Mitsubishi’s successful Lancer model will soon get a new limited edition variant to boost sales. This month will see the introduction of the Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV which is based on Lancer ES model, but comes packed with more features.

The Lancer ACTiV will retain for a drive-away price starting from $21,990, the Lancer ACTiV is sure to impress. New features include 16-inch alloy wheels, privacy glass, side airdams, rear spoiler, chrome exhaust tip and the ACTiV badge.

Sitting inside you’ll notice hands free blue tooth, a leather steering wheel with audio and blue tooth controls which are bonus features above the ES specifications.

The Lancer ES is already an extremely well appointed and popular vehicle. The additional features available as standard increase the street presence and highlight the superior value of the ACTiV variant.” MMAL Vice president of brand marketing, Paul Unerkov

The Mitsubishi Lancer ACTiV will be powered by the same 2.0-litre dual overhead cam MIVEC four-cylinder engine that pumps out a reasonable 113kW of power @ 6000rpm and 198 Nm of torque at 4250 rpm. The special edition is available in both manual and CVT transmissions as well as in both Sportback or sedan body styles.

Standard features will include Active Stability Control with Traction Control (ASTC), ABS braking system with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA), (SRS) airbags, anti-intrusion pedal system, seatbelt pretensioners, and reinforced impact safety evolution (RISE). All of that means a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

As with all Mitsubishi models the Lancer ACTiV is cared for by a five year/130,000 whole vehicle warranty and further backed up by Mitsubishi’s 10 year/160,000 km powertrain warranty and a five year/130,000 km roadside assistance package.

  • Hung Low

    Cannot argue with the value for money aspect!

  • toxic_horse

    Catchy name ??? WTF

  • Frenchie

    Is it just me or are these getting cheaper?

    • Jenny Craig


      Its gone up $1000

      Still the BEST value on the market, and offering more Japanese quality for less

  • ricflair

    I’ve also heard a whisper they are releasing a Activ Outlander. does anyone know anything about this…..

    And when is the diesel outlader expected in Oz? will it come in auto

    Wooooooooo I’m ric flair

    • Baddass

      The Activ Outlander has been out for quite a while now, and maybe it’s not on sale anymore.

      • ricflair

        you can order them now from what I hear but I can’t find details anywhere……

        • Matthew

          Its called the Peugeot 4007

      • david

        RX Outlander…i seen it!!! very agressive! Sitting in a holding yard at mitsubishi QLD! Has a front face never seen before. Loved it

  • vid_ghost

    when are they updating the old Lancer.. its been around for a while now.

  • Jenny Craig

    Gone up $1000

  • AAA


    • biggie

      shut up… before they raise another 1grand…

  • Shak

    How come my previous comment on a spelling error has been removed? Its seems as if the moderators are taking things to seriously.

    • Michael

      Nice work commenting on spelling errors. You used the wrong “to”. Too mate

      • Shak

        You included a full stop after your ‘to’. And BTW my to mistake was a grammatical error, not a spelling error.

  • Luke

    This model makes the VR model just about redundant. Which picks up front sports grill + foglights, pair of tweeters + 6 disc cd stacker. for an extra what, $4k?

    This is brilliant value, and remember there is the 4 year fixed priced servicing as well on Mitsu’s now.

    20,000 clicks now on the old mans CJ Lancer. Running flawlessly. Can only suggest to option up to mudguards at the front. You find yet another stone chip down at the skirt/rear door every time you re-fuel.

    • milobob

      The VR gets more than that. In the past it used to come with all the airbags and the base model only came with 3. That has changed now though. I agree they should lower the price of the VR.. but that won’t help the sale of my VR :P.

      The VRs get more goodies like Auto headlights, auto wipers, chrome interior door handles, 6 stacker, optional 710w stereo, foggies, climate control. Also used to have a centre console which they have now put standard. Pfft.

      But this comes with bluetooth and privacy glass!!! Grr..

  • Valet Dabess

    do you guys remember what the concept hatch looked like… that was awesome. now when i look at this i think wtf happened…

    • AAA

      i like :)

  • Lancer black

    cant believe the amount of things they are giving away with this, i wanted all that on my lancer when i bought it a year ago… specially the audio controls, leather steering and spoiler…. heartbroken.

