2006 Holden VE Commodore SV6 Warranty Complaint

Name: Gregory muller
Car Make:  Holden Commodore
Car Model: VE SV6
Year of Manufacture: 2006

Warranty Complaint:

Fuel cap locking release makes a high pitch sound when car is being unlocked, beyond what is acceptable as normal operating noise. This is a brand new car!! I advised service centre and their response was that this is normal.

I have already taken the car back for warranty claims; one-squeaky (noisy) door trim, two-suspension was making noise and was found to be break shims needing to be replaced. And i just had a water leak repaired satisfactorily, front driver-side under the dash.

If i need to find my car in a parking lot i just hit unlock and listen for the fuel cap release!

  • Ted

    Just another failure from Holdenwoo be more careful when buying a new car, make sure it isn’t holdenwoo…

  • http://. Colonel Klink

    Wheels “junk” of the Year Gong begs questions about HoldenWoo and why Opel Kombidore got it!!!

  • Jack

    Holden dealer should be aware of a lubrication process to rectify the fuel filler door actuator, advise them to check bulletins

  • Margaret Kolesidis

    So you were told that the squeeky noise was normal ? wow… I was told that a noise I was hearing in my engine (Calais VE 2006 ) was normal and nothing to worry about…. Holden must be hearing a lot of noises from their cars… can’t distinguish what’s normal or not !

  • William Sinclair

    I drove, listened and walked away. World class car according to Wheels Mag. am I missing something?

  • Ezal

    Why does Holden has so many Warranty Complain?

  • M Gainey

    I have a Late 2006 VE Calias which has had continual faults with flat batteries, warnings to contact dealer service and climate control just not working.
    Also very poor panel fit of boot which the Holden Dealer said 1.5mm is acceptable.
    This is by far the worst car i have ever had and would recommend others to look elsewhere.

  • greg

    Ezal, the answer is easy, many people who love warranty problems buy VE commondore, just to keep driving back and forward to the dealer service depot means sad days and during one of those day’s the thing will actually work properly..

  • Mr B. Ridley

    I have a wish to complain about my 2003 Holden Commodore “Lumina”. My car has done less that 36000km, has been regularly serviced by accredited firm since purchased {new},and yet has just cost me $455:50 for the replacement of a radiator. I find this an unacceptable expense and would suggest that proper compensation should be accorded me. This car through-out its life has only done short trips at about 250kms a week on average. I consider the breakdown of the radiator an unacceptable liability for me to absorb.

    • matt

      it would be annoying mate but AGE has alot more to do with car parts then kilometers… father in law bought a 91 corolla 2 years ago with 45 000 kays on it, literally bought off of a priest and drove away from a church…. 6 months later, cracked head, leaking radiator, because it was never full with fuel has a fuel leak when its full. Not using a car much probly wont make alot of difference. yes my 02 323 with 250 000 on it… but not a worry in the years ive had it….

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Not to mention that short trips can actually ruin a car quicker than long trips.

  • Judy


  • greg

    Say no more, CRAP service, CRAP cars, CRAP company, I would be unsatisfied too…

  • David Allison

    have a 2007 ve sv6 and the passenger seat looks like it belongs in a 10 year old taxi! The raised pattern in the inserts is just falling apart. Holdens say its wear and tear – at 8000km, and really dont want to know us. is anybody else out there having the same problem or are we the only ones in australia like holdens reckon.

  • greg

    Oh no!!!! not another problem Holden one thing after another, your not alone David cause other people are having many different Holden problems too…..

    • cazza

      Your dam right there. My cars been back to holdens 7 times for the same problem and still not repaired. The must have the 3 monkeys that work on me car. Them ones where its the deaf-dumb-and blind.

  • David Allison

    love the car except the problem with the seats, mainly its the way holdens are treating us like s*%#. once you have the car – stiff.

  • Shevaun Chown

    I have a late 2006 VE SV6 auto sedan which has been back to the dealer dozens of times to date, with mainly battery drain & suspension problems. I have already had the rear springs replaced as they were very creaky. However I am still hearing a knocking noise in the right hand side front end though, which Holden do not seem to be able to fix. I am wondering if you are experiencing a similar problem. Holden replaced the link pins & rubbers which seemed to fix the problem for about 6 weeks however we are back to regularly hearing the noise!!!

  • Eric Bastow

    I have a 2006 SV6 and have had knocking noise front right which was reported at first service. Some twelve months later the knock is still there. The knocking is a dull thud. My clutch pedal now makes a cluck sound when it returns to rest position. The clutch pedal sound is intermittent. When I do not hear the clunck from my clutch pedal I find I can place my foot under the clutch pedal raise the pedal to its rest position and create the dull thud sound (the sound reported at my first service).

  • Maree Hart

    I have a 2007 VE omega purchased 7 January 2008 after 10 days the hand brake broke still waiting for parts to fix it was told probably won’t arrive before 13 Feb have been in contact with holden in Melbourne don’t want to know me won’t return my calls or answer my letters or email have a few other not so serious complaints as well,should have done more research before I bought it.

  • http://wrxsti Maree Hart

    Wrong date for part arrival not before 13 March that’s 8 weeks wait.

  • Adam 5v6

    I purchased a ve sv6 late 2006. I have had the usual “contact” dealer faults all the time, the creaky suspension (which was replaced as it is a known issue). The latest one is my gearbox (manual). Last week i had a little bit of difficulty pulling the gear out of 4th (a feeling like the clutch wasnt in) and one day before the service department could look at it… it seized in 4th, and would not come out. The car had to be towed, and gearbox replaced. A replacement gearbox is TWO FULL MONTHS AWAY !!!! apparantly it has to come from Taiwan!

    I purchased the commodore over a Honda accord euro, because i thought a RWD 6 being built in oz would be more reliable. How wrong I was.

    At least the Honda accord euro is made in Japan and not taiwan!!!

  • Owen Perham

    Its interesting reading all of the comments regarding the VE. Most of the contributors seem to believe that Holden builds crap. The opposite is the truth. The vast majority are very reliable. I had 7 Commodores over a 15 year period starting with S1 VR. Happily they were all great cars. I then changed to a Kia Sorrento as one of the many “user chooser” salary package drivers. If ever god made crap and put an engine in it then this is the car. Space won’t allow me to detail it all, suffice to say I got out of the car after 13 months. Problems included 3 flat batteries in the first 10 days, interior water leaks, fender flares falling off, failed sound system (2) auto trans problems, ato trans selector flying appart, failed door locks, auto airiel, dents on tailgate caused during closing (just check the number of Sorento’s with these either side of the chrome strip accross the tailgate). This is just a sample. I’m not alone here. Many owners of these heaps of junk suffer in silence. I then changed into a new RAV4. Traded out after 2 years suffering with water leaks (more like torrents) odd wind noise and many other issues. Now I have the worst yet, a Toyota Aurion ZR6. What a peice of junk. Dash rattles, squeaks, groans, centre consol squeaks, rattles and graons, Auto trans flaring between 1st, second and 3rd, rattles in the dash speakers, major water leak and worse of all the stereo and HVAC lights glaring in the widscreen at night causing a major distraction. I hired an Aurion in Adeleaide late 2007. Guess what? All the same problems. It took me months to have these issues even addressed let alone fixed. I had to find out for myself and inform the local dealer about Toyota bulletins for the dash and speaker rattles. Toyotas response to these issues has been woefull at best. They don’t even know what to do with the aut trans. The response is that it could have been underfilled at the factory so we will top it up. Fixed? No! Now they admit that they just don’t know what to do. In the past 5 months I have not had any contact with Toyota on this issue at all. So you see, poor old Holden is not so bad. Kia is wholly owned by Hyundai (#6 in the world?) and Toyota is the biggest and most profitable car maker in the world. They have recently admitted in print that their quality arround the world has slipped. I am living proof having had 2 new Toyots in 3 years. One locally built and the other made in Japan. Will I buy another Toyota again? No way! My next car will be a VE series 2 sports wagon due for release late 08 or early 09, with all of the bugs that any new model has nicely ironed out.

