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  • Greg

    Easy answer “DO NOT BUY HOLDENWOO” then you won’t have these problem’s, the rebadged daewoo might of been a better choice like the Epic a disaster….

  • astracity

    You wouldn’t happen to be the Tracy Crawford who lived in Holland Park in Brisbane in your younger days?

  • woz

    I can feel a Holdenwoo Warranty Complaint’s reunion comming on.

  • http://. Colonel Klink


  • woz


  • Me.

    I just love the Holdens and ford sux…


  • I

    I have a holden commodore 2003 vy ss ute ls1

    I purchased the car with 55000 km

    had been Serviced every 10,000 by a holden dealer

    The car now has 90,000 km

    So far in the last 12 months

    – new tyres every 10000 km if im lucky because of camber on the rear wheels is out by 6mm each side, have had 5 wheel alignments from 5 different places this year. also have had a camber kit installed. still @#%&ed!
    – new welsh plugs at 58,000 km what the…?
    – alternator
    – Diff center shattered its self no burnouts, after inspection by a professional says it wasn’t made properly
    – Heater Hose
    – fuel line clips come off
    – 50ltrs of fuel gets me 175 km, can get problem fixed but will cost me $800
    – gear box. hard to find 1st and reverse. 3rd and 5th have noises.

    there is always something new going wrong

    have always owned holden’s, but will never own one again

    bring on the 59 chev el camino 454

    • belinda

      hi we bought a 04 commodore start of year it had 113 000 kms on it, it is a 5 speed. We had the car a week and noticed it was blowing smoke going down hills and on idle. so we took it back motors put new valve stem seals in it and told us they were rooted. after driving the car for approx another week we noticed it was still blowing smoke so after long consideration and disscussion we took it back again this time they re built the top end. they told us that the piston etc were glazed for not being run in properly by first owners. after getting the car back for 6 weeks it is no longer blowing smoke but has burnt through 4 litres of oil. i rang the car yard back now they are telling me that it might be the oil they put in it and to take it back again. it has been 10 months since we bought the car can anyone give me advice as to what else this may be
      as its not a piston ring or anything like that they have already been checked and r a ok.

  • Dave

    I have a late 2003 v6 onetonner.
    I put the ute in for its 45000 service. I needed a new radiator. Holden ‘Customer Service’ said pay yourself. How could a radiator shit itself after 45000 and be the fault of the owner. I was always a holden man but not anymore.

  • James S

    Re Tracy Crawford’s engine problem.
    I am not the least bit surprised and am surprised more vehicles to do not have SIMILAR engine problems given the stupid manufacturer recommendations on oil change intervals. Clearly Tracy purchased a very used car in the first place (about 100000 kms) and just what was the servicing that she says was carried out every 10,000kms? OIL CHANGES AT 10,000 OR 15,000 KM INTERVALS AS MANY MANUFACTURERS SUGGEST IS totally inadequate for the use the vast majority of people subject their cars to.
    As a bare MINIMUM, OIL SHOULD BE CHANGED EVERY 3 MONTHS OR 5000 KM WHICHEVER COMES FIRST AND OIL FILTERS CHANGED EVERY SECOND OIL CHANGE on this schedule. Personally I always change engine oil about every 3300 kms which means 3 oil changes every 10000 km approx. THIS IS VERY CHEAP MAINTENANCE AND CAN BE DONE BY ANYONE AT HOME WITH A MINIMUM OF TECHNICAL KNOW HOW. It’s cheap maintenance any local garage will do for you in any event BETWEEN THE MAJOR SERVICES.
    On a brand new engine I always carry out an oil change at or before the first 1000km mark (to clear out any muck)and then again at 3000 km.
    To give some credit to the manufacturers, they do suggest in owner’s manuals changing engine oil more frequently in various circumstances such as continuous city driving/frequent cold starts/ low operating kms over a long period etc.etc. However, most people ignore this – and many just don’t read the owners manuals in the first place.

    1. The majority of people use their cars mainly for stop, start city driving with frequent cold engine starts. This is severe on the motor and the oil deteriorates much faster. It also dilutes. Thus engine wear (as in the bearings for example) is magnified greatly if the oil is not changed regularly.

    2. Many (most) people just do not check engine oil levels or other fluid levels between services. Even the best engines will burn some oil and if levels are allowed to drop too low oil starvation will cause major wear problems – such as with bearing wear.
    I like to run my motor with oil levals at the max recommended level at all times. This requires some minimal top up between oil changes.