  • Robbie

    Signed the contract for a black Activ yesterday – great value, I love it. Get it in 4-5 weeks. Can’t beat that deal!!

  • ricflair

    auto or man, how much did you get it driveaway for? what to know how desperate mits dealers are at the moment

    • Robbie

      bought an auto. d/away 24k with a couple of small extras. so is that desperate?

      • Jenny Craig

        GREAT deal on a great car, its selling out fast, limited being made

      • ricflair

        sounds decent, hard to drive down the price on limited editions when they are packed with extras

      • Jag

        Robbie, Can you tell us from which dealer(Location) you have purchased the car from?

        • Robbie

          Agostino Mitsubishi, Adelaide

  • chrisb

    just purchased a red activ today….it has everything i need… wife is happy about air bags…i was happy with price/value….dealer prepared to deal on change over…forgot to test drive…. figure it will drive better thun my 5 year old lancer

  • KEN

    Dear prospective lancer buyer,

    Warning from a lancer owner

    Mitsu. warranty does not cover paint chipping and their paint chip like no tomorrow, worst then most cars

    Insist on the dealer to state the manufacturing date of the car your are buying on the contract, else you will expecting a big surprise on the day of purchase.

    • Jenny Craig

      Dear Mr.Ken Wong

      NOTHING wrong with the paint on CJ Lancers, please check used, demo and 2nd hand for sale and see for yourself.

      Mr.Wong i think your upset as the dealer *tricked* you into a 2009 build and not a 2010 built, look its lost you around $3k, forget it and enjoy the great vehicle you own, its a very very good one

    • FrugalOne


  • dent

    + 4 years free servicing

    • dent

      Sorry….4 years capped price servicing

  • HarryMcG

    Just signed the dotted line on a silver Activ sedan manual $19800 change over with old 1999 Magna. Very happy but did some hard negotiating.

  • Ben

    Just bought a Black Lancer activ with metallic paint thrown in.

    Also got the front two windows tinted and paint protection for $22613….

    Not bad :-)

    • Robotman

      Ben, I assume that was for the auto? I’m looking at the same.

    • Jag

      Ben, Can you tell us from which dealer(Location) you have purchased the car from?

      • Ben

        Mitsubishi Toowong.

        Still about 2 weeks away from driving it!

  • matt blu

    picked up the activ today…effect grey, manual for 22440 drive away with full tank of fuel. so far love it

    • http://MitsubishiLancerACTiv Jodi

      Hi Matt, I was looking at them today and loved the effect grey, do you find it noisy whilst driving ?

      • UnderBrakes

        The Lancer makes little or no noise in the updated models, no more noise than anything else in the segment.

        RISE body is so stiff, really done a great job the engineering team, be ok in a accident, heaven forbid!!

  • KC

    Hi every 1….i wud like 2 get help from u guys who got mit. lancer Activ…can anyone tell me is this d right choise n how abt d colour…..i prefer black but they say it gets worn out if stay in sun for longer time n u have 2 clean n police more frequently….is it true???????????? but i’m really thinkin BLACK…..helppppppppp me outtttttttttttt

    • UnderBrakes

      Black is VERY popular, let me go on the record and state NOTHING wrong with the paint job, the thickness of the paint, and the quality workmanship.

      Just hope you love washing it!


    • mymitzy

      Picking my activ up in a few days, i decided to go with the white, from past experiences with any dark car, they get so dirty so quickly plus with the extras i had added – full tinted windows, the white sets it off far better than the black.

  • Robbie

    The Mits. Activ is the best value for cars in the same class – I looked at them all and basically the lancer has more for less. The Activ pack is a good buy. As for your colour choice, any car that is kept outside permanently and not garaged will suffer over time. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a new car unless I was going to garage it, but plenty of people do and choice is up to you. Black is best when clean and worst when not. I have just ordered a black Activ but you have to be prepared to clean it! If you clean each week black isn’t an issue – who buys a new car in any colour and doesn’t clean it? But, if that’s you do not get black get silver.

