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One week out from their Geneva Motor Show debut, Nissan has revealed the full details of the updated Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Navara ranges.

Headlining the mid-life upgrade is an all-new direct injection V6 turbodiesel.

Developed by the Renault Nissan Alliance, the unique power plant sits at the unusual vee angle of 65 degrees and its block is made of Carbon Graphite Iron, which Nissan says offers all the stiffness and noise absorption benefits of cast iron without the weight penalty.

Power output peaks at 170kW and torque is a class-leading 550Nm between 1700 and 2500rpm. All of this is achieved while complying with Euro 5 standards, thanks to Exhaust Gas Recirculation which reduces NOx emissions and a metallic oxidation catalytic converter, exothermic catalyst and a catalytic diesel particulate filter.

The result is stronger low-end performance and more refined delivery, with the Patherfinder capable of towing a 3500kg braked trailer and the Navara topping out at 3000kg.

The 2.5 four-cylinder dCi has also been improved in every area. Power and torque are both up 11 percent to 140kW/450Nm, combined cycle fuel consumption is down 1.3 litres/100km in the manual to 8.5 and CO2 emissions have fallen 40g/km to 224.

The usual styling changes apply with minor freshening tweaks to the front and rear, with lights, bumpers and bonnets getting reworked to be rounder at the front and squarer at the rear.

Inside is a similar story with updated trims, chrome highlights, revised dials, larger storage bins and the availability of a new high-resolution touch screen.

Already available on the Pathfinder, stability control and a rear view camera are now also available on the Navara.

Launching in Geneva on March 2, the new-look Pathfinder and Navara ranges will go on sale throughout Europe from April, with the V6 turbodiesel to complete the range in June.

Nissan Australia’s Jeff Fisher confirmed a local launch will follow in May for both model lines, but said we won’t be getting the 3.0-litre V6 yet.

“It’s an expensive engine at the moment to us and it would take Pathfinder out of the price bracket where we believe it’s effective.

“It’s not on the agenda but we’re looking at it as a possibility for the future,” Mr Fisher said.

Sales of Navara and Pathfinder have started strongly in Australia in 2010 with the two models accounting for more than 38 percent of Nissan’s total new vehicle sales in January.

  • The Oracle’s Teacher

    How sad that the V6 won’t arrive. If they had have kept the price reasonable it would have given them a marketing edge over toyota. How much dearer could it possibly be?

    • Skybreak

      Well given the new block is carbon graphite iron and the old one was cast iron, possibly the cost increase is substantial. Still, I hope it becomes an option on Oz-spec vehicles.
      I think Nissans marketing edge over Toyota is that the Navara and Pathy are cheaper than the equivalent Hilux or Prado.

  • Gazza

    I think Nissan need to do a bit more market research on the V6 diesel.
    I reckon there would be a lot of tradeys out there that would pay extra for something like this. I know I would!

  • Hung Low

    They will probably save the V6 diesel exclusively for a variant of the new Patrol when it arrives in OZ

  • Mark G

    A bit late Nissan!!! The USA got the facelifted Pathfinder over 2 years ago. How about bringing in the 5.6L V8 that their Pathfinder gets?

    • Ryan Bane

      congratulations, you just redefined the definition of pointless….

      • Craigo

        Ahh Ryan, you forget that “pointless” is a word unknown to those in US, dont you remember the question applicable to much of what goes on in America – Why does a dog lick it’s d…….?


    i thought that the v6 would be standard in the top range models(stx,ti).i reckon that the 4cyl improvements are a great start though….

  • Spitfire

    No V6 diesel for Australia. One day Nissan Australia will wake up and realise we are in the 21st century.

  • Dreama

    doesnt look too different.
    Suprised they arent bringing the V6, but as mentioned, i would say this has something to do with the new Patrol coming out at some stage

  • paul

    Was looking to buy one this year but was expecting V6 with torque in a real rev range for a diesel. Triton is looking to be a winner in the sales stakes as at least they have an idea what the public wants and will change model specs to suit

  • http://molescan.com.au mike c

    Nissan, do yourselves and Nissan buyers a favour and bring out the V6 at least as an option.I would buy it for one.

  • balanced

    Why do we always get stiffed for the good options…

    I’m on my 2nd STX – 11 months old. if they do the V6 diesel, I’m in, especially if it has some of the nice options. If they stick with just the 4 cyl, easy, I will just get mine chipped and a new ‘zaust, I should get 160 kW and 500 Nm…

  • Wally

    Well NISSAN you have done it again. Not the only ones however, other vehicle manufacturers do the same for the Ozi market. With new players coming into the market like Hyundai and Mitsushitti with grunti powerplants, they will grab a massive market share at the expense of Nissan and Toyota. Only then will Nissan and Toyota get the message because decisions are made by bean counters not Engineers or people who understand what the public want. They are still of the old mind set that the Ozi public will accept what they dictate to us. Hre is a genuine chance for Nissan to grab all the market and they will fail if the V6 Diesel is not released in the Pathfinder and Navara. Why did the Navara get a 3.0L diesel and the Pathfinder only a 2.5L? This is why Pathfinder sales are very poor. isn’t that evidence enough? Every Pathfinder released in oz (excluding the R51 4.0L petrol guzzler) has been under powered. When we get the 3.3L petrol R50 (no diesel option in AU), USA gets the VQ 3.5L R50 and the VG3.3 supercharged. Wake up Nissan…great vehicles. poor power plant options!

