling the benefit to our customers, The broad appeal of the Micra, Tiida and DUALIS, as well as the award-winning new Maxima, combined with the upgraded Murano, and just launched 370Z Roadster, mean Nissan has a compelling range of highly attractive vehicles with which to win over more customers in 2010,” said Thompson.

Previous Series : Nissan Tiida Review

Nissan Tiida Specifications

  • Engine: 1798cc DOHC four-cylinder (16 valve)
  • Power: 93kW @ 5200rpm
  • Torque: 174Nm @ 4800rpm
  • Induction: Multi-point
  • Transmission: Six-speed manual
  • Driven Wheels: Front
  • Brakes: Disc/Drum with ABS, EBA & EBD
  • Top Speed: Not Tested
  • 0-100km/h: 10.8 seconds
  • CO2 Emissions: 182 grams per kilometre
  • Fuel Consumption: 7.6 litres per 100km (ADR)
  • Fuel Consumption: 7.9 litres per 100km (As Tested)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 52 litres
  • Fuel Type: 91 RON Unleaded
  • ANCAP Rating: Four-Stars
  • Safety: N/A
  • Spare Wheel: Full Size Steel
  • Suspension: Strut (F) / Torsion Beam (R)
  • Cargo Capacity: 289 litres
  • Road Noise: 68dB @ 100km/h (As Tested)
  • Tow Capacity: 1000kg (Braked)
  • Turning Circle: 10.4 metres
  • Warranty: Three Year / 100,000km
  • Weight: 1158kg (Tare)

  • Tom22

    This is a very crowded segment and i highly doubt if a minor facelift will make any difference

    they arnt bad cars, but there is no way i would buy one over a Mazda 3, Ford Focus or Holden Cruze diesel.

    • Shak

      Im with you. Theres nothing really wrong with the Tiida, its just that the competition is so well established, and genuinely more well known.

      • Andrew M

        There is something wrong with this car.
        They turned their pulsar which had a good following into a grandma looking car that people dont know how to pronounce.

        Tiida is around 5 years old now, Focus 8 yrs and Cruze 12 months. The only really established name plate in the segment is the corolla, and its starting to get dusted by the Mazda 3 which in turn itself is only 6 years old as a name plate.

        Its nothing to do with it not being established, its just a very un appealing vehicle with a name noone has heard of

        • Shak

          But is this really a successor to the Pulsar. They had some sporting variants and were actually proper hatchbacks. Just because a car replaced another in the same segment does not mean its trelated in any way. You do know the Tiida is a stretched Clio, thats why it’s proportions are so weird. What i meant by established was the Brand. Holden make good small cars, Ford make good small cars, and mazda make good small cars. This is what people think.

          • Andrew M

            Yes it is a pulsar successor.
            This is nissans entry for the small car class since discontinuing the Pulsar.

            Are you trying to say the pulsar wasnt a respected small car??

          • Baddass

            Since when does Holden make good small cars? Cruze is a step in the right direction but the Barina is pretty shocking (though good for a 18-year old, female art student). They still are better known for their big sedans and utes.

          • Shak

            First of all i said the Pulsar WAS good, and they replaced it with a stretched Clio. And the Barina is a ‘light’ car, not a small car ala Focus, Cruze and Golf. I sort of worded my reply wrong. While it may be a successor it is not a proper Pulsar. Do you get me.( MY10 replaces MY9, with the Tiida, it was MY9 Pulsar replaced by Tiida)

          • Andrew M

            I think you are digging a deeper hole Shak.

            So when you say holden make good small cars, you must be referring to its direct replacement the Viva???

            And if you say you refer directly to the small car class, one minute you say Holden, Ford and Mazda make good small cars implying Nissan never had, then you say the Pulsar was a good car????

            Nope, I dont get you

          • bruzzer

            i agree with Shak.
            i think what you meant to say is you dont see Tiida as a competitor to Mazda3,cruze, focus etc.

            i too think Tiida is more of a competitor to the Honda Jazz, suzuki sx4 etc.. its kinda in between the light cars and small-medium cars like the mazda3.

            and because of that it doesnt get the same attention as the other cars.
            But i tell you what as a second car for run about the Tiida is pretty good. only 1100kg, 6 speed manual, leather, climate for starting price of $21000/…bargain.

        • Richard C

          The Corolla is the only established name? Ever heard of the Honda Civic? Been around since 1973, almost as long as Corolla.

        • bulldogs

          the Tiida is No way like a Pulsar, Pulsar SSS is way 10,000 time better than the Tiida.

