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by Matt Brogan

Volkswagen’s 2.0-litre TDI (turbo-diesel) engine has been selected by Ward’s Automotive Group as one of the “10 Best Engines” for 2010.

Ward’s annual list, in its sixteenth year, represents the only awards program in North America to recognise engine excellence.

“This year’s list embodies how the industry is responding to demands for higher fuel economy and lower emissions without shortchanging performance,” said Ward’s AutoWorld Editor-in-Chief, Mr Drew Winter.

“Auto makers, like Volkswagen, are using innovative designs and advanced technology to boost horsepower and torque while downsizing engines and increasing efficiency.”

“For over 30 years, Volkswagen has been developing and refining diesel engine technology to help bring an ever-improving host of benefits to drivers now and into the future,” said Mark Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen of America, Inc.

“Our 2.0L TDI unites an exceptional balance of fun-to-drive performance and efficiency, and we are proud to have it recognized in the prestigious Ward’s list.”

The 2.0-litre TDI engine is compliant with the stringent Tier 2, Bin 5/ULEV II emissions standards that apply in California and all 50 US states. The engine delivers 104kW / 320Nm and can be mated to either a six-speed manual transmission, or the six-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) automatic transmission. With either transmission, the 2.0-litre TDI promises up to 30 per cent better fuel economy over a comparable petrol engine. CO2 output is also cut by as much as 25 per cent, along with a 95 per cent reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions since 1990.

  • Callous Aussie

    I’m not surprised. I drove the Jetta and what a motor it is. Excellent power and exceptional economy. Why you would by the petrol engine in this car is beyond me. With the exception of the GTi of course.

  • t39

    i think i have this common rail TDI (or closely related) engine in the Tiguan.
    The way it differs to the prior VW TDI (or a BMW diesel of say 2 years ago) is the part from 750 to 2000 revs: there is a lot more pull in that low revs range and these is no noticeable turbo lag.

  • Aussiecars

    Great article Matt….

    What would have made better news would have been “Wards top 10 engines of 2010.” But as per usual, CA bias for anything in the VW group skews what could have been real news to another promotion for VW/Skoda. Well done…

    For the rest of us who like all kinds of cars, here is the full list.

    * BMW AG: 3.0L DOHC I-6 Turbodiesel
    * Audi AG: 2.0L TFSI Turbocharged DOHC I-4
    * Toyota Motor Corp.: 1.8L DOHC I-4 Hybrid
    * Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.: 2.5L Turbocharged DOHC H-4 Boxer
    * Volkswagen AG: 2.0L Turbocharged DOHC I-4 Diesel
    * Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.: 4.6L DOHC V-8
    * Ford Motor Co.: 2.5L DOHC I-4 HEV
    * Audi AG: 3.0L TFSI Supercharged DOHC V-6
    * Ford Motor Co.: 3.5L Twin-Turbocharged DOHC V-6
    * General Motors Co.: 2.4L DOHC I-4

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Thanks for the full list Aussiecars. Interesting that there are no Honda engines there as Honda and BMW have been in Ward’s Top 10 engines more than any other manufacturer, including VAG.

      • Frenchie

        Thanks Aussiecars.

    • noj

      Go VAG

  • mmmmm

    How is this motor better than the twin turbo 2 lt gem launched last year by BMW?
    The BMW has nearly 50% more kw and 25% more torque.
    The VAG can’t be significantly more fuel efficient.

  • Big Bill

    @mmmmmm. That is why the BMW is at the top of the list and the VW is no.5.