  • Kirst

    I was just hoping to clarify..
    Was it an auto or manual you’ve purchased?
    I need auto, however am only able to spend about the same as what you have.
    The metallic paint would be great too if I could afford it :)

    • Hung Low

      I would say manual because the dealer margins on these d/away deals are minimal, so to negotiate another $2k off Ben would have to be a hypnotist!

  • Mandy

    I bought a white one on Saturday. It was just being delivered and I traded in my 2002 Nissan Pulsar which had done 160,000 and not in a good condition bodywise. I paid $18,690 for an auto with some floormats thrown in. I chose a white one for safety and it is supposed to be a good colour to keep clean. I probably could have got a better bargain if I had shopped around but I saw it Saturday morning and was driving it Saturday afternoon. Not bad!

    • car nut

      Hope you weren’t driving around in Perth the day you posted your spam – hail storm!

  • car nut

    Looks like another con to move more overpriced lancers

  • KC

    hi every1…i’m jst wonderin abt the paint they hav called X PACK protection…i book lancer activ grey colour n they asked me 2 put on this X PACK worth $2495 n for me they drop to $1795 includin 2 front window tint….i don’t know is it d good value or not…only thing i’m attracted is tht X PACK got High gloss paint that they makes brilliant shine than any other old paint protection n is life time warranty……well guys any opinionnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………

    • Yonny

      This post is hard to read – just like your previous post.

      Don’t do it. All that paint protection stuff is just not necessary – and way overpriced too.

      All you really need is the 2 front windows tinted – and that should be a few hundred dollars at most.

      • Andrew S

        all you need to do is order some paint sealant (3M) and get the windows sealed, if you want rust protection go CoupplerTec Electronic Rust Proofing! I worked for them and the product is brilliant other than all the crap on the market out there like Ming or ERPS…

    • mymitzy

      I got the xterior and interior protection pack for enviromental damage and any spills on the inside, it is covered for the life of my car, any issues i take it back to my dealer and i will be fixed up… even 15 years on! was 2g but with some extras thrown in walked away happy.

  • shannen

    Hi, am thinking of buying a car but is thorn between Mitsubishi Lancer Activ and Ford focus LX…can you please let me know which one is better? Ford has hot deals which is of similar price as Activ. Thanks!!

    • UnderBrakes

      A new Focus has just been released in Europe so our S/African is the old model.

      Make no difference really, the Focus is junk v the Lancer.

      So the Lancer all the way, better built better backed, end-of-story!

  • Yonny

    My opinion, for what it is worth, is to go for the Lancer – but if you want the Activ get in quick as I hear they are running out already). The build quality on the Focus is still too variable (ie not all that good) and it can suffer from a range of niggling component problems.

    On a more practical note, the driving position in the Focus is a bit cramped. On the LX the audio “remote” controls sit on a pod on the left hand side of the steering wheel (at least they did on my 2007 LS model LX) and I was forever bumping my knee on it. Also, the sun visor sits just inches from the head if down slightly to cut overhead sun – and I would bang my head on it every time I got in or out of the car – never had that problem with any other car. By contrast the Lancer seems to provide more room – did not feel packed-in like I did in the Focus.

    Other factors: Lancer has better warranty, fixed price servicing, plus you can buy it with a full-size spare if that is important to you (as it is to me – got a flat just last week, 220 ks from home – imagine how pissed off I would have been if all I had was a space-saver spare that meant I had to drive at 80 ks all the way home….)

    • shannen

      THanks for the inputs, Yonny! that really helped 😉

  • daniel

    i just got a deal for 23700 drive away best i could get around sydney and that was with my dad a former employee at that dealership. not bad considering 2 other mits dealers said 24500

    • gurungd

      Hi daniel I am thinking of buying ACTIV model as well But i hate go around bargaining. Which dealership did you go to? Your help is appreciated. Thank you

      • daniel

        i went to paul wakeling at campbelltown and i think phil gilberts near homebush both gave me the same price of 23700. better get in quick man tomorrow is the last day.

  • rhen

    My husband already signed the dotted line.. for mitsubishi activ 2010 $25,390 drive away. Automatic/Metalic paint (Red), Tint For all the Windows, its 450 extra for metalic and another 450 for the tint. Unfortunately we werent able to get anymore extra apart from throw in Matts.. Bloody mitubishi dealer In mackay QLD..

