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  • Gearbox, build quality.
  • Fuel consumption, lack of power, idle feel.

6 / 10

2010 Holden Captiva Review
2010 Holden Captiva Review

Update:2011 Holden Captiva Review

A role reversal doesn’t help this Korean SUV.

Model Tested:

  • 2010 Holden Captiva 5; 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol; five-speed manual; wagon – $27,990*

CarAdvice Rating:

Times have changed and Holden has taken to the fact more people are after the larger of the two Captivas – and arguable the better looking one. Following this epiphany, Holden reshuffled the entire Holden Captiva range, turning it all on its head.

Prior to the MY10 (model year 2010) update, you would have known the Captiva 5 as the Captiva Maxx. It once sat at the top of the Captiva range and was powered by a single engine offering – a 3.2-litre V6. The Captiva 5 is now at the entry level, with the Captiva 7 taking over as spec leader.

2010 Holden Captiva Review
2010 Holden Captiva Review

In addition to the model reshuffle, the name change now also takes into account the amount of seats available, five for the Captiva 5 and seven for the Captiva 7.

While styling is subjective, it’s hard to find anything attractive about the exterior of the Captiva 5. An awkward design, coupled with brash badges and a bubble shape easily make it the uglier of the two Captivas.

Luckily the exterior design is chalk and cheese in comparison to the interior. While it’s no luxury cruiser, the interior is a humble and cosy place to be. All the dials are easy to reach and are intuitively labelled, spread out over the dashboard.

2010 Holden Captiva Review
2010 Holden Captiva Review
2010 Holden Captiva Review
2010 Holden Captiva Review

An onboard trip computer provides easy access to functions such as fuel consumption, range and time travelled. Interior fit and finish is also surprisingly good, with quality plastics used right through the cabin.

Leg and head room throughout the cabin is reasonable for a small SUV. Front seat passengers have ample room to stretch out, while rear seat passenger comfort is mainly limited to children, with leg room at a premium for adults.

There is 430 litres of cargo capacity available in the boot with the rear seats upright. The cargo capacity is similar to that of the Dualis and Grand Vitara, coming in at 410 litres and 400 litres respectively.

Unfortunately, that’s where the upsides end.

From the moment you turn the key, it becomes hard to imagine why anyone with a family would buy this car after completing a comprehensive test drive.

The Captiva 5’s idle can be likened to that of a modern HSV V8. It rocks from side to side, with the steering wheel visibly moving with the idling engine. On top of the rough idle, there’s also a rattle that rears its ugly head under load in second gear. To Holden’s credit, we were told about the rattle before we left with the car and they are looking into the issue.

The 2.4-litre four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine produces a modest 103kW and 220Nm of torque. The lacklustre engine struggles to haul the Captiva 5’s porky 1.7-tonne mass. In addition to the slow and asthmatic engine is the unremarkable fuel consumption.

During my two week tenure with the car, I spent almost 80% of my time behind the wheel on a highway. The average fuel consumption figure returned was 10.3L/100km – an absolutely abysmal effort for a car that struggles to make it up hills with a full complement of passengers. The 10.3L/100km fuel consumption average fell short of the equally unimpressive official ADR figure of 9.7L/100km.

Considering this car will spend most of its life in the urban jungle, expect a much higher fuel use figure, with the official ADR consumption for urban driving at 13.9L/100km. As a comparison, the Ford Falcon XT and Holden Commodore Omega consume less on the urban cycle.

The clutch in our test vehicle often had a mind of its own. On occasions, mid way through lifting the clutch pedal from first gear into second gear, the car would lose power momentarily causing it to jolt.

Luckily the manual gearbox was one of the Captiva 5’s few upshots. The gearbox was smooth and slick shifting and very easy to use, perfectly catering for the target market.

Starting at $27,990 in base model five-speed manual front wheel drive form, the Captiva 5 is barely considered cheap. That kind of money gets you into cars like the top-spec Nissan Dualis Hatch or entry level Suzuki Grand Vitara (with several thousand dollars left over).

The Captiva 5 is only available in front wheel drive. The only four wheel drive variant is the Captiva 7, which starts from $35,490.