  • SV6 crap

    My VE SV6 2006 model rides okay, but crap interest from Holden dealer and head office with the faults. Had it back SEVEN times to fix a/c. No one seemed to give a #@&! that they could not fix it. Every time there seemed to be a different fault with it – at least according to the the service centre – My guess is they just made up reasons why it wasn’t working and kept topping up the gas. The last time it was back I was told it was “low on gas” – my response was no #@&! Sherlock where is the leak this time” It was only then and my reminding about the number of times it had been back that they found yet another leak. What a piece of junk. When i got the car the glove boxlight would come on when closed hence draining the battery all night long.
    Holden junk – and even worse service. When I rang the head office in Melbourne the response I had was “what do you want me to do about it!!!!”. This was clearly very helpful – NOT.
    I will never buy Holden again!!!!

    Owen I feel sorry for you already that you think waiting will iron out the problems – Holden don’t give a crap about the problems or trying to fix them

  • dave allison

    out of the blue our dealer rings us and tells me “the seat we sent to melbourne for testing has been lost in transit”. okay i said, what happens now with the seats in my car? err – better book it in to have new ones fitted! after job was completed, we noticed that the new rear seat is different, were it was wearing before, different fabric is used. as for losing the other seat- yeh right,why could’nt they just admit there was afault in the first place? as for the warranty inspector that comes to the dealers over here, he makes a decision there and then, and as far as holdens is concerned thats it, no further action will be considered at all — go away! love the car but after the way we were treated,no more new holdens – will look at the opposition.

  • veasbadasbffalcon

    I have an early 2007 VE Commodore. My last car was a brand new BF Falcon. The BF had many problems, more so than the commodore, like faulty traction control, which was never able to be fixed, doors sagged so hit body and started rust, CD player used to overheat and fail, when brought home for first drive, the headlight pointed at the ground so I could not see the the first night I drove home, steering started clunking, so the rack required new shims or something so they said and one day the engine decided not go into limp mode for no particular reason. I am sure there were other things.

    Enter my decision to go for a VE Commodore. I have had the care for 1 year and have done 41000km. It’s about to be traded. The VE has been a much better car for faults, except I think it is a bit gutless, has too much road noise and engine noise and has a huge annoying blindspo when looking for traffic out front window.

    Faults have been the battery draining on occasions. Twice I needed to jump start. Was rectified by dealer with new computer program. Then the air cond decided not to work. This problem again required a computer recode and then was fixed. Then the tyres scrubbed out completely at only 28000km at the rear, so needed a full alignment. Then the rear parking sensors stuffed up at 20000km and have not been able to be fixed by Holden ever since, so what’s the point in buying them? Then the door switches stuffed up, which means the alarm has been going off for 2 weeks everytime I lock the car. Holden cannot seem to fix this either, so all night for many nights my car has been unlocked, otherwise the alarm goes off!!! Through the day, I just let the alarm go off all day long, which would annoy everyone, but is only way to keep car locked. Holden said I have to wait 2 weeks to get this fixed and they did not even know how to temporarily disarm it.

    Car drives great, looks good and is comfortable. But these things are as annoying as our Holden dealer’s crappy attitude and lack of will to fix the issues.

  • Duck

    “If i need to find my car in a parking lot i just hit unlock and listen for the fuel cap release!”

    And thats a bad thing? It’s a good thing really if you think about it like you said you can hear your car in the parking lot.

  • Patrick W

    Add me to the list of unhappy, disapointed Holden customers, (2007 SV6) Don’t be fooled by the good looks, never have I owned a car with so many problems. Build quality just seems rubish all round. Where to start, squeeking from motor from when it was NEW, took 4 attempts for dealer to repair??? Front suspension makes knocking noises. Bluetooth phone kit is useless (cant hear well for both people and wont disconncect after call!!) Corrosion all over alloy engine cover (normal apparently) Warped windscreen plastic seel at base – water runs into engine (again normal according to Dealer) SMELLS LIKE MOULD, FROM ABOUT 3 MOTNHS OLD – HAVE JUST FOUND MAJOR LEEK IN FLOOR AND REAR CARPET IS ALWAYS WET!!! Dealer have advised need to replace floor carpet and seal up floor, will take 4 DAYS – WOW im so over this car, looks good and drives well, but its not worth the hassle. Also have a HYUNDIA ACCENT what a difference, not one problem with the Korean Car!! Now just have to get rid of the commodore – i sure wont be a repeat holden customer. (my 1st car was a VN commodore, that had less problems than this VE)

  • Brendan

    I have a Jan 2008 SSV…. no squeeks, vibrations, taps or any other noises that shouldnt be there from the whole car… my first car was a VN commodore and i had continues problems with it when it was still new (1993) my next car was a EL XR8 and i had the same ammount of issues with it but it was a much better ride, i got an BA XR8 over a VY SS for ride quality not material quality… and im sorry to say that i was converted to a VE omega in 2006 and only issue i had was the Oxygen sensor … I traded it for a SSV in 2008 and havent had a single fault with it. I drove a FG XR8 and it felt like an over powered BA XR8 which in my opinion made me feel unsafe… the FG falcon was not a good enough car to sway me back to ford in my opinion.

  • Never Buying Another Holden

    “I brought a brand new Holden VE, it was a couple of months ago now. I am still having problems with it. It has been back and forth from Service place to Service place, to no avail. I just want it fixed. I have brought 2 cars before this one at the same place in the past 4 years.
    This is the first brand new car I have ever purchased. I know its a brand new series, but should this really happen? Why can’t anybody help me with this, because no one really cares. Engine mounts were meant to be replaced and I don’t think they were (well with new ones anyway). Its been recalled for seat belts and also a fuel line.
    This is horrible, so much money was spent when making this car, how embarrassing for Holden. My first new car ever, never again. “

  • mr.sv6

    yeah i bought a second hand sv6(2006)and to be honest i love the car and have few complaints. its gone back to dealer to fix rear suspension knocking, faulty heater, windscreen wiper,some door stabilizer broken and last but not least cd player comming up with “mechanism error” at random times. I have had 1 battery charge warning which went away but had me furious at the time. Rear shocker took 2 months to get replacement part and cd player took just as long. replacement cd player has come up with same error twice already (1 month later). I have found after sale service to be fine. i say just hope that u can iron out any faults before warranty runs out because everything i buy in this day and age falls to pieces and thats what disappoints me more than anything

  • what a joke

    Well, it seems most, if not EVERYTHING is being made in asia – hence why everything falls apart within 12 months, and hence why Holden takes so long to get spare parts. It obviously costs them too much to keep stock of all parts, so they need to ship it all from Asia when they have problems.

