Update: Holden Commodore Reviews.

The new Holden Commodore SS will be available soon and while Holden have decided, again, that there is no need to release a competitor to Ford’s immensly succesful XR-6 Turbo, the new VE model SS and the new SS V Commodores are sure to attract attention from the V8 lovers all around Australia.

It seems like Holden doesn’t want to bite the bullet and admit that perhaps having a Turbo charged 6 cylinder is a far better option than a big V8? Or maybe they can’t begin to imagine the idea of shedding their “big V8” image. Whatever the reason, if the sales figures are anything togo by, it seems that people still want big powerful Aussie performance cars, but given the high fuel prices and the fact that its 2006 and not 1995, some are moving away from the big V8 rumblers and more towards the more technologically advanced Australian cars such as Ford’s XR-6 Turbo.

Nevertheless, Holden’s new VE Commodore SS and the brand new VE Commodore SS V are worth a closer look. The Holden VE Commodore SS is powered by an engine more accustomed to HSV cars, the LS2 6.0 Litre V8 producing 270kW of power with a peak torque of 530Nm. The car comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission or for another $2000 you can opt out for the six-speed automatic with Active Select.

Holden VE Commodore SS

The new VE Commodore SS starts at $44,990 for the 6 speed manual and $46,990 with the 6 speed Auto. This is the first time Holden has offered the six-speed automatic for the SS, having previously equiped the old SS Commodore through its ageing four-speed automatic. If you intend to buy a SS Commodore I would highly incourage you to stick with the manual, not that I have my doubts about the European engineered 6 speed auto, but as you should be aware by now, I am not a big fan of Automatics when it comes to performance cars. Click for full pricing on the VE Commodore Range.

The VE Commodore SS comes with everything the Holden VE Commodore Omega comes with (+air conditioning as standard) as well as:


  • Exclusive sports grille with honeycomb texture
  • Exclusive deep section sports bumper fascia with matching honeycomb inserts and fog lamps
  • 18-inch twin five spoke machine finished alloy wheels
  • Exclusive deep section lower rocker skirt
  • Rear door badge on SS
  • Exclusive two-piece sports rear fascia with black diffuser style lower insert incorporating reflectors
  • Larger decklid spoiler in body color and black accent on SS (larger in comparison to SV6)
  • Quad round chrome exhaust outlets on SS
Holden VE Commodore SS


  • Performance interiors convey sports car cockpit effect
  • Vertical ‘waterfall’ theme with driver and passenger compartments split into ‘pods’ by unique centre stack offset to the instrument panel
  • Unique longitudinal colour break-up and vertical door grab handles on SS V
  • Abrupt interface between instrument panel and console adds to motorsport effect
  • Sports instrumentation supplemented by a high-mounted auxiliary display above centre vents
  • Red illumination

Holden VE Commodore SS V

The model that has interestead me a little is the new VE Commodore SS V. Obviously Holden has seen a gap between the Commodore SS and the HSV range and hope to fill that gap with the new SS V. Holden refers to the SS V as

Holden’s king of the jungle, the new hero of our performance range. It also delivers front, side and curtain airbags, multi-function color LCD screen, premium stereo system and the ability to choose color-coded interiors

Holden VE Commodore

Hmm for the extra $6,000 you will be paying on top of the standard SS (with manual transmission) the SS V starts at $51,990 (extra $2000 for the six-speed auto). Quite a bit for a standard Holden! The equipement level found in the SS V makes me wonder where the extra $6000 has gone? For a start the 19 inch wheels are a nice addition, but what else do you get?



  • 19-inch five spoke alloy wheels in silver paint finish
  • High tech tail lamps with smoky clear outer lens over bright styled bezel with red lens inserts
  • Larger decklid spoiler in body color and black accent as per SS
  • V decklid badge


  • Unique longitudinal colour break-up and vertical door grab handles
  • Large color screen in centre stack

Hmmm… extra $6000? Holden says:

SS V has an aggressive theme taking sport interiors to a new level. Either in Onyx, Ignition or Redhot, colour is applied to the instrument panel and seats for those customers wanting to be expressive and have a sense of customisation


So in otherwords, this car is aimed at those who have an extra $6,000, and really wish they had an HSV! My advice? Stick with the SS, most of those additional features aren’t worth the $6,000! If I bought a Commodore SS I’d sell the wheels on eBay and buy some aftermarket ones for around $3000, much better way of standing out in the crowd!

For full pricing and optios on the new Holden VE Commodore SS and SS V range click here.

Click for Full Features list of the Holden Commodore VE Range

  • john mcdonald

    Hi i have been loking on different websites regarding the VE commodore i can not find any actual performance figures for the ssv and ss Ve does anybody know of such a site please

    Thanks John

  • matt w

    Just in relation to the $6000 dollar question between the VE SS and the VE SS V, a big lump of the $6K might be sucked up by the STANDARD leather trim on the SS V. The SS comes with cloth trim as standard. There are also a few other bits not mentioned like Zennon headlamps.