    • Aleks

      You have to take into consideration that you could get a Ti model for probably 20K drive away and when you compare that to a mazda 3 which is about 24K drive away for the base model, the tida starts to make sense. Yes its ugly, but money for value to terms, I think you will find it hard to find another car that will give you the level of equipment of this car for this price and this is where I think they will make their sales.

      • Aleks

        Actually I take this back, I didn’t realise price quoted were RRP and not drive away.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      Two major mistakes Nissan made with this car. 1. Change the name from Pulsar, people don’t know what they are buying. 2. Use Kim Cattrell to launch it. Effectively putting the Tiida into the same category as a women’s hygiene product.

    • mick

      Just driven home from a Nissan dealership with a Tiida TI for my mum, i was a bit reluctant to buy a new car in 2011 with rear drum brakes and the reports weren’t that great, wasnt bothered by the rear seatbelt issue as nobody will sit in the back seat. But then i thought its not my car, so it doesnt really matter
      Have only driven it 20km, and it’s a bloody nice car, im very impressed, fantastic value for money.

  • maximark

    It’s still ugly, and still doesnt have ESP, even as an option, one of a few unsafe small cars out there.

  • Jazrod

    The Tiida Ti seems VERY well priced considering it’s equipment levels… I’m in the market for a small hatch, and even though I’ve shot straight too a FocusTDCi, (which carries an almost $8k premium over the Tiida [with my options box]) it seems fairly tempting…

  • Crossy

    They probably wouldn’t have seen such a drop off in sales if they had kept the Pulsar name. A lot of people struggle with pronunciation of Tiida.
    In such a competitive market, having a known and trusted brand is always an advantage.

  • AAA

    The Tiida is a Yaris direct competitor in the US, Asia and other parts of the world. But it’s a Corolla competitor in Aust. $24,000 for a Yaris competitor is just too much.

    • TSI

      why don’t you add leather and sunroof in yaris.. i wonder how much it’ll cost also in the 5 doors hatch not the 3 doors one.
      i think tiida is much more rear leg roon if you wanna compare with yaris. it might be roomier than corolla…

      • WTF

        Well, no body is buying the tiida so argue all u like

        • TSI

          there is nothing perfect..It doesn’t look nice i agree but it’s worth to buy if you compare with any other brand and model.. Or can you find the car that look very nice and also well eqip come with leather and sunroof it this price $22900 drive away..

        • ptwhite2003

          Not nobody. 536 sales in February.

        • LN

          Geez how wrong are you?

          People are buying the Tiida for the value they are getting with the tiida… We are alone expecting record sales for the Tiida this month.

          They compare the tiida to the corollas, mazda 3s, honda city and lancer and they find the Tiida much cheaper.

          IMO I see the Tiida’s direct competitor to the Hyundai i30s and Kia Rio.

    • Innova

      Hey mate, Micra is Yaris competitor, not Tiida.

      • AAA

        That’s in Australia (Micra is Yaris competitor). The Tiida is marketed in Australia as a Corolla competitor and the Micra is marketed as a Yaris in Australia. That’s why you THINK the Micra is a Yaris competitor.

        Elsewhere in the world, the Tiida/Latio is a Yaris competitor.

  • Adam

    Next please…..

  • Valet Dabess

    they updated it… i i couldn’t tell from the photos. idk, nothing about it stands out

  • Andronicus

    I just dont know about this car.
    I think I like it….but then I see the front end and I fall asleep.

  • Benron

    Pay the little extra and buy a Lancer in SportsHatch or Sedan

    Japanese built [not just like the Nissan dude is pretending] better backed, BETTER car full stop.

    If you dont spend the best part of just $3k extra, you have rocks in your head…..

    The sooner they can this junk box and bring out a new generation Pulsar the better, or will they continue on to Series 47?

    • Andrew M

      bring back some better styling with a pulsar badge before people forget what it once was

      • toxic_horse

        remember the pusar was pretty boring to begin with. Even the SSS was very dull.

      • http://www.diletokyle.com kyle

        the nissan tiida is the best car nissan has brought out better that a pulsar

  • Ricky Bobby

    I’m sick of you clowns picking on this little guy. While it is not a looker, it drives well. A savings of a few thousand dollars can really be helpful when you have a mortgage.

  • zahmad

    This does not sell because of odd looks, and that very out-of-date lap slash seatbelt for middle passenger!

    Pulsar was a much, much better car that looked good and had some go!
    Such a shame really.

    The Renault-Nissan alliance once again hasn’t benefited Nissan much – Nissan got a Tiida, and Renault got their excellent Clio and Megane…..

  • James007

    Tiida Series 3??? When was the Tiida Series 2 released??

    This actually looks a little better, but I still wouldn’t buy one.

