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Ford Australia has reintroduced the G6 Limited Edition for the 2010 model year following strong customer demand for the value-packed luxury model.

Based on the G6, the 2010 G6 Limited Edition is identical in specification to the 2009 model with the exception of prestige paint, which was previously an option, but is now available at no extra cost.

Ford Australia vice president of marketing, sales and service, Beth Donovan, said Ford expected the strong sales to continue after last year’s success.

“The 2010 G6 Limited Edition offers customers almost $13,000 of net retail value compared to the regular G6, so we expect demand will continue to be strong for this unique model.”

The exterior of the G6 Limited Edition is enhanced with 18in G Series alloy wheels, unique colour accent treatments on the upper and lower grilles, fog lamp bezels and rear bumper insert, and a ‘Limited Edition’ badge.

The interior features side curtain airbags, leather-detailed seat trim, leather-wrapped sports steering wheel with satin alloy audio and cruise control buttons, iPod integration and Bluetooth mobile phone integration.

The G6 Limited Edition is also available with the optional E-Gas dedicated LPG engine and accompanying four-speed automatic transmission. When optioned with E-Gas, the vehicle will also be fitted with unique 17in sports alloy wheels to differentiate it from the petrol G6 Limited Edition model.

The dedicated LPG E-Gas powertrain is available as a $2000 option, while a $2000 government grant from the LPG Vehicle Scheme is available to eligible customers purchasing a new LPG vehicle.

On sale now, the petrol 2010 G6 Limited Edition is available for the recommended offer price of $36,990 driveaway.

  • Howie-R31

    That is excellent value for money. Not much comes close for comfort and style when it comes to this special model!

  • David Jones

    good value for money at that price compared to a Berlina, good deal for fleets.


    how long before holden does free colours on its international model at exactly the same money(lol)?..

    • toxic_horse

      Holden can’t seem to match the falcon in pricing on any model.

      • Shak

        yet more people AND fleets buy the Commodore.

        • Shak

          Just goes to show more people would pay that extra for a commodore, and that more aussies like the commodore.

          • toxic_horse

            Why charge less when you can sell more?

        • Michael

          Yeah go figure… some people are blinded by loyality and marketing remeber VHS outsold beta which was a better product…

      • Andrew M

        I reckon the international comes close on value.

      • Andrew M

        No so true Toxic.

        Holden arent advertising their prices, they get you into the showroom with nicely spoken adverts, they they lay a good price on you.

        Ford are just being out there with their pricing of late, but dont worry, Holden will offer equivalent pricing.
        Holden salespeople are a much more motivated bunch at moving numbers than the Ford folk.

  • Twin Clutch

    Not only cant Holden match pricing they still can not match the Falcon in any area really. Looks performance fuel economy driveability more modern interior and exterior better to drive ……..etc. Even the latest comparison on another website said the fuel economy and performance was still better in a 4 litre I6 than a 3 litre DI V6 VE. Shows how much of a wank Holdens SIDI is, just like their cylinder cutout om the V8 it makes no difference at all. Maybe people will go drive a Falcon and then they will know it is a way better car than an old looking VE.

    • toxic_horse

      I think the falcon is great value but i disagree about the looks. I reckon the commodore , specially the SV6 looks awesome.

    • Jack

      We have found the Falcon superior in all the qualities you mention, when compared to the Commodore, since around 1993. No surprise really. I wish Ford would advertise the truth more.

  • AWD

    The more I see these FG FAlcons the better they look. They are a really nice modern looking vehicle and maybe people are starting to realize this.

    • Frosty

      I suggest you wait until the VF comes out mid year before you make any comments about the Commodore being outdated in everything when compared to the Ford as you are currently comparing a car which is at least 2 years older than the Falcon (VE released in 2006) with minor but sometimes significent upates since then. Just wait till the exterior and interior updates as I am sure you will see some very nice changes.

      • Byron

        Agree with Frosty. I think people will be surprised when VF comes out & of course a 2008 Falcon will look more modern & newer than a 2006 Commodore. Its common knowledge. Once the Commodore exterior/interior is updated, it will be lead the way once again. Bring on the VF. Go HOLDEN!