  • jig

    lets not forget climate control, take-off lights and an extra inch of good quality sports tyre

  • Manik |Xx.EVO.xX|

    holly shit! . . look at that interior . . how much is it again? 😛

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    starts at 52g
    so about 55 on road

    • gr8v8

      no offence put here to advise 55k new shiny car 3 years later sell 25k hmmmm if you got money for new car invest in future money spent making money makes sense money spent feeding ego goes down the toilet same as your ego
      put simply and theres many options that money spent on a house then would have made you 200k to 300k average on a good suburb think about it save the ego today and buy 10 of these cars 3 years later from profit made in investing in yourself not impressing other (houses dont always go up in hindsight refering to the period between buying this start of 2007and selling house 2010)

      • buyer

        Mate, seriously don’t think this is the forum for financial advice. get off your high horse and comment on the car. Many people in this forum reading about these cars are likely to be in that position.

      • Wayne

        @$$CLOWN, who cares, when you die you will have done nothing but caught a bus and have a few dollars in the bank, i will have had a great V8 SSV and enjoyed ever second of driving it, and apart from buying this car i still by around $50K in shares each year.

        Reporter DO SOME RESEARCH FOOL, YOU MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. $6K more gives you LEATHER INTERIOR, 19inch rims, projector headlights, flasher tail lights.built in GPS navigation, and a few other niceties

  • Shan

    I have just bought a VE SS, wonderful car goes like a rocket. As for getting SSV I think NOT 6k extra i dont think it’s worth the wait. I think old mate is right with selling wheels and opting for aftermarket wheels considering $2100 you can get 19s with rubber shipped to Darwin. And add another $800 you can get a mafless tune to get 320+rwkw giving better fuel economy. Then when your side by side with a HSV you know you have the more aggressive weapon and the extra 30k in your pocket.

    • Paul Cane89

      You wouldn’t even get 320 Kws at the moter from a mafless tune get your facts right or shut up

      • man the man

        you have never heard of the vcm suite otr cold air intake then?

  • The Range Series

    If you are more of a laid back driver but want to drive in style/comfort you get the *Calais or *Berlina-(can’t afford calais).

    If you got money to spend or if you are a rich pig you get the *Hsv.

    If you dont have money to burn and just want to get reliability v6 get the standard *Omega.

    If you want a sporty look and don’t want a v8 you get the *Sv6.

    If you got money to spend and want the lot like sports interior/leather etc.. but don’t want a hsv you get the *SS-V.

    If you want a sporty look but the v8 muscle you get the *ss.

    Who agrees?

    • gr8v8

      yep on the money save heaps grab base model omega and enjoy it then get another a couple of years later hsv remember in hindsight its a 50 to 60 percent loss on all these models remember that and rarity there is tens of thousands for sale now accross all models not 1 or two which makes it worth more

    • abdul

      were you drunk when u wrote that hehehe ..
      i agree with you %100 your good to be a salesman ..

    • Baz

      ill agree with ya. I bought a 2011 VE SSV series 2 limited edition about six weeks ago. It was a head**** for months trying to settle on a v8. Always been holden. Always hsv……..bla, bla, bla. In a nut shell..i had a choice of any vehicle that i desired. Was going to get another dream (top range Harley).. Anyway, my ssv was made for me. It fits me right down to the gloves that go with it ( red and black ) 6.1 lt 6 sp black metalic, darkest tint, lowered, a very gravelly note and a low profile air spoiler. HDT improved. My opinion…….THE best car that Holden has ever produced. What a beast.

  • mark

    I bought the ss with 20 inch wheels, alloy pedals ,alarm upgrade, rear park assist, flip key, sunroof, ss mats, towbar, sports colour coded steering wheel and gear lever for less than the ssv

    • gr8v8

      yeah paid 55k worth today 25k great value hey this is in hindsight but is relevent fact know one seems to take into account will be the same today as yesterday just check wheels and i think they have a depreciated percentage acording to sales of all new cars READ IT you would be better to lease these and return after 2 years and spend the same money you still lose !

  • Carl

    I have recently bought a SSV, and I will say it’s the best looking, greatest performing car I’ve ever driven. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to invest in.

    • gr8v8

      yep great in st5d form just lose $10k a year doe 3 years
      yes $30k less in value in 3 years disregard any mode you do they dont increase value one dollar sell it easier yes one dollar more NO if shoddy mods devalues further

      • wayne

        I just bought the SSV Redline 5000km on the clock for $45000 and dont give a damn about depreciation because i earn a lot and have investments in shares. So get fooked peasant.

  • Tim

    i brought mine and im happy with it!! i put chrome 2o’s on it, and a new big stereo. and also a bigger exhaust!!!! iam so glad that i bought one

    • gr8v8

      no offence in hindsight the mags waste of money tyres are ridiculous expensive and short lived in sizes be better with 18 inch sterio was crap buy a ipod instead for youself when driving when passengers in car they talk anyway turn the radio off bigger exhaust just is more sound to draw attention to youself its ego not power without all the mods its only 5 percent more power at 3 to 4 thousand for good system (for this thinking save money buy base remove rear mufflers replace with straight pipe and original exhaust tips cost $500 including ipod and give same or better result ps holden staff get to know one they get 30% discount on new cars buy new drive one year then sell buy another do same you will actually make money not much though otherwise you lose !!!

