Ferrari has released a new high resolution gallery of its new Ferrari 258 Italia supercar following the announcement that it had been declared “Supercar of the Year” by GQ Magazine in the UK.

For your viewing pleasure, we have assembled a collection of these images in a high resolution format to adorn your desktop at work or home.

  • The Other Brad

    Love the pics but any chance we could get them in their original resolution please?

    • George Skentzos

      What resolution did you need?

      I went with the resolution of my own desktop as the original files are over 2mb each.

  • The Other Brad

    2560×1600 thanks.

    Figured they’d be pretty chunky sized pictures that’s why I suggested posting the original pics as well so people could resize them to whatever resolutions they needed. Otherwise you’ll be taking resolution requests for the foreseeable future =)


    when the F430 came out the manual transmission wasn’t available right away it came out after. Have Ferrari themselves confirmed there will be no manual for the 458 or is it still a possibility?

    • Marcoz

      From what i have read, they are bringing in a manual after all for the california which they said they wouldnt,but still say no to the 458..but who knows, time will tell.

      I love this car i really do, but i just hate the mirrors.. they just look shite.
      They went from crapy roundish ones on the 360, great carbon fibre ones on the 360 challenge stradale, then brilliant ones on the 430..then these….??? As Pauline Hanson would say “I dont like it”

  • Jonah

    A truly beautiful car, thanks for those pictures

    The pictures aren’t quite “wallpaper size” for some of us though, I’m on a 24″ and need at least 1920×1200…I mean come on, it’s the 21st century!

  • George Skentzos

    Ok I’ll stick to 3000 wide from now on. These will be updated shortly.

    • The Other Brad

      Thanks George. Looks great now =)

    • Jonah

      Fantastic work, thank you :)