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Ford has previewed a sleeker and more sporty version of its brand new global Focus small car at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit today.

Production of the four-door sedan and five-door hatch will begin in Europe and North America late this year for an early 2011 launch, with delivery to South American, African, Asian and Australian markets to follow soon after.

Ford US President and CEO, Alan Mulally, confirmed the new Focus will be nearly identical in all 122 world markets in which it will eventually be sold, with 80 percent parts commonality.

“The new Ford Focus is a clear demonstration that our ONE Ford strategy is providing global consumers with great products that harness the best of Ford Motor Company.

“The efficiencies generated by our new global C-car platform will enable us to provide Ford Focus customers with an affordable product offering quality, fuel efficiency, safety and technology beyond their expectations,” Mr Mulally said.

The model on display at NAIAS features a new 2.0-litre direct injection petrol engine with twin independent variable camshaft timing. An electric version with an anticipated driving range of 130 to 160km will also join the line-up in selected markets before 2012.

Power from the new inline-4 is estimated to be around 115kw/197Nm (up by 8kW/12Nm over the outgoing model) while Ford is projecting fuel economy gains of more than 10 percent.

The display model is mated to the latest six-speed dual-clutch PowerShift automatic transmission, which alone can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 9 percent, while offering improved refinement and driving ease.

An automatic stop-start function will also be available on the Focus to further improve fuel efficiency.

The car’s dimensions (length, weight, interior space) are believed to be similar to the current model, while the body structure comprises 55 percent high-strength steels and more than 26 percent ultra-high-strength and boron steels.

Torsional rigidity of the body shell is 25 percent greater than the current North American Focus.

Steering precision and feel is said to be improved by the addition of electric power assist, which also has fuel efficiency benefits.

Dynamic Cornering Control – similar to torque vectoring systems applied to all-wheel drive Audis and BMWs – will be fitted to the front-wheel drive Focus which should improve handling balance and reduce understeer.

An eight inch navigation screen will be an option inside with the new MyFord Touch control system appearing in the Focus before most other Ford models.

Visually, the styling draws on previous “Kinetic” designs, the sedan sharing much with the Mondeo and Iosis concept and the hatch similar to the smaller Fiesta and Verve concept.

The sedan’s profile is highlighted by the Z-shaped “Zorro Flips” which define the waistline and strengthen the pumped wheel arches.

The front lights are an evolution of the current European Focus model, while the trapezoidal and triangular grille shapes have taken a new, sharper direction.

The rear of the sedan is very Mondeo, with the lights are reminiscent of the Lancer hatchback.

The five-door version abandons the traditional pillar-mounted lights for more robust, flowing red rear lamps.

The interior is all-new, headlined by vertical air vents and large display screens, making for a fresher, neater overall appearance.

Ford’s current development and design philosophy is: “Great to look at, great to sit in, great to drive”.

We’ll know in a little over a year’s time how close they’ve come.

  • Truth!

    Bye Bye Cruze.

  • Martin

    Not sure about the exterior styling from the front, nearly looks like something one of those Chinese manufacturers would come out with.

    But wow, that interior looks brilliant!!!

  • Supercujo

    Looks pretty good.

    A few questions:
    How much bigger is it? All new models seem to be growing at a rapid rate these days. That has to hurt fuel economy.
    Will Ford Australia be manufacturing this here?

    • Truth!

      Yeah, it’ll be built here. Same time as Holden build the Cruze, lol!

      • Joker

        Thats a negative,
        It won’t be built here. That was canned in turn for a bunch of other things Ford AU will be doing. Focus will continue to be built in Europe, Nth America and Sth Africa.

        • Safety First

          Sorry South Africa has lost it, Thailand’s the next one.. Which going by Honda and all the 1 tonners is a good thing :-)
          As to the car itself… very nice, Very very nice

          • Joker

            Do You think the Thai built will be better than the Sth African built Focii SF?