  • Andrew

    The VE SS Commodore is a great car. I’ve had the privellige of driving it and it does impress me. Though I have also driven a XR6 Turbo and now realise that the Ford is a better car in terms of engine and handling.

    • gr8v8

      both good cars both went shopping both lost 50 to 60 percent of value 3 years later ?????

  • john newman

    i dont have one but am thinkin of buyin one they are one of the most best lookin cars u can get at the moment

  • Jason

    I just got a new R8. It is awesome, though it is a slight hinder on the lifestyle, but if you are an enthusiast, then this is the car.

  • Daniel

    What does anyone think about the new special edition Commodore Lumina???????

  • Katie Jane

    Oh my gosh, i’m on second year p’s and have only every dreamed of driving a ve ss.. But my mate let me drive his.. Holy cow and the power it awesome as… Not only does it look sporty she goes like the clappers too…

  • Frances McCLung

    how does the ssv compare to a porsche 997 performance wise

    • disliker

      the ssv is great compared to a 997 look at the 100k saving 😀

  • Bavarian Missile

    Which 997 though. This is a Commodore not in the same league as a 997 Porsche.

  • FPV290

    hve both fpv 290 GTP with heaps done to get it to handle and stop, as well as a VE SSV the ford has cost me almost $25,000 more to get it to perform almost as well as the SSV. very soon I will get rid of the GTP as it is not up to scratch with what holden has put together,its like driving a 10 year old car compared to the holden.The SSV is brilliant in every way great to look at superior style less road noise better handeling, tighter in the body, and dosn’t feel like an ocean liner to drive (unlike the ford)

  • Going Ford, Is The Going Thing

    The FPV you’re talking about is an older car, still that doesn’t mean it’s that worse than a VE it’s like driving an ocean liner.

  • Baz

    Not all the SSV’s come with two-tone leather (thank God!!)
    Mine is ‘Crunch’ in colour and has basic black interior. I like the paint colour, interesting as it changes as the light conditions do. Kinda cool and it does grow on you.

    Someone mentioned Xenon headlamps. Whilst they are a projector style headlamp, I’m not sure they’re Xenon. I imagine you could upgrade to a Xenontype with this setup lamps though.

  • http://pantherconcreteoptusnet.com.au les

    I just bought a ve ss and im impressed,any 1 that has anything bad to say about it is jealous.

  • Johnny

    I agree with Les. I just bought an SS and it is awesome!! Very easy to drive considering the dimensions and the mass of the vehicle.

  • Johnny L

    Test drove the manual+auto ss-v the other day. Very nice handling, sweet exhaust sound and love the interior. Ordered an SS-v manual, maunal way better, the auto feels lazy/slow to pick up in first. Awesome car!!!

  • Duck

    Johnny L, why did you prefer it over a XR6T or XR8?



  • Duck

    SHAKER, are you talking to me or Johnny L?

  • Johnny L

    With the turbo there a slight turbo lag when coming out of corners short windy roads and the major issue I had was the fact that ford was going to stop production of the inline 6 in 2010. XR8 the performance seem a bit lacking especially when you try the turbo and the SS. Personally I just found the interior and exterior of the SSv more appealing and I liked the note of a V8. Performance and styling wise in my opinion the SS V just seem like a better package.

  • ronnie

    Inside is awesome! great to drive.
    BE CAREFULL when buying the new ss-v atomic green as the bumper bars are different colours one of my friends pointed it out to me after i bought a new one. NOT HAPPY!! and they are having troubles matching paint. Two modules have to be replaced and ive only had it for 2 and half months and its been back to the dealer 4 times. So just be careful fellow australians cause they have also stuffed me around.

  • Melissa

    We bought the ssv 2008 early this year. We have had a knocking noise from the front right. It has been back to the dealer now five times and each time comes home with the same noise. They have replaced bushes ans shimmied the brakes to no avail. It is starting to piss us off that they cannot fix their problem.
    Has anyone esle ahd the same problem. We are starting to think that it is the suspension.

  • Matt

    Which is Faster and Powerfull ?

    XR6 Turbo 07 or the SSV VE 07

    • Matt

      FG XR6T kills them both

  • Johnny L

    The VE SSV is faster and more powerful than the BF XR6T

    VE SSV 270KW manual 0-100 5.2-6 sec aprox
    BF XR6T 245KW ZF-auto 0-100 6 sec aprox

    • matt

      accoding to you….., just read an old motor mag, 5.4 secons to 100 for the BF auto XR6T, so johnny L… wrong, wrong wrong.

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  • Zach

    They raced the VE SSV and the F6 typhoon over a 1/4 mile on top gear and the typhoon came out in front. A little dissapointing since i am a holden supporter but still a great car!

  • Netbear

    VE Calais V V8 review Mid 2008 Update Model.

    I purchased my VE Calais V V8 (it is the update model with the 10 spoke 18″ wheels) with FEII Suspension, Full size spare, HD tow pack, Sat Nav and Power outlet in the boot in Aug 2007.