    4. TOO OFTEN PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT THEIR CARS WHEN THEY BREAK BUT IN VERY MANY CASES THIS IS CAUSED BY ABUSE AND / OR TOTALLY INADEQUATE / IMPROPER MAINTENANCE. If you have purchased a used car you really have no idea how the car has been driven or looked after in most cases unles you know the ORIGINAL owner(s)very well.

    5. Make an effort to know something about the operation of your car and how to maintain it. This is not difficult. And don’t buy a used car with a high mileage if you want reliability. Unfortunately most people don’t bother to understand basic maintenance and use the drive it till it breaks maintenance schedule.

    To the gent with the problem VY SS V8 ute, you purchased the car with 55000kms. Boy racers buy these vehicles as you well know and whilst you may not have done burnouts in the car you don’t know how the previous owner drove it. It may even have been used in car club amateur motor sport events. I see Commodore V8 utes being thrashed around town all the time. Tradies love to buy them also and no doubt overload them from time to time.
    I have had 6 new holden commodores over a period of 20 years (including V8s and supercharged V6s) and have never had a diff,engine or suspension problem with any of them. In fact I have rarely had a problem with any of the cars and on most of the vehicles I have never had a single problem. Currently I run a 2004 VY Supercharged V6 auto with 30000 kms in mint condition.

  • Duck

    Every car company that makes a certain type a car will have at least one dud made, not just Holden. Ford etc.

    • Al Juraj

      Every manufacturer has its flaws; it’s just that Holden has too many of them. As long as sales are good, this won’t change ever.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au goog

    Hey. an engine dyeing isnt as bad as what ford did.
    there 2003 ute brakes were faulty. faulty brakes can kill someone to.

  • Duck

    Good point Goog. Hey were have you been lately?

  • http://twosandysclearnet.co.nz Lloyd

    Along the lines of what James said-
    I am not critizising the owners of these vehicles but we do get a lot of owners in our garage (yes, most are women) with overheating cars and when i ask them what their temperature gauges and oil pressure gauges (where available) are indicating, they have no idea!
    They don’t even know where these gauges are!- even in the small confines of the dash layout. Imagine if this was the type of previous owner of your precious/expensive car!!
    Also, I do hate to say this but most of the SS/XR8 type vehicles are getting the ar*e screwed of them at some stage or another.

  • Crumpy

    Just bought a VY wagon series 2, 64,000 on the clock, ex police car. Took it in because it was running rough, needs new spark plugs, a new coil and now has problems engaging reverse.

    To say I’m impressed is an understatment, as it’s done less than 2,000 km’s since I’ve had it.

  • Andrew

    Could making sure you get a car thats being RACV inspected help at all?

  • techfit

    yes this is what you get for buying SECOND HAND…. also the guy that sold it too you probably did have it serviced every 10000 k’s but it could of been thrashed since its last service you never know.
    ALWAYS GET AN RAA, RACV, NRMA check…. No matter what …… or get a mechanic to check it over

  • jamie

    holden commodore’s are very poorly made cars. Spent $35,000 on a new Acclaim – worst purchase. Problems from day one. Holden Customer service was a joke. I will NEVER BUY ANOTHER HOLDEN.

  • Griff

    I bought a 2003 VY Commodore Exc. V6 at 150,000 kms. I always change the oil, oil fliter whenever I buy a car…unless it’s clear, but you never know really what kind of oil the previous owner had used…so, better to change it and know.
    But apart from that, that’s all I’ve done to the car since I’ve owned it. I’ve had it only about a month, but it really does run like a dream. I am putting it in for a general service & check up soon…but I’m really quite happy with the car. I’ve owned A VL, VP & a VT Wagon, which I still have, my VY is far better than any of the previous models I’ve owned. But I still love my VT.
    I think some people are just unlucky. It can me the manufacturers, the previous owners or the new owners who are to blame…or all of them.
    Good Luck

  • jack

    I have a 19 yr old Honda integra, gets thrashed all the time at high revs, motor is still as strong as the day it was built, serviced around every 10k with new filter.
    Seems odd to me that they cannot get it right in Australia.

    1.8L 4Cyl 166kw (a few mods)
    0-100 6.5 sec

  • Martin

    @Crumpy why are you so cranky that a ex Police car has problems, you know police cars get regulary thrashed right? more so than most road cars….

    It’s absolutely no suprise that it has gearbox issues.

    And Spark Plugs are a consumable item, they need to be replaced from time to time!!! I usually replace plugs after around 30-40,000 k’s not because they need to be replaced, but because they are under heavy stresses in the combustion chamber, and the edges of the electrode start to round off causing them to loose some ‘spark’

    Sounds like you are expecting too much from your vehicle.