          • Safety First

            Hmm people driving Hilux’s, Tritons & most Honda’s don’t seem to be having much drama’s. Realistically they aren’t any more trouble prone than a lot of their peers. Watching them through the workshop over the last five years, yes there have been problems, not many repetitive ones and not greatly more than the Corolla’s we get through the same shop.

  • Jazrod


  • Brad

    Looks VERY Americanised, I stress that it has lost its Euro handling and design. If this is true then I see a hard road ahead in Europe, where many American cars are scorned.

    • Jazrod

      Brad, the whole point of Fords new global exercise is that the car will now only slightly differ from market to market. Hopefully the front end will change slightly when the European/Australian one is released -

    • The Other Brad

      Oh another Brad.. mm time for a new nick I guess.

      Don’t mind the looks of it but the back lights look wierd.

  • Technofreak

    Very nice!!

  • Steve

    Geez a step backwards Ford, the styling is hideous.
    Ford seemed to be on a roll but if they start dishing this crap up then it will come to an end very fast….

  • JC Rules

    Yeah, I agree with steve. Compared to something like the Fiesta, this thing is hideous…i mean, look at the taillights!!

  • Matt

    If I was in the market for a car in this class, I’d be waiting for this :)

  • Tim

    Love it, looks very good and high tech looking interior!

  • http://Supply&Demand F1 Addict

    Please don’t tell me the control screen becomes a storage bin on the poverty pack models.

    • o

      Most likely it will go to black and white screen

  • Patrick

    OMG, is this the new Focus…….hahahahahahahahaha
    I see it will be built in cheap and nasty third world Thailand…hahahahahahahaha
    Bye Bye Ford

    • Matt

      Euro engineered just built by cheaper Thai labour following the same process and tooling as Germany, U.S…. very different to dodgy Chinese engineering built using cheaper Chinese labour using their own processes and tooling

    • mmmmmmmmmm

      ‘cheap and nasty third world thailand’

      that has to be one of the ignorant comments ever on CA,
      and that’s including the drivel that was served up on here during skoda troll wars

    • Safety First

      Yep Cheap and Nasty, Just like all the 1 Tonners, Honda’s Mazda2 (and Fiesta next year)…..
      Someone has stolen my pillow case to cover up their sunburnt neck….. I fear :-p

      • Falcodore

        SF the Mazda2 is still currently made in Japan. Production switches to Thailand about mid-year when they intrduce the sedan version to the line-up.

        Hopefully Mazda’s prices will drop to reflect the FTA between the two countries, unlike Honda’s price gouging practices.

  • fourl6

    love the rear of both sedan and hatch, so long as we dont get that front bar it’ll have the looks department done. the current focus rear is looking so dated (and has for the last few years

  • John

    When is a Focus rear ever going to be good looking Ford ?
    You have lost me as a future potential customer, that rear is god damn ugly

    • Andrew M

      I reckon they’ve got the rear this time.
      The current mods are a bit of a bore, but this time I reckon they have got it.

      Oh and who in the small car range does a decent rear??

      Lancer and Mazda 3 in my books, thats it…..Now add Focus to that list

      • zahmad

        VW would come to mind…

        • jon

          Definitely VW and it appears the rest of the world agrees.

  • jay

    I hope one of the features is ADDED LIGHTNESS!
    (cars have to stop growing bigger, dammit)

  • fxh555

    One of those instances where the sedan looks better than the hatch IMO. It’d be interesting to see the XR5 version (if they’re planned). Well done Ford!

    • Andrew M

      The last Gen Mazda 3 was another very rare case of that.

      You only got to see how many of each are on the roads.
      Mazda3 sedans would have to be 90% versus the hatch
      Focus Hatch would have to be 90% over the sedan

      Hatch Focus (current) looks much better than sedan
      Sedan Mazda (last gen) looks much better than hatch. (although Hatch isnt that bad)

    • Brett

      Yes I agree the sedan does look better than the hatch. I think it looks great and engines promise to me on the money…… agree bye bye cruze

  • zahmad

    New front air dam makes it look goofy, but otherwise very Mondeo esque…

  • Baddass

    I want to say it looks very similar to Mondeo, but I will lie no further: the sedan looks exactly like the Mondeo! There, with that off my chest, I quite like the look of this new Focus, even if I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon. Big lights are the theme hers, presumably to please the Americans.