Overall, the Captiva 5 is a huge disappointment. It lacks the type of engine required to haul such a heavy vehicle and on occasions feels unsafe due to the lack of power.

The pricey starting price doesn’t help the Captiva 5, which falls well short of the game for this day and age.


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2010 Holden Captiva Review
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111 Responses to “2010 Holden Captiva Review”

  1. CrustyTheClown says:


    Aug. 17th. 2007 Alborz gives the Mahindra Pikup 3 stars out of 5, yet this is a generation ahead, modern and well built, and it gets just 2.5 stars?

    The Pikup[wtf?] is just $1000 less than the Captiva…

    How does that work Paul?

    • Jackson McFly says:

      Was the Mahindra pikup not a 4×4? with low-range?

    • CrustyTheClown, I guess Alborz was too generous, beside every motor journalist entitles to have his/her own opnion.

    • Totally different class of vehical.

    • dont buy this car it is a heap of rubbish. trust me, i bought one brand new and have never soent more time on the side of the road than i have since buying this lemon!!

      • Have had nothing but trouble with engine oil consumption.
        Have driven 9000klm and its been chewing 3/4 of a tank of oil three times since ive had it. So dissapointed mechanic keeps topping it up until Holden has some sort of history of the problem. This car was brand new sooooo dissapointed
        and concerned. Shame on holden

        • Hi Sharon,

          I saw your comments on “Car Advice” website in regards of Holden Captiva 5.

          I bought this car couple of weeks ago and find this car lack of power and also oil consumption. I want to return it and get refund.

          I wonder did you request to return to get refund or any advice you could give me how to solve the issue?

          Many thanks in advance.


  2. Jackson McFly says:

    I cant imagine why holden persist with this model. It’s obvious that its a poor korean example of a soft-roader and now even the competing Koreans (Kia’s and Hyundai) are streets ahead (leading the pack IMHO).

    I had this car as a company car option last time i renewed my lease and i think I would take any other softroader over it. By continuing to offer it and flog it as quality in their commercials holden are only serving to undermine their brand and quality. and that is coming from a life long holden fan. not good enough holden.

  3. The 2.4l is a big mistake. They should have offer a larger diesel instead (3.0l). As far as dumbing down the exterior, enough said.

  4. 103kw from a 2.4? You can get more out of the 1.8 in the Cruze…

  5. OH !! But its a Holden!! lol I dont know why anyone would even consider putting their family in one of these ……..they just feel unsafe and cheap…..which they are. Korean cars have made big forward steps in the past few years but this “HOLDEN”, i still laugh at that, is way behind the competition. Drive one of these and then drive a Territory…..there is no comparison. Territory is 5 years old but light years ahead of this Korean junk

    • CrustyTheClown says:

      This does not compete with a Terri in size/powertrain etc

      Terri does not come in a 4cyl. or manual

      Also you cannot buy a Terri for $27,990

      This competes with the Ford Escape.

      They whole idea of the Captiva was to get a cheapish 7 seater, THAT is the only area where it has failed [i know, step up to the next model…]

      Looks like i am the only one that thinks its ok, thats ok, not as in buy 1!

      • Captiva 7 was designed to take on the Territory. Which is why – in their marketing campaign – they state that the Diesel alternative is more fuel efficient than the Territory.

        • And that’s checkmate right there!

          • Woah, you’re suggesting that just because the Captiva has an oil burner engine, it trumps the Territory? That’s a big call.
            Build quality is still bad in the Captiva and a Majority of Territory units haven’t had the kind of issues the Captiva is having. The HVAC controls are around the wrong way and need to be completely re designed. You actually have to look down to change the A/C temp or whack a CD in.
            Move it up with in you actual line of sight and that’s far safer.
            I’ve driven an Astra which has the same HVAC set up and its a pig to navigate while you’re driving!

    • AWD
      Where do you get your information about Captiva’s being unsafe. I have never read or seen anything that suggests you are more likely to be injured or killed in a Captiva than any other car on the road. Maybe I have missed something and so you can elighten me and of CA readers.

  6. Just goes to show how good the new Hyundai IX35 and KIA Sportage are then doesn’t it. 2.0 Litre Turbo Diesel, 6 speed Auto with all the gear, better looking and selling for around the same $30,000 price. Considering the Craptiva has been around for a while now, it should be selling for much less to have as reason to buy it.
    Holden need to really look at the crap they are selling from Daewoo. People can’t stay stupid forever and continue buying their crap.