  • luke

    so 2 or 3 people have had problems with their cars and suddenly all holdens are bad??? how bout the 2 or 3 thousand that dont have a problem? I have a 03 vy with around 115000 kms on the clock and used to be a detective car so has probably been driven at speeds a few times, has only been serviced by the service book and I have no problems at all??

  • Pete

    I have a 2003 Vy auto v6 sedan, its got a rattling in the front end when you drive over bumps. The noise disappears when I apply the brakes. Previously I owned a VT which did exactly the same thing, I have taken it to 2 holden dealers and 2 mechanics who cant seem to find the problem. The springs in the suspension in the front end used to spin in their seat also creating a large banging sound when steering on fulll lock……some sticky lube in the seat eliminated the banging noise, but still,is it normal for springs to twist in the seat?? There is also another 2 VTs on my street that i hear with the same problem (rattling brakes or sway bar). Does anyone know what it is? Possibly the sway bar link washer enlarging??

  • Pete

    Just for the record, I have only ever owned commodores but I will now never buy another ever again.

  • http://t.ell@xtra.co.nz Peter

    I’ve got a VYII SS faultless, same as last VZ Acclaim, VU ute, VS VN VH etc.. Ha Ha! Carmar does do pay backs.

  • Paul

    I bought a 2003 vy series 2 ex cop car 12 months old and 53000k 5 years ago, I have had it serviced every 15000k the only thing I have had to pay for were 1 set of tyres and two headlight globes. I have now done 226000k and its never missed a beat.

  • belinda

    hi we bought a 04 commodore start of year it had 113 000 kms on it, it is a 5 speed. We had the car a week and noticed it was blowing smoke going down hills and on idle. so we took it back motors put new valve stem seals in it and told us they were rooted. after driving the car for approx another week we noticed it was still blowing smoke so after long consideration and disscussion we took it back again this time they re built the top end. they told us that the piston etc were glazed for not being run in properly by first owners. after getting the car back for 6 weeks it is no longer blowing smoke but has burnt through 4 litres of oil. i rang the car yard back now they are telling me that it might be the oil they put in it and to take it back again. it has been 10 months since we bought the car can anyone give me advice as to what else this may be
    as its not a piston ring or anything like that they have already been checked and r a ok.

    we have always been holden people and dont get me wrong apart from this problem we love the car. it just at this point everyone including the car yard are just stumped about the problem. (and they are being so helpful and i am grateful for that)

  • george

    is not only that they may be not so good as cars, but some of the mechanics are real bastards, they screw the car on purpose (i know because i know a bit of mechanics) so you go back to them. my advice is to find a honest mechanic, and stick with him for as long as possible; i just found one in cranbourne, not a “fantastic” from holden dealership that’s for certain, who pulled out a air intake little hose in order to have the engine shaking and go back at them and that’s after i paid $920 for a basic service($27 to change one rego plate bulb!)

  • craig

    Hey all, I have a VY SV8 series 2 with the typical possible thermo or air lock prob, caused because some numnut decided to put a hole somewhere in the system repairing something else therefore causing a leak, therefore need regular topups, hence the backflow overheating prob, my question is, I have no bleed valve on the thermostat, any ideas where i might look ?

  • daspedza

    hey craig, the vy sv8 have a self bleeding system through the coolant bottle cause it is situated above the engine so th air just bleeds out that way but the way to find the leak is to pressure test the cooling system with a cooling system pressure tester which all that does is put the system underload as it would be when the car is running. hope it helps

  • scotty

    i have a 2003 vy ute and have had no probs what so ever. oil change every 5,000kms and the ute has now done 178,000kms and hasent missed a beat.

  • Menace2Sobriety

    I own a 2003 VY ecotec, its now just clocked 320,000kms original motor, electrics, box and diff, still looks, sounds and feels brand new, only money ever spent has been basic services, the odd tyre and allignment and Petrol from 46kms, no amount of punishment will make this thing stop, looking at passing it on when it hits 500,000kms, the way its going that target should be easy

  • samt

    hey i got my vy v6 back in 2007…i have absolutly taken her to the edge and haven’t had nothing wrong. except punching my steering wheel one day and breaking the clockspring… also wen i first got the car i didnt service it for 45000km. the only money i spent was lowering sound system and suspention bushes…if i havent taken her to the grave yet i dont think she’ll ever let me down.

