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  • Sam 300TD

    Cool car, great review. I would love a drive!

  • davie

    Good review, what a sensational car.

  • Will

    An great historical perspective of a beautiful machine. I envy you Anthony, you not have deeper pockets but also are the custodian of this truly exceptional piece of engineering. Good journeys…

  • realcars

    beautiful car

  • Sam

    Yes, a beautiful car that should have been a tremendous success; however, like all Alfa’s of that era, it was let down by the make’s poor durability record.

    Having owned 4 Alfa’s in a row and also having driven the Montreal, I finally gave up on Alfa after enduring too many sleepless nights.

    • arco27

      I have had my 1974 GTV 2000 since new, it has done over 300000km and has never let me down and has never rusted,regular maintenance and servicing is the key to long life, granted Alfa of the late 70’s to early 90’s had a rust problem bet where always reliable with regular servicing, the twin cam and V6 are both beautiful engines

  • Anthony

    Thankfully, I owned a 1975 Spider, which never cost me a cent over 2 years and was sold for more than I paid for it.

  • Elitist

    They need to go back to this era of RWD coupes with athletic engines.

    • Underling

      I actually agree with you for once,RWD would make the Brera desirable drivers car.

  • http://www.lautista.com.au Adam

    Thanks for the comments everyone, the book will be donated to the owner of the Montreal. From personal experiences I feel that the 105 series and earlier Alfas are very robust mechanically provided they are maintained. Rust is the key issue for these cars. Later vehicles into the ’80s and ’90s are perhaps where the reliability issues become more of a concern, though again I know of many 75’s and 90’s that are thrashed regularly at club sprints and always come back for more.

    Here’s to the Alfa centenary :)


  • http://www.alfamontreal.eu Hannelore

    Great car and nice photos Adam ! “Verde met224″ one of my most favorites… ! :)

    Regards from Germany
    red Montreal 1972

  • Ray

    I had the chance to see Gary’s Montreal “in the flesh” last Tuesday at the Peninsular cruise night. Nothing compares to the originality and pristine condition of this car and Gary is very justifiably proud of it. I’m very much looking forward to seeing his GTC in the flesh in the not to distant future too.

    A great article on a fine vehicle.