    I am very happy with it, I have driven to Sydney and back from Bendigo averaging 9.6 lts per 100kms for the whole trip. Not bad for a 1750 kg vehicle full of fuel and luggage with 2 adults and 1 child.

    The car has now done around 12,000kms.

    I have only added a few little things to the car since Aug 2007 such as:

    Ashtray / Power Outlet in the rear of the centre console – Holden deleted the door on the rear of the centre console. (I am not a smoker, just wanted the extra Power Outlet, HSV Chrome Wheel nut covers – The standard grey ones are crap. Also added moulded boot liner $99 off ebay – genuine Holden is just too expensive.
    Added Radiator cover – this was deleted by Holden due to cost – it stops bugs getting stuck on top of the radiator and added a couple on plastic clips under bonnet up near the firewall – also deleted by Holden.

    Other items deleted by Holden were Hinged front door bins and the light in the centre console bin.

    Engine cover also reads V8 not 6.0 lt V8.

    – Does anybody know of anything else that was deleted by Holden ?

    Wish List – Fuel Lts remaining (trip computer only displays Lts used).

    Sat Nav unit should have been mounted underneath rear parcel shelf in boot to create more room in glove box.

    TV tuner to complement built in DVD display front and rear.

    Av input for Rear Dvd Player needs to be mounted in rear of centre console – not in the roof unit.

    Independant vent controls for rear seat passengers.

    Under Bonnet Light.

    What else I wish to add soon – Alarm Upgrade, Window Tint, Lock Nuts. Also run a patch so that front display can be used to watch DVDs while driving (front seat passenger only of course :-)

    Future Upgrades – Maffless Tune, Bigger Exhaust, Cold air intake etc. maybe a suspension upgrade.

    Small issues that I have found – Sat Nav display not correct – quick fix – Reboot (happened once).

    Front display turns off – turn key off and restart (happened once).

    Fuel remaing on trip computer not as accurate after driving the car really hard. (this has let me down twice).

    Notes: I have run this V8 vehicle on Regular Unleaded, E-10 and 98 Octane with no noticable difference to power or economy.

    For a V8 it is a little quite – seems to be about half as loud as a VZ V8 – Standard exhaust seems restrictive.

    Road noise a little loud for rear seat passengers – when radio etc. is turned off.

    I love the power and handling of this vehicle – I can not fault it in any other way.

    Thank you Holden for the concealed boot hinges – about time. Also thanks for the abitly to turn off the front displays for night driving.

    I also drive a 2007 Ford Falcon BF MKII Company Car – Too many faults to menton :-(

  • Loz

    I just picked up my brand new ve ss…..all i can say is anyone who doesn’t have one should be jealous. The car is a treat to drive! I am a religious SS owner, this is my 3rd and all i can say is they are getting better everytime!! You can really feel the 270kw under the hood and if your serious about V8’s please go for the manual, you won’t be disappointed, I’m not!! For those with concerns over buying a full size spare, don’t! Its the way you negotiate, remember you are in the box seat, you want the car and they want to sell it and will do anything to get you to sign or else they will lose the sale to another dealer! I got a full size spare, metalic paint, flip key, genuine ss mats, # plate covers and paid next to nothing for them! Its called shopping around and standing your ground, they will give in!

  • Tina

    l love the SS l have a VT SS and l love it goin to buy a VE SS and give my son my ss cant wait love the VE so awesome looking sound so HORNY

  • ben

    Yeh….um…. hope i dnt start n arguement lol but…. The ss holdens n hsv for amader of fact, is gonna get a big shake up july next year with the xr8 v8 n fpvs new v8 comes along. 6.2ltr V8 baby!!!! Check out my comment about it in the FG F6 310 review. Sorry, but holdens n hsv r in for a big wake up call lol. Go the fords n fpvs. N the current ford V8 mightnt go as hard as the holden hsv V8, but good does it sound so much better then anything on offer from anything under the g brand!!!!!!!

    • matt

      HAHA, its idiot like you that cause rumors, i hope you come back and read this… 6.2 in the falcon…. ya dreamin, that was and always has been for the F series trucks…. the days of wacking oversized pushrods in cars are over 😛

  • Scott


    I am planning to buy the new holden commodore VE but not too sure to buy!! in terms of Weekly costs.. obviusly the V8 will cost more but a lot more? can some one who owns SS give me some figure for the weekly cost for fuel?

    How about the speeding tickets.. as you know.. you tend to go a bit faster when you have a faster car.

    Short and simple.. if you have $50,000 would you buy the V6 or V8? I dont generally drive fast.. but i do want a car with muscle, cheaper on fuel and dont get me in trouble with the law… I do like the VE SS but also the SV6

    Can somebody give me some proper advice please…..

    • james

      usually people dont buy an ss/v8 for fuel economy 😛 its for the driving experiance

  • Shaun

    Mate, the speeding tickets are up to you. I own a VE SS and am very happy with it. Its not that thirsty if you drive it sensibly and you can run it on normal unleaded. Of course if you want to have a little fun with it then it will guzzle the fuel. We average around 400 to 500 out of a tank. 13s around town and 11s on the hwy. Ring around for insurance. There are some good deals. The answer to your question is a no brainer, I would definately go the 6sp manual SS.