  • Stewart

    Another fantastic strategic marketing decision by Nissan australia! How much could it be? Honestly, between the appalling service and ridiculous marketing decisions they make it’s amazing they sell any cars at all. Looks like my D40 replacement due in October wont be another D40…….

  • Craigo

    My HiLux is due to go around Sept-10, it’s my 3rd one of the current shape (also had a Prado Grande in between No 2 & 3), up until I heard of this potential 3L V6 TD I was considering a VW Amarok, or maybe a 2wd Ute+Hot Hatch combo when the HiLux Goes, then I read of the Navara with 3.0 V6TD, and thought there’s the answer, then I read that Nissan Oz has no plans to bring it here. It’s like Ford & the RS Focus, they have awesome models out there but we dont get them – perhaps Slater & Gordon could launch an “Anti-Discrimination” case on behalf of all us Aussies who get discrimiated against because we are a relatively small market. We want the good stuff too…

  • Mike

    I have been to the Nissan head office a few times to tell them what I would like in a vehicle but I spoke to a ‘brick wall’ – however if the pics are true the Navara has finally ditched that useless massive greenhouse gasser “sports bar” and fitted good roof rails/rack [that is available even in Sth Africa] that ‘tradeys’ can easily adapt to carry ladders, small dinghy etc.
    However I am in the market for a Pathfinder now and the small cosmetic ’rounding of square edges’ is a plus, it is now not quite so ugly. The biggest attraction for me is the 7 seats with the rear all folding down flat to stow gear or sleep on. The supposed improvement in Diesel fuel consumption in the 4cyl is long overdue.
    Negatives – 1/ the roof rails are still more cosmetic than functional and finish too short because some nincompoop wants to have a “sunroof” in the top model?
    2/ Electric windows are a big minus for me [I speak as an electrician], costly and potentially dangerous.
    3/ It would be nice to have a rear wheel x 2 drive option and not have to pay for a 4×4 gear box I will hardly ever use.
    Why don’t vehicle manufacturers have a “wish list” or owner suggestion input facility instead of leaving it to over educated school leavers on their staff to tell the customer what they need?

    • dent

      Yer buy a Ferrari or Lambo and you can option up and down all you like……..mass production….get over it.

    • Mike

      Me again! Well I finally bought a Pathfinder ST-L auto [for the wife to drive] and the Dandenong dealership were better than others. After delivery I received 1 mail and 1 online survey from Nissan asking about my thoughts on the dealer NOT the vehicle!!!
      So far I am fairly happy – it is more luxury than I have ever had before and the economy is pretty good, long drives return around 8L per 100Km [at 100kph or less], around town 9 to 10.
      Minuses —
      1/ Being an electrician I am nervous about how long all the computerised and electrical gadgets will last before inevitable failure or repair.
      2/ No where near enough handy storage spaces for tools and absolute minimum tool kit provided – my old Navara 97 twin cab ute was far better for stowage but again not as good for sleeping in.
      3/ The instrument panel is VERY poor, very small dials, smallish digital readouts [almost good enough] but in daylight you can barely see the speedo markings especially the 50 & 70 divisions and you must have clear speedo readability these days with Govts chasing revenue. You can see the dials better with the parking or headlights on.
      All in all I am happy with it but frustrated with the companies refusal to listen to owners suggestions.

  • Mike

    Further to my rave above –
    I hope that Nissan have finally realised that mp3 players exist and are far more useful than 6 stacker CD players and that this must be catered for in a car radio now.

  • mick b

    -nissan wake up you can corner the market . i have a 06 d40 time for upgrade bring in the v6 diesal i would have one tomorrow.

  • Rommel

    I own a 2009 Nissan Navara. Prior to this one had a Toyota Hilux. There is one thing this truck needs and that is a larger engine please get a descent 3.0 this current 2.5 cries like a baby when you hit the gas.
    Had to replace the radio since it only comes with cd player. Placed the roof bars makes it look nicer.

  • gary

    this v6 diesel sounds good as i have a d40 with 2.5 manuel diesel 6 that is good the wife likes it alot.we drive to lake eildon victoria most friday nights and come back sunday 340km round trip and it runs very well but i would like some more power.unfortunately i have to ask this is there a new clutch on these models

  • Tony Breen

    Yep! Nissan in Australia never cease to amaze me with poor judgement. The Pathfinder is a poor seller-It is despeartely crying out for the V6 option and some more wheel articulation. I owned a 1992 V6 manual perrol model for many years. Better built than the new one -less plastic-off road I reckon it would still trump the new one.

    • dent

      It’s a poor seller because they can’t get stock and no one was buying the current V6 (although I must say it would’ve been good to keep) expect to see the VQ40 in the new base model Patrols!!