    This country is going down hill big time. You really gotta wonder how low can quality go, just to save a few dollars. It seems all companies think ASIA is the answer!!! THINK AGAIN!!! This country will be full of crap quality, from cars, to fridges, to everything in our daily lives!!!! How fantastic, a throw away society, taking advantage of slave labour, and buying everything from a region of the world with NO thought of carbon emmissions or environmental stability!!!

  • Melissa

    We bought a ssv 2008 model and have had the car to the dealer five times now regarding a knocking noise in the front right.
    They have shimmied the brakes and put new rubbers and bushes on and still we have the problem. We think it may be a suspension prob. Does anyone out there have the same noise??

  • Patrick W

    Hello Melissa,

    I have SV6 – with the same knocking noise in front right….. has only been back 3 times!!!! and yes ofcourse still not fixed.

    I agree, i think it is suspension. Maybe they just cant get the parts so they ignore it.

  • Bilney

    i have a knocking noise in my suspension on all four corners and i have spoken to the head technician at a dealership and they tell me it is the springs catching on the retainers when there is little weight in the car, like one or two people. He advised me that holden has not got an answer to this problem as yet. But aside from the clunk it is no big deal. I havent had any other problems with the car at all.

  • john achterberg

    have been buying new holdens since 1977,my 08 sv6 will be the last holden i buy.road and engine noise is deafning a two and a half hour drive to katherine at 130kph and we both have sore throats fron yelling at each other.a spring in the steering collum broke 4 attempts to fix now have notchy steering.loud whine and rumble in aircon dealer admits to much noise but dont have a fix?loud valve clatter noise in the dash dealer cant find.just small things like the bottom half of the dash just falling of.and a crap stereo.if this is the best holden have to offer then they have no future.interior build quality is woefull.goodby holden hello mazda 6.

  • john achterberg

    i dont want to go on but i forgot to mention that the heated rear window has stopped working not hi tech stuff,also the black plastic wheelnut covers come of at speed.

  • Mr M

    Yeah, bought the 2005 sv6 model – worst mistake of my life. $3300 in repairs within warranty period and a problem reported before warranty expiry has escalated into an engine replacement with holden saying its out of warranty.

    Nice work Holden.

  • john a

    have just picked up my new mazda 6 wagon wow what a breath of fresh air after my rubbish sv6.i wonder if anyone from holden could have a look at how mazda build cars have a look at the fit and finnish have a look at the qualty of this vehicle,but they wont coz they just dont care.holden you once built great cars dont know what went wrong but your ve is a total disgrace,i lost 10 grand to get out of the ve[7 months old,5000 kays]but it was worth every cent.soon we wont have an aus made holden anymore,and the suits at gmh will wonder why.

  • Dean Wilson


    Quite disturbing reading all these complaints when I got a much worse case with no help.
    I’ve recently purchased a brand new Sv6 feb 2008 atomic green from Holden Dealership for $41,900.
    My front right, as well as my front left now have a loud clunk as if there’s metal shifting out of place at any speed loud enough for people to turn around & look. As well of a sound of a metal rod vibrating (ruler on desk.) driving with the camber of the road sets it off as well as accelerating and braking
    I have taken it back to Holden on two occasions, first time they said it was only the sway bar bushes and there was the wrong size fitted. After getting it back there was still that ‘knock so I returned it for the second time to only hear it was the engine mounts this time and that the engine mounts get real loose as if there shifted.
    I was happy they have diagnosed the problem, but I received it back the second time, quiet for the first day and still have the clunk and the metal ruler sound. Sometimes really bad. There’s clearly something wrong with this car. Something is shifting and causing the engine mounts to shift. I Dont feel confident driving it.
    I am totally not satisfied with the vehicle and want something done about this. On two occasions I’ve heard off Holden that there’s been a lot of customers with same problem and there still trying to find out what it is . That was enough for me. Whats the story Holden? You spent over $1billion on the car and only for what?
    I’ve booked it In for another time, this time he wants to go for a drive to hear the noise only I bet it doesn’t happen and he will take me for a fool. This noise Comes about mostly first 10 mins of driving from cold car so I hope there’s something.
    H E L P! Any suggestions?

  • gb

    I am really sorry to hear of so many issues with the ve unfortunately like all things the time comes and I think it up for Holden.
    Holden are no longer the great car they have been for years I owned an fj and an eh and I could go on but my kids drive now Subaru and Mazda and I have just taken delivery of a Aurion Touring and to date it is a fine car and good value for money a quiet drive with a strong feeling about the build plus good on fuel just like Holden’s used to be.

    Sad really.

  • Jess

    I also have a few problems with my SV6 and would love to know if anyone else has seen this problem before. For two years now I have been returning it to the dealer for the same fault. When driving, the car will suddenly surge, drop 20km on the speedo and flash up the warning “check engine” (sometimes I even get the “contact dealer” one for a change). The fault occurs at random times and is now becoming more frequent (seven times in a 4km journey last week). The dealer’s various solutions have been: 1. The car arrived at the dealer with a flat battery, thus causing the warning lights. They reset computer, should be ok now. 2. They couldn’t get it to fault, so they can’t fix it. 3. They found a bad earth, fixed it, should be ok now.
    The service department seems to be unsure of how to read the computer faults as well. On some occasions they can see that a fault has occured, but can’t work out what, and on others they say that there is no evidence of a fault occuring. The last trip in I had to remind them that it had already been in several times for the same fault (how quickly we forget), and that they could not get it to fault after driving it around for 30mins or so. Service guy then said “how much time do you want us to spend on this?, we won’t be getting paid for this”. Fault occured very next day and we returned to dealership and took service guy for a drive. Finaly he see’s fault occuring and is starting to realise I am not a fruit loop. Still can’t fix it but. Well Holden, how much time do I want you to spend on this? UNTIL YOU FIX IT OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. I will never buy another Holden and I would like to sell this one as well, only it would not make for a good test drive and I don’t wish this on anyone else. By the way, the second smaller issue is that the aircon and radio turn off if the car has been in the sun. Apparently a known fault, with no solution other than the service departments suggestion that I turn the key back a fraction when it happens.

  • HoldenLover

    Own VZ MY06 SV6 Commodore since new, never had any major mechanical / electrical problems. Minor probs that were replaced/fixed during warranty:
    – driver side door handle paint started to peel off after 30000kms,
    – rear passenger interior light gone kaputsky, turned out to be loose sonnection, fixed under warranty
    – transmission gear selector light, rear power window switch light gone kaputsky, replaced under warranty
    – brake shudder when braking hard after 20000kms service, fixed 1st time under warranty

    Car has been great, still drives like new, engine smooth, everything perfect.
    I guess its like a lottery when it comes to buying a car, you can get a LEMON if you are not lucky and all of youse who has had major faults/probs with their VE’s / Commys are probably received Friday built cars. Yes, Friday its the weekend all the factory workers are more interested to head off to the pub after work for drinks so they are not interested in doing any work properly on that day. My 2 cents worth, aren’t we all like that but every Fridays? LOL…..