        • Joker

          You mean to say it lead the way in the first place?
          Maybe in the V8 battle for power but it’s V6’s engine’s were wheezy, mediocre and transmission’s woeful from the beginning.
          VF will make commodore more competitive, but I doubt it will be an overwhelming victory..
          SIDI was meant to be Holden’s trump card in the drivetrain wars. They did a great job but it’s now an equal to the Falcon (3.6L, not 3.0L) not a champion.

          • Jack

            Agree totally on the V6 and its transmissions. Rubbish.

      • Phil C.

        Well, VF should’ve already have been here 12 months ago. But GM went bankrupt and there was no more money in the kitty for GMHolden. They also took the $200M loan from the Australian Government last year too.

        I’m sure the VF will be a better car than VE, but the VE was really only a catchup to the BF2 Falcon anyway. It was really the styling that appealed to many when the VE launched 4 years ago. But, that too is dated. Nice, but dated. The interior was awful and is still awful.

        Be interesting to see how many times this year Falcon sedan outsells Commodore sedan in 2010. In 2009 it happened a few times.

        • Shak

          Only happened once, and btw the VE has only been out for 3 years and 4 months. And if the VE was just a catch up then how did it win all the awards from all the publications in that year. And how many cars do you see getting a new model line every two years. Holden have said, they are going to do small model changes every two or three years, and then a new model every six or five years.

          • Andrew M

            Holden use to update every 2 or so years, perhaps the budget doesnt stretch to accomodate that anymore

          • Shak

            No they didn’t they gave the Commodore minor refresh every two or so years, not a new model.

          • Andrew M

            VP ran for 1.5 yrs
            VR ran for just under 2 yrs???
            VS ran 2.5 yrs
            VT a whopping 3 yrs
            VY 2 yrs
            VZ 2 yrs
            VE already 3.5 yrs and if VF comes through when expected it will be 4 yrs.

            So either none of those are new models compared to previous ones, or you have forgotten how frequently Holden use to turn them over

          • Joker


            It was the VE SS that really shone in all the reviews. A very fast car at the right price BFYB goodness.
            The Platform itself was good, lots of space, export opportunities for Aus and ofcourse, weighed in the same as a BA/BF when it was released for all the rigidity/strengthening that went into the car.
            It terms of the Jump from VZ to VE, it was big, real big but even then, the Gearbox/6 Cylinder combination which carried over was always a loser.

            Ford had a 6 speed ZF in the BF that owned the 4 speed Holden only had available. Even the 5 speed they released, while better was still indecisive. Thats one thing I think has been the achilles heel of the Commodore V6’s since the HFV6 was introduced…gearbox/motor combination.

    • Howie-R31

      Actually Shak,
      VN-VP were built on a similar platform
      VR-VS were built on a VERY similar platform
      VT-VX were built on a VERY similar platform
      and the VY-VZ were quite similar.

      YOu left out a couple models there so I thought I better fix that for you, and if you look at the overall time these were out with their updates it would appear to be similar to their current situation. Although yes I do agree the VE has been out in its current for for TOO LONG.

  • Dennis

    So they still haven’t updated the LPG system yet?

  • Reality Check

    These look great value. Do they come with the world class ZF 6 speed auto ?

    If so they would be a screaming bargain, if not still a very good buy with huge kit and luxury for everyday money. What’s not to like ?

  • AWD

    Dennis…the new LPG system comes this year around June or July i think.

  • o

    Ford really needs to advertise more.

  • john

    When Holden has been slaughtering ford in sales too the tune of at least 1000 units per month for the last decade +. Why would holden change their tune and try and match ford in any area? No need too waste money when you are already killing your direct opposition in sales! IMO!

    • David T

      John, where do you get your poor excuse for facts?

      Ford and Holden have been very even for sales of locally built cars for many many years. The full annual sales difference last year was actually less than 100 cars.