  • Callous Aussie

    Yet another ugly design from the Ford stable. Same old at the front and Volvo at the rear. No wonder Ford Aus scrapped plans to build it here.

    • Callous Aussie

      At least the interior looks good. So that’s something I guess.

      • FORD FOCUS

        Love the styling AAAAAAAAA+++++++++++ all round.
        Ford are building quality fantastic looking cars, but a Callous Aussie man once said he prefer ugly korean made junk for his Holdenwoo filled garage, GM (Government Motors) is losing market share everyday because their decisions are not as good as our rock solid Ford,,,,,, especially past and future plans.

        Go Ford – moving towards the right direction, not south like GM-WOOOOOOOOOO.

        • Shak

          Really? You believe GM Holden making a small car in Australia, while Ford cancel the project is a good decision. And as far as i can see they only lost market share in the US, they maintained it in europe and even went up a bit in Australia thanks to their smash hit Cruze. The fact that a Ford fan likes the styling is no wonder, but anyone without cataracts could see this is a confused design.

        • Callous Aussie

          Yeah and the Falcon is smashing the commodore on the sales charts. Not.

          • Brett

            Yes but it should be, a far superior car to the dunnydore. Its so bad it compares to the AU. And in the territory at high speed dangerous. I am sick to death of people saying how good the VE is, when clearly its not.

          • Andrew M

            And sales count for……..

            Higher turnover doesnt mean better product nor profit

          • mmmmmmmmmm

            if by ‘smashing’ their sales you mean finally almost catching up after lagging way behind for 16 years. yeah
            beside its more amusing for the holden fans to watch the territorys sales get smashed by the korean captiva LOL

            high turnover means building what people want to buy – ask toyota or hyundai,
            it would be a valuable for the fools at broadmeadows to learn with the car featured here.

          • Callous Aussie

            …and sales count for Andrew? Are you serious? Only the future of the manufacturer. What an extraordinary statement.

          • Safety First

            Yep the sales count for the Future of the manufacturer hey??? Ford is what? 1000 units behind Commodore in the monthly race? Yet it is selling a higher percentage of the upper range, to predominately private, small business (family company type) and the Novated fleet market. You know, the ones that get a discount but nothing like the major fleets (national fleet if you like) or the Government Garages. Thus by seliing less vehicles Ford is actually making more money. I realise that this can be a hard concept to get your head around, but there are two ways to make money, and Ford has chosen the smarter way. BMW, VWAG an Mazda are all profitable in Aust yet they don’t sell anywhere near the same amount of cars as Holden. So whilst Ford may lose the battle (the all conquering number 1) they are and will continue to win the war.
            Again as to the small car manufacture, GM was allocated 170mil to build the cruise here (after a no strings attached 200mil grant) now take that into consideration when bagging out Ford for deciding against the Focus. Ford announced it’s plans, Kim Carr said bravo nad left it at that… No special funding no Government support. On further investigation, and with the new factory being built by AutoAlliance the numbers just don’t stack up. Perhaps you should take a trip to the big smoke and look at businesses, as the Humidity in Cairns seems to be clouding over your logic thoughts… :-p

          • Callous Aussie

            Haha you guys are desperate. I heard a report on the news this morning that the locally built Falcon is about 5 years away from being culled. What war are they winning? They went on to say Ford Australia “might” be involved in the design process for its replacement. I don’t see a lot of confidence in that statement regarding our local blue oval.

            No local falcon, no local small car. No local Ford? It’s starting to look that way to me.

            Safety First you lost all credibility when you tried to gloss over poor sales of the Falcon. People don’t forget and a long history of reliability issues are biting ford locally. The irony is that the current Falcon is a decent bit of kit, but the horse has bolted.

    • Joker

      In your own opinion ofcourse, right Callous? ;)

    • Andrew M

      Yeah right o Holden boy, nothing to see here for you.

