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Update: Read our Hyundai ix35 review.

Hyundai has revealed its all-new Hyundai ix35 compact SUV today with three new engines including a diesel option, a new six-speed automatic transmission and a host of other 2010 upgrades.

Designed in Germany and inspired by the concept of an “urban nomad”, the new ix35 is set to replace the Tucson and introduces Hyundai’s new “Fluidic Sculpture” architectural language to Australia.

Three engine variants are available across three models in the new line-up.

The entry level ix35 Active 2WD is equipped with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine which produces 122kW and 197Nm of torque. As the only model to offer the tried-and-tested five-speed manual and the new six-speed automatic, the Active uses a combined 8.5-litres/100km and emits 201g/km CO2 (203 auto).

Next up is the 130kW/227Nm 2.4-litre petrol engine which, combined with all-wheel drive and the six-speed auto, uses 9.2 litres/100km combined and emits 219g/km CO2. It is available only in the mid-spec ix35 Elite.

At the top sits the all-new 2.0-litre R-series turbo-Diesel engine which can be ordered in both Elite and Highlander trims. Costing Hyundai AUD$227 million to develop, it creates 135kW and a mighty 392Nm of torque, while easily outperforming the less-powerful petrol engines for efficiency (7.5 litres/100km) and CO2 emissions (198g/km).

All three models have a 55-litre fuel tank and a 750kg unbraked/1600kg braked towing capacity.

Inside, all three score steering wheel-operated cruise and audio controls, six-way electric driver’s seat with electric lumbar support, second row armrest with dual cupholders and 17 other storage areas.

All models are well-equipped, but the Highlander gets the lion’s share of the features with dual-zone climate control, six-stack CD player, rear view camera, panoramic glass roof, all-leather seating with heated front seats and 18in alloys with a full size spare.

Safety is adequate with ABS, EBD and stability and traction control standard across the range, while hill-start assist and downhill brake control have also been made available. Six airbags are also standard throughout the range.

The all-new 2010 Hyundai ix35 is on sale from Monday, February 15 for the following manufacturer’s list prices (includes GST, excludes dealer delivery and statutory charges):

  • Active – $26,990 ($28,990 auto)
  • Elite – $31,990 ($34,990 diesel)
  • Highlander – $37,990


Check back tomorrow for CarAdvice’s full review of the 2010 Hyundai ix35.

  • Shak

    While it is good looking i still think its cousin the Sorento manages to beat it in most key areas. Just my opinion

    • Dan T

      Shak, it’s cousin would be the Sportage, I’d have thought.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher


      • Shak

        Oh well it is related to Hyundai somehow.

        • The Oracle’s Teacher

          Yeah, it is related. Hyundai is KIA’s parent company. But the Sorento is aligned to the Santa fe.

          • Shak

            Thanks for clarifying

    • jojo

      The Sorento is so much more expensive compared to this hyundai which kind of has a little but of Ford Kuga styling/size to it but I like it.

  • Dan T


  • The Oracle’s Teacher

    This thing will sell like hot cakes. There are Tuscons everywhere and they have just replaced it with a superior vehicle without going stupid on price. The diesel is the pick for me ,but those who don’t like diesels have two options for petrol.

    Another Korean winner.

    • app_master

      The “tucson’s everyehere” is no dought from the 22k driveaway value. The new ones (pricing) a long way of that (atm), so we will see…
      Nice replacement though – if I was afer a small-med SUV, it would have to be near the top of my list.

  • Tony

    Not a bad looker and the diesel should go good with 392mn and the 6 speed auto. Also not a bad price. I still think the Hyundai is a better built car than the Kia.

    • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

      Its the same car? How exactly is Hyundai better built? Do you have a referance point?

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        I have to agree with the salesman (up to a point). Pretty silly saying the Hyundai is better built. They are made by the same company, albeit in different factories. KIA have the same high standards as Hyundai.

  • fishman

    I’m a big fan of recent Hyundai’s, and the ix35 certainly looks the business. Saw one the other day in Bondi and it’s just as nice in the flesh.

    Is it just me though, or does this look expensive?

    Nissan Dualis, which from what I can see is very much the closest competitor to this, undercuts it by $2k. Or is this a size up and aimed more at the Forrester/CRV/RAV4’s of this world?

    Nice to see a decent diesel option again from Hyundai, although again $5k extra for the diesel is a rich pill to swallow!

