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  • jake02

    What about dual-zone climate control, bigger wheels and the diesel engine? The 2.0L petrol struggles to move the 5-seat, just imagine the 7-seat! :S I like the 7-seat version alot more though…

  • fourl6

    i was hoping dual zone would be part of the “updated interior features” wouldn’t be a feature packed crossover vehicle without it…

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      It’s possible that it is, details are sketchy at the moment.

      • Shak

        Actually another US automotive website has confirmed it in the new model, but i dunno about Australia.

  • Valet Dabess

    dualis… can’t wait till they bring the juke out. having one of those follow you in the dark you’d just be like :S what IS that…

    • o

      juke isnt coming here

      • jake02

        Unfortunately :(

        I love that car!

  • KM

    Looks a little better than the current one, but can someone please tell me why you get this over a IX35??

    • fishman

      Base model Dualis costs $2k less for a start…

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        …and that’s reflected in the standard offerings. All said and done though I don’t mind this car. The facelift has made it more attractive. It’s a shame the rest of Nissan’s range is so dull.

        • fishman

          What’s the extra equipment on the base ix35 over the base Dualis? I don’t see anything that merits spending an extra $2k…

    • Classic

      And believe it or not, there are some people who actually don’t like the ix35. But apparently that’s not allowed on this website – it means you’re a badge snob.

      • Hung Low

        Well put. The same can be said about VW Golfs!

        • Mad Max

          Yes I think some of the reviews of the IX35 (electronic and print) in Australia are way over the top. I am in the US right now and the US reviews and some of those in Europe are much more balanced. The fact of the matter is that the IX35 is a very good car. But it is still overshadowed by cars like the Tiguan and others like it. It still has cheap looking and feeling plastic on the interior. I drove a dealer test car in California on Monday and with only 135 miles on the clock, some of the door and lower dash plastics were already scuffed, the stearing feel is ordinary (at best) no reach adjust on the steering (height only), the climate control and stereo have blue back lighting and both are different shades of blue (a common problem I am told) and numerous other seemingly minor design and build issues that collectivly show that Hyundai have taken a step forward with the car. But its still not the messiah that some sections of the Australian automotive press are making it out to be.

          • vid_ghost

            They one thing that was going for the ix35 was price! but it doesnt have that card to play so its a meh! you get what you pay for car! Not much Value!

  • Eric

    The Ti picks up dual zone climate control, a panoramic glass roof, not sunroof as the article says, 18″ alloy wheels, intelligent key, and privacy glass.

    • Brett

      Please Nissan,I love the look of this car however,2.0 litre engine is a huge turn off for me,it needs at least a diesel or a 3.0 V6.
      I am in the market for a new car in the next 12 months so if they dont bring out another engine variant its going to be very hard to go past the RAV 4 which at least has a 2.4 125kw 4 or a 200kw V6.
      Get to work Nissan,guys like a bit of grunt under the bonnet unless of course you are looking along the lines of it being a ladies car.

  • oceans

    How about GPS Navigation as an option or will it be only limited to the Ti model? Would it have the SUNAS system?

    • LN

      Nothing has been confirmed by NIssan in what would be available in the Dualis models.

      We should know this in the coming months or closer to release.

  • fishman

    Just spotted the ix35 has an ashtray – man that’s one expensive extra feature. Then again, Koreans smoke like chimneys so no surprise it has this

    Only other difference I can see is that Dualis has alloy wheels as standard across the range, whereas base ix35 has steel wheels. I know what I prefer.

    The ix35 looks like a nice car, but as a value proposition it doesn’t stack up…

  • http://none Diggler

    Would be nice if they included some space to put your wallet and house keys etc like the pathfinder.

    And I agree the 2.0L is completely under powered, if an upgrade motor came out I’d consider doing a conversion. I understand the market they are going for, but these things are a complete slug getting up to 60kmh and up hills

  • James

    Does anyone know if the new 2010 Ti come with 18 inch alloys?do you get a choice of rims?

  • fourl6

    the new model specs and prices are up on the nissan aus website… just checked then :-)

  • Victor

    Dualis+2 is an excellent family car with all the features you would expect from an upmarket car this decade. Handling is good and interior seating, comfort and instrumentation is excellent. We drove the Mazda CX7, Mazda 6 2010 model, the Honda CRV, and the new Subaru Kazashi before we settled on the Dualis +2.
    As with any new car one drives, the interaction with the engine takes getting used to. I compared my heavier foot driving style to that of the cruise control and learned quickly that this car responds very well up the hill, and extremely well down the straight if the pedal is approached with consideration. This gives me great comfort that this is a safer car as it will not lend itself to the heavy pedallers – one of the many items contributing to is ANCAP 5 Star Safety Rating.
    Given that Dualis is manufactured, tested and QA’d in the UK (and not some third world country) there is an edge in terms of value and quality. My comment to my wife was that her Dualis+2 has everything in terms of luxury, features and instrumentation that my 2010 German built car provides, but at half the price!

  • incubus

    Just Ordered this unit the Dualis+2 2×4 Ti. The unit was out of stock already, and we have to wait for the next shipment on December 13 as what the dealer told us..