    • Hughesy

      Yeah I’m in the same boat – had a VZ ute, just had the software issue with the remote not switching lights off but that was a simple fix, otherwise it ran like a champ. Just changed to a late 2006 VE. The engine/auto noise is the only thing I’m not nuts about but everything else about the car meets expectations. For their features and value for money they’re marvellous.

  • Rick

    Regarding the previous comments about knock in front right hand suspension.
    I have a 2005 SV6 commodore. Fantastic car.
    The knock is caused by the nut working loose on the sway bar bushes as Dean Wilson mentioned.
    I have had to re-tighten myself 3 times after inspecting where the cluncking noise was coming from.
    Even though this noise was explained to the service people at my local Holden dealer where the car had it’s last service under warranty.
    Unfortunately, it all comes down to having confidence in the people who perform the servicing on your pride and joy.
    Now the new car warranty has finished, I’ll change the oil and filters etc, like on my VS wagon (work Horse) that has just turned over 300,000 KM and only take it in when it’s broken.

  • Paul

    Bought 2006 VE V, second hand with 8000km’s.

    Battery has already drained. Took it back & they reset the computer, drained the battery & re-charged.
    Now I have the smell of wet carpet or underlay on drivers side.
    I made the mistake at looking at the Mazda 6 & rueing my decision to buy Holden.

    Car dealers are enthusiastic when buying. However, they don’t hold back on costs on servicing & then these is the abominal service & check out their attitude.

  • Bang

    So has the Holden done anything about all these problems??
    Any idea? Bcoz im about to buy a 2008 Sv6 Iz it worth it!
    Plz do give a feed back.

  • the fact

    please do not buy this lemon.your life will be misery try to fixing that so called common faults forever.spend your hard earned money somewhere else.even Koreans are better quality.the smart people stay away from this lemon except the fleets.sales free fall from 9000 units a month(2005) to now 3000 a month now(2009).only bogan will tell(lies) u that lemon is the best quality on earth and never have a problem.good luck for your new car.

  • Rin

    hi all,

    i bought a second had ve sv6 and seem to have a problem that even holden can’t give the answer for. i was doing a trip in my car and after driving for an hour the display/radio turned off. all the lights had gone out and i could not use any of the buttons. i can still use the controls on my steering wheel and the air con still runs. it wouldn’t come on for a few weeks and then decided to work again. a few times now it just flashes off and on and i am unable to listen to any music as it just keeps turning it off! has anyone had this problem before? we have spoken to holden and they informed me it is a software problem they are having but wont give me a estimate cost just to bring it in. now because it is now out of warrenty they will charge me and arm and a leg! i would rather find out if anyone knows what the problem is so we can fix it! but not only this i have replaced the battery and i was experiencing a clicking noise everytime i turned left in the car! found out the problem… we had to replaceT the wheel bearing! nice! i love my car but am just really disappointed in it! after we fix one thing something else goes wrong! you just don’t expect to spend so much money on a new car!

  • Mike H

    Bought an 06 VE mmmm what can I say, It has been back to Holdens now 8 times the 9th will be tomorrow 28th June, There is a prolific drone from the exhaust/engine at any cruising speed above 50kph. It has a miss and the engine feels like it wants to drop out of the engine mounts,the miss is very noticable at 900-1200 RPM, and is very noticable at 80-110kph, the timing chain has been replaced as have the coil packs, the computers have been reflashed every time it has gone for this problem, I have been told “all fixed” only to ring dealer when I get home to rebook it in the following day. I have to laugh as they say “we will get the foreman to look at it” well it still is not #%$&ing fixed. how many more times does it have to go back???? if it needs a new engine then just do it if not find the problem and @#$#ing fix it and then ring me and say it is fix all this and the car has only done 48,000k

  • Spencer

    I have had three SV6 in three years doing around 65000. Every service Holden have to fix something. The VE has had the back shocks replaced twice becasue they were stuffed. They are now going to replace springs and Bluetooth module. Battery has drained twice. Suspension has clonked all round. When Jax did the wheel alignment they found front right had 2 degrees of camber from the factory. Had to be reset. Why didn’t Holden jsut fix the suspension on the VZ. It was a better car than the VE, jsut didn’t handle. I wish journos would test cars when they had 40000 on they, not just out of the showroon prepared for test driving.

  • Edman

    I bought a 2007 VE SS. I had it for 4 days before the air con blew up, took it in and got it back 4 days later… 1 week later the air con died again, I took it in and this time they had it for 10 days. First brand new car and in the first month of owning it, it had been in their garage longer than it had been in mine.
    They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it at all, me thinks they just kept replacing bits until they got lucky.
    The air con blew up again a few months later.
    Now, over 2 years later the air con makes a loud racket when running and seems to turn itself on every time the car’s started. Good thing it’s now winter…

    Also the front suspension clunks a lot, the gearstick fell of once, I reversed into a wheelie bin, the dash lights freeze all the time, it won’t play most CD’s, the tires got bald and, once, someone spilled coke on the door seal and it was hard to open.

    Also the cup holders are in a shit position.

  • Jason

    Hi all, I had two SV6s a 2006 and 2007 model, but I have since seen the light and purchased a manual SS, which is miles ahead in performace and driveability and if driven sensibly gives good fuel economy.
    My 2007 SV6 had a knock in right rear suspension as well which I returned to the dealer and got the old coil knocking story which I later found is wrong.
    I investigated myself and found the top shock bolt was loose. Thing is, accessing this is a major headache and probably why the dealers are baulking at pulling the suspension apart to fix. There is no access plate to the top of the shock so you have to remove the suspesion assembly to get at it. I cheated and carefully measured and diced a hole through the boot floor with a very fine cutting wheel,tightened the bolt and bingo knocking was gone. Made up a plate to cover the hole and you wouldn’t know it was there. Point to note the shock bolt was only 1/2 to 3/4 turns loose so it doesn’t take much to allow the shock to knock if you know what I mean!

  • http://caradvice.com.au Marta

    I have bought two brand new holden commodores both were 2007 models. the first one was a v6 base model, I sold this car back to the dealership 8 months after I bought it due to warranty issues (alot).
    the second car was the VE SV6 2007 it cost me $42,000 and it is a lemon. Ive had this car since feb 08 and it’s had 10 manufacturer warranty issues. I know I will be answering some of your answers.

    1) firer wall leaked (all of you who have wet carpet on driverside floor this is your problem, it happened in both my 2007 commodores. carpet will need replacing)
    2) cd player needed to be replaced
    3) speaker in dashboard needed replacing
    4) seatbelt retractor on driver side needed replacing (made some clunking noise when pulling it out)
    5)rubber sleeve on rear door needed replacing
    6) bushes on front suspension have been replaced at 25,000kl (like that happens on a new car)
    7)windscreen hose fell off
    8) battery went flat and RACQ had to tow it into the car dealership where i bought it from; on the way in they lost my back number plate (lol) Holden didn’t put it on from day one it was just sitting there.
    9) hand break would release after parking it up a hill.
    10) the very next day i drive my car through town and had to stop at lights at top of hill; the hand break wouldn’t hold the car and it started to roll down the hill. yes it was a hill you need your hand break.