    • Jon Leong

      mid 2007

  • AAA

    There’s no temperature guage in this car. Only a light telling you your engine is stuffed. And rear drum brakes ~

  • Jesse

    What an ugly car…and yet I still can’t tell the difference between this and previous versions(didn’t know there was Series 2)!

  • Yonny

    Rear drum brakes. No ESP. No lap/sash belt for the rear middle seat. It’s sort of ugly as well, especially the sedan. The interior reminds me of the 120Y. Why on earth would anyone buy one of these? If it was maybe $16,990 driveaway maybe, just maybe you’d consider it and overlook its lack of basic safety equipment.

    Why don’t Nissan just take this dog out the back and just shoot it.

    • Ryan

      Actually i can correct you with many of your assumptions, I own a Nissan Tiida Series 1.

      Rear disks are not required on this car the brakes in this car are better then the most recent corolla i drove.

      No Center Lap/sash Was only an issue with series 1 models this was corrected when the series 2 model came out.

      The reason why i bought this car was because no other car (including the crapolla) could beat the amount of space this car has and the interior noise when driving is non existent. Also what do you mean by the lack of safety equip. still many cars in this class still lack ESP Non-Standard. Although i am disappointed as to the lack of Option for ESP.

      • Yonny

        I’m not sure I’d agree with your assessment that rear disk brakes are not required, even if brake performance appears to be adequate.

        I wasn’t aware that the Tiida now has a proper rear centre seat belt – and I read the specs from Nissan’s website before commenting. Glad it now has a proper lap/sash seatbelt.

        Have to disagree also about the lack of ESP in other cars in its class, given that Nissan wish the Tiida to be seen as a Focus/Corolla/Mazda 3/Lancer competitor. I can’t think of a single car in its class that doesn’t have ESP available as an option or as standard equipment.

        Look, the Tiida is probably OK, but surely you’d agree that it is a bit behind the eight-ball specification-wise – and Nissan’s latest upgrade has done little to correct that. I think if this car was viewed as competing against the Yaris/Jazz/Mazda 2 it might not suffer as much by comparison.

    • franz chong

      Right Now Ford Dealers are offering LX Automatic Focuses for just under 24 Grand Driveaway with more fruit salad and equipment than Tiida plus the safety levels are a lot better.Pay the Extra for a Better Car Even the CL is not too badly packaged.For those of you who really do need the space I suggest plump the extra for a PEUGEOT 308 OR MERCEDES A CLASS IF YOU CAN afford it.

      • maximark

        Whatever you buy,DONT buy the Focus, check Australian Ford Forum and you will why. Peugeot could be a pain after the warranty finish. I wouldn’t buy an A class Mercedes since it’s overpriced and doesn’t even come close to the mazda3’s handling & dynamics.

        • Yonny

          Too right – the Focus, built in South Africa, is still a dodgy proposition – unless you like shoddy build quality, suspect paint, bad panel alignment, inconsistent panel gaps and poor door fitment. And please, no comments from anyone who has a trouble-free Focus – I’m sure they managed to build at least one of them correctly.

          • franz chong

            I guess It is either this or going back to my Mazda Dealer for a 3 will be the way I am headed when it comes time to trade in my 2006 Tiida at end of warranty period in 2011.now doing my calculation and checking also how much money there is in the bank before doing so.I will test the Mazda next year and see how much they are willing to give me for my Nissan first before doing anything.The Extra Money you spend on something better is worth it.Even My Mazda dealer reckons I made a mistake buying that sex in the city mobile not knowing it was a girls car.Blame My Mother I really wanted that Demo Van Like Mazda 2 back then and would have got that had she not said no!!!.

  • Hung Low

    This car needs to go, it is outdated in this competitive segment, but Nissan does some good deals on price negotiations and I would say it will undercut its competition in price vs standard kit by a fair bit. The few positives about it are the build quality is good, excellent reliability and it has the interior space similar to a mid size car i.e Euro/6.

    • AAA

      It may to tall due to the tall boy design. I rented one for a week and it doesn’t seem to be wider than a Yaris ~

      • Hung Low

        True about the roof height, the front area is quite narrow but the rear is large.

  • nick

    The Tiida is outclassed by all of its competitors:
    -It’s unsafe
    -It’s ugly inside and out
    -There isn’t much rear legroom
    -The proportions are ridiculous
    -The boot is too small
    -The engine power and fuel consumption figures are nothing to write home about

    As for value-for-money, the Holden Cruze has a similar amount of features and more safety features for about $1-2k extra. It astounds me why anyone would buy one.

    • Ryan

      Yeah 1-2k extra, but also a car made by, HA Daewoo….