  • gurungd

    Thanks Guys will be very helpful.

  • Chris

    I bought one at Wayville, SA for $21,800 driveaway with tinting, metallic red paint and ‘grown up’ spare tyre included. Shame the CD is only single disc on the Activ but hey..

  • Man

    Hey All,

    Just thinking of getting either Mitsubishi Active, or Honda Civit VTi or Toyota Corolla Asscent and got confused. For auto, red I am budgeting 23K. could you guys suggest me….which one is better for money, resale good value, operating cost etc..
    thanks in advance..

    • mitsuman

      I’m quite interested in a Mitsubishi Activ or VR model, but I have heard and read that the Lancers having poor quality paint hence getting lots of stone chips especially on the sides, also there’s no mud guard which makes it worst. Can anyone driving a Lancer confirm this is true or not?

      • Yonny

        Paint seems to be a problem for US-built Lancers, from what I can tell from reading overseas blogs. Oz Lancers are built in Japan, and perhaps the paint quality is better.

        As it happens, I’ve just bought a Lancer, a white one (what can I say, I prefer white), and the paint quality looks excellent to me. Miles better than a Ford Focus (they look like they are painted in the middle of a dusty field on a windy day. Maybe they are – the build quality on the rest of the car would support that theory).

        I did look at the paint on a few other Lancers (silver, red, black, champagne, blue) before I decided on white, and the paint quality looked good, though they did suffer from that very common problem (of cars with metallic paint) of the paint on the bumpers looking to be ever so slightly different to the paint on the rest of the car)

        • mitsuman

          thanks for you input yonny.
          yes most of what i have read is from usa but there’s some coming from aust as well, and

          i had a second look again at the dealer and the dealers used car yard on the lancer. looked at 2 used lancers 08 model. I can confirmed that the sides towards the back wheels has got lots of stone chips, but have been painted and touched up. from what i observed its not just the standard stone chips but really a lot. most are quite small and i only noticed it when i am down on my kneees and running my fingers on it. can’t see it if i’m standing.

          also the new activ models, mud guard can’t be fitted due to the side air dams, thats what the salesman said.

          I also test drive the cvt & manual models, i would prefer the cvt over the manual, its very rough, couldn’t engage 2 to 3 and 3 to 4. a bit disappointed. I think i have to consider again, but the activ models is indeed well price and good value.

          • Yonny

            I had a look at that spot (the side of the car towards the rear wheel) on my car. I can see why that spot would be vulnerable to stone chips. The bodywork sort of flares out, and I guess it’s only a matter of time before it gets pock-marked.

            Maybe Mitsubishi should be fitting those clear plastic covers on those spots on the Lancer – I’ve had those on another car (I can’t remember which one) and they did work to prevent stone chips.

            Mind you, I think it’s just the quality – or lack thereof – of modern paint. Over the past few years I’ve driven 2 Focuses, one Jazz and one Outback up and down the road between Canberra and the coast, and all of the cars suffered from stone chips. The Jazz in particular seems to have very thin paint.

  • Robotman

    Activ Lancer Auto – Effects Grey, Bonnet Protector, Mats, Dark Tinted Windows, Petrol: $23,165. Drive Away. Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

    • Eskimo

      Hey Robotman =) Few quick questions…
      Which dealer exactly was that? And when did you buy?

      ps. Negotiate much?! (seriously good price!)

      • UnderBrakes

        Gut feeling that would be EastSide Mitsubishi, a Jefferson Group company, they gave me the 2nd best offer, best was from Heidelberg Mitsu. so i purchased it from them.[$1000 less, a fair bit, yes?]

        Cheers and enjoy the BEST car in the segment!

      • Robotman

        HI Eskimo,

        I signed on the dotted lines on Saturday (3rd of April). And despite my love of the internet for assisting me in understanding car prices (research, research, research), the specific dealer has asked that I not name them. Normally I would scoff at this but if everybody walked in with that price they might get knocked back. And yes they want business but they wouldn’t be making as much money (as distinct from too much money? :)) if they sold the car at that price to everybody.

        My recommendation is go in with two things in hand: 1) the specific additions with absolutely NO deviation EVER, and 2) an exact price you want (plus a slight buffer). I didn’t negotiate too much. Two weeks of solid price research and negotiating techniques. One visit to the dealer to meet him and two emails later I’d signed.