    • The Oracle's Teacher says:

      Yes Ken, the Craptiva is a poor vehicle but to put the Cruze under that umbrella is ignorance on your part, not theirs. They are worlds apart. The replacement for the Captiva is still years away and can’t come soon enough.

      The Cruze is a far more likable vehicle and a quick glimpse inside the two will show just how different they are. The interior in the Captiva looks like something from the 80’s. Woeful.

    • CrustyTheClown says:

      Well they always say that if Holden polished a turd, people would buy it because they believe in safety-in-numbers and brand names…..

      But anyway, i don’t think its so bad this vehicle, its a lot of SUV for the money and its the only SUV that Holden have for now, its CHERAPER than a whole lot of other way overpriced hatchs let alone SUV’s

      • Have you driven one?

        • Have you?

          • Have you?

            (now lets keep this going, some one ask me)

          • Jackson McFly says:

            haha well have you? I’ll admit – I havent. And with the way the thing looks and the technical specs i wouldnt be wastng my time.

            I think its stupid to say all holdens are a ‘polished turd’ – if they really were that bad they would be done – just like other brands that have been crap and have not survived. I also dont know anyone that will buy a car because someone else bought one, but i know many people who buy cars, not because they are class leaders, but because they know people who have owned one and had a positive experience with it.

            All manufacturers have good an bad cars, its just a shame that the daewoo holdens are so obviously crap, its a shame that holden doesnt think more of itself and it’s loyal buyer to want to offer more.

    • Doesn’t this come in a 2.0 Diesel? Given the bulk of the reviews I see regarding the Hyundai/Kia are done in diesels, it would have been better to review the equivalent engine in the Captiva.
      Not saying this would make the review glowing but as the most serious complaints were with the engine, it would make a better comparison.

      • No, this vehicle is only available with a 2.4-litre petrol engine. The diesel is reserved for the Captiva 7 and is priced over $34,000.

  7. Fingers crossed, if Captiva 5 sells well, hope we’ll see a Commodore with this engine. :)

  8. I cannot possibly fathom a situation where I would voluntarily put down my own hard-earned for one of these. It just looks like a dud, regardless of how generous people try to be in sticking up for a local brand. I just can’t copmprehend why Holden would persist with this, their brand image can’t suffer this right now – it’s like they’ve gone back to the old Sunbird and Camira days and think that’s a good thing. Lord help them.

    • Holden don’t really need to worry about their brand image at current. As long as their badge is on a vehicle, there are still idiots (Particularly brand loyalists) who continue to purchase them. I think we all know what kind of people they are too…

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      You along with the majority of the Australian public by the sound of it according to some sources. I recently read an article from a ‘rival’ site stating that when it comes to the public laying down their own hard earned money, the majority are “more likely” to put their own money down on a Mazda than anything else. This was based off public votes/enquiries etc etc from the rival “Carsales Network” of websites.

      However we all know you can make any statistic read whatever you want! Also don’t forget, don’t shoot the messenger! 😉

      • Yes, but online votes about brand loyalty will always under-represent Holden, as their supporters tend to work more in working-class professions, so are less likely to be sitting at computer during the day. Mazda on the other hand is more of a middle-class brand.

        • Devil's Advocate says:

          Hence my last statement filippo. As I said, you can make statistics read whatever you want. Not to mention, don’t shoot the messenger!

          However there must be some element of truth in it, considering that most months the Mazda 3 is the best selling PRIVATE car in Australia. :-)

      • People can use statistics to prove anything, 78% of people already know that

  9. Cheap bastards have even stolen the Instrument panel for the stereo straight out of my 6 year old (Opel) Barina…. Not saying that the set up is ugly, but come on.. pulling gear out of a parts bin 5 years later is a bit much.

    PS: My Barina Rocks :) – so dont say anything…. Granted its a 1.4 litre Auto, and wouldnt pull the skin off a rice pudding, but she is ACE nonetheless…

  10. I always thought this one was the better looking Captiva, and one of the best looking SUVs. I still do. This one looks sharp and the Captiva 7 looks bulbous.