    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      The diesel is a 3k option. Not 5k as you suggest. See the prices down the page.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        The auto adds 2k. Both are about standard above the manual/ petrol price these days.

        • fishman

          Charging extra for diesels over here in Oz is just ripping consumers off – the i30 diesel in the UK costs about 600pounds more, which is about $1k. Over here they charge an extra $2.4k.

          No uk prices yet for the ix35, but you can bet your bottom dollar there won’t be a $3-6k premium for the diesels

  • Old Dog

    Could they make the front bumper look any more plastic (yes, i know it is plastic, but..crikey). horrible.

    I agree the yet to be released sportage would be the pick of the two (on looks alone). although after owning a 2005 hyundai terracan, i swore i’d never buy a korean car again (and no, they havent improved THAT much).

    • HyundaiSmoke

      Audi, BMW, and Benz have Black bumper CUV/SUVs too. Or havent you noticed? Black Bumpers are popular these days on many Luxury trucks, and since Hyundai is this aspirational “we want to do Luxury on the Cheap” company now, they will fall in line to the current fashion statement.

  • Hendrik

    It looks like a Sanggyong


    • sammo

      HAHA I couldn’t agree more – the Koreans have some way to go yet in terms of styling, although the new Kia Sportage is getting there…

      • HyundaiSmoke

        Many people like this new “Korean Renaissance” styling. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of other car companies to shop at, but we are sticking to it.

        • Hendrik

          Never you mind HS, i wasnt heading in Hyundai’s direction in the first place.

          Ford Kuga/Subi Forester dominates this thing to the hills and back.

          ..excuse the pun!

          • HyundaiSmoke

            A Forester are you kidding me? LMAO!!! I like Subarus, but the Forester’s looks are the prime example of what’s wrong with Subaru’s design Department.

            Kuga is Bland compared to this. That US Ford Edge however, injects as much passion and controversy like this Tucson/ix does. Maybe its the fact that Im American, but I just dont get the Kuga, I dont understand it. I dont get how its so popular?

          • Whitbomb07

            Actually your wrong……. With the torque this thing is punching out (In diesel form) this will LITERALLY dominate going UP HILLS compared to the Kuga and Forrester!

            Keep up your ignorance though mate.



          • Robin Graves

            Forester.. Hahaha – the only thing they dominate is the kids soccer training carpark. Have you actually driven one? Urgh.

      • Dan T

        It’s the Japanese who I think are losing the plot in the looks department.

        The ‘smile’ of Mazdas looks very cheesy and the subarus have deformed noses. As for the Nissan X-Trail – YUK!

      • Jinsei

        The Koreans still not there in looks department? You can’t look more ignorant than now sammo.

        It is those recent Japanese models that have had some grave issues in styling e.g. the new Subaru Outback. They really gotta do something about their eye-soring vehicles

        So let go of your concerns on the Koreans and start praying for the Japanese to completely change their stance on vechicle designs.

    • spellbound

      Yep my thinking too hendrik , yuk , overstyled front looks cheap combo of ssangyong/ford that did not come off well .

      • sammo

        OK, look. It’s a nice attempt at something different and I’m sure all those at Hyundai meant well with it, but its design doesn’t come together very well.

        It’s a nice try but misses the mark for me. 5/10

  • The Oracle’s Teacher

    It looks nothing like Sangyong. Once agai nthe Korean haters have emerged. For anyone interested here are the prices in a little more detail.

    •ix35 Active 2WD 2.0-litre petrol five-speed manual – $26,990
    •ix35 Active 2WD 2.0-litre petrol six-speed automatic – $28,990
    •ix35 Elite AWD 2.4-litre petrol six-speed automatic – $31,990
    •ix35 Elite AWD 2.0-litre R-series turbo-Diesel six-speed automatic – $34,990
    •ix35 Highlander AWD 2.0-litre R-series turbo-Diesel six-speed automatic – $37,990

  • Josh

    Well I can’t wait to test this car out it seriously is better than the so called facelifted 2010 Honda CRV. There’s no reason to hate korean cars wait till everyone sees the new sonata that will make any ignorant person stand up and pay attention.

    • HyundaiSmoke

      Almost every car tester out there says it makes the CRV look like a joke. Edmunds says its a notch above CRV and a Notch below Acura RDX. Their quote” It fits nicely between the 2.”