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      wrong on more than one thing nick,

      rear legromm is HUGE.longer than anything in it’s class.thats why there is so many as renta’s in vic.

      boot in the sedan is quite big.not length wise but very deep.must be 400ltrs.thats bigger than alot of its rivals.

      its not unsafe.it has all the airbags and abs,etc.its never going to get the 5 stars without esc.

      its an old biddy’s car,thats all…

      • vti07

        Yes, the rear legroom is massive, more than some medium sized sedans.

        It was a mistake ditching the well known Pulsar badge. Even calling the car “Versa” wouldn’t be as bad (as it is called in the US).

        Likewise Qashqai is a daft name for a Dualis (for some markets).

        Imagine Toyota in Australia was forced to rebadge the Corolla as an Auris (like the rest of the world). The car wouldn’t quite sell so well.

  • Sam

    The problems with the Tiida

    1. The first advertisement with the Sex in the city lady branded it as a girls car. Kiss of death.

    2. An ugly car, it looks like a Renault which is what it is based on.

    3. Crap mechanicals, not even a hint of sportiness in any model unlike the Pulsar.

    Too bad because it is cheap and roomy.

    • pp312

      “3. Crap mechanicals, not even a hint of sportiness in any model unlike the Pulsar.”

      I’m not sure lack of sportiness means “crap mechanicals”. That phrase should refer to lack of reliability, the one thing the Tiida doesn’t seem to be criticised for. I own a 2009 Tiida hatch and wouldn’t exchange it for anything. The interior quietness and huge interior (heaps of legroom) make it unique–you feel more like you’re driving a family saloon than a small car. Plus it’s surprisingly zippy, even the auto. Give it a fair go, guys, especially if you’ve never driven one. It truly is a very nice car to drive.

  • Gan Tan

    Lap centre seatbelt- Check
    No Stability Control- Check
    Interior that trails everything except for Protons offerrings- Check
    Ugly as hell exterior- Check
    Stupid Name- Check
    Weezy engine- Check
    Outdated 4 spd Auto- Check

    • pp312

      “Weezy engine- Check”

      Wheezy engine–really? I have one and I hear no wheezing. In fact the engine is so quiet that I keep going to start the car when it’s already started. That’s the only problem I’ve found with it so far.

      “Outdated 4 spd Auto- Check”

      Outdated? In what way? It changes gear efficiently when required–check.

      “Interior that trails everything except for Protons offerrings- Check”

      Not sure what this means. The interior is more roomy than anything in its class and many in the class above. That’s damned important to a lot of people, as is the ability to get in and out of the car easily. Again the Tiida excells here with its greater height.

  • AnchorMan

    Well the sales say it all – 500 odd sales in Feb, compared to Mazda3 3000, Corolla around 3000, Lancer around 2000 – Nissan may as well take it off the market and concentrate on their better quality models (if they have one).

    • http://dodge franz chong

      Some Nissan’s are great like the GTR,370Z,Micra,Dualis and don’t forget their range of light commercials and four wheel drives and the often under rated Maxima.Then you have rubbish like this Tiida.

      Off the topic a little has anyone seen that ad for the latest Volkswagen Polo with the four guys in the car.I find that non offending and easy if you are a male buyer to relate to.A 77 TSI would be my first and best alternative to anyone even considering a Tiida regardless of your gender.

  • Andy

    Honestly after nonths of searching it came down to two options, a second hand pulsar n16 or the mazda 3. I chose the Pulsar on basis of value and fuel economy and am very happy with it. The Tiida really was a huge mistake for Nissan, replacing a solid, well established, almost good looking car with an ugly, stupidly named, underdeveloped bargain basement piece of rubbish which was and still is outclassed by its predecessor and many korean makes. I dont care what people say it is ugly and its space does not make up for its looks. Admittedly my Pulsar trails it for space, power and modern styling. But for its age its quite good and at less than half the price how could i possibly go wrong, $7,500 for a 50000km Ti example. Well ive made my choice. With a full size spare, 1kw less power and it doesnt look like a van.

    • TIIDA ST


      • Yonny

        Where to start…..

      • http://dodge franz chong

        They are fantastic little cars the Tiidas and look wonderful.I have a series 1 2006 version which has been great except it had spent more time at Panel Beater Shops,Tyre and Brake Specialists and the Dealership Service than expected in the four years I have had it.She is being traded in next week for a cute little Micra in Geneva White as I needed a more suitable car for work purposes.

      • http://dodge franz chong

        a fantastic looking car is a POLO OR A FIESTA NOT A TIIDA.It sounds like a bag of rice name.