  • Trent

    I also own a D40 due for an upgrade. The D40 diesel is so under powered and the torque is useless for anyone thinking about towing. V6 diesel would be a huge improvement. I for one will not buy another and I will never recommend the D40 until they fix the engine issue. I was prepared to forgive Nissan for the failed battery @ 20000klms and the blown turbo at 30000klms if they brought out a more drivable Navara. I would pay more for it too.

  • Rod

    I was planning to buy a Navara this June but since I have read reports on here about it being under powered, I am thinking to look elsewhere. Nothing worse than a gutless vehicle. I would be happy to pay the extra for a V6 3L diesel motor. But I don’t think Nissan give a F… what is said on here.
    Toyota do the same thing by keeping the good stuff from Australia. If you ever go to Thailand check out the Toyota Fortuna. And the quality of the Hilux we get in Australia is of a much lower finish standard than what’s sold there.

  • Andrew B

    I also am looking at changing my Nissan STX to a new one, but if they don’t bring it out or at least make the V6 Diesel an option i would be seriously reconsidering buying another stx and looking at other options.

  • Jabba the Hut

    My D40 was plagued with issues after about 7,000kms. Two sets of injectors, clutch kit , reseal of rear axles after oil leaking made my ABS shove me through the front windscreen, turbo fail and various other problems.

    My dealer kept saying I was just unlucky until I found a forum full of the same complaints. Shove your Navaras. Never again.

  • paul

    Was looking to upgrade my 2007 petrol 6cyl pathfinder with the new 2010 release. Now I see the engine options I wont be upgrading. Customer lost.

  • Jon

    No V6 FOR Nissan, Then im looking for another maker..

  • Tony

    Well done Nissan, you have proven to me that you like all the others that you are not prepared to sit up and take notice. We the Australian public want the V6 Diesel, we just need a bit of polling, give us the choice, I am in the market for my second STX and maybe a Pathfinder. No way thats going to happen while you keep holding out. You should/could be number one and lead the market, but instead, you are happy to be down the shopping list and just one of the mob (sheep). Dont let big Landcruiser size 4wd’s blind you. Power and features is what people are telling you what they want. Make the V6 available,even if order basis only, if necessary. I will wait, and Im sure many others will also. This vehicle would never had been built if Europe and other parts of the world didnt want it. What makes us any different???

  • cj

    I would buy the V6 Diesel.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705347606 Matthew Strahley

    Great work nissan, get everyones hopes up that you will set the benchmark in the market then fail again. I currently have a ML triton and was goin to consider changing over to a Navvy but now a MN looks like the go. Has nissan fixed the poor safety in the navaras with the update?

  • Neil BERRY

    We desperately need the V6 diesel. There is a dirth of reasonably powered towing vehicles in the 3000kg plus range.

  • matt

    hey car advice if you are monitoring this still, i read elsewhere we are getting it, at pretty harsh prices, if true please do an updated story :) cheers, anyone else interested google it for now.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      its about 8 grand dearer,with 4 grand worth of extra kit.pretty good value really.still not toyota dear,for 170km/550nm…

  • Blake

    The V6 is defitnally coming i have a broucher on the car

  • Lawrance

    The 3500 kg towing capacity will really put a cat amongst the pigeons now. The Prado and Pajero do not have 3500 kg towing capacity on their vehicles currently.

  • Cranky Franky

    Landcruiser does

  • Jabba the Hutt

    Apparently Nissan has announced that it will now be bringing in a limited edition of the V6 diesel for a gobsmacking (are you sitting down?) $75,990. Even with a few extra trinkets that means they are charging an extra $25,000 for the motor at least over a standard 2.5ltr STX. What a joke.

  • Mack Attack

    Reading and viewing the new Pathfinder diesel V6 turbo my excitement rose at the thought of towing the van with something other than a big Patrol or Landcrusier. Nissan wake up and realise the sheer demand in the market place by grey nomads for a gutsy tow vehicle with creature conforts. Not everybody wants the harsh ride of a duel cab ute. I for one love the look of the Pathfinder and await a V6

  • Algee

    no V6 well there goes my New Nissan, Sell the old GU and go to Toyota I guess.

    • Jabba The Hutt

      I read that it will land here in the new year for an astronomical $75,000. That’s a hell of a big ask for a V6 diesel over the standard STX. Sure it will no doubt have some extra trinkets but they are still asking somehwere around $25,000 just for that engine if the rumours are true.

      • JEKYL & HYDE

        try 61k plus on-roads.it includes a hard cover,tubliner,foggy’s etc.look it up.its still no dearer than say sr5 money….

  • Blitzkrieg

    Considering how nissan treated its customers when they had and are still having huge problems with the 3ltr patrol motors blowing up its a wonder anyone buys nissan products at all.

  • Dave

    DX22 2.4 CR deisel, claims you can get 9L/100, what a load of BS.
    I’m lucky to get 12L/100 highway driving, even worse city or towing.
    Mechanics claim they can do nothing, they have no idea, Nissan do not respond to my queries.

    Advertised as 8L/100 highway or better.

    Avoid Nissan like the plague, you’re better off with a v8 petrol, it’ll still cream the Navara for power, mileage and running costs.

    Never buy a Nissan.