    I never want to hear another sales person go on about there warranty. WE OFFER A THREE YEAR 100,000KL WARRANTY BLAH BLAH BLAH WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO QUALITY??

    TWO BRAND NEW 2007 HOLDENS AND 19 MANUFACTURER ISSUES, AND i WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER holden again. Holden is Australian made and it’s not Australian quality.

    here is what i did i put a sticker on my back windscreen that say’s.
    “42,000 Australian made lemon”

    • john s

      I worked at Ford, we got a photo from Bathurst 2006. A blue ford ute returned to ford over 30 times for different issues. I think half were fixed the rest still there. His answer cover it with lemon stickers. Its not just Holdens. I worked at Mitsubishi, the guy complained to the media that hard they replaced his car. Then after driving the new ine said the old one was better. Go Figure.

  • Filmore

    Interesting comments. I love my SV6 but am having issues.I hit a large pot hole recently and broke a front shock absorber. It was replaced a week after 20K service when the dealer had to order the part from interstate?
    Interestingly they charged exactly the same amount for the repair as the service a week before? I would have thought the shocker would have been a warranty claim. They said it was “Wear & Tear” (Why would a shocker break after running over a pot hole? Isn’t the suspension designed for that?)
    I am not happy with the front suspension yet. It is still noisy. The dealer could not do a wheel allignment after replacing the shocker so I am taking the car somewhere else.I will ask them about the noise?
    Anyway on the weekend the “Check Engine” indicator came on (The car was serviced 4000km ago) he dealer told me it probably just needs a “Software Update” Will see what happens after I drop it off tomorrow?
    I have a broken under dash panel on the drivers side. That was my fault. I tried to pull it off to find somewhere to connect a 12V supply to the UHF radio I have installed. It broke very easily and is another thing to get fixed.(Any one know a good place to connect my UHF radio?)
    The clutch pedal is squeaky. Everything else seems to be OK?

  • Frances


    We have a 08 Comm SV6, 17km on the meter when we got it – had not even had it 2 days and the CD player went, took it back to Holden and they said they’d look at it when we took it in for its first service 3000km, so we couldn’t listen to any sounds without it beeping continuosly for first month.

    Got it serviced and it seemed to not completely fix it but it doesn’t happen as frequently but it does still happen 16months later.

    Some months ago, we noticed that the brake lights would not go off and the ESC would beep at us and say it had been turned off, did anyone else have this problem? I took it to our local mechanic who said this was a defect with these cars and Holden were recalling them because of the faulty electrics. We never got that letter and its still playing up to this day!

    We bought this car straight out of the box as they say, and for it to be faulty and we have to deal with it i don’t think is right or wait for the next service.
    I don’t like driving it with my children incase someone rearends me, ive had guys screaming at me because of the lights, Auto Electrician wont touch it because its a Holden error, Take it straight back to Holden i was told, to get there and they say just tell us next time you bring it for a service. Just great!

  • clive freeman

    my Holden ss-v 08 has just reached 75000km and to date what hasn’t gone wrong with it. I have had:
    1. shocks replaced under warranty (faulty)
    2. rear speakers faulty from purchase. Every time I seem to take it in to the dealer for service I seem to get the same response “you listen to pop! and you have the radio set to jazz”… well hello people I have changed it to every setting your stereo has to offer and I still get the same problem…
    3. cd getting stuck in the player
    4. a warning message that the anti theft system has been activated, whilst I am driving along.
    5. keys wouldn’t open the car or start it. Had to get both keys re-programed.
    6. plastic cover on side of drivers seat broke replaced under warranty.
    7. plastic cover near gear shift broken.
    8. battery flattens all the time have had to bye a portable jump start kit.
    9. engine light came on today (04/02/2010) and car had no power to drive at all. called for the “complementary roadside assist” and they are coming to get the car, but me the car owner well… I have to find my own way home. I am after all 1.5 hrs from it… This service Holden provide is the most ridiculous thing I have ever come across. I also have in my family a 07 Calais and almost all the things that have gone wrong with my car have gone wrong with it as well. Me and my sister have spent well over $100,000.00 on both cars and this sort of customer service is just not acceptable. From Holden

  • James Cloke

    Well where to start
    Bought the HSV Maloo May 2008 build 6 speed manual with leather and 20″ wheels

    It has 30000 kms on it when I bought it
    Dash had a rattle under the steering column
    Holden replaced the clips with updated version and it still rattled, took it back the next day and this time they put sticky tape over the clips and it still rattles
    They ordered a new panel and rattle fixed for about a week and back again

    Clutch when changing at above 4000rpm would stick to the floor and not come back up
    Holden said they are waiting for a revised clutch pedal,clutch and fly wheel to come out.6 weeks later finally got it fitted and its been fine since

    Steering wheel wobbles at 90kmh and above
    I had all 4 wheel finger balanced to zero all round and no difference
    Took it to Holden and they took off the right rear wheel and fitted a new one and claimed the vibration had gone when they tested the car and that the wheel was out of balance by 35 grams which it was wasn’t
    I found the front castor bush was stuffed and replaced it myself with aftermarket better quality one ,problem fixed
    Now I have diff or axle clunking that increases as I accelrate from zero to 60kmh
    Took it too Holden and they heard it when I took them for a test drive
    They said there was excessive backlash in the diff but would need to get the District service manager in which took 3 weeks
    The car has been lowered professionally and is above the legal min height
    The DSM drive the car thru the car park first and said it was too bouncy ad claimed it was un roadworthy and refused to drive it .They said I would have to pay for them to look for the issue and IF and they emphasized If they find its a warranty problem they would fix it. They are trying to claim the car being lowered has caused the knocking even though they have no inspected it. Now Holden seem to be clairvoyant as well. I am now taking it up with Holden direct and bieng stuffed aropunf there to as this has been ongoing for another 3 weeks after being told its unroadworth from a 20m test drive thru a car park
    Even if they fix it Holden has lost me as a customer for good
    Billion $ baby my arse

  • Gavin

    How the hell are you people driving your cars? I have a 2008 SV6 commodore and apart from a small rattle in the driver’s side door and a faulty engine computer (probably my fault in having the thing hacked) have really had no other problems with it. The black caps never come off the wheels and I have had the car up to speeds of 160km/h. The road noise is average and probably on par with a 2009 model XR6 which I have also driven. I have driven to Jenolan Caves which is a rough-ass road and still no problems/noies with any of the dash components. Off course I had the car lowered and King springs put on the front suspension so I guess that may have alleviated a lot of the suspension problems you guys are talking about. All in all, I am quite please with it. Good power, quick off the line, fantastic road handling, especially in the mountains (if you have the Bridgestone Pontenza tires) and comfortable over long distances. I’m proud to be an Aussie and take pride in my Aussie-made car. Screw the Japanese crap.

  • Colin

    I often get a “clunking” noise from the front of the car when first moving – is this the suspension issue others have alluded to? If so, is there a fix for this is or is it dangerous at all? I don’t trust the dealers to tell me the truth….

    Our 2005 SV6 has generally been quite good from a driving perspective although the fuel gauge is utter crap .. eventually gave up on the dealers fixing it. My wife bought a Mazda 6 in 2007 and the better quality of the Mazda is (unfortunately!!) obvious.