    • Doc

      Totally agree – the speeding tickets are up to you. Around town, whoa! If you have a partner witha small 4cyl, go with it. On weekends, rip the SS!
      My experience, around 10.5 highway, and 13.5 city, but then, you don’t buy a brute like this to get to work and back.

      Look at the specs, and this thing is quicker than most BMW’s, Mercs, etc. It is no toy. My missus keeps ragging me for nearly breaking her neck.

      Great engineering, pity about all the plastic, and a bit noisy on the road, but then, you buy this car because your a revhead, not because you want quiet.


  • Dakota

    I own a 2008 SS V and its awesome! I cant get 12ltrs around town and 9ltrs on the highway, and even it you drive it hard 13ltrs is the worst ive gotten.
    It awesome and Il never go back to a V6 again!!
    The performance, handling and look is 2nd to none!!

    Its definatley worth the extra $6000, the normal VE SS just looks like an VE SV6. And you cant option climate control and the different headlights & tail lights on the standard VE SS. You also get better stereo and leather for your money!

  • Sean

    I’m picking up my new SS-V next Tuesday. I test drove a six spd manual the other day and made my mind up after 5 mins. My first V8 and I’m 42 years old. Boys and thier toys.

  • DJ

    Oh, and the Bridgestone tyres are $400 each not $900 at Barloworld. I just replaced one which blew. And I picked up a new 19″ rim for $290 at the dealer which had been taken off another brand new SSV cos they wanted HSV Rims. Standard price for a RIM is $421 trade or $550 retail. Only problems after 12 months. Squeaks in suspension fixed with upgraded bushes and wheel alignment out since new. They adjust it off factory spec now so it does not chew the rear tyres out with the stability crap. Aircon software upgraded under warranty otherwise still goes like the powers. You can also get RIMS repaired for $190 if they have been scraped on the curb. Only thing I don’t like is it is hard to see past the A Pillars and the rear spolier is just too damn big. They are extra wide for the USA crash test market and can block a whole car out just left or right of vision.

  • DJ

    Sory that was $51,990 not $15,990!

  • DJ

    Have had an SSV now for 15 months and just clicked over 20,000Ks. Creaky rear suspension turned out to be damaged striker plates both sides. They damage easily when jacking the car up from either side so obviously not designed to take the weight. Still have random seat belt chimes after driving off even after pre tensioners were changed. Stop and restart clears it. Holden dealer doesn’t/won’t change software to fix it as they have never seen it do it. There is a software upgrade out free I presume at the dealer to fix hesitant downshifts and acceleration but I haven’t bothered as I don’t really notice. Aircon sometimes doesn’t blow cold. Had the aircon software upgraded but hasn’t fixed. Another software bug they haven’t found yet no doubt. Again, a restart seems to fix, so not too worried. Here is a strange one. Some Blackberry’s affect the engine performance after they “voice in” through the bluetooth. Took me ages to find (and grief) lousy fuel consumption, rough gear changes, at least 20 % loss in acceleration. Fixed it finally by downloading new service books to the Blackberry. Don’t know why it was stuffed but it was. Again, dealer hasn’t heard of the problem so ignored it. otherwise, it gets about 16.8 Litres per 100ks city driving. About 20mpg in the old language. Never been able to get better than. Where these other figures come from showing better is anyone’s guess.

    • Lucas


      i have owned a VE SSV 2009 model for aprox 7 months and it has been back to the holden dealer service 3 times for a problem with vehicle surging under load when accelerating. 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th gear and put the foot down it hesitates and surges like it is looking for fuel.
      They ‘say’ they have updated the software. They cant find the problem when they plug the car into the TECH 2 (holden plug in computer). but when test driving it is very apparent. also test drove another brand spanking SSV with only 12 klm’s on the clock and it has the same problem with surging.
      Still to this day there has been no answer to my problem. also around 16 – 17 litres around town.

      Bloody annoying

      • Lincolnwatt

        have a sook mate, big car big fuel… mine burns 25 p/h round town, but its got 430 rwhp and i love it lol….

