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  • xa-mont

    This is probably one of the only automotive brands in the world that im not in the least dissapointed to see fade into nothingness.

  • ToyotaFactorySabbotager

    Hummers were ok, in 2000. I bet Ahnold made tons of money promoting these things.

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman.

    I bet an 11th hour bid will come through. Hopefully from GWM. I would buy one for $23,990.00 drive away.

  • Crossy

    What a shame, Hummers look great on the road.
    I was living in hope that the H3T with the V8 was coming here.
    No chance of that now.


    here’s a thought,

    China doesn’t need a military vehicle now.the only country who could really challange them is the good old i.o.u.s.a.China pretty much owns them now…

  • The Oracle’s Teacher

    The Hummer has had its day. They are extremely uneconomical. Time to move on.

    • Crossy

      You could say the same about Land Cruisers, Pajeros, Jeeps, etc, etc.
      Hummers fuel economy is no different to these vehicles.
      The main difference is the Hummers look way better.

      • F1 Addict

        No. They really don’t..

        • ABMPSV

          Yes they do! All cars got fuel economy with auto and petrol engine between 17 and 20 liter in the city. Hummer is not the worst 8th from 10 cars!! Anyway I do not like Hummers and 4wd cars

      • Tomas79

        No the Fuel economy was way off… Unless you are talking about the h3 which is nothing special off-road, just holden rodeo platform, with crapy torsion bars in the front, with a hummer like body… At least the Rodeo was better built and more practical!

      • The Oracle

        No, generally they really don’t look any good. I think there is a certain ridiculous humour in the black ones with light bars on the roof and 24″ chrome spinner wheels driven by a short balding blokes with a baseball cap on the wrong way. Unfortunately there are too many like that driving them and who probably have other anatomical deficiencies to compensate for.

        The humour though isn’t enough to outweigh the problems. They are poorly finished, crude on the road, back doors are way too small for easy entry and exit and the tailgate is hinged on the wrong side for RHD countries.

        They won’t be missed.

  • Valet Dabess

    i’m just wondering what all the rappers are gonna drive if they end up not making any more hummers

    • Selurs

      Cadillac Escalades (built from the same platform as the H2) are pretty much are the only thing to be seen in these days, I am lead to believe. It’s just as useless as a car (it’s still a GM truck after all), but the only way to keep your bling cred on the up and up, dawg. (ugh…sorry!)

    • davie

      Good question.

      Maybe Hummers were too noisy and affected the rappers hearing, as rappers always end each sentence with “you know what I’m saying?”

      This constant questioning would suggest that they have difficulty hearing their own words and are concerned their audience may also suffer from similar hearing loss.

    • gt6

      On the local front, it must be a sad day for personal trainers and mobile home loan lenders. Will they still make their $$$ driving white goods?? lol


    prob no chance of a hybrid hummer ?????

    while on this topic i saw a chinese man of no more than 4-5 foot tall get of of one the other day……took him a whole 10 minutes to try and fit into a parking spot at the front door of the supermarket only a yaris could fit into…but gave me a laugh as he tried then moved on when the wife in the passenger seat cracking the s#*!s….lol but I do love em if only they had a decent motor and gearbox

  • Myke

    I was annoyed a few months ago when I thought Saab was going to be killed off and that Hummer would survive. How the tables have turned…

  • john

    Shame they didn’t make them more economical.

  • Mad Max

    Fuel economy was the least of the problems Hummer has/had. More important was the trully horrid driving experiance, woefull build quality, lack of interior space, and non existant resale value.


    i wouldn’t mind having a Hummer H2 if they sold them in australia for as much as they do in the U.S. And also a little bit faster and at least slightly better fuel economy than a space rocket

  • filippo

    Oh no, now what will the formerly-trailer-trash-now-nouveau-riche posse spend their lottery winnings on?

  • SuperiorKoreanQuality

    Well, I have bling on my Hyundai!!

    • tellus

      Yeah and who on earth wants to see that abomination

  • CrustyTheClown



    • ABMPSV

      Because the car is RUBISH!!! 4wd craze is over. We are back to normal small cars. Look at statistics what a private person buys with his own/borrowed money.

  • Gazza

    Regardless of all the negative comments the Hummer was something different in the ever increasing market of cloned cars.
    It’s demise is unfortunate for the person that is looking for something different and unfortunate for the market in general as it has lost a little bit of variety.

    (Now watch everyone click the negative vote button because I’ve said something in support of the Hummer!)

  • Andrew M

    Ill tell you one market where Hummers were growing rapidly…..Limousines

    Ever see the price to hire one??? but even so their order books are pretty full

  • AAA

    Arnold should have bought a few more of these and it wouldn’t be in this situation ~

    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      The mayor of California (the world’s green state) driving a Hummer is like Tiger Woods campaining against extra-marital affairs. It just doesn’t work.

      I actually had the pleasure of being taken off road in the full size one of these in Thailand and it was amazing. Though fit and finish was terrible. These vehicles were never really going to fit into city life. They have made their statement and will become the thing of collectors which is where they now belong.

      The world needs to become efficient. Otherwise the next generation will all be driving elctric vehicles and that will be boring. There is just simply no need for this type of vehicle on our roads other than to shout “Hey I like excess”. I noticed someone above mentioned the landcrusier’s economy and as a city car it too makes no sense. As an off road vehicle however it makes all the sense in the world.

      • The Oracle

        Mayor? He’s no minor mayor. He’s the Governator!


    imagine having a hummer limousine as a daily driver

    • Stevo the Devo

      The Maccas drive-thru would present a bit of a challenge though.

      P.S. Anti-spam word ‘Hummer’ – LOL.

  • Toyota worshiper

    Good riddance to this junk-heap of a car company. Jeep should be next.

    • Millatime

      And after jeep should be Landcruiser and Prado

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        ..and Corolla and Camry. Less people would fall asleep behind the wheel if they didn’t have to see those two on the road.

        • Millatime

          and if there were no Corolla, Camry, Landcruiser, Prado as well as Aurion and Yaris and Hilux and Prius on the roads – THERE WOULD BE MORE LIVES SAVED FROM JAMMED WIDE OPEN THROTTLES!

      • tellus

        no need, the toyota throttle will take care of them soon enough

  • Sam 300TD

    Does anyone know how much they want for Hummer? Who do you call to show interest? We should bring it to Australia!


    they want to sell it for 150 million

    lets all chip in?

    • Sam 300TD

      That’s probably not a bad price if you get the assembly line as well as the brand, and the contract to supply parts to the American Government Army fleet.

      • http://bent Millatime

        150 million what? Jellybeans? Hummer is dead, it’s not even worth jellybeans, GM have taken a bath on that one!