  • Nathan

    Hey yeah, everyone complaining, is kinda annoying aye, my family have only ever owned holdens, and its funny that im 17 and I already understand this concept, you ready people, BUY a USED CAR… PROBLEMS CAN OCCUR. You take that risk… so yeah, shut up if you make the decision and its the wrong one, Holden is not at fault, unless you buy a car brand new, and then something is wrong, then it is, but a used car, bad luck. Give me any holden, give me 5 hours, unlimited petrol and tires, and I bet I’ll be able to ruin it… So it doesn’t matter if it has 10000kms or 100000, wrong person driving it, means that it could be damaged. I own a VY Berlina and it has 172538kms, and its perfect. So yeah, stop bitching about Holden making crap cars, any car can be ruined if its thrashed, and if your thrashing then stfu because your a fool and deserve a wrecked car. So yeah… Holden ftw!!! btw, Up Abbot!!!

  • Nathan

    oh yeah and btw, did you ever think that the reason the car is being sold to you is because its BROKEN. Unscrupulous people will do that, run a car into the ground and then offload it to an unwilling victim. Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately its not holden’s fault, it the person you bought it off. I know of people who have crash, fix the car up shockingly, even do things like take out the bulb for the airbag light and stuff, sell it to people and buy a new one… You MUST make sure you get a TRUSTED MECHANIC to look at it. That way you minimise the risk of things going wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petergrants Peter Grant

    Hey guys, had my car for 4 years now, havent really had too many problems,except for today, i got a “engine temp high” warning come up. So I pulled into a service station and added a good amount of water (4 litres apprx) to the radiator, then the problem went away. I thought it may have been caused by a leaky radiator, however I took it into a radiator specialist today, they pressure tested it, and assured me it wasnt the radiator,thermostat or radiator tanks. Any ideas? coolant levels are good…5.5litres of brand new oil just put in recently. mmmmmmmm,please help

    • http://www.facebook.com/petergrants Peter Grant

      2004 Holden commodore SV6 Auto. btw

      • freddy

        @peter grant

        I had exactly the same thing happen- coolant eventually leaked drivers side underneath plastic radiator base protector/cover. Traced it up to heater hose joint that was then leaking along frame… Thought I was up for a new radiator but now only hose clip :-)

  • trent

    hi i have a 04 vy commodore been a great car, just started having trouble with it starting. Every morning it will crank and not fire after a few times trying it will finally start and then will not do it again until the car sits again for a while. I have replaced the crank angle sensor and the slip ring around the ignition but the problem is still there. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Nathan

      @5c67f870b2b55b8aaa4c77c26cf291b0:disqus hopefully you check this website, I have the same problem.
      What did it end up being? my mechanic doesn’t seem to be getting far

  • luke

    Ive had my 2003 VY SS Ute since new and its done 213,000 kms and still going strong. Have changed oil every three months and filters every six. Only changed tyres once, this car has lasted way beyond what i expected. Compression is still good, suspension still feels like new. Steering is still hard, i love this car, most other people must have bought second hand ss’s thrashed by some young punk.

  • trevor

    I owned a ’91 vn commodore.It had 130000 k’s on it when I bought it.It had a half a million k’s on it when i got rid of it.I neglected the hell out of that poor thing and thrashed it ruthlessly.It was always 100000 k’s past service time when I did change the oil and filter.I tortured the gearbox.Burnouts all the time etc etc.It never failed me til the week I got rid of it. nothing on the dash worked anymore and the box would take 15 minutes to find reverse so I traded it in.All my Holdens have been superb examples of bullet proof engineering.I’ve owned four cylinder toranas(opel motor) to hz prems and Statesmans and I loved the lot of them for their outstanding reliability and unsookiness(thats not a real word by the way).I now own a VY v6 Berlina 2003 model and I look after this one a bit better than all my older cars.It gets an oil change every 5000 k’s as well as a new filter and it now has 115000 k’s on the clock.just about to replace the front disk rotors and pads due to me driving like a rally car driver and going thru water while the brakes were hot.warped em.other than that I am very very happy with my holdens and will buy the new one this year when I have a few more spondooliks.

  • Al Juraj

    It looks like this article has been tainted with thumbs downs, perhaps a couple of Holden staff or a bunch of diehard Commy fools.

    I read a story before of a VY owner having trouble replacing his right rear door because Holden ran out of stock and had to order overseas. Wait a minute, isn’t this ‘Australian’?

  • trevor

    Al,I’ve never worked for holden.I’m a boilermaker.I’ve owned an xc falcon,and xe falcon and an ea falcon and the interiors were all very badly made.very unimaginative,square,boxy.they all handled like the QE11 and turning circles the same.working on them was always an absolute nightmare.They All rusted out prematurely.I’ve done everything there is to be done mechanically to cars and the holdens always win hands down in that area.Youve probably never owned a holden so you don’t have any comparison to go by.your old man was probably a ford man,your friends probably also ford men.I feel sorry for the lot of you.You’ll never know how good holdens are and it’s probably better that way.At least you will still suffer with the worst possible vehicle ever. Holdens RUUUUULE MY FRIEND !!