    But the secret’s out now that it’s become the 5: pass, thank you.

  11. If those HVAC controls were any lower, they’d be under the car.

  12. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Nice Saturn Vue. Come on GM. I think its unfair you leave the Aussies with a product from a now vanquished brand. Couldnt you have at least given these guys an Equinox?

    Oh well.

    • Equinox is nice, especially the interior. Three things wrong with it though. Rear seats don’t sit completely flat(minor fault). Rear cargo space is smaller than the Captiva. The last and probably the most important is a LX (base model) sells for $23000 USD approx. This mean it would have to sell here for around $30000+ AUD.

  13. JEKYL & HYDE says:

    not much research done here..

    base 2wd captiva $29990.00 driveaway(about $27k plus onroad)…
    awd IS available with auto (3K more)…
    it’s too dear compared to what exactly?(xtrail,rav4,crv,x35what?)dualis is far smaller,don’t go there…

  14. I remember this suv was primarily designed by Opel in Germany. GM then simply outsourced its production in South Korea by GM Daewoo.

    So if this vehicle drives poorly and has fuel economy lagging behind compeitors, then it is Opel’s engineering dapartment that is responsible. I ve recently heard that Opel is working on its long-over due facelift and power train upgrade, so fingers crossed.

    And not on this subject, but I am also waiting hard for the VF Commodore. With the slightly outdated design, it is still doing the best it can to save Holden. All this amazing sedan needs is a cosmetic update but GM simply doesn’t have enough %%%% and is bleeding it dry oh gosh.

    • JEKYL & HYDE says:

      oh,you must mean the VE series 2,with different f and r spoilers,new wheels,teardrop headlights,new higher driver info display,hard drive,usb,all new interior,different shaped boot,weight reduction model.i don’t know anything about it neither…

    • Jinsei i think your a bit off the mark. The Captiva and its cousins were a Daewoo engineered car, but designed at Opel, with a little bit of help for the interior. Not thats theres anything wrong with that as the Spark and Cruze have proven.

  15. You have got to love that totally misplaced holden astra radio console!

  16. I can’t beleive people are buying these ‘Holdens’. If they had Daewoo badges on them no one would touch them. However they can only get better and it seems the Cruze is on the right track. My last four cars have been a Verada, Fairmont Ghia, then a Calais and currently a 2 year old Territory Ghia but I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying a Ford or a Holden again. I sold the Verada to a friend and it’s still going strong. Only money spent on it in it’s 11 years is regular servicing and CV joints after 250000km’s. I think I’ll be going back to a Japanese manufacturer.

    • please not Toyota, as id hate to have a fellow motoring enthusiast killed by the Japanese giants incompetence.

    • Hi yes your right about the mitshubishi verada 3.5 litre motor heaps of power and let me tell you very,good and very good on fuel ,holden and ford do drive good but nothing better than a verada and a vrx the best looking cars made and still are ,and you will still have a tone of money left in your account and very cheap on parts ,my verada gtvi 2005 costs $43,000.back in 2005  and let me tell everyone, all drivers look at my black gtvi and everyone says to  me, did you buy this car yesterday because it looks so beautiful, eye catching car and also the very first mitshubishi all wheel drive cars made,i will never get rid of my verada gtvi and i am a mechanic for 30 years no offence. the new holden commodore are way to big and too wide ,made for american roads not sydney roads all SUV’s should be V6 factory fitted ,not lawn-mower 4 cylinder, what human on this earth most of you thick heads out there is a jeep, suv what the americans say ALL SUV;S SHOULD BE V6 .not a lawn mower 4 cylinder. AND  I DO NOT KNOW WHY DO WOMEN no offence, DRIVE THESE TANKS .SUVS ,THEY ARE WAY TOO BIG AND WAY TO WIDE NO NEED TO MAKE THEM SO BIG ,SEE IT SUCKS HUMANS TO BUY THESE RUBBISH SUVS BECAUSE THEY ONLY LOOK GOOD ,CANNOT EVEN DO MORE THAN 300 KLM IN A FULL TANK, WAY TOO HEAVY WAIST OF MONEY CANNOT EVEN PARK THEM ANYWHERE. AS WELL  AND MOSTLY ALL NEW  CARS AND SUVS IN AUSTRALIA ARE THE BIGGEST RIP-OFFS WAY OVER PRICED IN  RIP-OFFS THIEVES ,RIP,OFFS TO ALL DEALERS . u should be a shamed of yourselves how u rip us of on price…..  compared to overseas.