  • Graham

    I bought a new SV6 Commodore ute for my company in May 2009. Drove it 500km for the first 10 months then 5,500km from March until now. NEVER WILL I BUY HOLDEN AGAIN. Problems so far;

    1. wiper blades wore out after 11 months and scratched window screen. Tough said Holden, not a warranty issue when they were replaced after 13 months. You should have told us before 12 months. But Holden Dealer serviced the car before 12 months was up and missed the problem. New blades are now covered under 2year/50,000km warranty. I cannot believe this.

    2. Flywheel fitted at factory was defective and not flat. (How Holdens’ QC can allow this through is questionable) Clutch assembly and flywheel replaced 2 weeks ago under warranty. Clutch still gives burning smell backing up a hill. Dealer told me today not to back the ute up a hill as it is not designed to do this. I was lost for words. I purchased a commercial vehicle and it is not capable of it’s intended purpose? I think this is close to false and deceptive conduct under the Trades Practice Act.

    3. Engine had squeeling pulleys since new. Pulleys alignment repaired under warranty. Still squeeled. Repaired again 2 weeks ago. Pulleys were assembled incorrectly. Holden QC again questionable.

    3. New glove box fitted today. Would not open properly and would jam shut.

    4. New housing for drivers door window fitted 2 weeks ago. Holden SB recognised problem.

    5. Side skirts replaced today with new. Started lifting off body. (Saw 2 other utes parked there today with the side skirts off).

    6. Window switches fell out of centre console. Repaired. Apparantly faulty clips holding these in place.

    This is my 28th new car and I have never had any problems with a new car until this one. I hope there are enough people having the same problem that someone wants to mount a class action to get the car taken back and the money returned. If so, I am in. Will talk to NRMA if anyone else is having same problems.

    • Not happy

      SV6 VE Clutch Problem

      At 20,000 my clutch started having problems – at the same time I got the product recall letter for the tailgate “possibly causing injury or death” so I contacted Holden and said I would like them both fixed at the same time. No problems they say – will call you when the tailgate parts arrive.

      Months later the parts for the tailgate still not in the country BUT my clutch starts slipping so I take it to them to get fixed. Authorise them to proceed with gearbox removal as they say it will be at my cost if its not under warranty. “Sorry sir its just a worn plate due to driving style – no manufacturing defect” $ 3,440…

      To be honest I wouldn’t care if I had been doing burnouts, track days or drag racing but I don’t – I just use it to drive to and from work on weekdays.

      Before this I had a Hilux with 220,000 on the clock and never had an issue with the clutch so I don’t see how it can be my “driving style”.

      If it is a V8 they will replace the clutch because it has “known clutch problems” but APPARENTLY there are no issues with the V6 – yeah right, just google it and you will see…

      • Graham

        Dear Not Happy – please read my later posts 11.5.11 and 13.5.11. Go and speak to the Principal (actual owner) of the Dealership. Talk nicely to him (and hopefully he will talk nicely to you) and remember he should be acting for you ahead of his interest with Holden. At 20,000km you should not have had to pay for this. Even 9 months later you should still be eligible to get your hard earned cash refunded. My understanding is the SV6 clutch problem is not widespread (understand that it could be an issue with the V8s?). Hopefully Holden will come to the party on this and replace under warranty. Let us now how you got on.

  • Mark

    My 2008 SV6 required a jump-start at work, 3 weeks ago. Took it back to dealearship where they replaced the original ‘unsealed’ door lock actuators and charged the car’s battery. This week, the car needed another jump-start. Took it back to dealership where they replaced the car’s, now expired, 2-year-old battery (cost not covered under warranty). On the way home, I noticed an occasional knocking sound from the rear suspension. I guess my headaches have only just begun…

    • Graham

      Hi Mark, similar problems when car was new (did not mention this in post above on 8.7.10). Battery went flat/dead three times before car had travelled 500km. NRMA call outs required each time to get car started. Issue seemed to be related to using the connection for plugging in Iphone or Ipod. When the car is turned off this connection was staying live and draining battery. Since then we unplug the cable for the Ipod connection before shutting off engine. Problem has not repeated itself. NRMA seemed to be aware of problem but Dealer knew nothing about it (which I find dificult to believe, because if NRMA know about it then it is a widespread problem).

  • colin

    I was wondering if others have experienced a problem with bt in a 2010 sv6 sportwagon when i call my wife in the car i experience a high pitch whistle in the back round, i have changed phones plus there have been calls in and out from the car but still this high pitch whistle is still there.
    went and seen dealer where i brought the car the other day and he hasnt heard about this problem, but a different dealer said there was a problem with some bt mod’s, has anyone else experienced this problem??

    • john s

      There have been issues surrounding the modules, if u dont get satisfaction from one dealer contact another for a second opinion

  • Steve

    06 ve Calais with 100,000 on the clock.
    No problems,drives great,excellent car.
    It did have a water leak into the eng bay. I rean some sealant under the seal. All fixed.

    People reading this have to realize. Bitter upset and unlucky people will post complaints. Happy people are out driving. So this is not a fair snapshot of the ve.
    It’s a great car.

  • kylie

    It’s very interesting reading all of your posts!
    I have just purchased a 2006 VE SV6… It has 100,000 on the clock so l am hoping that all of these problems have been ironed out already!
    Thanks for sharing.. :S

  • Rick Le lievre

    If you’ve had the knocking in the front suspension there is an easy way to tell if its front sway bar bushes…

    I had this self same problem among many others which I’ve fault found myself and taken to dealer to fix with photos etc. to show faults ( seems to get things done better )

    As soon as pos after hearing the knocking sound remove front wheels and check sway bar on the outside of the bushes you will see a small clean area on the sway bar ( approx 10mm. )this is due to the bar moving left to right
    the bushes are too loose for the bar!( bar needs to be dirty and no rain for a while )
    holden replaced my bushes with new type and problem gone!!!!!
    also car handles so much better!



  • Chris

    have a 2007 WM Statesman with a host of issues but the most annoying is that I have a dead/blank screen which controls the aircon radio etc.

    Can anyone help as it’s out of warranty!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      It could be as simple as a re-work(holden).hopefully it’s not the whole module needing replacenment ($$$).very common fault with older ve’s.pretty much sorted by mid 08.hope this helps.


