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  • Devil666

    Echoes the Panamera? Is that marketing spin or are you taking a jab that this new Cayenne, George?

    Interior looks bliss. Wonder what sort of offroad gear you get now…

    • George

      It echoes the Panamera in the sense that it is the latest model to adopt the design style introduced with the Panamera. You can see this particularly in the headlights and tail lamps.

      Certainly not a stab at the looks, I think they have done very well.

  • crouchy

    I love that interior and can handle the front end but everytime i look at that rear, I can only think Ssangyong! Im sorry Porsche… I love you but… WHY?????

  • Steve-Poyza

    I like it. The front looks good, the rear seems to need to be in the right angle (like the Panamera) to look okay.

  • Jumbo

    Love it…. The only thing i can see the back reminding me of is the Nissan Murano. But that is not really a bad thing anyway. I will have the Turbo S please

  • The Oracle’s Teacher

    Why does everyone bag this car? Another motoring forum is full of negative comments on this new model. I’d have one if I could afford it no problems at all. I like the styling. The model it replaces was a bit bland but this one looks the goods.

  • Shak

    So they took the face off of a Cayman, and the rear of a……(i dunoo WTF that is) and the interior of the panamera.

    • ABMPSV

      Just like every other car company!!

  • RdS

    180kg’s lighter is a nice start. it can only help. :)

  • Daniel

    VW did a better job on the Touareg… those tail lights are just awful

  • Nobody

    Porsche should really slap on that 800+nM diesel from the new Touraeg into this as well. Why not the V12 from the Q7 too? Would make a whole lot of sense too for a car of this size.

  • Jimmy

    Wow. Was not expecting those tail lights. The rest of the car is a vast improvement visually on the previous model though.

  • CT

    Awful… what a backward step design-wise.

    Remove the badge and you got something looking like it has come out of early 2000-circa Korea…

    Ordinary, unexciting form, and busy (front), lazy (rear lights) detailing that is not cohesive.

    Why is designing a fat AWD such a challenge for Porsche I have no idea.

    • Jimmy

      I agree somewhat. I think it’s a much improved design from the original Cayenne shape. At least it doesn’t look a like a duck now.

      It’s just those rear lights that are throwing the rest of it off for me, they just have too much droop in them which makes it look like a cheaper car, think Nissan or a Toyota.

  • peter

    it looks like an aston martin from the front

  • Golfschwein

    It looks far better than the first one. Porsche are late comers to the hexagon-ish shape grille party, so it’s a shame they slapped a styling cue on it that everyone else is using. Otherwise, groovy.

  • Luxury009