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  • Jonno

    Great looking car. Looks better than any equivalent I have seen!

    • steve

      open your eyes

  • Why?

    One of the most underrated family cars in Oz. It has more rear leg room than a Caprice (making it one of the roomiest interiors on the market), bigger boot (especially in wagon form), 6 cylinder AWD engine has comparable performance to Holden 6 litre V8 and yet the typical Aussie family doesn’t consider it on their shortlist.

    Why do Skoda owners have to justify why they drive a Skoda? They shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. They should be proud.

    • Fenno

      It’s a relatively unknown brand to the average punter and dealers are few and far
      between. Although a VW product the term “made in the Czech Republic” is as inspiring as “made in Sudan”.
      Give it time…if it is as good as everybody says and manages to stick around then it will pick up

      • F1 Addict

        Its not underated. It was a finalist in the Wheels car of the year, and Australia’s Best Cars. Everyone in the motoring press is in love with this car. I don’t think I’ve read a bad thing about it.

      • Why?

        Yes I agree with the lack of dealer network. Perhaps VW should sell it as an umbrella brand in the same showrooms. The VW brand overall would save significant dollars in not having to purchase new dealer sites for Skoda. Even if it only occupies 20% of each VW showroom, it’s more exposure than it currently has.

      • pete

        Yes I agree that for lower educated people the term made in the Czech Republic is as inspiring as made in Sudan, but for rest of us its symbol of quality.

        • Tomas79

          Too Right!!
          Other Czech Made Goods such as Weapons, Explosive(e.g Semtex), Offroad Trucks (Tatras), Radars (steatlh seeing radars), NBC detection equipment (10^3 more accurate then equivalent u.S technology) and Beer (Original Pilsener and Budweiser) are deamed high quality and world class!! But since you haven’t came across them working at coles, pulling in trollies, you will asociate Czech Republic with sudan…
          Thats if you dont confuse it with, czechoslovakia, yougoslavia, chechnia, slovakia first!!

          • Chris

            You forgot musical instruments, they make some the finest orchestral instruments in the world. They also make basses, i have a Spector Euro 4 made under licence in the czech republic.

            Go and have a look at the spector bas website under ‘Euro’ the quality is unbeilevabley good and the sound absolutely shatters the competition in the price range.

            TEHY ARE THE NEXT GERMANY as a far as quality precission engineering goes, we are just to stuck in our mindset to see this

      • Ian K.

        are you really sure about this comparison??
        The Czech Republic is a member of European Union, NATO etc.
        Country that has for example made the contact lenses and tries to make the drugs for treatment of HIV.
        Country which was rated as country with the 4th best public transport in Europe, (country which has 11m of cell phones, they have 10m of inhabitantst incl babies and retired people)
        A country that produces beer since 16th century, that Americans and Australians try to copy…have you ever tried beer from Sudan?
        and btw. a country that produced all the screws in 30´s for you in Australia, when you were building the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Go to wikipedia and learn a bit about industry in CZE and industry in AUS.
        Greetings from Kingdom of Jordan.

    • Classic

      The only reason I wouldn’t buy a Skoda at the moment is because I’m not really a fan of their styling. It’s getting better IMO, but not quite ‘sexy’ enough for me to want one just yet. I’d have no problems buying one with respect to reliability though.

      I certainly wouldn’t give a rats arse what anybody else thought of my car purchasing decisions though. I’m driving it and I’m paying for it, so at the end of the day I reckon who gives a stuff what anyone else thinks.

      • Baddass

        That’s a fair enough assessment Classic. The looks aren’t really outstanding, but maybe that isn’t the point? For sheer practicality I would take the Combi version over an SUV I think.

    • dan

      I would feel embarrassed to drive on of these…they are ugly.
      More legroom than a Caprice…and a shorter, harder and more uncomfortable seat.
      Cant compare it to a 6.0L V8, you cant even compare it to a 3.6L Commodore because it is smaller, AWD, ugly, and there are only a handful dealers in Aus that will touch the things.

      • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

        You sound a bit bitter.. Is it because you can not afford to buy one? And deep down you really would like to be seen driving a fine machine like the superb?
        I think so…lol

        • Tomas79

          Too right, funny that the beautifull looking superb totally smashed the crummodaore in every comparo!!

    • Frenchie

      The average Aussie family can afford a holden V8 Calais/Caprice let alot an unknown European brand car (that may be better).
      If its that good, why are our cops not driving them?

  • F1 Addict

    Why are Skoda advocates so suprised the mass market isn\’t willing to take a +$50k gamble on an unproven European brand nowone outside the car fraternity has ever heard of. For all Average Joe knows he could be buying something teams the reliability of an Alfa Romeo with the resale value of a Renault Laguna.

    • Why?

      Ford is a proven brand in Oz, yet G6E Turbo is a very good car yet has a poor resale value.

      Poor resale doesn’t mean they are bad cars. Just makes it great value for knowledgeable used buyers.

      • F1 Addict

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Its one of the perks of being in the know.

        • jojo

          Probably the most accurate and objective comment so far was in your post. The reality is that the average aussie punter has a lot of choice without forking out 50k+ on an obscured brand.

          Let the slow skoda sales speak for themselves and most readers will have to agree that things are not improving despite any awards which mean lilltle these days.

  • Will

    Well put.

    Hung Low:
    This is just another significant prize accumulated by Skoda, the manufacturer of venerable machines.
    Regarding your accusation of Thomas being a ‘pervert’, where is your head at?

    • Tomas79

      Too Right Will!!

      Yes, I have seen Czech Films (Kolya, Dark Blue World, etc…), and read Czech Books (Technicaly brilliant),used Czech Software AVG Virus killer, OFP, ARMA, ARMA2, h&d, H&D2, and even the Australian Defence Forces uses the czech VBS, VBS2 training software. How that makes me a Pervert i dont know… Maybe It’s just hung low’s life style, and his automatic associations that reveal the pervert within him!!

      As for Czech in the automitve industry, they had the 2nd car in europe after benz, and 3rd in the world… Also WV wouldnt have started off without stolen czech technology, and Ferdinand Porsche was a czechman himself…
      Also lets not forget it’s a nation with population half of australia producing 3 times as many cars!!

      • PraetoR

        This year the Czech republic reached world’s Nr.1 in automotive production, surpassing Slovakia, with production slightly under 1M.

      • Hung Low

        Turn it up you Czech historian and sicko! Most importantly how is all that humbug related to this Skoda model again?
        Will Skoda need to print all their national historical achievements on a Superb brochure because it might be a sales advantage? after all they need all the help they can get!
        Perhaps a bonus set of 4 free clown costumes for the families that buy their noddy cars will suffice?

  • qqq

    ” the understated drama of the exterior” … the word they were looking forward is “boring”. even 15 years ago this car would be seen as an average design. Theres nothing bad about it, its quite a practical and simple design, but then theres nothing interesting about it either. if your an A-B driver then im sure this will rock your boat.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Lucky Skoda drivers can’t see the exterior while there driving,they may fall asleep at the wheel.

      • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

        Reply to My cars called T_Rex..

        Not everyone in this world needs what ever you call a T-Rex to rock their world. So people are just happy to have a car that is sheer CLASS… Skoda is that.. The Superb is better then anyone could imagine.. GO DRIVE ONE and compaire it to a car that it should be compaired to. Not a T-Rex…Whatever that is…

  • Shak

    To the first comment, it doesnt have as much legroom as a caprice, but very close. And i guess the main reason that most Aussie families dont buy this car is because they dont know about it. Its a damned good car, and deserves more sales, but they hardly advertise it and they need to market it fiercely. Most people dont even now Skoda has landed. Unless you constantly patrol motoring sites or read the motoring section of the paper, you probably wouldnt have seen much Skoda lately.

  • Dreama

    Go Skoda, good on them.
    i like the Octavia RS !