    This is one of the best cars i have every driven. It is much better than the ford xr8 turbo.
    Holden focus on power, style and compassion not warranty.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Gee that must be a new model that I haven’t heard of yet. Ford have done extremely well to keep the release of an XR8 Turbo quiet from the general public and motoring media alike. I wonder if the local Ford dealer will be able to fill me in about it.
      I bet you are not looking forward to going back to school in another few weeks… 😉

  • Jack

    I have just bought a 2010 holden ssv ve. Series 2. This is the best car i have every driven. But the holden Customer service is bad. Other than than it has power, speed and style

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Is that you again “HOLDEN FREAK” using a different name??!!! 😉

  • New Holden Owner

    I just bought a series 2 sv6 Wagon a month ago. Dec 10. SIDI engine. From the outside when the engine is running you can hear a ticking noise. I took it back to Holden today and surprise surprise after inspecting it, they said this is “normal” as they checked this against another sv6 wagon and this had the same noise. Anyone else had this problem? Do the SIDI SV6 Series 2 engines all do this? Surely this is not “normal”!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      correct,all di motors have this noise,its like the old anti pump up lifters.it’s all good…

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Yep. The noise is predominantly caused by the higher pressures used in the fuel injection system and the noise that makes when the injectors are firing. DI engines can run fuel pressures around 10 times that of normal port injection fuel systems and even more. If you really want some high fuel pressures, the fuel in most BMW diesel engines is injected at around 30,000psi…

    • Graham

      Dear Holden Owner – do not accept Holden comparing to another vehicle and claiming ‘it is normal’. This is a Holden trick to justify the fact that there is nothing wrong. Were you there to witness the comparative test? I bet not. I bet they also issued you a service report that said they did the comparative test and confirmed everything is OK. So 20,000km later when the real problem manifests itself, they will say ‘oh well, we checked it on this date and our report found nothing wrong so you have to pay for it’. This is the modus operandi being applied to me now over the continuing clutch saga with my SV6 ute. Get a good independant machanic and get back to Holden and let him witness the comparative test. You might be surprised at the outcome.

  • Arne

    I have a 2006 ve calais. Bought it with 62k on it and now has 89k on it. The engine light came on a couple of weeks ago, took it to dealer. Apparently a stretched timing chain. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a car having a stretched timing chain at 90k before! I do love the car but surprising that by now holden can’t design an engine where this won’t happen. I’ve googled and it’s a known problem with a replacement chain kit from holden. Yep the car is noisy and I get a clunk in the front. It’s also qhite a hard ride. Holden has agreed to pay 30% of the costs to fix it. I still love the car but I may think about selling having read all these issues.

    • john s

      I cant say i blame you for feeling annoyed, the chains do have issues with them. I would ask the question if the car has been serviced by the book and with the correct oil ?There is sometimes a condition in which the engine becomes blocked and the Tensioner doesnt get enough oil to pressure up. Can be quite an easy fix. The knock in the front can be Strut top mounts, a revised part was issued by holden as a customer satisfaction repair.

  • http://caradvice.com.au glenn

    i have a 2 month old sv6 sportswagon series 2. Great car apart from:
    1. Holden IQ system freezes constantly, and has already been replaced once so far.
    2. Speedo needle gets stuck and wont read. One example, driving on freeway the other day – digital speedo reading correctly at 101kph – needle saying 120!
    3. Rear tailgate release works most of the time. Sometimes just makes a lot of noise when you hit the button but wont release / open.
    Apart from that, its perfect! Would I spend $45k on another? No.

    • john s

      Contact your dealer there is new software to update the IQ system, not seen any play up since. The Dash problem should be an easy Fix to. As for the Tailgate i would have thought the dealer would have fixed already

  • Shar

    Hi I have a 2006 SV6 Commodore last night when i turn ignition on i get a knocking noise around stereo area which sounds like a CD stuck, but there isnt one in their. Any ideas?

  • Hilton

    For years I worked in the warranty area (wont say department as there isnt one) for a company that imported appliances direct from Damieler Benz in Germany under the brand name AEG (not the power tools). Quality brand made under quality conditions. Well guess what, the mor complicated the appliance the higher the likely hood of failure. Having a warranty does not mean you have a solution to every issue. If Holden are not listening take it elsewhere until you find someone that is listening. There service agreement with you is worth something to them. Leverage it to get a fix. As for the IQ systems, Microsoft are about to release a software upgrade that fixes those issues. The IQ system is not a Holden invention, it is used under license by Holden and the supplier is not the most helpful organisation. This is why they replace units instead of repairing them.

    • john s

      Contact your Local Holden Dealer there is a Software Upgrade available now. Takes a couple of Hours to Carry out. To date havent seen any come bak again.

  • Graham

    Refer to my post 8th July 2010 (clutch) and 3rd August 2010 (battery). Well you will not be surprised the new clutch assemby and flywheel which was fitted under warranty at 6,000km has failed again at 28,000km. This time the dealer and Holden are playing hardball and saying driver technique is causing the problem and that I have to pay the cost. The new clutch slipped from the time it was fitted and I documented this to Holden at that time and doubted they had fixed the problem. I preserved my consumer rights to make further warranty claims in respect to the clutch if it again failed. On the battery issue, it has also failed (prematurely) as the dealer found that the alternator fitted new was faulty and of course Holden are saying that I must pay for this new battery too. I can see this getting messy but I am not going to step back from the fight. I want Holden to take this very poorly assembled vehicle back and refurnd my money in full. It is definitely not fit for purpose as required under the Trade Practices Act.

    • Graham

      HOLDEN CAME THROUGH for me and agreed to replace the flywheel and clutch assembly again under warranty. The biggest surprise in all of this has been the Dealer. The Dealer Principal called me and reassurred me that I was his customer and he had a duty of care to me that took priority over his relationship to Holden. And he has been true to his word. He has tackled this issue on my behalf with Holden and things have been done for me which go beyond preserving the business and personal relationship. The Dealer wants a ‘customer for life’ and he has proven this to be the fact. Would this have happened with Holden if I had not documented the troubles with them and preserved my rights? I doubt it. But the lesson here is, if you take the time to record everything you stand a better chance of being protected by consumer laws. In the past week, the whole saga has been handled with courtesy between myself and the Dealer and without us attacking each other or shouting at each other. Would I buy another Holden? Definitely so long as all Dealers acted like mine and put my interests ahead of Holden in the event there are any problems.


    Hey what is with the complaining of Holden.
    Holden’s are great cars. They are comfortable and look great. However I am not pleased with the braking system.


      I totally agree with u.

  • Ford Man

    Should have bought a Ford. No worries.

  • Peeved Off

    Holden VY water leak under the dash noone wants to know about it appears to be a big problem with the VY after last nights heavy rain 25 mils in the floor well driver side and electric windows no longer work Never buy a holden again.

  • Peter H

    2006 VE with nothing but Stability Control and Engine Check light coming on for no apparent reason other than the battery is flat or the wind screen water is low.
    I think all the VE models are doing nothing but giving the Holden dealership a way to make money back from its customers.
    i had one mechanic blame another mechanic in the very same place for leaving computer plug off whilst trying to reload the full computer program. Its happened 3 times since I paid the $250.00 to have it fixed from stability Control light and Engine Check light that keeps coming on and shutting down all my safety features whilst driving.
    How on earth do these damn mechanics sleep at night knowing they have no idea what the hell they are doing.
    I had to replace the battery 4 times in as little as 3 months and they keep telling me i won’t get the same problem again once they have reloaded the computer program.
    I will never buy another Holden in my life and to think I got it because a Holden Dealership Manager I was having a drink with one day told me they are the best model Holden have ever had. If it won an award, like drug users of sporting events, Holden should be stripped of its award.