  • DJ

    I am using a different email address but am still DJ above. Yes, the management computer always shows 16.81 litres per 100ks sometimes gets to 15.9 but that’s if i drive it like a Barina. The software for hesitant downshifts only affects the models 8.5. This equated to models VESS09 built from about May 08 up until the change to the latest VE model where it is all fixed. apparently. Hey, anyone who gets a great big scratch on their car, here is some advise. If you have a metallic, DON’T use touch up paint! Go to your Holden dealer and find out who they use to repair their brand new cars that obtain scratches before sale. Apparently, the WHITE you will see is NOT down to the paint level (Mine is Voodoo blue). It is merely the clear coat turning white. Gently get some Kitten No 1 and rub. Gradually, gradually, the scratch will disappear. It will take about 20 minutes. DO not use cut and polish No2. That’s for losers who want NO paint any more! Or take it to the panel shop recommended by the dealer who does all their NEW work and they will buff it out. I was amazed. The person who key stroked my car must have thought they did major damage. But it is gone completely and it will cost 40 bucks at the panel shop or free to do yourself! VE SS apparently have cold start scenario with poor transmission changes. I am talking autos only. This is normal and Holden will not fix. Only one other problem. Coolant smell after driving. Cannot find. Dealer says possibly steam escaping around hose seals. have preuure tested cannot find. Not losing coolant to any degree. Another quirk. Has anyone got the SatNav fitted? I wanted it but the dealer talked me out of it. Said it wasn’t worth $2,000. Also, be aware, that NOTHING works, including the wheel mounted controls IF there is any alarm displayed on the console. Even low fuel. You have to reset first. To the person above who said the dealer couldn’t find the problem. You are right. There IS no problem. Make sure all alarms, speed warnings, handbrake chimes etc are gone. You will then fin after a few seconds your wheel mounted controls will all function normally again. The person who had the throttle problem. It is fly by wire. it sounds suss to me but the problem if anywhere would be the accelerator pedal itself electronics as there is NO throttle cable any more or the management computer. But it doesn’t sound right to me. Sounds like B…sh..t actually.

  • roys

    some illiterate people who don’t do their homework tend to think that the most powerful FG Falcon only makes 290kW, in fact BOSS315 in the GT, GT-P and GT-E make 315kW and 551Nm of torque.

    What those illiterate and naive little holden crappadore, usually SV6 drivers usually misinterpret is that they never mention torque, they never mention Fords top models… but usually compare an XR8 FG with 290kW engine which is essentially a BA-BF GT engine but improved and tweaked up …. they never compare the FPV BOSS315 and 302 models….

    all they do is cry in pain and in frustration, cursing the very day they went to the bank and got a loan to buy a crappy underpowered SV6 whether port injected or direct injected and are cursing them selves for being beaten by a dedicated LPG old piece of crap out dated 2002-2003 BA XT Falcon!

    it is a shame how many uneducated and misinformed people we have out there, who still buy a holden or hold on to their old piece of crap VS or a VR, not realizing that such crap cars are in fact digging them an even bigger hole because of their poor efficiency and lack of sophistication!

    if you want to drive a real CAR, buy a Ford Falcon, anything from a BA series 2 onwards! is a real , pure and a honest car.

    Ford Falcons V8s are underrated , never boasted and never talked about much ….

    in the real world situation a standard low spec “luxury wise” stock BA XR8 with a single spinner 3.23 diff and a 5 speed manual box with just 260kW/500Nm on RON91 will match and keep up very easily with anything from a VZI 5.7L 250kW to a 297kW HSV LS2 Senator or R8.

    They are both V8s, both have similar power outputs and torque outputs , they both have similar mass and both have a V8 note.

    In real life, reality i have seen a stock standard BA 2003 XR8 overtake and maneuver itself ahead of a 307kW HSV 2006 R8, is it a coincidence or drivers luck?

    This simply proves that its all the same crap.

    Nevertheless, what ever you do …. wait a little, till the FG Series 2 comes out.

    The new “secret” will be the last port injected I6 4.0 which will make over 220kW and 440Nm standard for a base XT.

    Till the series III, we will see, 90% sure a new 4.0L DIRECT-INJECTED I6, and we’re talking about similar torque “440Nm” , but more power …. yet more torque across the whole RPM range….. a new 8 speed ZF standard somewhere in 2013 across the range and a dual transfer case diff …. with two final ratios to chose from, from example: either 2.53 for cruising, or sports mode 3.55 or 4.11 depending on the model.

    For now, a new XR8 FG 2 , might make just over 300kW, perhaps 305kW , 3kW more than current FPV GS, and the F6 might make 330kW while the FPV 315BOSS will be bumped up to 350kW/600Nm as a final installment of this beautiful Cobra R engine till the supercharged 5.0L Jaguar “Ford co-engineered” V8 comes to a Series III FG, perhaps 375kW or 414kW as some have reported will be available with 750Nm of torque from 1500rpm – 7500rpm flat across the rev range.

    Think about it.

    Roys McRollands

  • roys

    and ps. no commodore so far has the better handling than a BA-BF-FG GT and GT-P Falcons.

    that is a fact.

    a total fact.

    when it comes to brakes

    since 2003-2009 and currently in 2010 a BA-BF-FG GT and GT-P, Force 8 and GT-E also have better braking performance.

    when opted with 4 spot calipers on all 4 wheels, and or with 6 spot at front and 4 at rear, they totally destroy the HSV in that department with ease.

    another fact.

    Ford FPV gives you standard 6 spot calipers on F6 310 and GT-P – GT-E.

    i never saw that on the top of the line inferior piece of crap pushrod hsv 325kW?

  • roys

    ps. one more Ford fact.

    if you run your 5.7L commodore, anything from a 245kW VYII to 260kW/285kW HSV LS1 to a 6.0L LS2 the 297 and 307kW models on RON91 petrol, they make LESS power and torque than stated.

    you need , in fact RON98 to get them to produce those figures on PULP fuel… or premium unleaded petrol.