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Hyundai/KIA is not going to be GM, and allow a few guys on a car blog dictate their design trends. They have the best talent from many Premium makes designing products now. Talent like Peter Schreyer’s and Phillp Zak’s which was held back by GM and VW execs, and accountants.

    Those guys working at Hyundai/KIA are now free just to design great product, and nothing over the top that will scare mainstream clientelle off (The Kind of over the top design most “Enthusiasts” want), but still is supposed to make a passionate statement.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Yeah, “The Mediocre Toyota Styling Era” in many places in the world is over with. For now on its going to be about passionate design, and one-upsmanship on that passionate design with FoMoCo and HKAG as the leaders.

    People want passionately designed cars, but without the drawbacks on an Alfa. They actually want the car to work everyday and sip gas too. The Koreans can provide that now, Ford can too. GM/Holden is almost there but still a little too bland, still a lttle too Toyota looking (I know Ill get like a -90 for that, but its true). Im just only saying it becuase I think they have means to inject more passion. If I thought lowly of them I wouldnt be dishing out advice.

    VW seems to be backtracking off the controversial design to its more pure clean conservative origins. I think that’s ok for now 5-10 years, but in the long term they will have to come up with a more Robust (Excuse the pun) look.

    • Muse

      Look, opinion of ‘good styling’ is subjective and changes from person to person. It’s called individuality. You don’t get to decide what people will like in the future. You speak like you know what people want and what sort of styling will be successful in the future, e.g using emotive phrases like “The Mediocre Toyota Styling Era” – but it’s only your opinion, not fact. Please recognise this for all our sakes. Stop treating your opinion as fact.

      “…people want passionately designed cars…” – I’m sure all designers are passionate about their work, that doesn’t mean it looks good. Lets face it, the key reason Hy/Kia became so popular is because they sold cheap cars loaded with stuff, not because they make ‘vehicles with passion’ – They’ve made some of the blandest looking stuff on the planet, conversly the new Kia Coupe looks quite good. Most mainstream manufacturers make a mixture of ‘bland’ and ‘exciting’ cars, it’s called catering for different markets.

      “If I thought lowly of them I wouldnt be dishing out advice.” – I’m sure GM and Toyota are so thankful for your ‘advice,’ and they’ll be knocking on your door any day now to offer you the role of lead designer.

  • Baddass

    The styling is better than I remember it being. How strange…

  • Hung Low

    I like it for its different styling and drive train levels. The Diesel Elite would rob the market blind if it was priced around $31k instead but looking at the prices of a Rav 4 or CRV the IX is a no brainer!

  • Whitbomb07

    I’m a little disappointed with the fuel consumption figures for the Diesel. Agreed that Diesels with Auto Trannies use more fuel, but this thing has equal consumption to the Santa Fe which has an extra 200cc, 44nm and 10KW over the top of this. Considering the ix35 is smaller and lighter, and considering it is ‘new’ compared to the Santa Fe facelift it should have better aerodynamics.

    I was really hoping that the auto version would be in the 6.something l/100km and if a manual is offered (doesn’t look like it) in the high 5’s.

    Combined with only a 55lt tank (Santa Fe is 70 isn’t it?) your looking at just under 800km to a tank, then again the i30 is supposed to have 53lt, but I fill it to the brim and regularly exceed that (I’d say total capacity is more like 60)

    I’m still seriously considering this as a next car, but this figure has taken a little bit of shine off it…….



    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      It lost it’s shine because of $1.50 per 100 kilometres? Are you for real? I’d take any o Hyundai’s or KIA’s new diesel soft roaders and certainly wouldn’t quibble about a litre of diesel here and there. For the outputs these cars are producing the economy is still very, very good.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        At least hyundai typically match or better their official figures ,unlike numerous others. My navara only ever gets close to the official figure when it’s in 6 th gear with cruise control on at 100kph. Other than that the claimed consumption is rubbish.

      • Dan T

        I’m keen to test drive this car.

        Will look different in the flesh, I’m sure.

        Like the 6-speed diesel idea. Hyundai have come a long way.

      • Whitbomb07


        I’m a Hyundai supporter (I own an i30, love it and do 40,000km+ a year) so don’t get me wrong in that regard.

        You didn’t answer anything I said, how come it’s economy figures match the Santa Fe when the Santa Fe has a bigger and better performing engine, especially when it’s larger and heavier with older aerodynamic design?