  17. Surprised Holden put this back on the market with its modest 2.4l. Why not the 2.4DI engine available elsewhere in GM SUVs?

    Perhaps the Captiva5 will end up with the new 2.2l diesel later this year when the whole range gets a makeover. Should see 6spd autos across the board and even the 3.0DI engine for the 7.

    The 5 is still a good looking vehicle, musch better than the twisted Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CRV.

  18. I see so many people complaining on this site about the looks and powertrain(i agree) but there’s nothing wrong with the interior or the other models. I’ll admit this one is a shocker, but has anyone of you drive the Captiva 7, its pretty good SUV and a lot of it for the money.And it cant be that bad because it was the best selling SUV last year, and is Holden’s second best seller. They must have done somthing right to lure in so many customers.

    • The only thing they did right was badging it a Holden. That’s why it gets so many sales. I wonder how many of the customers know that their car isn’t an actual Holden…

      • Either way. No one is stupid enough to buy a car based solely on brand. If they are then they deserve an inferior product. Most people would drive and sit in the car first, and then make a purchase.

        • I’d guarantee that some do! My mate is a new car dealer (I won’t disclose which brand) and says that a lot of his customers don’t even request a test drive of a new car: they liked the old model and want the new one even if it has dramatic differences for the worse. This shows that brand loyalty and trust is so important, and that Toyota is going to have a hellish time getting back some of it’s lost customers, and probably won’t.

      • Your comments on HOLDEN being Daewoo’s is sooooooooooo 2005 mate!
        Move on…

  19. Holden Captiva 5 looks heaps good. I don’t why people are complaining on the exterior. Much better than a RAV4, Forester, CR-V. Interior looks heaps cool & when i sat in one, it felt very welcoming & the plastics are a + too. The engine? I’m not sure about the engine, sounds pretty poor to me, but i’m seeing some on the road now, which also explains the sales spike as well as the bonus sunroof offer. Can’t wait for the ’11 Captiva facelift. Interesting to see what changes will be made. Bring on ’11 Captiva. Go HOLDEN!

  20. Save it for the track says:

    Of course some mindless ‘customers’ by a car just because of the badge, and if they’ve been buying the same badge over the years they don’t know any better. What else explains those that stick blindly to Toyota (as an example) it can’t just be the senility of old age, as other manufacturers offer superior vehicles in segments like Corolla, Camry.
    Holden ? Same thing, it’s similar to how all too many people vote, “that’s what dad does”, or “that’s what we always buy”. There was more than one old Holden customer caught out by the Epica when it came out, buying blindly on faith that it was a Holden. Many a letter in newspapers and mags. I’m amazed and appalled at the air conditioning system in Commodores. Truly substandard and well below expectations (but apparently not as evidence by lack of mention by just about anyone). As an example the vents in VE are woefully small, and lack adjustment, not to mention taking ages to cool the car if oarked in the sun on a hot summer day. It’s not a stretch to think that some will buy this underpowered SUV simply because it has that lion badge on it.

  21. Remember the corolla/nova , camry/apollo and the best of all the crummerdor/lexan , guy in the pub bet his house that his lexan was a toyota , definately not a holden , no way .Had a mate who never test drove any car he bought , idiots , there is one born every day .Epica well what can you say , makes a camry look cool hahahhaah.

  22. Go Better – heard a guy just swapped his Craptiva 7 for a Cruze CDI, the fuel costs were killing him! The 5 seater is under powered (its too fat), there are better SUVs out there that this! Please look around before you buy and don’t buy solely on brand. By the way, regular unleaded fuel will not be sold from 2011. What will you choose!

    • CrustyTheClown says:

      He could have always put it onto LPG…..

      Anyway all this nonsense about fuel cost, the average punter does less than 15,000km a year, do the math the difference between 6l/100km and 12l/100km is around $1100 extra a year, or around $20 a week extra, bugger all really, esp. if it means buying a car that you are more comfortable in and enjoy more.

