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  • Bavarian Missile

    Rotors and calipers look cool and I love the rear end of it!Not fond of mid size 4WDs but thats pretty nice.

  • Cootified

    Looks like the beginning of futuristic styled cars we were used to seeing in concept pictures back in the late 90s.
    Design cues almost evolutionary. Wheel options are great, which should hold the depreciation value, as the design wont age very quickly.

  • eyespy

    WHAT THE …

    Looks like a rip off of Hyundai’s 2006 HCD9 Concept! BMW now emulating Hyundai – what does that say about Hyundai’s transformation. I’d say watch out here come the Korean car makers.

    Don’t beleive me? well check out the HCD9 concept pictures at:

    See, I told you so…