        I just don’t see how that adds up.

        I also said it’s lost a LITTLE shine not alot, not all of it, a LITTLE bit, nothing that would seriously deter me. But by your $1.50/100km a year and my 40,000km yearly driving that = $600 dollars, which could go into servicings etc etc.

        Read peoples post and think about what has been said before you decide to attack.

        I agree that for the output figures it is good if not great, but I was expecting better…….



        • The Oracle’s Teacher

          I read your poost .I thought about it (briefly) before drawing the conclusion that you are whining about something so trivial it is ridiculous. I mean really, 1 frigging litre?

          Given this is NOT the Santa Fe / Sorento and has an active AWD system, I suspect it will be set up for a more performance orientated role. Wait until the official performance figures are out before shooting it down over a quarter of a gallon of fuel.

          • Whitbomb07

            Again you have ignored what I have said.

            1lt less per 100km would (roughly as I don’t know exactly) pay close too or all of my servicings for the life of the car!

            You are so short sighted!

            1lt right here, right now of course doesn’t matter squat, 1 litre multiple times over in a year/life of the car, adds up to be a fair bit.

            Your comment about the Active AWD is incorrect as the AWD system is designed to only use 2WD when necessary (but can be overidden) to save fuel. But has it?

            These are the official ADR figures.



          • Whitbomb07

            I’d just like to clarify the second last paragraph as I re read but was too late to edit.

            Whilst it is labelled AWD, most of the time it will only be 2WD to use less fuel, it will only engage AWD when there is less traction sensed etc etc, however this can be overidden by the drive if they would like AWD.



          • Robin Graves

            Even the ‘on demand’ awd systems – while in 2wd mode, the car still has turn the rear driveshafts, diff and tailshaft – all as extra drag. If you are travelling in a straight line on the road, the two sides of the lockup clutch thingy would be turning at exactly the same speed, just not locked together. This shouldnt be much different from the Santa Fe. Does vehicle weight come into play in ADR tests? Its on a dyno so i wonder if the dyno ‘program’ has details of the car entered in – eg drag coefficient, weight, tyre sizes etc and models the loads placed on the rollers to simulate real world. If the weight is not accounted for then i think the santa fe and tucson would show similar figures as the weight would just create a little more loss into the tyres and thats it. Will have to wait and see how it goes in real life.

          • The Oracle’s Teacher

            The system cuts in when needed. This is defined as an active or on demand system. You are whinging about 1 ltr of fuel per 100 k’s. For the average motorist that is less than $5.oo per week. Deal breaker?

  • Fernando

    Currently I drive Camry and my car was stuck in the mud while I was on the way to crabbing. After that horrible experience I’m considering purchasing AWD.(also Toyota accelerator sticking issue is also annoying me.) If turbo diesel model is priced a bit cheaper I would seriously consider it for my next car. After I drove i30 diesel as a rent car this January, I realised Diesel is superior to petrol in terms of fuel efficiency and fun driving.

  • o

    great looking car way nicer in metal

  • nick

    I think it’s a bit of an accquired taste. The more I look at it, the more I like it. However it’s a bit stingy putting hubcaps on the base model IMO. Hopefully this turns a lot of people off the awful Great Wall 4WD.

    • Whitbomb07


      You make it seem like Hyundai is the only company that uses steel wheels and hubcaps, I think you will find most commonly give the ‘pov pack’ Steel wheels.

      No need to say hopefully, this is sure to own the Great Wall!



      • nick

        I’m pretty sure that the base Tuscon had alloys as standard. It’s still great value though.

  • Valet Dabess

    it looks alright but i’m chooseing the nissan juke over this

  • Robin Graves

    I think it looks good. First pre-release pics made the front look very fussy, but these pics look a lot better, kinda like an i30 on steroids. If I was looking for a car right now I’d buy one of these (diesel elite) at the drop of a hat, as long as the test drive was up to scratch. Looking forward to the proper reviews, and to see if it has integrated bluetooth.

    • Mel

      I got a drive away price today for the elite diesel and was $38990 but was told that none will be available in Sydney till the beginning of March. At the moment you can only see the Active. I really wanted to buy one of these but had already commited to the I30 cw slx diesel…maybe next time

  • Josh

    Hmmm I wonder if the ix35 gets navigation standard or as an option like the overseas models do. Haven’t seen it mentioned yet in the press articles

    • Dan T

      Doubt it, Josh.