      Reg. ULP will still be for sale, just the octane is going to start @ 95 octane, as per most of the rest of the developed world….

      PS I will stick with 103 octane LPG!

      • What have you got on LPG out of interest.

        Ive always been a preacher of LPG, but manufacturers have let it slide to a point where Petrol makes it look massively dated (unfortunately)

        I cant wait to see how much Ford will promote its new gen system in the upcoming E-Gas

        • CrustyTheClown says:

          Have a 08′ factory LPG Falcon 1-Tonner

          Expecting BIG things on the injected new-gen Falcon, God knows it needs it, heaps of torque but the HP are poney sized, and way to much LPG used…

          • Plus 4sp auto only is a dwoner on the current.

            I used to have a 5sp Man E-Gas ute, the manual never seemed to be as sluggish as the auto versions.

            Plenty of torque though.
            I too am keen to see the new gen, it may get me back on the LPG train.
            It was just too hard to take the FG in LPG when you see how far they have improved the petrol version. In LPG’s early day it was actually quite competitive against the petrol version, unfortunately they havent touched it (virtually) in 10 years

  23. I picked up a brand new Captiva last week and so far so good.
    The deal was at least $5000 better than the competition so I couldn’t go past that, and the fact that they are well equipped and look good, I can see why they are so popular.

    • CrustyTheClown says:

      They are indeed very good value for money.

      Donkeys bag them because they have a Holden/LionKing [i’m scared] badge on it.

      If it had a hyundai badge, many here would build a shrine for it!

      Keeps us in the loop with updates & c.

      • Good on you David! A neighbour got a top spec with tint, shields and protectors, alloy side steps, rear dvd and a few other extras for $43k on road a year ago! It seems well put together and has been reliable, not a class leader for refinement but there are not many other 7 seaters with as much fruit for the price!

        Crusty, you could herd the amount of VW donkey’s on here as well!

        • Jackson McFly says:

          maybe the two of you (david is excluded bc he demonstrated logic for his pruchase) should go for a test in the base VW tiguan and you’ll realise what good looks and refinement mean. There is a reason brnads like Kia, Hyundai and VW are making a killing at the moment – it bc they are offering highly refined, good looking, value for moeny vehicles.

          maybe you are the brand buyers that we are talking about…

          • Keep spinning your VW tripe salesman, add a few options and you have a $50k plus Tiguan with a tiny boot and backseat like a small hatch and the dependability of a VW!
            I am no advocate for this 5 seat 4 cylinder model but the Captiva 7 still has a place in the market based on basic value. The Koreans do offer a better alternative but the awareness has not grasped the masses
            I suggest try the refinement, quality and value in the new Murano and then go back to driving the Tiguan for a reality check!

  24. The center console and the excellent trip computer is lifted straight form the ’05 Opel Vectra. That is the only positive thing about this car.

  25. DONT BUY ANY CAPTIVA. All captivas have been recalled for steering problems where, when driving people could loose all steering alltogether (crash). Also many captivas have had crank angle sensor problems. This 1.8 is a slightly modified version of the 1998 holden vectra’s 1.8 and it had the same problems just read the horrible owner reviews. Also people have had captivas stall at 80km/h because the sudden failure of these sensors. For god sake they were also recently on channel seven news for there electrical problems. Also I have had holdens over the years and they have been fairly reliable, but the problem is that the captiva or craptiva is made in south korea by daewoo, and everyone knows about there poor quality cars. Also independent quality surveys have shown the captiva to have on average 200 faults per 100 cars in the first three years of ownership. PlEASE DON”T BUY A CAPTIVA THERE CHEAP FOR A REASON BEACAUSE THERE A REBADGED DAEWOO.

    • Is that it, only 200 faults per 100 cars in the first 3 year, I’d better go buy me one now…… YOU HAVE ISSUES!