      • Wingman77

        David T – does that figure include 10 000+ Territories? I think John was really comparing Falcon vs Commodore.

      • john

        David. VFACTS. I don’t actually care too much for the whole holden/ford crap anyway but I stand by exactly what I said. The falcon is in no way anywhere near the commodore for at least the last decade in sales that there is no need for holden too even worry about them. Other makers however are another matter. Toyota has been slaughtering both of them for years now. The total commodore sales versus falcon sales since May 07 for reference are holden commodore on 125 000 sales and falcon on 80 000. Holden on 322 000 total car sales and ford on 254 000. Last year the diffence was over 28 000 units diffence not 100! Toyota is a good 170 000 units+ ahead of holden in sales during this period though too show how irrelevant both makes are actually!

        • David T

          John, looking at the sales of Australian built Holdens verses Australian built Fords, as I previously said, less than 100 units.

          So that’s
          Commodore SWB sedan, LWB sedan, Ute & Wagon
          Falcon sedan, Ute, Wagon and Premium Wagon (Territory).
          Difference = less than 100 units

          You claim to be so up to date with VFACTS, you come back with the real numbers and prove who is correct. Nah, actually don’t bother yourself, because I AM correct.

          (Bet you go and look them up anyway, because you can’t handle the truth)

          • john

            According to FCAI, VFACTS. These are the following numbers including SUV/4WD/commercial and passenger cars:
            Toyota 200991
            Holden 119568
            Ford 96501
            Once including all commercials fords numbers jump up but they go from over 28 000 units difference to a difference of 24000 or so. Still not 100 units. Just like I said toyota owns both of them though!

          • David T

            john, comprehension not your strong point? Or are still ignoring the facts to push your misguided point.

            Lets go back to basics AGAIN:

            The viability of both Ford Australia and GM Australia (Holden) as we know them, is closely tied to how many Australian made vehicles they can sell in this country.
            Those numbers for Ford and Holden are within 100 units of each other!

            And lastly, if for even one fleeting moment you genuinely believed that Holden wouldn’t “change their tune and try and match ford in any area” then you are a far bigger fool than we all have been thinking you are.

        • Michael

          Ah toyota another quality brand… why does one equate sales with how good a car is if that is the case ferrari’s must be really dodgy, as too must be lamb’s and mercedis etc… sales does not equate to quality… thus the argument is moot give me a falcon over a commodore anyday… all you can argue is quantity to support your decision on a product that is not as good. That is what happens when sheep follow the masses…

  • Camry lover

    The new LPG system arrives in October.

  • Alex

    Word is the new DI LPG system makes petrol look 100 years old (oh it is!), more power, better economy and 50% cheaper to run. Win, Win.

    The biggest trouble is keeping power below the current petrol model.

    • Andrew M

      Im really keen to see the new LPG model.

      It will be more than 50% cheaper to run because the current outdated LPG system already runs at half the price.
      The extra couple of ratios will help heaps too, plus the better injection method.

      Lets hope its the real deal, and from what ive also been hearing is that they are giving it a real go this time after letting it dwindle to the middle of their clipboard

  • Shak

    This just proves that Aussies want value from their large cars, as Commodore International sales outnumber Berlina, and as far as i know the G6 Limited is more popular than the G6. Both Falcon and Commodore are excellent cars and whichever one you like is your choice.

    • Andrew M

      Berlina isnt a big seller to start with. Its like the forgotten brother to the Calais.
      The Ford equivalent was the Futura. Ford since dropped it from their lineup, and dont be surprised if the Berlina gets dropped either.

      Oh and of course the G6 limited would be more popular than the regular G6. For one it has more kit, and it is cheaper, bit of a no brainer.
      For me I would prob spend that inch more and get the “E” added to the end of the G6.

      Agree on the Commy and Falcon both being a good drive…..

      • Shak

        I’ll admit the Berline WAS not a big seller due to the 4 spd and wheezy engine, but now is ogin pretty well. On the Futura, it was replaced by the G6 so it wasnt dropped, rather renamed.

