That pricing is insane.

    • Delta

      Sport cars are expensive. Can’t afford brandnew? Buy secondhand

    • jake02

      Look up the 370Z’s rivals, that’ll give you a shock!

  • Johnny2step

    No problem with the pricing imho. But I wish Nissan would release a hard top convertible. The canvas just looks outdated in 2010.

    • Old Dog

      if they included a folding ally roof, then pricing might indeed be a problem. As would boot space. I have no problem with a canvas top, just like the original fairlady… but i’d still buy the coupe (which im considering).


    probably not that comparable but if i had that money to spend on a car i’d get the Audi S3

    • Flying High

      Yep. Like you said. Not comparable apart from the fact they both have 4 wheels.

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman.

    How is it Nissan interiors look the same they did in the 80’s? Too many buttons and dials for me.
    A genuine sports car should be much more simple. Point and shoot.
    I wonder what demographic Nissan expects to appeal to? Given the opportunity I would drive one and I am sure it would be loads of fun but I fear it would loose its appeal as quickly as my Wii Fit did.