  26. is holden going to give you any more cars to review after this?

    i actually like the way this SUV looks – it is a pretty pleasant looking car let down by the mechanicals

    ancap says it’s a 4 star car so it’s not unsafe

    but everyone who is the least bit critical will put this at the bottom of their shopping list

    strangely the other two Koreans (Hyundai/Kia) will slaughter this in just about every department

  27. Has any body seen the chinese women towing the tow truck away in her Captiva. Look it up on youtube its a laugh!

  28. I agree with Dave, buy this car at your peril. We have one at work, it is referred to as the craptiva. Just replaced the starter motor @ 135,000k’s cost $900!

  29. This car intrigues me. It is made in Korea, and is not an Opel, but why does it have the centre dash of an Opel, eg the Astra, whereas the Captiva 7 seater has a Daewoo dash, very similar to that of the Epica.

    The Captiva is badged as an Opel Antara in Europe, im sooooo confused

    • CrustyTheClown says:

      Its all GM of America fault!

      Slapping on the right localised brand badge to the same vehicle depending where its going to be sold.

      Whats so hard about GM’s Daewoo making it in Korea with the GM family look and badge-to-market requirment?

      got it?

  30. I’ve begun to realise a recent trend. All Holden products that have a name beginning with C seem to sell the best and break records.

  31. This is a nice looking SUV but when there is VW tiguan for slightly more, ie few more thousand, or the new ix35, you wouldn’t bother with the captiva. It needs an update soon, possibly with a better engine.

  32. burnie cinders says:

    I just purchased the MY10 Captiva 7 LX. Had bluetooth aftermarket installed pre purchase. It doesn’t mute when calls come in. Told that Holden engineers did not design their sound system for this. What a joke.
    Also loose side moulding on bottom part of door which allows rain in. I’ll wait and see what my dealer does about that.
    My 1st Holden buy and not impressed.

  33. This has all the functionality that I was looking for: 7 x seats, split third row seats; plenty of safety features incl: rating of 5 (ancap), reversing camera & sensors, auto headlights; plenty of leg room in second and third row (for long legs); and looks stylish without being too big to park in shopping centres. We look around a lot before buying, looking for an upgrade to our Subaru Forester which was a great car but just didn’t have the room in the second row, even with the increased size in MY2007 and 2010. BUT… it is so UN-ECONOMICAL, its just not funny!! I drive in peak hour traffic, 1hr ea way, twice/wk, then general run around locally with kids. I like to take off with grunt but do not speed and keep up with traffic. Fuel consumption: 60 litres = 345kms, or about 17 ltrs/100km. My Forester got 11 ltrs/100km. COuntry driving is somewhat better at about 13 ltrs/100km. My car is petrol MY2010, 7 seater, purchased Aug 2009. Think about the environment – and your wallet- when you next look at a Captiva. Wish it wasnt sooooooo thirsty cos then it would be perfect!

    • You have answered your own questions. Dont take off with grunt.

      I think your un-economical for buying a car that size. Then you people are the first ones to complain about petrol prices. If your driving around that much your option is a more fuel efficient vehicle. Helloooooooo.

  34. I have been the unfortunate leaser of the 6 cylinder petrol model. It is rated at 11.5 lp100k in reality on a run (Not around town) it does 12.8lp100k. towing around 18 lp100k.

    Since new 2 years ago, the fly by wire has packed up and the complete wiring loom was replaced, apparently this is a known problem kept very quiet from the media.

    I would never buy another one, and from the responce of the dealers, will not buy a holden either.

  35. The 2.4 engine in the Captiva 5 is originally supposed to have 136 kw instead of the pultry 103 KW

  36. I initially was going to purchase a Subaru Forester as a company car but instead I had this cute Captiva last Sept for two months and loved it… Right until we had to return it to dealership (under warranty) FOUR times within two months. One of my friends bought it a month ago and now she had to take it back for a repair. She said she got pulled over by police recently just because both rear brake lights were out of order. I had to get mine replaced twice already. Never buy one from Holden again.

  37. this car is a known lemon….if i can stop another person from buying this car then i will. i have been on the side of the road more times than most people would in their entire life. in the past two days my car has broken down three times. holden zupps are useless and they treat you like a fool. i guess its not them stuck in the middle of no where in a brand new car that wont start again.
    a current affair did a story on this car and exposed it as a lemon. do yourself a favour and buy a honda or toyota…dont EVER buy a holden.

    • You must not have the series 11 Mel.

      I beleive this is much better from front to back.