        • Andrew M

          The G6 was the Fairmont replacement, and the G6E the Fairmont Ghia replacement.
          The Fairmont was always offered in 2 levels, now the G6 replaces those 2 models.

          On Berlina………
          The whole range had the wheezy engine and 4 sp clunker.
          Its only recent that the Berlina was left with a lower spec engine.
          Even when the SV6 came along and the Calais shared a “Hi-Po” engine, it too was a wheezy engine.
          I still see Berlina as a poor cousin, my bet is it will be dropped eventually.
          Calais now has 2 versions like the Fairmont/G6.
          As far as Im concerned the Berlina is now redundant like the Futura.

          Im not trying to talk up Fords name plating bosses, but have a look at how Ford have changed their line up over the years, and you will notice Holden has followed.
          Next thing they havent yet followed is the Futura/Berlina drop

          • birdie

            from andrew m

            The G6 was the Fairmont replacement, and the G6E the Fairmont Ghia replacement.
            The Fairmont was always offered in
            2 levels, now the G6 replaces those 2 models. sorry but the g6 replaced the futura the g6e replaced the fairmont and the g6e turbo replaced the fairmont ghia

          • Andrew M

            Sorry, G6ET is a new model.

            The Fairmont Ghia never had any improvements in performance over the standard Fairmont, unless it was the Tickford Ghia……..

            G6ET is the equivalent of what a Fairmont Ghia Turbo would have been if there was one, or the Tickford ghia of old


    This represents great value for money on a fantastic car. Im 3 months into an FG XT Egasser after having a VE Omega Sportwagon for 12 months. Falcon is a much better car, only downside is the lack of boot space, but then again, the sportwagon wasn’t that big in the boot either.

    For everybody concerned about the number of cars each manufacturer sold, remember that success isn’t always measured on market share alone. Holden may think they are successful in selling more Commodores than Ford sell Falcons whereas (and I speculate) Ford may believe they are more successful as they are producing a vehicle with product leadership that has changed the game more than Toyota did with the Aurion. EG: Holden and Toyota didnt seem interested in 5 star ANCAP ratings until Ford had it…, Holden have had to develop completely new engines to keep up with power/economy figures from the I6 etc…

    • Shak

      The engines are not completely new design. They have been used in GM products around the world for almost three years now. And in the car business success is always measured in market share. Why do you think the salesman will tell you anything to make a sale.

      • Andrew M

        Success is only measured in market share when it comes to the “who has the most market share” contest.

        Oh and the I6 isnt a “completely new” motor either.

        Salesmen will tell you anything to make a sale because a sale is still a sale whether or not you make 1 dollar or 10,000 dollars.

        Brands like their product to be out there because the more people see, the more people think it must be the best because everyone else has one.
        Salespeople get comissions and bonuses themselves, and that isnt hinged on the overall profit earned on selling a particular unit

        In other words stock sells stock

        I dont personally get the whole sales battle.
        Toyota selling the most doesnt make them a better company…….
        And VW striving to be the #1 seller wont certainly yeild any more profit.

        Another jingle in retail world is high turnover, low margin.
        Low turnover high margin.

        Its all relative, and thats why I dont get the whole sales debate.
        I know a higher turnover in my business doesnt always mean more cream on my pie

        • Matt

          Good point Andrew about the margin. I believe Ford are in the lower turnover, higher margin position with the higher percentages of Falcons sold being up-specced models

        • Reality Check

          Can anyone tell me how much commission the avergae salesman makes on selling a vehicle like the G6 LE ?

        • Jack

          Yeah, good point Andrew. It’s the profit-per-unit. (I think) Ford AUS wins this one, but someone enlighten me if wrong, you are most welcome.

  • Chery

    If Ford bring out a new DI LPG system on the FG motor and gear box I would buy one, not DI LPG on the old BF III engine and 4 sp auto!! They also need to increase the size/range of a full tank of LPG, here in WA on some long country highway stretches a dedicated gas engine can’t make it to the next servo due to a limited range.
    They also need to not take so much boot space from the falcon sedan with the gas system.Maybe this is asking too much. Australian cities particularly need more big family cars on LPG to help reduce pollution.