  • liz

    i have the knocking noise and all the warning lights flashing me ie:power down safety mode on…. my ass safety, whilest driving no matter the speed it shuts down the motor to about 10kms even on the freeway, you try getting the car in the service lane while other cars are doing 100kms “safe”????yeah right….- solution…Patch Harness????? can anyone tell me what it does or what its for please

  • AMIR

    I just bought a Holden SV6 SIDI 2011 and I have had just problems with this since day 1.
    Car engine noisy auto transmission noisy GPS problems fuel consumption is way too high than what the specifications on the car states
    Dash lights go off and come on while the head lights are on.
    Engine light alert comes on and off.
    I do not recommend Holden’s what so ever they are absolute RUBBISH cars.

  • lina

    i have an 06 ve commodore, bought second hand.. only 70000kms, havnt had the vehicle for even 12 months and been back 3 times with the stability control button turning itself on and off.. which then engine light comes on and saftey mode is activated . twice the vehicle has died only to be towed back to holden…i have had every excuse as to why they cannot fix the problem.. i have heard the throttle body should be replaced??? also have the same issue with the clunking noise at front of car.. and when put into manual will not go down the gears… not very impressed…. definatley will not purchase another holden..

  • daks

    i bought my sv6 2008 model 2 years ago. still under warranty and engine valves burst up. Never had any problems with this car before. I took it to the dealership and after nearly two weeks holden said they wont cover any costs because they believe that my mechanic has been puting wrong oil in the car. Without any evidence. This is Bu.. sh.. My car has been serviced regularly and got all log books to prove it. I’ve been going to my mechanic for 8 years and this is my 3rd holden. never had any problems before. Holden is just trying to get out of paying for their shi. car designes and their shi. engines. Never ever bying holden again….

  • http://yahoo JohnSmith

    I worked for Ford – The problems I’m hearing from holden owners are a pinch in the sea copmpared to Ford problems with every single model & they won’t fix issues at all in production – Hang it on Korean & japanese cars all you like – Ford needs to look at how they treat their customers & repair their cars – Even the new territory has already been re-called for for fuel lines coming loose & spilling fuel under the car – a click in your CD player is nothing compared to actual manufacturing defects – which Ford excel at producing & won’t fix – they work on the theory that it is cheaper to get the customer back 40 times to fix the same issue than fixing it in production – hence so many FG’s lined up at broadmeadows with no buyers.Ford will not be producing anything in Australia in the next 5 years – all their departments are just about been outsourced to India – get used to it – it will be Ford head office in Mumbai you will be dealing with not Australia.

  • Eric V

    Also worth reading is here, from people who like Commodores
    I cannot believe some of the problems I am reading about.
    I had a Magna from new that I recently traded in and after 210,000 km I had not one breakdown or warranty problem. A dead battery every 5 years is hardly a problem.
    All I ever replaced were the sacrificials (tyres, brakes, windscreen, battery) so it really shocks me to read about the problems VE Commodores have been experiencing.
    There has to be some fundamental cultural problem in a company that builds a car with so many issues

  • Kim

    I have a 2006 Holden VE only done 33000k the pain is peeling off around the door handles and on the front spoiler. Has anyone else had this problem. I’m not impressed, my last holden was a 1999 and when I sold it it had done 200000 k and no paint peeling off that one what do I do. Probably not under warranty now.
    Come on Holden whats happening

    • nickdl

      You’d be surprised. The paint warranty lasts longer than the normal one so it wouldn’t hurt to ring up your dealer. That shouldn’t happen to a 5 year old car, especially with the recent improvement we’ve seen in paint.

  • Max

    We’ve got an ’08 VE Commodore with 90k on the clock. We’ve experienced the battery drain issues (fixed wires behind the rear view mirror touching the frame, than again because the battery wasn’t correctly attached to the frame) we’ve also had the front sway bar bushes replaced to get rid of the loud non-suspension clunk in the front. We’re trying to isolate a rattle in the rear which is annoying but as it isn’t suspension related not really a safety issue. We’ve had the rear shocks replaced.

    Apart from that the car has been great, love driving the long freeways at 110, it consistently delivers 8.1 L/100km. Local service has been responsive and reasonable cost-wise.

    I’ve heard that Ford did a better job on the “blind spot” “issue with the new falcon. My alternative to a commodore is a people mover …

  • Lee

    my son ve has a terrible engine knock when the motor is at normal operating temp. but not when cold we use penrite hpr5 5w-40 sounds like the big ends are going to explode cheers

  • Reece Skipper

    I have an 06 ve sv6 and i have had most of the problems everyone has had including susp-knocks, flat battery issues, check engine light, ac stays on when demisting windscreen (normal sez dealer), can’t use or fill windscreen washer reservoir because of defective corner hose fitting which they said they were trying to found someone who can design a replacement part for their defective one (go fiigure) – how much did it cost to design this car? Like every fault “THE DEALERS DO KNOW ABOUT EVERY DEFECT THEIR VEHICALS HAVE” and i’m sure they have a very good reason for not being able to fix our problems. At the mo my car is running on five cylinders but the 6th one fires up after driving for a few minutes but once i stop i lose it again and it runs rough, i’m guessing my sparks need replacing so today i bought 6 ngk laser platinum spark plugs ($65 from repco) just need to find time to fit them but besides all the faults i’m still happy with my car, (i have to be) cause i’m still paying it off so would i buy another holden? HELL NO!!! good luck with yours   

  • Wylie Mcqueen

    I too have a 06 VE commodore that I Purchased in Nov 08 and my list of problems goes on much like the other stories on here.

    1. Cd player stopped working 2011
    2. Handbrake is still not right
    3. Petrol fuel body stuffed out
    4. Engine light comes on, so I take it too a friend who says the diagnostic testing came up with 2 ages of Faults and that I should take it too Holden of which I did, they then told me that I was either too get a full recon $6000 or replace the engine, so I had it ready to have the engine replaced at $7500 when the mechanic rung me back to tell me that it was my timing chain and that the cost would only be $3000 WTF!!!!!!

  • Glenno101

    I have a 07 V6 Berlina, bought it at a car auction, (ex goverment car) it had 70,000klm on the clock now it has 165,000klms on the clock, its been a great reliable family car, only thing we had to replace was a battery and windscreen (got hit by a rock from a passing truck), never had any of the for mentioned problems. Go figure

  • Gk-hunter

    ive read all of your complaints and i feel for you all, buy a kia, then you can REALLY have something to bleed about. Thats all i could afford, i rang KIA when i got home from the city- Melb. after having a look over my new kia i noticed the roof racks didnt lock in. rang kia, Was told its not covered under warranty 2 hours old as ive taken it through a car wash. CAR wash my Azz.

  • greg

    All you blokes should do what I do….never buy a new car. Have recently bought a SV6 2006 model and all those problems have been fixed and now she’s just like a brand new car and looks like one at only a quarter of the price. Who cares if it’s got 60k on the clock.

  • Josh

    I have a 06 ve commodore and My indicators and horn goes off when my car is locked. There is nothing to set it off. I’ve had to fix a lot of problems over the years and this car just keeps on costing money

  • Farmer

    I just had my 02 Sensor replaced in my 2010 VE commodore sidi by Holden as the car yard i brought it off said take it there , engine light went out, a week later engine light come back on took it back to Holden they said it was the other sensor , was told you have to change both rear sensors ,so why didn’t Holden do that, so went and brought the rear sensor myself, put it in but engine light still on, do i need a scan tool to take light off tried taking battery out but light comes back on after a while