• Peter

    hot hot hot. Dont like white, though, they look better in black IMO. 3.7 seconds is insane for essentially a lux car. What surprised me the most, though, is that in the first pic the Jag looks better to me than the bentley. Then again, I love all things Jag (x-type excepted), so I am a little (lot) biased. The bentleys look better in the metal than they do in the photos, and they are a lot smaller than you expect as well. By the way, you wanna be listening to bigbeat techno in this car, not trance. Leave the trance for the Prius.

    • Mick

      That’s exactly what I was thinking Peter, why would you be worried at all if it had an iPod interface or not. Turn off the stereo and listen to the exhaust note, that’s the only soundtrack worth listening to.

  • homesickinbed

    This looks hot-as in white with the dark wheels, grille etc. Whinge all you like about anything, we’d all still stop and stare at it as it drove by :) Sometimes being a journalist for an online car mag is the best life of all… nice review, something to dream of, thanks!

  • http://www.betweentwopoints.com Andy

    Good write up, but as their aim was to “Reduce as much weight as possible without taking away the luxury”, did they succeed on all accounts? Is there any harshness at all, like a little more cabin noise, or can the suspension crash a little over back roads? I haven’t had any experience with these kinds of car elite, so I was curious to know how the Bentley handled our country’s… less-than-perfect… conditions. I did re-read your article to see if this was included… sorry if I missed it.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ Alborz Fallah

      Hi Andy,
      great question. Yes it’s a little harder than the standard continental given it sits lower, however comfort wise its superb, you simply dial up the suspension to comfort and it becomes a nice soft ride, when you feel like going for a spirited drive, just put everything on sports, lower the beast and you’re away.

      It’s about 110kg lighter than the Speed which is a commendable feat. Its weight saving features come from the seats, brakes and use of lots of light weight parts everywhere. It’s by far the most nimble Bentley I’ve ever driven.

  • jimmy james

    Love the seats, hate the exhaust pipes!

    Mean machine!

  • Andrew Juma

    I am in love.

  • lazybones

    ohh, theres that nice Bentley feeling again. Not sure about white. Very nice smooth lines.

  • Daniel

    my favourite part is that you have tydi on the screen :)

  • Mitch

    You drove it round Gods country. Nice area but im biased.

    • Acfsambo

      God’s country indeed.
      The Natio (Royal National Park) is a great drive, I have a drive through it every now and then, such as when i am going to Wattamolla and Bundeena, or even down to Stanwell Park.

      Would have been an awsome drive in something like that. How did it handle the poor road surface?

  • http://www.fordprospares.com.au Ford Motor Wreckers

    It is the fastest road-going Bentley ever, and the fastest Bentley … This Continental Supersports weighs less than the regular GT Coupé or.

    • Freddy

      2240KG!!!!!!!!! 0-60 mph in 3.7 sec..that is absolutly crazy!!!

  • Baddass

    Very good review again Alborz, I’m beginning to like your dramatic style! This is a great looking car, and the combination of light paint and dark wheels is a great one. However, I think in terms of looks, the GT Speed retains the pure beauty, whereas this one screams no compromised performance, and looks good but in a different way.
    I’ve always loved Bentleys, especially the massive performance that is needed to overcome the massive weight. No other brand could have a ‘lightweight version’ of a car that ends up weighing 2240kg!

  • Kirium

    I love that a “stripped-out, lightweight” Bentley is still the better part of 2.3 ton.

  • john

    Excellent review Alborz. I have never been a fan of the Continental GT’s looks. IMO it looks awkward and cumbersome, and the rear end looks anonymous. However the Supersports looks sweet in the white with the black wheels. Have not seen it in any other colour but this combo would take some beating IMO!

  • Hayzel

    Simply gorgeous car….enough said

  • Neo Utopia

    Pure indulgence!!!!

  • http://xinqichenet.com/ qingshan

    Powerful ride. I just love it

  • Freddy

    Yes the centre console is pretty ugly to say the least, But EVERYTHING else about this car is perfection, i might buy one in 30 years!

    • Freddy

      I just noticed the ass end looks like a wombat from behind 😀

  • john

    Very very good write up!! Really comprehensive and covred everything!! Well done and i hope to read more of your reviews :)