  • John

    $68,000 car on finance from Mercedes cost $260 a week with a balloon of $24,000 at the end of the contract. My 300C is financed through mercedes. Not expensive if you think about all the money you waste on your broke ass friends buying them alcohol on the weekend is around the same amount.

    Buying second hand cars means you are buying someone elses problem. Save up for the car you want and buy a scooter if thats what you have to do until you can afford the car you want. If you have to pay alot of money for the car you want, you wont feel it. Trust me I know.

    When you finish work, walk to your car and unlock those doors, you will stop and think “Thats why I wake up in the morning and go to work, cause of my baby”

    You think people driving around in nice cars are rich? The car doesnt belong to them, the bank owns it and same with their house. They have the same amount of money at the end of the day as people who dont earn much a week. Thats how life is…Balanced.

  • c.o.

    dont know what ur all talking about my VY SV8 has been pretty good. every problem i had was fixed by Holden and now that its out of warrenty i service it myself with better oils than the ones they use at the dealers.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crushedcookie911 Andrew

    The Vy commodore, is a great car mines done 220,000 ks, and is still running like new!

  • lee

    I was once a one eyed holden guy. but after the crewman i had which only had 45,000klms on it the diff was howling and needed to be rebuilt. Does not have a towbar or done any burnouts! It was a 6 cylinder storm model. Cost me $1100 to fix. It was 3 months out of warranty and Holden told me to get stuffed. So my loyalty was for nothing!!! I own chevys and older 60’s model holdens, but now i have a ford in the carport. Its not finished off as good as a holden but its a close second. So everybody, ditch the loyalty and dont buy Holdens! I NEVER will again.

  • Bruce

    Ok after some information..im looking at purchasing a VY V6 ute..ive been reading the comments on this site both good and bad..so if you want to please speak your minds and let me know of things i should look out for, as dollars are tight im hopeing to digest anything you people can give me before i make a jump over the edge…tnxs

  • Babygirlspin

    My 2004 Holden Crewman auto has an overheating problem. It just stopped as we were driving. The temperature control was normal, the radiator wasnt hot but the motor was boiling and smoke coming out of dipstick.There was plenty of oil in engine Cooled the engine down and filled with water drove about 100 meters and it happened again, repeated the same process and it happened again. We have replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating after about 5 minutes. Can any one help thank you

  • Spanztrans

    Hi Guys, I have a 2003 VY S Series 2, 5 speed manual. I have had the car for 7 weeks now but it seems to be loosing oil off the dipstick, around about 1.5/2.0 litres a fornight around 1000 km! It doesnt blow smoke nor leak!!! Do any of u guys have any ideas!!

    Other than that issue Its a Bloody Beaut!!! Plenty of Power and definitly a smooth ride

  • Spanztrans

    V6 BTW

  • simon

    when you buy second hand you buy at your own risk my son got himself a secondhand nissan paid $4500 for it took him 8 months to turn it into a $200 dollar car 

  • Brendan

    I’ve owned a VP berlina in 97 to 2000 it had a few k’s but was a great car, the problems were pretty much standard with harmonic balancer ,fuel pump and and the auto was hard shifting when cold, After that had a 2000  VU S ute Manual V6 great car i had it until 2006 had a diff leak, Holden repaired and it lasted about a month, they then put a new diff which went well(in the last week of warranty, not used for work or heavy loads and not neglected), I traded in with 32000k’s for a VE Omega V, Nice car but had a Stability control problem that when driving the left front would shudder and the ESP warning would come up, After 18 months of it playing up and with only 18000 k’s i traded in on a VE SS ute auto, Great car but too thirsty for city driving, Finally saw the light after 22000 k’s and traded it in on a Toyota Aurion 09 SX6 Sportivo demo, Haven’t looked back since, The car is now almost 3 years old with 23000k’s best fuel economy (600k’s out of one tank around sydney , V6 holdens were 450-500 at best)compared to the commodore v6’s i have owned, Heaps of power, Properly built, Only down side is front wheel drive however absolutley no issues at all with this car, Comfortable, all the bits you need these days, God help Holden and Ford if Toyota ever decide to make Aurion’s rear wheel drive(although the lexus is200 is rear wheel drive or whatever the current model is has the same running gear), You wouldn’t waste your money on poor build quality of Holden and Ford any longer and pathetic resale value

  • Norrism2

    I have a v6 s pack ute, my problem is put my key in to start and key will not turn.
    What is wrong with it can someone tell me, is the ignition barrell loose or stuffed.

    • Garrywhopper

      I’d say your using the camira key