  38. Wow, so much negativity from people who dont even own it!!

    Ive had one for 2 months, and for the price I paid and the standard features it has, it is great. Im not going to drag you off at the next set of lights, but I am comfortable enough with my tackle size that this wont bother me 😉

    Each to their own, if you hate it that much – dont buy it.
    If you own one and hate it… well there is always carsales.

  39. Well, Mel, seem u’re a guerilla marketeer for another brand, aren’t you ????

  40. have a look at this, guys

    • WOW! How did they manage to make it even more ugly?
      Very dissapointed if that’s the final result we get here – the styling features strong Korean DNA with yankee bling. Absolutely terrible.

  41. I simply asked a country RACV guy what goes wrong with Captiva – and he said all sorts of things – all the time.
    So I asked him the same thing about Hyundai Santa Fe – he said nothing goes wrong with them.
    Asking respective owners for their opinion will probably get you a skewed result – drive them yourself, then Go Figure. I think this advice is one of the few good things to come from USA english.

  42. Rachel Batta says:

    Comeon, a lot of anti Holden Bias on here, i had a Ford Teritoriy and traded it in for 2011 Captiva, and I love it, one critics comments!!!, read plenty of other positive critics comments on it, why aren’t they on here

  43. erin marsden says:

    i have the 2010 captiva and have never had a problem like everyone else here. my captiva is so much better then any other car i have ever owned. i test drove a ford teritory and i did not like it at all

    • Hi Erin. is yours the series 11 captiva. Can you give me your honest opinion good and bad.

      i am about to buy the Captiva 7. Well i think ???

  44. Steve Shilkin says:

    Not since my SLR Torana have i experienced such cronic understeer. my Capyiva 7[not for long its going before it totals one of us!] handles loke a sandshoe on ice. fantastic car as long as you dont go over 80km/hr and have a dual carriage way to turn in. it is NOT an all wheel drive many dont know this. it is a front wheel drive with a kick in emergency when the front slips. on dirt it is simply dangerous as the rear kicks in and out and spears the car all over the road. Do not take your family on dirt with this car! I have driven in my 58 years 10′ of thousands of ks on dirt and many more on hard. i have driven countless vehicles from my current Audi Quatro to Mack trucks. trust me be careful.
    Steve S

  45. Awsome but a little to big in my opinon, Otherwise if your looking for a big car its a good sulution.

  46. Please think twice before buying any Holden. They will be your best friend when you are buying the car from them and behave impeccably. The story is very different after the money has changed hands. I was lied to about the servicing on the car in order for Holden to get the sale from me and then I was told there was nothing they could do when I complained that a $800 service was due 2 weeks after I purchased the car (the salesman lied to me about this when we were going through the paperwork). My car has now only travelled 78000 kms in 6 years and a major and very expensive part has died ($3200) and Holden again say there is nothing they can do about it. I have had independent advice from a car mechanic that the part involved is designed to last the life of the car and should no way be broken on such low mileage it is therefore a design fault. This is not the last Holden have heard from me but in the mean time I will warn as many people as I can about the perils of buying a Holden.

  47. The Holden Captiva 5 is by far the worst car I have ever bought. It is under powered, the fuel consumption is way below average and in general it is a true disappointment for Holden. When I complained about the fuel usage I was told they are aware of the problem and were working on it. 2years later they were still working on it. Average fuel per tank 400-430km. The Captiva 5 is a dead loss and should be taken of the market. I will never again buy a Holden SUV thanks to this experience. On a positive note I also have a series 1 Holden Cruze and love it. Its the 1.8lt manual with just the basics. I get 700km per tank and its a joy to drive. Yes Suzfenau I have to agree. Before you buy the car the service is great but as soon as you drive it away for the first time that service is lost. I took a $5000 loss just to get rid of the Capriva and only now its worth it, because its not mine anymore.

Holden Captiva Specs

Car Details
5 (4x4)
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$12,650 - $14,380
Dealer Retail
$14,150 - $16,830
Dealer Trade
$10,100 - $11,500
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
220Nm @  2400rpm
Max. Power
103kW @  5200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
10.7L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1500  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/65 R17
Rear Tyres
235/65 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering
CD with 6 CD Stacker, Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin