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Nissan Australian has today confirmed that the new 2011 Nissan Micra will be in Nissan dealerships across Australia towards the end of this year.

Nissan’s all-new “Global Compact Car” will be seen for the first time at the Geneva Motorshow next months and sources are suggesting that it’s more of an evolution on the current design than a revolution.

CarAdvice will be at Geneva to bring you exclusive pictures of the Nissan Micra, as well as the Nissan Juke, Nissan Leaf, updated Nissan Dualis, face-lifted Nissan Pathfinder and Navara.

The light car will be built at an all-new factory based in Chenai, India, where it will go on sale in May of this year. Australian delivered Micras may come from Nissan’s plant in Thailand.

Some markets are also expected to receive a sedan version (unconfirmed for Australia).

More details as it comes.

  • James007

    So Australian spec Micra’s will be coming from India then? It’s just I thought I read somewhere that we were going to get ours from Thailand.

    I believe there will also be a Micra sedan version coming out too.

  • Simon

    The Australian model will be out of Thailand.

  • qqq

    lets hope it looks like that, then they might have a nice car to attract buyers scared of by the current “freaky” micra

    • LN

      The current Micra model have been a success, its a shame that the C+C version wasnt released in Australia.

      • blitzkrieg

        A sucess????? i’ve seen maby 2 on the road ever,no self respecting male would be seen dead in one.Nissan are good at building cars that half the population
        ie men will never buy. Micra,Tiida etc.

  • Baddass

    This design is nothing but bland. Where’s the Juke-like funkiness?

  • http://dodge franz chong

    We are a Nissan and long before that Datsun owner family and beg to differ that they are good are making cars that half the population will never buy.I have an aunt who had a 120Y Coupe back in the seventies AND A 260Z 2+2 then came a 1992 Pulsar which went onto a good home in 2005 A 1996 200SX followed by a 2003 350Z.In 2006 came my Tiida which this month is about to be traded in for a Micra.I am a male buyer who needed a cheap car for work purposes and living in the inner city by the way which explains a thing or two.

  • John

    Uggly Duckling, but will buy the supercharged if the price is right.