    A standard XR8 260KW BOSS260 makes its figures on standard 91 octane petrol.

    a BF , BFII XR6 Turbo also … 245kW/480Nm on 91 octanes…..

    run them all on 98 octanes and you will get ” never reported or talked about ” 260-265kW and just over 500Nm for the BF Turbo ….

    and close to 280kW for BOSS260 and almost 540Nm…..

    the reason why you wont feel any of it …. is because the engines knock sensor will not properly work out the timing, yet will only make a car run smoother and quieter……

    but ….. if you dyno-ed it …. you could see a 5-10rwkw difference.

    A stock BA XT to a BF XT also benefit ….. make more power/torque …. but is only felt under 3000rpm and over 5000rpm …. 3500rpm- 4500rpm – 5000rpm range is somewhat undetectable under a acceleration, only over 5000rpm towards 5800-6000rpm is where you feel 4.0L pulling 188-192 or 193kW on RON98 “for stock Barra182″ on RON98 and more power/torque below 3000rpm range making it feel as equally strong as a 6.0L L76 in a VZII … from my personal expereince.

    remember all 4.0L falcons are de-tuned to 182/190/195kW in fact all making around 190kW-200kW depending on the season/air temp humidity and fuel used …. they make a lot more torque and power when tuned …. something like 210-215kW from stock 4.0L N/A I6 and over 420-430Nm of torque mechanically STOCK!!!!

    there are various gearbox protection software codes implemented in its TCU and ECU to protect the torque converter and clutches , same applies for 6 speed ZF.

    all de-tuned for added life expectancy , the same applies to all V8s ….

    i know a GT-E owner who just did a full ECU tune up on his 315kW Boss and he got 358 flywheel kW and 624Nm of torque from a standard engine on RON95, that is 316rwkW! stock standard …. or 6-7kW more than FG F6 when tuned in the same fashion as GT-E , that is ECU software only and 10Nm of torque more.

    Think about this people, think about it.

    • Doc

      Yes, and if I retuned the SS, I would get at least that as well, so still better.

      If the 316kw BOSS is so good with a retune, then why opt for the F6.

      Sorry, but you sound like a Ford fanboy.

      At least it is an aussie car, like the Ford. It dosn’t matter which is better, as long as we both keep buying Australian cars to keep ozzies employeed. Perhaps we need to show these European arseholes exactly what a stock Oz car out of the plant, can do. We don’t need gadgets, just grunt! :)

    • matt

      wow roys…. you go on about other people being ignorant… then rant on about how xr6 turbos apparently use 91 octane fuel….. WAKE UP!!! may your door handels break off your BA by simply using them, and your power steering pump forever fail… (had 2 ba’s.. im just as ignorant and bias as you cept reverse :))

    • Leafspring

      Hey roy boy, get your head out of your bum!! It’s not all about power figures. They’re both great Aussie cars. Had a drive in a G6ET recently and what a sweet thing it is! V8’s are very different again, but in the end, it all comes down to personal choice. There’s also the subject of speed limits and responsible driving, so your power figures equate to very little on the road. Think about this roy boy, think about it.

  • sean

    I’ve had my SS-V for 7 months now and are just shy of 15000kms. The car is running perfectly with no gremlins at all (touch wood). I also had it upgraded last December with a Walkinshaw power pack and it sounds and runs great. A juicy V8 rumble with some great sounding backfiring from the exhaust turns heads where ever I drive. It also runs like a rocket and I can easily overtake in 6th if i’m following Miss Daisy in the overtaking lane. I love my car and will keep it for many years to come. I’ll be getting it lowered soon to give it that sporty agressive look.

    And a note to you Ford fans too…I respect the fact that you like your Fords and enjoy driving them as much as I/we love our V8’s. But give the Holden bashing a rest will yah. I don’t give a toss if some of your models are more powerful than ours. I love driving my car and the response that I get from it gives me more pleasure than wondering who’s car is faster or better.

  • sparky

    are you serious? look at the interior… that`s worth the extra every day of the week!

    i just bought a SSV G8 ute (pontiac front) and the interior is AWESOME!!!
    big LCD screen on the stereo, 6 stacker cd player with twin 8″ subs & amp (sounds really good), leather seats (electric drivers seat), dual zone climate control, good looking 19″ rims are all standard on the SSV and not available on the SS… if you buy an SS your wasting your money. i would have paid a lot more that $6k for the interior alone!
    and remember, you sit IN the car when your driving…

  • lola

    BA’s door handles breaking off, ah ha ha, that is a load of crap of a comment, BA has the most reliable and elegant door handles with great feel.

    ps: Ford cars do indeed make lots of torque particularly that I6 four liter engine in BA-BF-FG unlike crappy overrated so called high tech aurion and commodore v6 that has no torque and is nothing but driven by marketing propaganda mentioning some 200kw? but at what rpm and on what fuel? on premium and at over 6000rpm.

    get a real car, get a ford falcon

    soon getting a 2nd hand Ford Falcon BFII 5.4L 3V eight cylinder with smooth 230kW and massive 500Nm of torque from as little as 2600rpm throughout 3500rpm on regular fuel!!!!!! yes that is on regular thanks to a new , better knock sensor versus the old one in Barra220!