  • Neo Utopia

    A good wagon, right up there with the better loadluggers around the world being; the C5 Tourer, 6 Wagon, Passat Wagon, 407 Touring and Accord Euro Tourer (when it ever arrives in Aussieland).

  • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

    I bought a superb..
    What a car.. I bet it out last a holden or ford. Go and have a look at one and drive it.. That will say it all.. it sold me in half and hour and I have been test driving new cars for five months. Yes even VW…not a patch on this car.. Simply superb..

    • ABMPSV

      Congratulation!! It is a nice car. I hope you bought the diesel or the V6??

  • TT

    Skoda is essentially VW…So reliability must be very poor….So I will not buy one

    • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

      So why was it voted the “car” that Europeon costomrers were most happy with?

  • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

    I bought the diesel


    Excellent choice!!! I would go for the diesel too. I remember many years ago was a lot of Skoda jokes in UK. Not any more. Few week ago on Fifth Gear british programm they put a Skoda Superb in a business area of LOndon and covered all Skoda badges and asked people what they think. Nobody guessed it is a Skoda and they liked it. It is very roomy inside. TT say that “Skoda is essentially VW…So reliability must be very poor….So I will not buy one” Wrong!! Skoda quality is much better than VW. Just look JD Power reports. Engines come from same place but the rest is made in other countries. Than he should say the same for Audi too. It is how they put the car together.

    • Superb-man

      Bought the Superb 2.0 diesel in January. This is the best car I have owned and there have been quite a few, starting with my brand new VW beetle in 1960. That old VW was followed by many other brands, including a Valiant Charger, a number of Subarus and a couple of Citroens.
      The Superb is exactly what its name says. As for the many comments about the appearance, I find them hard to understand. I am always having people ask about the car, or just come and stare and then make a really positive comment – ‘Beautiful car!’ being the most common.

      • http://caradvice.com.au Skoda lover

        I agree..
        I bought a superb 2.0 diesel as well in March..

        I LOVE IT!!!

        People look at mine and are really impressed by all of it.. They think it is total class.. So do I…

  • http://caradvice virgin skoda buyer

    just bought 2L superb estate.looks magificent,comfortable and stylish.cant wait to ride her.

  • skoda newbie

    just purchased a superb elegance in diesel.Test drove subaru’s,vw comfort cruiser.calais.citrone C5.accord euro.

    This skoda ticked all the boxes.Cant wait to get some K’s up on it.This will be wife’s daily driver and she picked it over her current VE calais for style,economy,interior room and all the extra’s you get over the local product you get as standard.Got nearly all the gizmo’s for $51K where the same in new calais was close to $75

    Iv’e owned holdens,fords,magna’s.have 3 klugers and 1 rav at business.Pertner has a L350 lexus and E series Benz.The several test drives of the skoda were as good if not better than most of them.Get back to you in twelve months as to if im still bloody impressed as i am now.Im backing that i will be.Cheers Keep up to interesting comments.Barry.

  • Michael C

    Greeting from Denmark – where car taxes are 180 pct. on top of the raw price. That is why there were a lot of (cheap) Skodas in the country, even when the factory was struggling under the communist yoke. That was no fault of Skoda as such, whose history goes back to 1900, just like many of the world’s top brands.
    Some of you guys seem to take this argument very seriously. I can only say that having just bought a Superb Elegance 1.8 TSI I am impressed with it. I would not have thought that possible 20 years ago, but I can still laugh at the Skoda jokes from back then. Here is one:
    A Skoda and a donkey meet on the road. The ass says “Hello car!.
    The Skoda says “Eh, hi donkey”
    Then the donkey starts to cry.
    The Skoda looks surprised and asks “Why are you crying”
    The donkey sobs “..when I was kind enough to call you CAR you might also have called me HORSE”
    I am sure Skoda will reach Australia too. You might want to consider that or other European brands over Japanese ones, so long as the Japanese keep hunting whales down in your neck of the woods.
    After 30 years with 2 Mazda 929 and a Toyota Camry I said I would stop on that account. – And I did.