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Ford’s operations in Europe have arguably saved Ford Motor Co. from the same fate as General Motors and Chrysler, cars such as the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta are two prime examples.

Although not as popular in Australia as in Europe, the Ford Focus is one of the blue oval’s best sellers worldwide. To celebrate its success Ford has unveiled the new Ford Focus Estate at this year’s Geneva motor show.

According to Ford the Focus Estate is one of just 10 bodystyles currently planned for the company’s global C-segment architecture.

The Ford Focus Estate won’t be available in Europe till 2011 and a release date for Australia (if at all) won’t be known for some time.

Ford has high expectations for the Focus Estate with predictions it will become the second biggest selling bodystyle globally.

The main difference is of course the massive boot that comes with a lift-up tailgate. It will be available with a powered option in Europe.

Other Ford vehicles built on the same platform include the Ford C-Max and Ford Grand C-Max which will be available by September 2010 (Europe).

News of the Ford Focus Estate comes after Ford already confirmed a new global performance car under the direction of Jost Capito (who was in charge of the Focus RS and ST).

The highlight of the Ford Focus range will be its 2.0-litre turbo direct injection EcoBoost engine which develops 147kW but can potentially make up to 180kW of powered if needed.

  • MeestaNob!

    Well I’m waiting for the ST/XR5 to be revealed before I make any plans to replace my current car. Would be perfectly happy if it was a diesel/electric/puppy powered, as long as it has the same throaty burble under acceleration.

    • fasthonda

      Unfortunately the next XR5 will not be a 5 cylinder however,rumours(take with a pinch of salt)have suggested 190 kw,possibly the same torque figures as the current XR5.Expect a DSG trans. to be offered as an option.
      I think Ford will have a mock up version of the ST/XR5 at the Geneva show this month.

  • Andrew M

    Now thats an interior that show how dated the Current Focus’s interior is.

    It looks to have one hell of a command centre too.

    • fasthonda

      I own a current XR5 and the interior is quite good.
      The MKVI Golf I believe has the best example of a rather dated interior.

  • Andrew

    The interior is two busy, two many lines.

    I think this is why the car doesn’t sell well, the Falcon, and the Commdore and the Aurion all have relatively simple and ‘quiet’ interiors, as does most of the cars that compete with the Focus.

    • Cupid Stunt

      You are obviously a conservative person. The Fiesta with the same type of interior is a top selling car in Europe. Besides this is the next version, the current version has a far more traditional intoerior. Doesn’t sell well in Australia probably as it does not contain a gas guzzling engine with a sloppy auto box.

  • fishman

    The styling on the wagon is spot on – blows away the golf wagon that’s just been released. The rear styling in particular is fantastically resolved, I actually prefer it to the hatch in these photos.

    Please can ford australia show a glimmer of common sense and bring this over here…

  • James

    Folks, why can’t Ford start selling the Focus Estate in Australia, and bring in the smaller 1.6 diesel engine..these smaller diesels are hugely popular now in Europe generating great mileage and have more than enough power. Common Ford Australia give us the 1.6 TDCI!!!!Dump the gas gusslers!!!

  • Auto Zone Modification

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