  • Kev

    While the ride comfort and lack of noise are two things i love about my ve ss i think the handling is terrible and the performance is majorly over rated. I miss my gtr haha

  • Harry

    I love lamp – that is all

  • Johno of Melbourne

    Anyone else experienced a puncture on an SSV Bridgestone tyre? You’d be seething by the time you get back from the tyre mart. Virtually any puncture requires a tyre replacement at between $400 to $600 depending if you get a discount or not. Have found out the hard way twice. When noticing a tyre a bit down have gone to pump it up. Even with 20kp left it is still insufficient to stop the tyre from gouging out on the rim inside requiring a complete replacement. A $25 expected puncture repair becomes a $400 replacement tyre. Unless you see the nail go in you are basically stuffed. Holden please note. I don’t mind buying a good car but I am not paying $400 for punctures including one in a tyre that was just 3 mon ths old! get a new supplier or I won’t be buying a Commodore again.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      don’t buy the briggie’s matt,there are plenty of not quite as good but still decent others.from $149.00.agree with the warning being too late but…

    • anthony

      With your tyres make shore you get the wheel alignment (front to back) done ever two months or it will where the inside toe of all 4 tyres, i found out the hard way .

      • Liam

        So true i am @ just over 14k on the clock and just had to change my tyres all 4 and worn below safe level on the inside,

  • mark

    is it worth while getting the walkinshaw 3 inch power pack upgrade on my ssv 6 litre???

  • mark

    i have a ssv and between gear changes there is a slight clunk what is it???

    • sean

      Mark, a 3 inch Walky power pack upgrade is okay for your car but a 2.5 inch will suffice. I’ve been told by Walkinshaw providers that a 3 inch system may result in a slight loss of power unless you intend to upgrade your cam or supercharge it.

      I have the 2.5 power pack and am more than satisifed with it. I wanted to get the 3 inch but even Walkinshaw told me that I didn’t need it if I was only going the power pack upgrade. How’s that for honesty??

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Paul

    cannot select reverse on my ve ssv sportwagon not sure why can anyone help

    • Mainman


  • John


    I have really enjoyed all of your comments and thoughts on the SS commodores, as well as other makes. Buy Aussie any day of the week and keep our manufacturing capacity ticking over!!!

    I picked up my SSV special edition in October 2010. It is the best car I have purhased. This is my first V8! Wow, what a drive!!!!

    This car looks brilliant, sounds great, and is awesome!!!

    Viva the V8


    • Graeme


      So as to convince the leader of the government in the upper house that a v8 is OK do you have any figues for a VE SS manual ?


  • willynilly

    the holdens absoloutly crap all all over the fords….all we need to do is take a look at how many ford folks are being laid off work…..damn shame for the ford folks but even they would be shakin there heads at the production line..

  • Rickj

    I used to be a ford fan in the old days until about 74 when the bodies started rusting, the cams packed up, 2v or 4v heads that would crack. Even now there are few models that would match holden reliability.Holden have not produced as many lemons as ford. I recently bought a 2007 ve ssv with leather seats, sunroof, rear dvd players, dual climate control etc etc for $30Gs.It’s a bloody nice car and handles well. A 2000 model ss was selling at the yard for $20Gs. If I can keep my car for another 7 years and get that sort of resale then it’s been a bloody cheap car. The 6ltr chev motor has plenty of grunt with potential to draw heaps more from it. I get annoyed when I see fords now coming out in the same shade of green and now with the same body striping. I call them holden wannabees. All that aside generally speaking a standard motor will last longer than a turbo’d motor cause it’s not as stressed. When the XR6 turbo’s are dead and gone, my chev powered holden will probably still be going.

  • nutaasa

    eat a dick, clown!

  • Whoever it is

    I love SSV VE!! For me is a very handsome car…got the power and got the look…tons of after market parts…I just want one!

  • Calais V

    I owned fords (with the exception of my Charger which I still have) since the mid 80s. This year I purchased a second hand MY8.5 Calais V 6ltr and I am extremely impressed. I have fitted Direct Injected LPG as well as investing in a dyno tune, cold air intake and extractors. She now puts out 260rwkw (c320kw at the flywheel) and over 610NM. With direct injected gas I get between 400 & 500km out of a tank of gas for between $45-50(depending on how hard I hit the loud pedal). Very well spec’d vehicle and the way it drives and handles it is a credit to Aussie engineering. The Ford G6ET is also a brilliant car but was a little out of my price range at the time. All this Holden and Ford rivalry is rubbish both are great Aussie cars.

  • John

    I bought a 2012 SSV redline ute, with Walkinshaw exhaust and slimline hardcover. It is great to drive and 0-100 in bugger all time, talk about being put back in the seat (G forces felt). I get comments all the time that they like my ute. My wife can tell when I’m home; because, she likes the sexy growl.

    I absolutely love driving it and am extremely happy with the purchase!!!

  • Wayne

    Sell the mags and buy aftermarket and stand out in a crowd, so the copper can notice you?