  • franz chong

    Having a hard time deciding whether to even consider another one of these to replacement my Series 1 2006 Tiida since it is much the same as what I am driving now with the exception of audio controls and cruise control with automatic transmission models ABS,EBD plus different sound system and ventilation controls or should I go one size smaller and buy a Ford Fiesta.Plan to do something within the next 12 months.

    • maximark

      franz, I got a Nissan vehicle myself and I would never buy another Nissan due to their poor back up warranty. Their technicians (in WA anyway) have poor knowledge of their vehicle and you have to fight them to have your car fixed if problems arise. I would buy a Corollla,Mazda 3 or the Lancer ( has long warranty back up,and now they have capped service as well) I were you. If you have to go down one size, I reckon you should go for the mazda2 over the Fiesta. they are both pretty much the same regarding to handling (the Fiesta is little better I think and it’s also better looking) but mazda2 would have better resale value and reliability. Good luck.

  • franz chong

    May I suggest another option for those of us in the Market for the base model Tiida and that is go to your Volkswagen Dealer and check out the new Polo.If you can live with three doors and a 1.4 instead of 5 doors and a 1.8 in the base model without all the extras one gets on the Japanese Car plus a significantly smaller dealer network it costs about the same once on roads and dealer delivery charges are taken into account do so.for the TI Buyers check out the 1.2 litre 77 TSI Comfortline of the same car It is a generation newer and for male buyers you don’t have to feel embarrassed about owning or driving one thinking it is your wife,sister or mums car.I have a series 1 Tiida and after seeing the Volkswagen commercial recently am now undecided which way to go come trade in time 2011.it will come down to budget and who will give me a fair deal on my trade in plus the kind of driving done.

  • Noely

    i think the problem with nissan is they didn’t bring in the BLUEBIRD Sylphy here(real civic/corolla/mazda3 comptitor overseas) Tiida should be compt with Yaris and Jazz…hope nissan bring the next gen BLUEBIRD Sylphy with SSSmodel here…


    The nissan (TIIDA) IS A GRATE CAR BETTER THAN THE CRUZE AND KIA $17,990 IT IS GRATE VALUE my mum just got a 2010 tiida st sedan manual she loves it thats right extra i is just the start……NISSAN

    • nickdl

      Great, now your mum can drop you off to your primary school in it. How is it better than the Cruze when the Cruze beats it on standard features amongst many other things?

    • http://dodge franz chong

      This would be fine if you were about to buy a 370Z and thanks to the new P plate regulations needed a car for your university aged driving kids for them to go there and work due to them not being allowed to drive the sports car but other than that look elsewhere.

  • franz chong

    I just checked my Budget and It is back to the Nissan Dealer for the series 3 Tiida this time next year before the warranty runs out on my series 1.I have considered Korean Cars but the dealerships from past experience give you silly prices on your trade in against their product and the Fiesta or Mazda 2 are too small with only 1.4 to 1.6 l engines.Most Likely will seek out a Demonstrator ST Automatic.You can get into one of these for around the 23 grand mark less dealer discount.Try get into a Corolla or a Mazda 3 or a Focus for that You won’t as all of them are either off boats from Japan or South Africa


    trading in my series 1 Tiida with one year of warranty to go now for a current run out Micra.I couldn’t afford the extra nine or ten grand to buy the series 3 given I can’t see too many differences between mine and that one and we already have a family size car in our home with the 2005 Mercedes C180 Kompressor so no need for a second one and was also thinking of my mother in regards to downsizing.

  • Nicole

    Hi there,

    is there any way that I could trade in my NIssan Tiida Hatch?

    Thank you


    • http://dodge franz chong

      You could buy something like an Alto or a Micra with the weak resale values the Tiida have if you can live with a smaller more economical fun car or work out the price difference on your existing Tiida and what it will cost to get into a Fiesta or Polo changeover wise.

      I am paying a lot less on everything on the Micra than what it would have been to have kept my 2006 Tiida.

  • Bob

    okay. I also think the looks are weird and I think the current Nissan style dash is weird generally (too bland or something). But….

    I saw a plain white Tiida the other day, dumped onto Dark Grey BBS racing wheels about 18′ (not stoopid Chromies or cheap’n’nasty 20s). It totally changed the proportions and actually looked pretty darn good. Made it look…. chunky.

  • jenny

    I have had 2 Tida’s and the new series 3 is great!! Dont know what all the hhoo hhaa is about. They are affordable, great to drive, ecconomical cars and l think they look great!! Toorak Tractors are the things that should be recalled and taken off the road..

  • Franke1147

    well i have to say after driving a hyundai getz its a pleasure to to drivre a tiida 2010 that is quite on the road and is easy to park and just comfortable to ride in