      For some reason the Santa Fe and Sorento miss out on sat nav too.

      Wait and see, I guess.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        It won’t be released with satnav. It is something to do with the RHD models but will be introduced further down the track. Not that it would bother me. Personally I think satnav is a gimmack rather than actually useful and in some cars is dangerous due to placement. Plenty of ppl are getting lost with it due to incorrect spelling of street names . Give me a book any day.

  • maximark

    Nice looking vehicle, good combination of diesel and transmission but it’s a little expensive I think. The Elite cost between 32k- 35k which put it into the standard Forester, CRV,Outlander price range consider the ix35 is smaller than these popular compact 4WDs. It’s even harder for them to sell the Highlander for 38k, for this price range you can get the Tiguan diesel, Forester premium, CR-V sport.

    • Dan T

      The diesel engine could be a strong point though, maximark.

      The CRV has a pretty weak engine, I thought. And I understand the X/XS Forester auto is disappointing (I’ve only tried the XT auto – still 4-speed though!). Tiguan has a reputation for being unreliable – VW at least has (including Golf). Outlander – I’m not sure as I haven’t driven one, but I would prefer the V6 which tops-out around 50K!).

    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      Do the Forester or CRV come with a 6 speed auto/ high output diesel combo and all those extras? I doubt it.

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au OSU811

        no they dont, but there is a diesel 6speed manual forester coming out soon!!!
        with the same 2.0l boxer diesel as in the outback..

        • Robin Graves

          Oh great, the boxer diesel is so wonderful – NOT! This R Series engine is in a different league.

          • The Oracle’s Teacher

            It sure is. Infact it is now at the top of the pile. So much power, so little fuel and according to the video in the CA review it is a great drive too. Now, will the biased Australian motor magazines be able to change their one yed view of the Koreans I wonder?

  • mr.trith

    Pricing is at fantasy-land levels, what ever happened to the $22,990 Tucson like prices?

  • Sam 300TD

    This car looks like a ripper! Any bagging of the car based on brand is complete bullsh*t. Hyundai benchmarked Toyota for quality many years ago. I think that they have actually surpassed Toyota now. They have just as good fit and finish and their engines are arguably better than Toyota now. Thats right I think a new Hyundai is better than a new Toyota. When you see they are are also cheaper to buy, the choice becomes clear.

    • Tinman

      You’re right.
      Interesting that toyota has a dig at buyers in its aurion ad for following in the footsteps of their parents when it comes to buying the oppositions sixes.
      toyota relies on the very same mentallity to peddle its piles of cr#p.
      If someone can’t see the technology in the ix35, then they really should go and buy yesterday’s rubbish from the japanese.

  • Yonny

    Have to say, I think this looks pretty good – much better than the CRV, and much better specced too – and available in diesel as well (I bet Honda wishes us aussies had never heard about diesel…)

    By the way, does anyone know if Hyundai plan to put the Theta II engine into the i30?

  • Jim

    Does it have a full size reserve wheel?

    • Jim

      According to the 13 February review is has a full size spare wheel. Well done!

  • ohreally

    How long until the crossover cars are out of fashion?

    At least the full size crossovers served some vague purpose.
    If people want to feel taller they can get platform shoes

  • David

    Can any one tell me how good is the paint job on the Hyundai’s?

    I hear that it is no good if you leave bird pooh on it for a time?

  • Howard

    Bring Genesis and Equus to Australia, Hyundai !! I would buy one





  • adam

    i’m picking my ix35 up in about 10 hours. oh so happy.

  • ian of melbourne, Australia

    We just test drove and then ordered an Ocean Blue ix35 Highlander today! Can’t wait to get it….the t/diesel is nice and quick. I gather there’s a shortage of 90,000 Highlanders worldwide. I can recommend the Hyundai dealership at Mornington! They’re very helpful.

  • Jimbo

    It is great that Hyundai is coming up good cars at competitive prices. The competition will lead to innovation and better products for everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to come out with the best cars and Hyundai is getting there. I would consider buying an ix35 when it finally comes with a 7/8 dual clutch transmission and the towing is increased to 2000+ kg. Other improvements would be higher clearance and better drive. The engine looks like best in class and the car looks quite nice. Hyundai is very close to coming up with an awesome mid-size suv.