  • Leece

    Bought a black Activ auto yesterday. Paid $12,000 as traded in my Ford Focus 2007 LX. To anyone considering purchasing one and getting the front windows tinted and/or paint protection, don’t do it via the dealer. I have had my previous 3 cars tinted at a local tinting place. For all windows, darkest legal tint I never paid more than $270, plu if you get paint protection done at the same time you can usually get an even better deal. I had paint protection on my focus and it looked amazing, never needed to wax the car again. Well worth it (but not form a dealer! too expensive)

    • Yonny

      Just curious, what was your Focus like? Any problems? As I said above, I’ve just bought a Lancer, and while I didn’t trade a Focus in, I’ve had 2 of them recently (including a 2007 LX).

      I think the Lancer has much better build quality and paint quality – what’s your opinion?

      • leece


        My focus was generally fine. No mechanical or electrical problems and I found that it handled well.

        I did notice that the bonnet was slightly misaligned and the carpet on the back of the seats in the boot was starting to come off. Apart from that no issues. If it was an auto I would have kept it. I do a lot of city driving and couldn’t be bothered with a manual anymore.

        The paint was fine on mine, although I had paint protection applied which would have helped.

        I am very impressed with the lancer and can’t wait to take delivery of mine.

        • Matt

          My mother (yes, I know) had the exact same Focus except it was an ’06, and 3 years on, with 30,000km on it, the entire transmission had to be replaced, and Ford wanted nothing to do with it at all, even though the car had only been 2 months out of warranty. They (quote) “were not obliged to help or pass on any information.”

  • Petie J

    I just purchased the Activ in Canberra, got $9500 for my 2006 Lancer which i thought was a great deal as it has been through hell n back..

    Anyway my question is, they tried slugging me $2000+ for paint protectant, does anyone know if this really works???

    I didnt do my last Lancer and the paint (blue metallic) was sort of stained and hard to get it out (like water stains from the windscreen washer points)…

    I heard to go somewhere else, what does paint protectant do and how long it lasts. Where in Canberra would i go?

    • leece

      Paint protecting is the way to go. I stongly recommend it. My last car looked a treat with it and i paid about $300 to have it done. I would not be paying $2000. Any car window tinting place will do it. I have found that if you get your windows tinted as well they will knock a little off the price.

  • shannen

    Is anyone from WA? We have just bought a Lancer Active with bluish/greenish colour (forgot the exact colour name). The dealer is offeringa fabric and paint galze protection for 695$. Is it worth it? Are there any other shops which I can get this? thanks

    • Jabiru

      Hi Shannen, I am from WA, picked up my manual lancer active sedan in effect grey last thursday night. I got mine from a northern suburbs dealer for an extremely good price, they also threw in car mats, dash mat and full tank of fuel. I didn’t get all the paint protection etc as I thought it was a bit of a ripp off and apparently you can shop around to have this done elsewhere. But so far I am really happy with my car, it drives really well, the blue tooth is coming in handy and I have had loads of comments from friends and family on what a nice car it is :-)

  • Shak

    Why does Mitsubishi insist on using that weird hatch thingo in all its advertising.

    • UnderBrakes

      Because it sells?

  • Jules

    We picked up our new lancer activ on friday arvo and had a blast driving it over the weekend, but our info button doesn’t work. Still waiting on the “service dept” to call us as to when we can book the car in. Traded our Santa Fe 02 world cup model but didn’t receive any extra’s not even fuel ot mats. But other that the button very happy with the car.

  • Robbie

    Is anyone driving their auto activ yet? Signed 6 weeks ago & still waiting..

    • leesa

      Yep, got mine two days ago and signed at the start of April. Have you got yours yet?

  • Dpain

    hey robbie i got my lancer within 10 days… mate jst giv some push 2 ur dealer…….woohhhh n lancer drive is really gr8…n all i was thinging is bonnet protector…..cud anyone help me where can i get d cheaper one around sydney…n most importantly alarm.. dealer want 2 ripp me off…so guys suggest me some nice place….:-)

  • damn June

    Can anyone tell when would mit’s stop selling Lancer activ

    i dun have enough budget yet, planning to buy it in June if possible

    cant give this up !!! so much values at a reasonable price!

  • Trish

    Having trouble making up my mind. Have done comparisons with other small cars but Lancer Activ price seems to good. I do alot of freeway driving and worry that it won’t stand up to it. Has anyone compared the activ to the Mazda3 and what are your thoughts.

    • Yonny

      Have recently bought a new Lancer. Trust me, freeway driving is not going to be a problem. Presumably you are trading down size-wise, if you think this might be an issue.

      I didn’t compare directly to a Mazda 3 when I was shopping, but I imagine you’d be happy with either the Mazda 3 or the Lancer. The Lancer will be cheaper than the Mazda, but the Mazda probably (definitely) has a classier interior.

      • Trish

        Thanks Yonny, actually my little Ford Laser is close to dying so size wise I won’t notice the difference. Yes Mazada’s are alittle more expensive but when I test drove the Lancer Activ and viewed the style of it I was thinking this price is too good and I just wanted to get some others views on what they thought. Thanks again

  • Dale

    I looked at the manual Activ for $22k against the base Mazda 3 manual at $23k today. Seems a lot more creature comforts, including safety ones on the Lancer for the buck. Also looked at the Impreza which was $24k.

    I am big guy and the Mazda 3 seemed a little tighter. Leaning toward the Activ, anyone know of any other to throw into the mix.

    • OzBlogger

      Comparing Lancer Activ, Mazda 3 & Holden Cruze CD Auto myself
      Lancer definitely is the best value for money
      Cruze & Mazda 3 have a better interior
      About to test-drive these soon , and will then make a choice

  • leesa

    I took delivery of my activ a couple days ago after saying goodbye to my 2007 Ford Focus…best thing I did! The car is fantastic, no complaints at all.

    • Yonny

      Yes, the Lancer is twice the car the Focus is – good build quality, decent paint, roomy interior. And the best part about owning a Lancer is, you don’t have to deal with a Ford dealer or their shonky “service” department.

      • matt

        get a room

  • jon

    Whats the best price I can expect for a manual activ sedan with

    black pearl paint
    mats front and rear
    ipod connection
    headlight protectors
    front mud guards
    full tank o’ fuel


    and what does privacy glass mean? just dark glass and if so how dark?
    Its late in the promotion will this help my bargaining (not enough cars sold) or hurt my bargianing (too many cars sold) ?


    • tim

      hey jon, not too sure about the price. I’ve got a black one on order and they gave me the paint for free and front window tint for not much more. As for the privacy glass its only for the back windows because its too dark to legally have up front. If you’re going to get one i recommend getting the front windows tinted to make it look a bit more balanced.

  • TonyT

    Just picked up my Cool Silver, Activ, Sedan in Auto. Waited one week. 24000 flat, boot liner, mats, tint, fog lights and a full tank of fuel.

  • MissEmJay

    I’m in the middle of purchasing a Silver Activ sedan, $21990, manual, with no extras (dealer was already over their allocation apparently so no luck choosing colours or extras)
    Will pick her up on Friday, looks great in silver, not looking forward to the first stone chip though!

  • col j

    just got our black lancer activ,unreal car driveaway $22440.very happy with all aspects of the vehicle

  • seashell

    I signed on a Lancer Activ Sedan, Automatic, Lightning Blue, VRX spoiler, mats & bonnett protector, $24,400 drive away on 17 May, it’s already arrived in today 25 May ready for me to pick up. Got it from Eastside Mitsubishi Vic.

    I wouldn’t believe dealers not letting you choose colours or extras, or giving you a schpeil about long wait times.

  • S.reilly

    I’m going for a test drive tomorrow at Alan mance Mitsubishi footscray Vic. I am so keen on this car and this new deal with the activ has got me excited! This will be my first car and I don’t know what to expect… I want bonet protector and floor mates along with all the extras from the deal. My limit is 23-24k. Any ideas what to expect/get?

  • PN

    I signed a deal on a 2010 sedan manual Silver Activ today, 21650 drive away with metallic paint, floor mats, door chrome handles and a full tank of fuel. Is that a good deal guys?

    • JimmyT

      Hey PN,

      Sounds like a good deal, what dealer did you buy from?

  • Sue

    bought lancer activ 24 march 2010. Perfect for 3 weeks then back to dealer 6 times since then. When car is driven over 50km distance on cruise control next time you stop or slow down no acceleration then slowly crawls off. This is really dangerous when you come off a freeway and turn into traffic and you have no acceleration!! especially with traffic heading for you. First time dealer said was just a gliche and Mits. Tech. Dept. didn’t know what it was but it kept happening. I’m a country driver so happens often!! Eventually changed an electronic part but still happens. Now been with Neil Beer Motors Seymour for past 8 days waiting on Mitsubishi to authorise another part replacement. Whole transmission is being talked about but can’t get any answers from Mits. Quite rude and tell me I have to wait till repairs which they can’t tell me what they are get authorised by Area Manager who is at meetings on holidays or some other excuse. Emailed them and got a reply acknowledging email but that’s it. So car sits at dealer and there is no time frame I have been told I just have to wait. Would appreciate anyone who had similar problems give a bit of advice

    • Tracey

      Hey! We bought a brand new 2010 Mitsi lancer active ES in November 2010. About a month down the track we were driving along to the Sunshine Coast and then all of a sudden the engine shuts off and then boots back up again, lights flash on dash saying ‘check engine’. Took back and they advised it was just a one off computer and they reset the etacs and reset fault codes. Then about 2 weeks later we were down Gold Coast and the whole engine shut off and airbag light came on, check engine light came on and seat belts lights (pretty much them all came on). We drove straight away back to Brisbane to dealer and they said that they would replace etacs unit and it would take 4-6 weeks to come from China which we said was unacceptable and they managed to get one in 3 days! Now we have problems with the fan/heater/aircon as it doesn’t even go now!! Checked fuses and all good so not sure what the hell is going on!!

      Pretty unacceptable for a brand new car less than 6 months old!! So over it, wouldn’t recommend a mitsi to anyone!

      Hope you got yours sorted!

  • shehan

    hey guys…just reading bout wat plp have been sayin bout the activ….i jus got an activ automatic black with the rust proofing for 23,200..getting it tomorow

    • shehan

      oh yeah and it came with floor mats and premium license plates

  • Krusty

    Black Activ, ordered last week, ready today.
    Carbon Scuff plates
    Tow pack

  • Kat

    Just bought a Black Lancer Activ Sedan – manual. $22 619 with tinted windows and paint protection. It’s one of the last black ones left in QLD…….so if you want one GET MOVING :) Can’t wait to pick it up on Monday :) WHOOP WHOOOP!!!

  • DW

    I just bought a Lancer Activ and I am very impressed. The only problem i have had is with the Bluetooth. I can pair my phone (Nokia 5800) with the car, add numbers to the phonebook and it automatically switches to bluetooth if i dial from the phone…but i cant voice dial from the car. I looked at several other cars, Impreza, Elantra, Mazda3, Civic and Corolla and they were no match for the specification level of the Lancer Activ.

  • AM

    just got word from a few WA dealers that they’ve run out of the manual models. still a few autos left however. guess i have to look at something else… the lancer ES is only $500 cheaper haha.

  • lanzerblue

    Hi Peoples,,,,,,, just recently purchased myself a blue lancer activ hatch,,,,,,,,,, am very impressed. Also purchased personalised plates with the word,,,,,,,, lanzer was wondering if anyone might be at all interested in purchasing them for their new lancer activ. they are slimline.

  • Garry Koppen

    We are buying a new car soon and look like being too late for a ACTiV.
    However it looks like the new SX model could be the next best thing and it would be a MY11.
    If anyone is buying one or has already done so could you please let us know what price you get it for.
    A CVT Sedan in metallic would be what we are most likely to buy


  • Athos

    So, what is the difference between a Lancer ES ACTiV and SX?

    • Ken

      Either will be alright.

      Notice that both models have skirt now, which i believe that local dealers are trying the fix the problem of stone chipping problems on the front arch of the rear wheels, of all existing models.

      • UnderBrakes

        NOTHING wrong with the paint Ken Wong…..