      Just go buy your Korean versioned Civic rear ended knock off instead

      • Callous Aussie

        It’s hillarious that Ford are in a partnership with Mazda and yet Mazda can get it so right and yet Ford have gone for a look that has the car looking like it is under heavy nosedive breaking when parked.

        How have they got it so wrong? Look at the Mazda 6 and 3 Ford. Then start again.

        Yes unashamedly I would own the diesel Cruze over this car any day of the week. Not because of the Holden badge but because it is a better looking car. Simple.

        • Andrew M

          Right o Holden boy,
          you were meant to move on.

          Oh and not many people are giving the mazda 3′s styling a wrap, so seems you are sticking the boot in for the sake of it

          • Callous Aussie

            Sticking the boot in? Mazda are the style leaders out of japan at the moment. Ford are lagging a long way behind their “apparent” partners in design. Nothing to stick the boot in about. It a fact.

            You still persist with this fantasy that I am a Holden boy. I wouldn’t own a commodore so how am I a holden boy? I just laugh at you Ford fannies and how unbelievably biased you are.

            Telling me to move on shows you are worried by the truth Andrew. There is no forward movement in that car. It is a recipe for a blind spot to the rear for starters. The front is actually a backward step from the current model and it doesn’t match the rear.

            More poeple by the commodore than the falcon because more people like it. Wake up and smell the sales charts.

        • Safety First

          Yep good to see that Mazda have got it soooooo right!! Step outside of Australia and show me a Mazda Success story??? America?? Nope…. Europe?? UH Uh…. Domestic Japan?? (slight snigger) don’t think soo…. 3rd world Countries?? Wrong try again. Even in Thailand Ranger and Everest outsell BT/50..
          See AutoAlliance was set up so that Ford could sell off it’s major holding in Mazda andnot leave Mazda twith the expense of having to manufacture on a small scale, whilst still allowing Ford access to Asian manufacturing..
          Again Callous A you really should get to know the facts before you mouth off. See the industry is far more convoluted than you could ever imagine and outside of Cairns there is a whole world that exists.

          • Baddass

            So Callous, Holden fans are all kind, polite and unbiased people and don’t stick up for their brand when it gets kicked (and rightly so) and let negative comments of their brand fly right past? Ford and Holden fans are as bad as each other. The fact that you laugh at Ford fans but deny you are a Holden fan reveals the truth. BTW, Holden makes a few more cars then just the Commodore.

  • davie

    Does this still share the Mazda3 and Volvo chassis?

  • Shak

    I really dont think this Kinetic nonsense is doing Ford any favours. The mondeo and Falcon pull it off, even the tiny Fiesta, but this looks like melted cheese was flicked over the rear and they called it a tail light. It just looks too confused. But i guess each to their own.

    • o

      thats what happens when you let americans have even the smallest say in car design

    • Andrew M

      You dont think the Kinetic angles are doing favours, then you go on to say every other kinetic model has pulled it????

      Well personally I think the Focus has pulled it off.
      Much much better than the current bland looking version (bar XR5, that looks good)

      Also much better than some of the other offerings.
      I like body lines.
      Thats one of the reasons why I think BMW designs are one of the best. Although they have had a few fuglies of late, body lines are certainly in, and I reckon the cars with them flow so much better.

      I think the sedan will be the bigger hit. In contrast the current one looks weird

      • Shak

        I meant the Focus with the Kinetic design. I was questioning how Ford could have got it so wrong after so many good looking cars.

        • Andrew M

          Ah fair enough.

          But either way I think this is a reasonable job.

          Not too conservative, and not too out there/controvertial there like Mazda.
          Ill still reserve a judgement for some actual pics/sightings rather than computer drawings.

          • Shak

            I see your point. I myself have preached in the past to wait for the car in the metal (HSV E2) and i ahve eaten my hat on occasion. We shall see in 2011.

          • Andrew M

            Ive seen an E2 in that new green colour, looked horrid.

            Other colours look ok though I reckon.

            I also reckon that red isnt ver flattering.

            The silver looks much better

  • Innova

    They copied the rear and taillight of Renault Samsung SM5. Shame!

