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by Matt Brogan

Today, CarAdvice has the first photos of the facelifted Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Wearing very little camouflage, the revised C-Class features new front and rear bumpers, a revised bonnet, new headlamps and daytime running lamps, as well as a more upright grille.

We also expect some minor updates to the interior and some mechanical changes to make the facelifted C-Class even more fuel efficient.

At the same time as the fresh C-Class hits the market there could also be a shift in the model line-up, with a C-Class coupe replacing the CLC-Class. With the E-Class Coupe getting bigger and more expensive there should be room for a new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe to slot in.

  • Tim

    Nice, its obvious the front will me more aggresive.

  • XYZ

    Facelift already! Seems a year early – usually 8 years for each new model (facelift after 4 years). I have heard that the new C250CGI will also be sold in Australia at RRP of $65,990. Does anyone know whether this is certain? I walked into my local Merc dealer recently and the salesman said he does not know, but will find out and phone me back. He never phoned.

    • Alex II

      Yeah, facelift already, Holden can’t supply the Statesman headlights anymore.

  • Don

    Yes my parents test drove a C250CGI last week in Sydney. It is definitely being sold in Oz as there were demonstrators in at least two Sydney dealers.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/51450/peugeot-207-verve-range-expanded-for-europe/ Butch

    yeah 250CGI is out now and 200CGI (i hink that is what it is called) they replace the 200 Kompressor motor. They are both turbos with direct injection

  • XYZ

    Don and Butch, thanks for your info. The C250CGI has been very low key in Australia as Mercedes Benz has not even bothered to update its website to include it. As far as I know, Merc has not even advertised the existence of the C250CGI in Australia. Even this forum (Car Advice) has not mentioned the C250CGI has arrived in Australia.
    I had been planning to buy one when it arrives, but might wait to see what the facelift model brings (more standard equipment would be good).

    • Monster

      My dealer gave me the price list and specs of the C250 CGI at the end of Jan this year, they aren’t exactly hiding it but they didn’t bother to tell anyone. I will definitely wait for the face lift as well.

  • Lozza

    I have actually ordered a 250CGI which I have been told will arrive mid March, but cannot get an actual delivery date.

    It is very frustrating the Mercedes Benz Aust has not updated their web site and I cannot obtain any information on the model that will be released in Australia.

    Hope someone can help.

  • Anthony

    Hey guys I ordered c250cgi with AMG pack. Promised by my dealer to be delivered in
    late March 10. The C250cgi now comes standard with avantgarde trim & standard 18s mix width rubber. If you want daytime running lights you have to order Vision Package. Took one for test drive really quiet & fast.Mid range fantastic.The new model includes many bits previously as options now standard. Far Far superior to old kompressor!! If you want to check them out go to MB say Malta. They are stalling intro to get rid off existing 200k

  • Shak

    I quiet like this more aggressive model. But i still question why a facelift so early? i’d give it one more year, the existing car doesnt look that bad, and it pretty with the times.

  • Monster

    The C200 CGI is coming as well, so that will become the direct replacement of the C200k. Official price for the C200 CGI is $59 790, and the official price for the C250 CGI is $67 790. Owners will get their cars late March or early April. Prices are for the estate, the price for the sedan will be lower.

  • Lozza

    Regarding the 250CGI C Class can anyone tell me if the Australian release has LED running lights and twin exhausts. I cannot find this out from anyone.

    Mine is expected to be delivered late March.

    • Anthony

      Single exhaust only (shame), for the daytime lights you need the ILS option with Bi- Xenon (code 621)usually ordered with Vision Package

  • Lozza

    Thanks Anthony

    Real shame about the single exhaust, I ordered the vision package but not the ILS option.

    Looking forward to the delivery, next week I hope.

  • http://www.car-addicts.com ColdFire

    i’m not a big fan o facelift models, i don’t see the point of doing these , it’s a waste of time and money when they could do new models

  • http://www.sydneymercedes.com.au Mercedes-Benz Sydney

    This new design is more evolutionary than revolutionary. At first glance, it seems to borrow some current E-Class design cues. It’s nothing too radical, which suits the C-Class market and I’m sure it will do well in sales.