        • David

          Yeah I have a great car. There are paint chips collecting on the rear wheel arch though. Only had it a month. Will apply plastic paint protection sheet.

  • Tracey

    Hey! We bought a brand new 2010 Mitsi lancer active ES in November 2010. About a month down the track we were driving along to the Sunshine Coast and then all of a sudden the engine shuts off and then boots back up again, lights flash on dash saying ‘check engine’. Took back and they advised it was just a one off computer and they reset the etacs and reset fault codes. Then about 2 weeks later we were down Gold Coast and the whole engine shut off and airbag light came on, check engine light came on and seat belts lights (pretty much them all came on). We drove straight away back to Brisbane to dealer and they said that they would replace etacs unit and it would take 4-6 weeks to come from China which we said was unacceptable and they managed to get one in 3 days! Now we have problems with the fan/heater/aircon as it doesn’t even go now!! Checked fuses and all good so not sure what the hell is going on!!

    Pretty unacceptable for a brand new car less than 6 months old!! So over it, wouldn’t recommend a mitsi to anyone!

    • S P Ryan Mobile

      Hi Tracey, My Lancer Active Manual Sedan is now 4 months shy of being 2 years old, Talk About issues….. Hmmm.. I have had my car to the service department at least 6 times now, small things such as the window winder button falling into the door trim, the back of the passenger door mirror falling off.. the more major things- the car audio system had to be replaced as both passeneger speakers were cutting in and out, service personell tried to tell me that it was the speakers.. i knew there was absolutely no problem with the speakers as when i used the blu-tooth the sound came through crystal clear, and to have both front and rear speakers (passenger side) do exactly the same thing,Hmmm…. I have had all the issues repaired and i was still impressed with the car itself untill today, i was travelling from home to town (approx 3 Klms) with my 1 year old son in the back seat, the weather is poor, raining etc, when all of a sudden the electrics went hay wire, all the lights on the dash were flashing (same as you) check ABS, doors are open, check engine, atc not on, bla bla bla. I also had no indicators working, the windscreen wipers stopped (dangerouse in the rain), very cranky about that (having my son in the car) i couldn’t see the road. luckily i could get to the safety of the shoulder without other cars hitting me or me hitting them.. I have since been to service dept and they have not heard of such a problem, i have to take the car back this afternoon to find out whats going on.. will post results later..
      I don’t want to have to park the car in front of the dealer and fill it full of lemons.. lol
      Also Tracey, what was the result of your issues?
      I am concerned with the safety implecations for for beatiful family..

  • Davidd

    Hi I’ve read all these comments. Bought my lancer sx a few weeks ago. Have checked the wheel arch in front of rear wheels and they have already collected many small chips. Applying clear plastic protector film tomorrow :( Love the car. Too bad about this tiny issue. I’m applying protection elsewhere as well just in case.

  • Kosta

    Just bought a Lancer ES Manual MY12 Metallic Paint, Convenience Pack, Full Size Spare Tyre, Chrome Muffler Tip, Car Mats, for $19,500 drive away.


    i just got a Lancer and the shotgun bullets bounced back off the body with no damage, must have the greatest paint on the planet.
    drove it underwater and the electrics never gave a ounce of issue
    what a fantastic car nothing else to say!


      +1, “ken wong approved”

  • dog



    how much do you think I can get for my Lancer 2007 special edition, all black, tinted windows, still just in warranty (last year i think, have to check with the service team) Manual, 5 Speed, sports grille, racing tyres, 71,000 odd K’s ? Anyone know how i find out what i can sell it for? Forced sale, i love driving it. I’ll miss it.

  • jo

    Are the manual lancer active hatch good on fuel?

  • Tommoose

    Just purchased 2012 sport back activ from dealer in Victor Harbor Sth Aus ,Great deal traded a series 2 gt 380 . The dealer has now done the 1500 k svc and im so impressed by the way they treat there customers .The vehicle is just great lots of room great boot space economy is returning 8.0l per 100 k consistently.Lancer activ is great value for money and performance round town and open road is equal to the 380 which was thirsty on fuel . I have no hesitations in recomending the vehicle or the dealer in victor harbor

  • Janet Vega



      The engine, gearbox and transmission, covered by warranty for 10 years/160000km