  • Innova

    Ugly. Megane’s rear end (hatchback version)

  • lazybones

    Looks a bit too subaru. How could Ford get this design so wrong. The current Focus looks way better. They have gone from Kinetic to pathetic!

  • mmmmmmmmmm

    finally a good looking ford!
    about time they realised its not enough to build good cars, they have to be not ugly too.
    now if only ford australia had the brains to build cars in the size people want to buy them in this century.

  • azza85

    Love the new post rating system and how it hinds post with big negative ratings. Have to say I quite like it. The front is alittle too American so I hope that changes in our model, but overall I do like the Mondeo-ish look, nice!

  • Ian

    The profile shot of the sedan looks alot like the new generation Mazda3 sedan. Agree the sedan looks better then the Hatch.

  • John

    Current Focus sales have tanked while the Holden Cruze is selling up a storm, wait ’til Holden switch to local production and the all-new hatch is released, bye bye Focus. Unfortunately Ford Fanzies your Focii will still linger at the bottom of the sales charts.

  • Valet Dabess

    the interior is outta this world. love it the specs sound good i like but make the front bumper one mouth not 3 seperate gill things and the rear doesn’t look that good either and the rear lights for the sedan look very similar to the lancer hatch lights

  • Andrew
    • jon

      Well I have been saying this for a very long time and alot of people on here just wouldn`t listen.

    • lazybones

      Andrew M, my slab of beer bet is looking safe mate :) Lets just hope whatever it is, its made here at least

      • Muse

        I hope you’re right – keep the Locals in a job etc… but surely if it’s going to be the same basic car worldwide then it will be produced in a cheaper country e.g. Thailand or similar, and then just shipped over? Would it be worthwhile keeping the factory at Broadmeadows open if you can get the same car cheaper from another country?

  • Control Blade

    Davie……….the platform is FORD platform and yes it shares it with the Mazda and Volvo.

  • Michael

    Looks pretty darn good to me but that is just my opinion – seems like to many people in this forum want to force their opinions on others… any way thumbs up from me!!

  • Elitist

    Just read Ford will end its Falcon in few years and import USA Taurus which is fwd.
    Now that this car is doomed I can’t wait to hear Commondore is based on Brilliance chinese sedan.

    • Peter

      I know this wont be popular, but for normal driving in a bigger car you dont know the difference between FWD and RWD, or at least I didnt in 4 volvos, all turbo FWD or AWD with a FWD bias, and all quickish (slowest 0 – 100 in 7.2). The worst I could say about it was that in two of them they understeered badly when going into a roundabout too quickly (say half way around) but that was probably a combination of my bad driving and too much weight over the front wheels, rather than the FWD bias. Everyone carries on as though FWD in the falcon will be a terrible thing, but I reckon 90% of punters wouldnt know the difference.

      • ptwhite2003

        Latest rumours doing the rounds is that Holden is shifting its manufacturing base to India and the next generation Commodore will be based on the Tata Nano. Holden engineers will do a major rework on the suspension to tune it for Australian conditions.

    • Tony M

      This new Ford Focus looks great. I’m sure with the new ecoboost engines coming on line it will be a really goer.

      I have found driving fwd cars, that the only time you notice they are fwd is when you push them beyond their limits of adhesion. Put a good set of sticky tyres and they will out handle rear wheel drive cars. I notice that the Ford Focus RS has upgraded front suspension. I wonder if this is part of the new Ford Focus.

      Will the new Falcon be fwd? probably yes, but I think also it will be offered as awd as well.

  • jtoddy

    Who ever let the americans get involved with the Focus deserves to get fired!

    It is so over-designed it’s not funny. They’ve just added more and more, when the designers should have just put their crayons down. It will probably work well in USA and Asia where the bling bling will be mistaken for taste but in Europe, Ford have killed the identity of their #1 car. There os just no ‘Focus’ left in the Focus.

    Maybe a seden with a Fiesta/C-Max front bumper could look good but the Hatch(the car I wanted to buy) is just wrong.