    • Al Juraj

      … or diesel.

      • Michael

        Deisel pollutes more then petrol in terms of co2 it may add economy but it is by no means green..

      • Andrew M

        Diesel spews out something like 90% more crap than LPG.

        Diesel is even worse for the environment than petrol

      • Jack

        Diesel particulates blow holes in your lungs. The much smaller carbon chains in LPG burn much more cleanly.

        Diesel – about 18C
        Petrol – about 6-8C
        LPG – about 1-2C
        Hydrogen – no Carbon! This is what to aim for!

        Voila! The ladder of ‘de-fossilising’ fuels.

  • john

    David T. My only point is that holden and ford both suck, just that ford sucks alot bigger. That is it. Plain and simple. My current car had been a holden Calais V V8. I had been reviewing a new F6 and a used S1 Senator (hate the look of the S2 senator) as a replacement car and was looking at the upcoming VXR Insignia as well. Have settled on a Large Japanese made luxury car instead. Way above the price range I was in but I thought it was worth stretching too. I am not a loyalist to holden or ford or any car maker for that matter. Lets all be honest though. Compared to boring old toyota ford and holden are taxpayer funded piles of dog pooh that will forever be supported by our government! Now back too work for me!

    • Michael

      Better hope the accelerator doesn’t stick

      • Andrew M

        heres to hoping it does…….

        • Camry lover

          Andrew, wishing death on another human being is such a terrible thing to say.

          I think you should reconsider what you have just said.

          • Andrew M

            Since when did I wish death upon someone????

            Or are you just assuming by driving a toyota it will come to that???

            Your words, not mine.

    • Tinman

      So John, you drove a Holden and bought a Jappa.
      How does this relate to a Falcon?

      • john

        Does not relate to falcon at all. IMO the falcon is a quality car and the calais I had for 2 years did not have one fault which was a surprise for me. I am talking about the companies behind the cars. Nobody here can say that ford and holden are good viable companies. Both are taxpayer funded piles of crap and even with huge funding and tax breaks both still lose money. Without factoring in government help (which they do each year too make their end of financial year statements look more rosy) the losses are astronomical. As for the next falcon that car is a shoe in too be built in Oz with the global platform being based here. Mr Ruddy is going to throw so much money at Mr Ford in Detroit that they can’t possibly say no. More taxpayer money being thrown down the drain. I apparently help to build cars in this country even though I have never stepped foot in a factory of any type before in my life. Outrageous! I say pull all government funding and lets see who is strong enough too survive!

        • Jack

          John, you should have bought a new G6E Turbo, and enjoyed the rest of the cash!

  • phase3

    sales volume does not equate to quality people…maccas is not the best food in the world, the daily telegraph is not the best newspaper in sydney.
    seriously, we need to stop using the “well, holden sold more therefore they’re better” argument, because it’s meaningless.

    • poohbear

      And the Phase 3 is not the best Aussie made supercar

      • Andrew M

        Correct, the Phase 4 is worth more.

        • Dave

          The A9X was better than both.

  • Tinman

    First and foremost, the success of any company incluuding automotive campanies is measured by profit and not market share. Ask GM or Toyota how they’re doing lately with their market share.(Ripping up big time-that’s how).
    Now, back to the thread.
    Falcon has been technically superior to anything Holden has thrown at it since 1960.
    Holden hadn’t heard of an automatic transmission until Falcon turned up, in fact Holden hadn’t heard of a spin-on oil filter cartridge either.
    Double wishbone-balljoint front suspension in the Falcon Vs king pin in the Holden. Now that’s funny.
    50 years later, not much has changed.
    Falcon has a superior suspension system, double wishbone all-round, even after Holden spent $1,000,000,000.
    Falcon has a superior engine and transmission.
    There’s nothing wrong with Holden’s patriotic spin-doctoring. Marketing is the art of seduction.
    The problem starts when ill-informed souls start believing it and not only get f####d in the process, but then proclaim it to the rest of the world.