  • new golf

    i like how this one makes it look lighter, cause the current one looks heavy, however, that said, i prefer the current one, the front air dam on this car just looks strange.

  • numb1er

    Why the hell are ford making their cars look so feminime. I mean look at this and the new fiesta there is nothing mascular, scary or sporty about it. Im not saying that it is not a good design in its own respect but I fear that Ford are looking to cater for a more European designed market. I want to see some more Focus RS styling incorporated in their designs, bring back the sporty hatchbacks.

    • Safety First

      Umm because the main decision makers out there buying cars are Female!!!
      back in the dim dark days of car sales, the little woman was told “it came in very nice colours now go home and get your husband and we’ll sit down and do a deal” Nowadays there are very very few men who are game enough to make a decision on the family car (or even their own car) without going home and consulting the wife. IT is the wife who ultimately has the final say… That’s actual fact (despite the amount of bloggers here who will deny it, ask any of the sales people!)

      • numb1er

        Saferty First I cant help that your wife wears the pants in the relationship. I on the other hand happen to wear the pants so I buy the car that I want and when I want…I work so therefore I enjoy and vis versa. I understand where your coming from with the majority of the market being influenced by women but they can still design something that mixes the two elements together nicely, so dudes dnt laugh at you when you drive past them.

        • laurie


          • Peter

            if I want love I get the approval of the missus. She kyboshed (sp?) the A5 and a few others for me, crueled the XC60 a few others for her. It’s not a matter of her saying no, just how long I’m prepared to go celebate if I ignore her “suggestion”.

      • Safety First

        Peter, you are suffering what is scientifically known as the “Crossed Leg Syndrome!!” Us sales staff see it all the time.. The alpha male comes in spruiking that he wears the pants and it’s his decision and he is getting the XR6 Turbo in Viper, sorting out the banking details and he’ll be in Saturday to do the deal, Saturday comes and here is ol’ mate Alpha, with his dainty little bride, she sees the Mondeo Titanium and says she likes that!! An hour goes by and in comes Alpha with that lost puppy look knowing full well that Miss Dainty’s legs will remain in that position until he bring home the Titanium (always good for a laugh)

        • Peter

          I dont even bother test driving until I have the missus’ OK from pics on the web. Sales have been lost (eg xc60 R-design) because the only pics are red (instant dismissal). Would have had a chance if the pics were silver. As they say, “happy wife, happy life”.

          • numb1er

            As far as Im concerned if I have a car that I like and want to buy it why need the permission from her, if she doesnt like it she doesnt have to ride with, she can go get her own. No way im settling for 2nd best, especially when it comes to cars. I went and bought my XR5 turbo regardles of what she wanted, she went out and got herself a corolla, case settled.

  • Peter

    XR5 turbo, Numb1er? Funnily enough, you have the same engine as my wife’s s40T5 (and it is a very sweet unit) though it is a tiny bit slower in the ovlov. Good engine for the missus – plenty of poke from 0 – 100 but dies off a bit after that, so not ridiculously fast. You’ll be glad to hear she got 5 1/2 years out of her last s40T5 engine with no trouble at all, and the new one (which you might have) seems quicker.

    • David T

      So Peter, your missus likes plenty of poke then? They tend to like to go slower once the kids come along. (yes, all true & puns intended)

      • Peter

        it’s been the opposite with mine. whiplash on all fronts.

  • spellbound

    Weird , so when the brides buying a new car , do we get to go along and influence the decision , i think not , no siree .

    My lady buys what she wants and visa versa .

    Guys have you lost your mojos , even my first wife bought her own cars .

  • David

    As someone else mentioned, why are all the latest Fords starting to look feminine ?

    Such pretty colours too :)

  • ozedude

    David, I think i can answer your question. Wouldn’t you rather be driving away inside a great woman or a dude?

    • numb1er

      Ozedude, Id rather be driving away in a car that looks the part and have a nice looking broad in the passenger seat with me, isnt that we all want

      • ozedude

        I was being metaphorical, abstract even. But you’re not wrong either.

  • george


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